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Major Update - Township Rework - v1.1.2 (12th April 2023)

Township Rework

For the full details, please see here (in case I missed anything here): https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1267910/view/3692428039467200814

When loading into the rework, your Town will automatically convert to the new system based on your current Township Skill Level.

Your Town will convert BEFORE offline progress calculations begin.

Passive “Town Update” System (Formerly known as Ticks)

  • Township now passively updates every 1 hour, up to a maximum of 24 hours while offline (like the standard offline time)
  • You no longer earn “ticks” to spend.
  • If you had ticks remaining prior to this update, they will be available to use as you please until they reach zero. Now referred to as “Legacy Ticks”.
  • Legacy Ticks have been converted to the new Town Update length of 1 hour. For every 12 ticks you had, you have been granted 1 Legacy Tick.
  • It is not possible to earn more Legacy Ticks.

General Township

  • Population now defines the XP you gain per Town Update. For example, 100K Population = 100K XP gained.
  • Happiness now increases your Population by (Happiness)%, and can go over 100%.
  • Education increases your resource production rates by (Education)%, and can go over 100%
  • The Max Skillcape now requires Township Level 99 to purchase and equip.

Removed systems

These systems have been removed from Township:

  • Map selection
  • Purchasing of Biome land. Everyone will get refunded the total GP spent purchasing land when loading into the update.
  • Citizen age
  • Citizen death
  • Workers and Jobs
  • Citizens menu
  • Trader GP limit
  • Food, coal and clothing usage per tick


  • Health directly affects Population.
  • Your population (after Happiness bonus) is then multiplied by (Health)%.
  • Health starts at 100%, and goes down by 1% each Town Update. This cannot go below 20%.
  • Spend Potions or Herbs to increase this back to 100%.


  • The Building system has been revamped. You now construct buildings up to a certain quantity until it upgrades.
  • Buildings now have “efficiency” that degrades over time and requires repairs (one button click). A building has a 25% chance to degrade by 1% per Town Update. The efficiency cannot be reduced below 20%.
  • Buildings contained within Biomes are now predefined and are the same for everyone.
  • All building costs and resource generation numbers have completely changed to accommodate for the rework.

New Feature - Seasons

  • There are now 4 standard Seasons in the game which last for 3 days each - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
  • Each Season comes with their own unique Modifiers to the Town.
  • Some Worships provide access to rare and unique Seasons.

New Feature - Casual Tasks

  • You can now obtain a Casual Task to complete every 5 hours.
  • A maximum of 5 Casual Tasks can be stored to complete whenever you like.
  • These tasks provide XP, GP and Township Resources for completing.
  • They can be skipped for 10M GP.

New Task Category - Throne of the Herald

  • Only available for those who own the Throne of the Herald DLC
  • 20 new tasks are available to complete relating to the DLC.

New Worship - The Herald

  • The Herald is now available as a Worship selection when you defeat them in Combat (Throne of the Herald DLC)

General Worship Changes

  • All Worships have been changed. Details are listed in the Township Rework breakdown linked at the start.
  • You are able to change a Worship, but it will cost 50M GP, destroys your Worship buildings and reduces all building efficiency to 50%.

Reworked Trader

  • Trader is now available 24/7 as long as you have at least 1 Trading Post constructed.
  • The Trader no longer allows you to trade resources into Township.
  • The Trader no longer has raw resources available for trading out.

Trader Consumables and Items

  • The Trader has 30 unique Consumables that you can purchase, each providing some kind of benefits that will assist with your progression outside of Township. These are listed in the Township post linked at the start.

Consumable Upgrades

  • The Trader sells a Consumable Enhancer which allows you to update some consumables in the game.

Notifications v2 (BETA)

A new notification system has been added that you can enable from “Settings”. It is disabled by default for now.

This system is in Beta and will be continuously worked on to provide more options and customization. Most of its features are only available in English at this stage until it leaves Beta.

Breakdown of changes

  • Notifications have a fresh, new look.
  • Severely reduces the spam and performance hit of notifications.
  • You can change the position of where notifications appear.
  • Some notifications can be marked as “Important”, which means they remain on screen until you click to dismiss them.

See the full breakdown of changes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MelvorIdle/comments/12i6jau/were_reworking_the_notification_system/

General Game

General Changes

  • Mastery Spend XP header is now sticky when scrolling.
  • Mastery Spend screen now displays the name of the mastery item so you don’t need to rely on tooltips.
  • Reworked cloud saving functionality to be more performant.

