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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

Slayer is a Combat skill. Unlike other Combat skills, Slayer does not directly impact the player's combat abilities. Instead, players are tasked to hunt down specific monsters in exchange for unique equipment and combat areas that are critical to game progression.


Slayer Areas

- Main article: Slayer Areas

Slayer is a special Combat skill that only interacts with specific combat areas known as Slayer Areas. Each of these areas requires a minimum Slayer level to access, and some also require the completion of a specific Dungeon. Some Slayer Areas require equipping a specific item purchased with Slayer Coins; the player can access the area without this item equipped, but will not be able to deal damage to any of its monsters. Unlike normal Combat Areas and Dungeons, Slayer Areas may also have an "Area Effect" that empowers its monsters or weakens the player.

Monsters in Slayer Areas often drop useful equipment, as well as items needed to unlock other Slayer Areas or Dungeons. Making one's way through increasingly difficult Slayer Areas and Dungeons is the cornerstone of Melvor Idle's Combat progression.

Slayer XP and Slayer Coins

Slayer experience is earned by killing the specific monster assigned by the player's current Slayer Task. Killing "off-task" monsters in any Slayer Area will also reward Slayer XP, but at a much lower rate. Unlike other Combat skills, Slayer XP is rewarded only when a monster is slain, not per player attack.

The amount of Slayer XP earned is based on the slain monster's total Hitpoints (HP). Killing a Slayer Task target in any area awards Slayer XP equal to 10% of the monster's max HP. Killing any monster in a Slayer Area awards Slayer XP equal to 5% of the monster's max HP. These sources are additive; for example, if the current Slayer Task target resides in a Slayer Area (as most do outside of the early game), killing it will award 15% of its max HP as Slayer XP.

Slayer Coins (SC) are a special currency awarded by killing Slayer Task monsters. These coins can be spent at the Shop to purchase and upgrade special Slayer equipment, gain access to new Slayer Areas, buy resupply packs of various consumable items, and more. Like Slayer XP, Slayer Coin acquisition scales with a monster's max HP. However, Slayer Coins can only be obtained from Slayer Task monsters; "off-task" monsters in a Slayer Area will not drop any Slayer Coins.

This table lists the XP and Slayer Coins earned (before any other modifiers) under various scenarios:

Fighting Slayer Task In Slayer Area XP SC
(% of Monster HP)
Yes Yes 15% 10%
Yes No 10% 10%
No Yes 5% 0%

Large amounts of Slayer Coins are also rewarded by completing certain Township tasks.

Generally, the most efficient way to farm Slayer Coins is to enable Auto Slayer and idle the highest survivable difficulty tier with gear optimized for damage output. The Combat Simulator can be used to find the ideal Slayer Task tier and equipment loadout for maximum Slayer Coins.

Slayer Tasks

The player's active Slayer Task can be viewed in the "Slayer Task" panel of the Combat UI, and is completed by killing a certain number of the the specified monster. Monsters killed for Slayer Tasks award Slayer XP and Slayer Coins equal to 10% of the slain monster's maximum Hitpoints (HP).

Slayer Task Tiers

The monster requested is randomly chosen based on the monster level for the selected Slayer Task. Slayer Tasks are available in seven tiers of increasing monster levels, each with a minimum Slayer level requirement:

A new character's initial Slayer Task will be selected from the Easy tier.

Receiving New Slayer Tasks

When the active Slayer Task is completed by killing the specified number of the target monster, a new task from the same difficulty tier will automatically start at no cost to the player. If a different task is desired, clicking "New Task" allows for the selection of a task from any available tier at the cost of Slayer Coins. The current Slayer Task can also be extended before it has been completed, increasing the number of monster kills required for task completion, for half as many Slayer Coins as a new task of the current tier.

When choosing a new task, a monster of the selected tier will be chosen at random, and switching tasks will typically cost SC. The exception being Easy tasks which can be switched without any costs, which can be used to your advantage.

Potential monsters from Slayer Areas will only be chosen if the player:

  • Meets the area's minimum Slayer level
  • Has completed any one-time unlock requirements
  • Owns (or has previously owned) any equipment required for entry.
    • Access to gear that bypasses Slayer Area item requirements, such as the Slayer Skillcape, will also qualify for this check.

For example, if a player had previously purchased Climbing Boots but has since sold them, it is still possible for that player to receive Perilous Peaks monsters as a Slayer Task. These rules are relaxed when a task is automatically assigned (following the previous task's completion) while Auto Slayer is enabled; when this happens, the player will only be assigned monsters from areas that can be accessed with their active equipment set.

