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Alpha v0.02 - (30th November 2018)


This update includes the implementation of Woodcutting Prestige. Achieving Skill Mastery not enough? Continue into prestige ranks and achieve levels far beyond originally possible.

  • Entering Woodcutting Prestige allows you to level past Level 99.
  • All Woodcutting XP Rates are multiplied by 10.
  • Logs are worth much more GP.

Once you prestige, you will be required to unlock the higher level trees again through leveling. Woodcutting becomes quite profitable later on if you make it that far.

Woodcutting Prestige is optional. However, once you prestige there is no way of returning. Decide wisely!

Birds Nests

  • Added the chance of receiving a " Birds Nest" from a tree when cut. These nests have a 1 in 250 chance of being acquired. They provide an instant GP increase of 20 times that of the tree you got it from.
  • These become quite valuable in Woodcutting Prestige.
  • Bird nests will be a feature expanded upon in the future.

Woodcutting Statistics

  • Added some small statistics for those who like to keep track of numbers. Unfortunately this does not include your stats prior to Alpha v0.02.

Changes to Woodcutting Random Events

  • Previously, a random event would cause all cut buttons to be disabled until the event finished. Throughout testing, I believe this is an unfair and frustrating disadvantage to the player, especially if they do not wish to participate in the event.
  • All cut buttons are now enabled during random events.
  • You are also able to Auto Cut the random event.

Tree XP/GP Balancing

The amount of XP and GP earned from trees later on in the game has been reduced.

XP Rate Changes
Tree Level Old Rate New Rate
Level 1 10 10
Level 2 20 20
Level 3 30 30
Level 4 50 50
Level 5 80 80
Level 6 120 100
Level 7 200 140
Level 8 320 180
Level 9 500 250
GP Rate Changes
Tree Level Old Rate New Rate
Level 1 1GP 1GP
Level 2 5GP 5GP
Level 3 10GP 10GP
Level 4 20GP 20GP
Level 5 40GP 40GP
Level 6 100GP 80GP
Level 7 250GP 125GP
Level 8 500GP 200GP
Level 9 1,000GP 275GP

An Update on Trees Becoming Useless

Just thought I'd address this issue. Common feedback received showed a dislike for trees becoming redundant as you level up. I completely agree with this feedback, and have thought about how I can make better use of these redundant trees.

I have decided to leave it as is for now until the introduction of Firemaking. This skill will require logs as the main source to level it up. Hopefully this will provide a use for the redundant trees when released. Upon release of this skill, I will gather feedback to see if this is a suitable trade-off.

As the game progresses, more and more skills will be added to the game. If you follow RuneScape at all, you are probably familiar with what new skills will eventually be introduced, and how they all interact with one-another.


This update includes a preview for the two upcoming skills, Fishing & Firemaking. The preview is designed to show what the new skills will consist of, and provide an insight into a new mechanic.

Fishing: Self explanatory. Select a location to catch the designated fish assigned to that area to level up.
Firemaking: Burn the logs collected from Woodcutting to level up the skill. This skill introduces a bonfire mechanic to reward consistent gameplay. More information to come...

Along with this preview you can see there has been a UI change to cater to the new skills.

Fishing & Firemaking are due for release in Alpha v0.03.


  • Your save game now automatically loads, rather than requiring you to press the "Load Game" button.
  • Moved position of "GP" & "Bank" to top of screen. This is due to the upcoming skill release planned for the future.
  • Removed the image for your current axe. This information is now displayed above your experience bar.
  • Added the axe images to the "Shop".
  • Updated "Insufficient Level" badges for axes in the shop to display the level requirement instead.
  • Reduced Level Requirement for 3rd Age Axe to Level 90 (down from Level 95)
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