General Balance Changes (Base Game)

General Balance Changes (Throne of the Herald)

  • Increased Thorned Power Special Attack chance to 40%, up from 30%.
  • Increased Spectral Ice Blades special attack to deal 150% normal damage, up from 125%
  • Increased Large Lightning Strike special attack to deal 1,500 damage, up from 1,300.
  • Critical Strike Potions - Increased all tiers of potions critical strike chances by 10%.
  • Agility Elite Pillar of Conflict - % HP Regen reduced to 50%, down from 200%.
  • Polar Bear Freezing Roar special attack chance reduced to 20%, down from 30%.
  • Reduced The Herald’s passive healing to 2% Max HP every 2 Turns, down from 4%.
  • Agile Wings Rapier Special Attack reduced to 100%, 175%, 250% normal damage, down from 150%, 225%, 300%.
  • Meteor Shot special attack damage reduced to 25%, down from 33%.

Bug Fixes (Base Game)

  • Fixed the Shop buy limit text appearing multiple times (Issue #3141)
  • Fixed an issue where skill actions could not be started (Issue #2779)
  • Fixed Ent + Crow synergy consuming tablets when not making Staves (Issue #2780)
  • Fixed Crow + Devil synergy consuming tablets when not making elemental runes
  • Fixed Combat Area Select menus, Impending Darkness Menu, and Skill Progress Menu showing during Golbin Raid (Issue #2818)
  • Fixed Golbin Raid replacing the most recent history instead of the oldest (Issue #2886)
  • Fixed Agility course breakdown wrapping issue (Issue #2855)
  • Fixed Spirit Bag description missing information about rune cost reduction
  • Fixed Spirit Bags being consumed for Non-Alchemy Alt. Magic Spells and those that do not use Spirit Runes (Issue #2909)
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to build Agility Obstacles (Issue #2980)
  • Fixed Shop Buy Quantity having no limit, allowing the UI to become stuck at very large numbers (Issue #2994)
  • Fixed planting crops in Farming not updating the chance to grow of the plot (Issue #3005)
  • Fixed Axe, Pickaxe and Fishing Rod tooltips showing the incorrect bonuses (Issue #3034)
  • Fixed chest opening dialogue having a rapidly changing scroll bar
  • Fixed opening chests with a full bank showing an endless spinner (Issue #3050)
  • Fixed Alt. Magic experience not updating when (un)equipping items (Issue #3064)
  • Fixed "None" worship in Township not having enough checkpoints causing a game crash (Issue #3143)
  • Fixed Agility blueprints showing costs in red when you own the exact amount of them (Issue #3173)
  • Fixed Adventure mode saves attempting to load into farming despite it being locked (Issue #3102)
  • Fixed Farming sidebar glow showing in Adventure mode when it is locked (Issue #2740)
  • Fixed completing the tutorial in Adventure mode leaving you on the page for a skill that became locked
  • Fixed time-based Golbin Raid statistics being set to values of 50 years or more. Save files will have invalid statistics reset to 0. (Issue #2821)
  • Fixed Cloud Saves in slot #6 being unable to be deleted (Issue #3044)
  • Fixed incorrect math formula for modifiers that affect Summoning non-shard costs #3255
  • Fixed incorrect item stats on (P) Divine Boots #3210
  • Fixed bug that caused Ahrenia's Into the Mist Special Attack to provide double the amount of healing than intended #3187
  • Fixed missing image for dead Farming crops #3153
  • Meteorite Spellcaster Ring and Meteorite Staff item synergy bonus should now affect the damage output of the Meteor Shower Archaic Spell #3133
  • Fixed Crow + Octopus Synergy not applying the base quantity increase prior to item doubling #3095
  • Fixed incorrect stats on Silver Sapphire Ring #3069
  • Removed secondary scroll bar in Summoning Tablet Creation menu #3068
  • Fixed missing details from some item images #3041
  • Fixed Arrow shaft recipe select appears under header on mobile #2991
  • Fixed icon for adventure mode not being centered #2887
  • Fix Shop quantity dropdown menu closing when clicking either side of the quantity text box #3289
  • Fix Cloudburst Staff special description #3284
  • Fix incorrect scaling on images in the "View Item Stats" popup #3281
  • Fix incorrect (P) Augite Platelegs image #3291
  • Lady Darkheart Curse of Torment special chance fixed to be 25%, not 35%
  • Fixed Minibar showing when clicking magic in the sidebar
  • Fixed feather tornado description not showing that it hits twice
  • Mining Gloves no longer consume charges when mining Essence or Gem nodes
  • All perfect items can now be downgraded to regular Food from the bank