Slayer Task Duration

The number of monsters assigned per task is random, but generally increases with the player's Slayer level and with higher difficulty tiers, as shown by this table:

Slayer Task Durations
Task Tier Slayer Levels (Min/Max) Duration (Min/Max) Extension (Min/Max)
Easy 0 1-24 14-110 10-14
Normal 1 25-49 24-220 30-38
Hard 2 50-74 34-330 60-72
Elite 3 75-84 44-380 100-104
Master 4 85-99 54-450 135-145
Legendary 5 100-109 64-500 180-186
Mythical 6 110-120 74-554 224-238


  • If your slayer level is higher than the indicated range then you may get more as per the following equations.
  • The duration (number of monsters) required for a new task is defined as: [math]\displaystyle{ C_r = \left ( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times 10 + 4 \times \left \lfloor r \times \text{Slayer Level} + 1 \right \rfloor }[/math]
  • The task duration is in the range [math]\displaystyle{ \left ( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times 10 + 4 }[/math] to [math]\displaystyle{ \left ( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times 10 + 4 \times (\text{Slayer Level} + 1) }[/math] inclusive.
  • When extending a task the increase duration is calculated as: [math]\displaystyle{ E = \left( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times \left (10 + \left \lfloor \frac{\text{Slayer Level}}{5} \right \rfloor \right ) }[/math]


  • [math]\displaystyle{ r }[/math] is a random number, [math]\displaystyle{ 0 \le r \lt 1 }[/math]
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Slayer Level} }[/math] is the true (not virtual) skill level, and therefore has a maximum value of 99 ( 120)
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Tier} }[/math] is the numerical representation of the task tier, in the range 0 to 6

Auto Slayer

Auto Slayer is an upgrade that can be purchased from the Shop for 150,000SC.

Once unlocked, it adds a checkbox to the Slayer Task panel on the Combat screen labelled "Automatically fight new Slayer Task?" Once purchased, the option can be toggled off and on freely without needing to spend any additional Slayer Coins.

While this option is checked, the player will automatically receive a new Slayer target from the same tier after killing the final monster in their current Slayer Task. Only monsters in areas the player can currently access can be rolled while Auto Slayer is enabled.

For example, a player who has not equipped the Mirror Shield (or an item that bypasses Slayer Area requirements like the Slayer Skillcape) would not be automatically assigned Strange Eyed Monsters, even if they have an unequipped Mirror Shield in their Bank.

Players intending to idle with Auto Slayer should make sure they can survive encounters with all of the possible monsters in the chosen tier, even after Combat Triangle modifiers to Damage Reduction are taken into account.

Skill Level Unlocks

Increasing the Slayer skill, completing dungeons and purchasing items or unlocks allows the player to access more of the Slayer Areas as shown.

Slayer Level Unlocks
1 Wear Mirror Shield
Wear Slayer Helmet (Basic)Slayer Platebody (Basic) Melee Slayer Gear (Basic)
Access Forest of Goo
Access Penumbra
10 Access Strange Cave
20 Build Cliff Climb in Obstacle 5
30 Wear Slayer Helmet (Strong)Slayer Platebody (Strong) Melee Slayer Gear (Strong) (requires Defence 30)
Access Holy Isles
40 Access Crystal Caves
Access Miolite Caves
Purchase Top Hat (requires Township 70, 6 Prats Hats)
Trade for Slayer Blinding Scroll (requires Township 25)
45 Access Dark Quarry
Access Runic Ruins
50 Access Arid Plains
Purchase Standard Resupply
60 Wear Slayer Helmet (Elite)Slayer Platebody (Elite) Melee Slayer Gear (Elite) (requires Defence 60)
Access High Lands
Trade for Slayer Deterer (requires Township 40, 20 Miolite Caves clears)
Build Ice Jump in Obstacle 9 (requires Cooking 60, Mining 60, Thieving 60)
65 Access Toxic Swamps
70 Access Desolate Plains
Build Pipe Crawl in Obstacle 8
75 Access Infernal Stronghold
Purchase Generous Resupply
80 Wear Slayer Helmet (Master)Slayer Platebody (Master) Melee Slayer Gear (Master) (requires Defence 80)
Wear Slayer Cowl (Master)Slayer Leather Body (Master) Ranged Slayer Gear (Master) (requires Ranged 80)
Wear Slayer Wizard Hat (Master)Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) Magic Slayer Gear (Master) (requires Magic 80)
Access Shrouded Badlands
Trade for Slayer Harvest Scroll (requires Township 50)
85 Access Crystal Depths
Access Perilous Peaks
90 Access Dark Waters (requires Into the Mist cleared)
Access Into the Mist
Build Lava Waterfall Dodge in Obstacle 10 (requires Firemaking 95, Ranged 95, Magic 95, Prayer 80)
95 Access Unhallowed Wasteland
99 Wear Maximum Skillcape (requires level 99 in all skills)
Wear Slayer Skillcape
100 Wear Slayer Cowl (Legendary)Slayer Leather Body (Legendary) Ranged Slayer Gear (Legendary) (requires Ranged 100, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wear Slayer Helmet (Legendary)Slayer Platebody (Legendary) Melee Slayer Gear (Legendary) (requires Defence 100, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wear Slayer Wizard Hat (Legendary)Slayer Wizard Robes (Legendary) Magic Slayer Gear (Legendary) (requires Magic 100, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Access Jungle Labyrinth (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Purchase Plentiful Resupply
Build Forest Maze in Obstacle 11 (requires Cooking 100, Smithing 100)
102 Access Lava Lake (requires Ancient Sanctuary cleared)
105 Access Forsaken Tundra (requires Ancient Sanctuary cleared)
108 Access Foggy Lake (requires Lightning Region cleared)
110 Wear Slayer Cowl (Mythical)Slayer Leather Body (Mythical) Ranged Slayer Gear (Mythical) (requires Ranged 110, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wear Slayer Helmet (Mythical)Slayer Platebody (Mythical) Melee Slayer Gear (Mythical) (requires Defence 110, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wear Slayer Wizard Hat (Mythical)Slayer Wizard Robes (Mythical) Magic Slayer Gear (Mythical) (requires Magic 110, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Purchase Bountiful Resupply
Build Gap Climb in Obstacle 14
112 Access Afflicted City (requires Lair of the Spider Queen cleared)
114 Access Midnight Valley
116 Access Golden Cloud Mountains (requires Necromancers Palace cleared)
118 Access Millennium Gate
120 Wear Superior Max Skillcape (requires level 120 in all skills)
Wear Superior Slayer Skillcape

