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This page is out of date (v0.20).

Adventure mode is a version of the game in which players start with only a few skills and must work to unlock others. It includes the following changes:

  • Skills are locked and must be purchased using Coins.svg GP to access
  • Start with only Attack (skill).svg Attack, Strength (skill).svg Strength, Defence (skill).svg Defence, and Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints unlocked along with 10 Shrimp (item).svg Shrimp and a Bronze Sword (item).svg Bronze Sword.
  • Non-Combat skill levels cannot go above your Combat Level.
    • When a skill level reaches its limit, experience can be gained up to the experience required for the next level minus 1 experience point.
    • With a Combat Level at 99 or higher, experience in skills is still limited to experience required for the next virtual level minus 1 experience point (e.g., with a combat level at 99, skill experience is limited to 14,391,159).
  • The Combat Triangle penalties for using a combat style the enemy is resistant to are increased (identical to the changes in Hardcore mode)
  • Hitpoints, Damage, and Food Healing values are 10x larger than standard.

There is a guide for this mode at Adventure/Guide.

Skill Unlock Costs

All skills cost the same amount to unlock, but the price increases for each skill purchased.

Melvor Idle version v0.22.1 (Released: 6th October 2021)
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