Bug Fixes (Throne of the Herald)

Minor Updates & Hotfixes

?5835 (12th April 2023)

Township Hotfixes
  • Tier 2 buildings no longer require 200 Population to build. This is to ensure you can always build Herb/ Potion buildings.
  • Health now has a 25% chance to degrade by 1% per Town Update, instead of a 100% chance.
Other Fixes

?5838 (13th April 2023)

Township Hotfixes
  • Fixed an issue causing demo versions to not save correctly with the reworked Township

?5852 (13th April 2023)

Township Balancing
  • Town Halls will no longer degrade. If your Town Hall is below 100%, it will require repairing back to maximum. It will not degrade any more.
  • Fixed Grasslands Biome percentage not reaching 100% due to a non-existent building (Issue #3312)
  • Fixed Grasslands Biome showing building is available to construct even though there are no buildings left to construct.
  • Moved the Skip Task button to the right of the element so it is harder to accidentally (Issue #3325)
  • Fixed Trader percentage button selection remaining green regardless of what percentage was selected (Issue #3322)
  • Fixed Summoning Tablet Creation element scrolling outside of the main element (Issue #3319)
  • Fixed Gem Finder Scroll not consuming while Mining (Issue #3304)
  • Fixed Notification V2 elements displaying underneath Combat Minibar (Issue #3326)

?5855 (13th April 2023)

The game will now provide you with a "free death" upon loading if a recent change to the game causes your character to unequip items. This free death lasts for the duration of offline Combat calculations.

A free death means when dying in Combat, you will not lose any items and your Hardcore character will not be deleted.

?5858 (14th April 2023)

To help alleviate the reported issues of some Worships causing Rune Essence production to fall below manageable amounts, we have made the following changes to Magic Emporiums:

When all Magic Emporiums have been constructed, it is a 15-20% increase in total Rune Essence production.

Half of the production will come from the Snowlands Biome, which will alleviate Rune Essence production issues from negative Desert modifiers like Terran or Aeris Worships

?5875 (17th April 2023)

  • Removed the "All" button from Legacy Tick spend menu.
  • Adjusted Casual Task requirements slightly, making tasks that require the delivery of high level Items to not show up until a higher Township Level.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where the Trader will still deduct resources from your Town if the trade fails due to lack of Bank space (Issue #3355)
  • Fixed Mastery Pool XP display not matching received XP for Mining (Visual bug only) (Issue #3352)
  • Fixed issue where Summoning Tablet synergies that reduce Non-Shard cost was actually increasing the cost instead (Issue #3349)
  • Fixed issue where Decreased Trader Cost modifier from Trading Posts was not applying to Trader costs (Issue #3344)
  • Removed the mention of the Township Tutorial when starting a new save (Issue #3343)
  • Fixed issue where the Max Skillcape did not include the bonus provided from the Township Skillcape (Issue #3342)
  • Fixed Slayer Harvest Scroll not providing correct amount of Slayer Coins (Issue #3340)

?5890 (18th April 2023)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where some active Casual Tasks were hidden due to recent requirement changes to the game, causing them to take up Casual Task slots without the ability to complete or skip them.
  • Fixed issue where Township Worship modifiers were not being doubled while in the correct season (#3359)
  • Fixed issue where Township Worship modifiers were not updating correctly after repairing buildings (Issue #3358)
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to delete Cloud Saves from the character selection screen (#3360)
  • Fixed issue where Town resource and GP per update would not visually change when increasing your Town's Health (Issue #3361)
  • Fixed visual issue where Firemaking Mastery XP tooltip was showing incorrect values (Issue #3350)

?5907 (19th April 2023)

  • The GP cost to skip Casual Tasks now scales with your Township Skill Level. Cost to skip is capped at 10M GP.
  • It is now possible to skip Casual Tasks even if you are able to claim the rewards.
  • Adjusted the position of the skip Casual Task button.
  • Fixed issue where Adventure Mode characters would get Casual Tasks for Skills that are not unlocked. Please be aware that you will not receive Casual Tasks if you do not meet any requirements to get one. It is also not possible to get duplicate Casual Tasks. Specific scenarios in Adventure Mode will cause you to not receive Casual Tasks until further requirements are met.
  • Fixed issue where some Casual Tasks were impossible to complete due to missing Skill Level requirements.
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