For slayer tasks, the number of monsters required to complete a Slayer Task scales with Slayer level.


The standard and superior skillcapes for this skill can be purchased from the store after the player reaches Slayer Level 99 and Slayer Level 120, respectively. Reaching Slayer Level 120 requires the Throne of the Herald Expansion.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Slayer Skillcape Slayer Skillcape Slayer Level 99 +25% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Bypass Slayer Area item requirements for areas that require less than level 100 Slayer
+5% Damage To Slayer Tasks
Superior Slayer Skillcape Superior Slayer Skillcape Slayer Level 120 +35% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
+8% Damage To Slayer Tasks
Bypass All Slayer Area item requirements
+10% Slayer Coins

However, even with a Skillcape equipped other Slayer requirements, such as clearing dungeons or purchasing upgrades, are still necessary.


This skill's pet has a fixed chance to be unlocked when damage is dealt to a monster on a Slayer Task, and so there is no best slayer monster or weapon to unlock the pet.

Pet Name Effect
Asura Asura +20% Slayer Coins

Slayer Tier Monsters

This section lists tasks for every tier of Slayer, and lists any entry requirements. If the Slayer Skillcape (or equivalent) is equipped item requirements up to Slayer Level 100 are ignored. If the Superior Slayer Skillcape (or equivalent) is equipped then all item requirements are ignored.


Tier 0, also known as Easy, and is available from the start:


Tier 1, also known as Normal, requires Slayer Level 25 to unlock:


Tier 2, also known as Hard, requires Slayer Level 50 to unlock:


Tier 3, also known as Elite, requires Slayer Level 75 to unlock:


Tier 4, also known as Master, requires Slayer Level 85 to unlock:


Tier 5, also known as Legendary, requires Slayer Level 100 to unlock and is part of the expansion:


Tier 6, also known as Mythical, requires Slayer Level 110 to unlock and as part of the expansion:

Skill Boosts

This section details skill boosts available for Slayer.


The following potions provide Slayer-specific benefits.

Area Control Potion
Potion Tier Charges Effect
Area Control Potion I I 10 +20% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Area Control Potion II II 20 +30% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Area Control Potion III III 35 +40% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Area Control Potion IV IV 50 +50% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Slayer Bounty Potion
Potion Tier Charges Effect
Slayer Bounty Potion I I 10 +10% chance for a Slayer Task kill to count as 2 kills. and +10% Slayer Coins
Slayer Bounty Potion II II 15 +15% chance for a Slayer Task kill to count as 2 kills. and +15% Slayer Coins
Slayer Bounty Potion III III 20 +20% chance for a Slayer Task kill to count as 2 kills. and +20% Slayer Coins
Slayer Bounty Potion IV IV 30 +25% chance for a Slayer Task kill to count as 2 kills. and +25% Slayer Coins

Increased damage

The following items provide slayer specific benefits such as increased damage, or increased damage reduction (DR):

Area Effect Negation

- Main article: Slayer Areas

Many of the Slayer monsters have area effect buffs that make them significantly harder to kill. However, there are many ways in which these area buffs can be negated. For a full list see the Sources of Area Affect Negation.

Slayer Coin Acquisition

There are a number of modifiers that affect Slayer Coins. Unless otherwise stated, each bonus affects Slayer Coins gained from any source, including claiming Township task rewards. Area Effect Negations stack but the buff can never go below zero. For example, for Perilous Peaks 0% Evasion Ratings is as low as it will ever go.