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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Monster ID: melvorF:Ahrenia

Into the Mist

Monster Types: Boss, Dungeon
Slayer Tier: N/A


Combat Stats
Combat Level: 925
Hitpoints: 10,000
Attack Speed: 2.2s
Max Hit: Magic 800
Accuracy Rating: 40,227
Damage Reduction: 40%
Evasion Ratings: Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
25,806 28,842 56,166
Skill Levels: Attack (skill).svg Strength (skill).svg Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
750 750 750 750 750


  • 70% Magic Shadow Burst
    • Fire off 3 large, avoidable, dark explosions that deal 800 damage each. Gives you -1% Global Accuracy that stacks up to 40 times.
  • 15% Magic Into the Mist
    • The enemy disappears into the Mist. Gives the enemy +10% Damage Reduction each time they are hit for the duration of this attack (Stacks up to 10 times) and gives Regen that heals 10% of the enemy's max hitpoints over 10s.
  • 15% Magic Fallen Light
    • The Mist breaks away and the sky opens up to an unavoidable, falling ray of Darkness, dealing 400x15 damage over 2.8s.


  • Purity
    • Immune to Player Debuffs includes Stun and Freeze.
  • Magic Proficiency
    • Immune to all Melee and Ranged Attacks




Task Requirements Rewards
Very Hard 1 Ahrenia GP 5,000,000
SC 250,000
Elite 5 Ahrenia GP 10,000,000
SC 1,000,000
3 Bank Slot Token