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Alpha v0.04 (11th September 2019)

Note from Malcs - I call this the official release of Melvor Idle Alpha

It has been a long time since anything has happened with this game. But I'm back, and am ready to hit it full swing.

I have received many comments over the months with great feedback, and I really appreciate all of those comments. Thank you to everyone who did play this game, I hope I can make it into something special.

This major update introduces a complete redesign of Melvor Idle which will allow future development to be quicker and easier to implement. Everything has been redone from the ground-up including skills, bank, shop, and everything in between.

We are also own our very own domain! That's exciting!

New in this Update:


Cooking (skill).svg Cooking allows you to cook the resources you have gathered throughout Melvor. As of release, you are able to cook all the fish that you catch. But be careful! You may burn a few here and there.


Travel across the great lands of Melvor to mine precious materials that are essential to survival. Level up Mining (skill).svg Mining to unlock extra areas that contain rarer ores. Level up your areas to unlock more resources to mine.


Transform those precious ores into refined bars, which allows you to create powerful gear to survive the harsh lands of Melvor. There is currently no use for the items that are smithed as of this update. But very very soon, there will be ;)

New Features

  • The shop now contains every possible purchase you can make in this game
  • Multi-Tree (upgrade).svg Multi-Tree Upgrade - Each level allows you to cut an extra tree simultaneously.
  • Cooking (skill).svg Cooking Range Upgrade - Provides a permanent fire to cook on
  • Mastery.svg Mastery System ALPHA - Level up specific areas of a skill that will provide further benefits. There is currently no real benefits other than for Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting.
  • Settings page has been introduced. Heavily requested settings will be added over time, as well as other Misc settings.
  • You can now set a Username for yourself.
  • We have an official domain - melvoridle.com
  • We have an official subreddit! Click the link at the bottom of the sidebar or head to /r/MelvorIdle

Changed Features

  • Auto cut for a specific tree now automatically unlocks at Tree Mastery.svg Mastery Level 10.
  • Each Tree now has a base "Cut Time".
  • Tree unlock levels have changed.
Unlock Levels and Cut Times
Tree Old Level New Level Cut Time
Normal Tree (tree).svg Normal 1 1 2s
Oak Tree (tree).svg Oak 15 10 2s
Willow Tree (tree).svg Willow 30 25 3s
Teak Tree (tree).svg Teak 35 35 4s
Maple Tree (tree).svg Maple 45 45 5s
Mahogany Tree (tree).svg Mahogany 55 55 6s
Yew Tree (tree).svg Yew 60 60 7s
Magic Tree (tree).svg Magic 75 75 10s
Redwood Tree (tree).svg Redwood 90 90 15s
  • Axes no longer provide bonus XP.
  • Axe % cut time reduction bonus increased.
Axe Tier Old Reduction New Reduction
Tier 1 0% 0%
Tier 2 5% 5%
Tier 3 10% 15%
Tier 4 15% 20%
Tier 5 20% 30%
Tier 6 25% 35%
Tier 7 30% 40%
Tier 8 35% 50%
Tier 9 40% 75%
  • Fishing (skill).svg Fishing is now pretty much completely idle.
  • The available fish in Fishing (skill).svg Fishing areas update every so often.
  • Higher Fishing (skill).svg Fishing levels unlock more areas for fishing, which can contain more varieties of fish.
  • Higher Fishing (skill).svg Fishing levels provide better catch rates.
  • Fishing rods provide faster catch speeds.
  • Bonfire active times are now based on the logs you use.
  • The way the bank now handles items has changed. Bank space is now based on "Item Slots", rather than the total quantity of items sitting in the bank.

Removed Features

  • Random Events have been shelved, pending an overhaul.
  • Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting Prestige has been shelved, pending an overhaul.
  • Auto burning has been removed.
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