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Alpha v0.18 - (14th December 2020)

Slayer 2.0

Slayer has been reworked with a new progression route, and an increased variety of content and gear.


Slayer is a skill that has the ability to introduced players into new mechanics and challenges that other skills cannot do. The current system of Slayer did not really provide the variety we were after, and we knew we had to change it.

The new Slayer takes the existing fundamental mechanics and turns them into something that we feel is more enjoyable and more rewarding.

Players will see a tonne of new content including brand new high level monsters and very powerful items. The progression from early levels will feel much better, and Players are given more control to train this Skill.

Slayer Tasks

These are now broken down into 5 "Levels" that can be chosen when selecting a new task. These are categorised based on Enemy Combat Level.

They also cost Slayer Coins to select a new Task or when skipping your current task (but are free when completing a task and being assigned a new Task from the same Level automatically).

  • Easy - Combat Level 1-49 - Free (Unlocked at Slayer Level 1)
  • Normal - Combat Level 50-99 - 2,000 Slayer Coins (Unlocked at Slayer Level 25)
  • Hard - Combat Level 100-199 - Costs 5,000 Slayer Coins (Unlocked at Slayer Level 50)
  • Elite - Combat Level 200-374 - Costs 15,000 Slayer Coins (Unlocked at Slayer Level 75)
  • Master - Combat Level 375+ - Costs 25,000 Slayer Coins (Unlocked at Slayer Level 85)

Slayer Task Extensions

Slayer Tasks can be extended once at a cost of Slayer Coins by clicking the Extend Slayer Task option in the Slayer Task Panel.

New Slayer Areas

There are 5 new Slayer Areas to tackle, all with brand new monsters and challenges. These Slayer Areas also have Area Effects that apply a debuff to you when fighting Enemies in it. These are the Runic Ruins, Arid Plains, Shrouded Badlands, Perilous Peaks, and Dark Waters.

New Slayer Dungeon - Miolite Caves

Miolite Caves is a new mid-game dungeon with 7 Monsters. Rewards the new Miolite Armour and Miolite Sceptre.

Miolite Armour is a Hybrid Melee / Magic Armour set. Very similar to Ice Armour which is a Hybrid Melee / Ranged Armour set.

New & Updated Slayer Gear, Progression & Requirements

The Slayer Gear in the shop that you can purchase has changed in many ways, which includes the brand new Master Tier of Slayer Gear.

Master Slayer Gear

You now able to acquire Master Tier Slayer Gear, which is much better than the Elite Tier.

This Tier of Slayer Gear provides Area Effect Negation, Damage Reduction, as well as increased chance to double dropped Loot.

New Gear Progression

It felt wrong allowing players to ignore complete tiers of items, and this didn't feel right in terms of progression. This has now changed to address this issue.

Players are now required to upgrade the Slayer Gear pieces, starting at Basic, to reach the highest tier of Armour available.

This is done by purchasing the new Slayer Upgrade Kit within the Slayer Shop for the respective tier, and combining it with the desired Slayer item to upgrade it.

Updated Slayer Gear & Benefits

With the inclusion of Slayer Task tiers, Players are now required to complete a set amount of Slayer Tasks before they are able to purchase the Slayer Upgrade Kits.

This also means we have made Slayer Gear just a little bit better in general.

These new benefits & requirements are:

  • Basic Slayer Gear - Still 10,000 Slayer Coins - Each piece has 10% Area Effect Negation - Completion of 20 Normal Slayer Tasks required to purchase.
  • Strong Slayer Gear - Requires Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Strong) (50,000 Slayer Coins) - Each piece has 20% Area Effect Negation - Completion of 30 Hard Slayer Tasks required to purchase Kit.
  • Elite Slayer Gear - Requires Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Elite) (200,000 Slayer Coins) - Same Price - Each piece has 30% Area Effect Negation & 4% Damage Reduction - Completion of 40 Elite Slayer Tasks required to purchase Kit.
  • Master Slayer Gear - Requires Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Master) (1,000,000 Slayer Coins) - Each piece has +3% chance to receive double loot from slain monsters or Thieving & 40% Area Effect Negation, 40% Area Effect Negation & 6% Damage Reduction - Completion of 50 Master Slayer Tasks required to purchase Kit.

New Slayer Shop Items

There's a bunch of new stuff for you to purchase in the Slayer Shop, such as Basic Resupply, Auto Slayer, and more.

Updated Slayer Cape

The Slayer Skillcape has been updated to fit in nicely with all the above changes!

NEW: Bypasses Slayer Item Requirements from Slayer Areas. 60% Area Effect Negation. +5% Damage Dealt to Enemies on Slayer Task.

Endgame Content Pt.2

This update includes Part 2 of the storyline revolving around the Gods, as well as a brand new dungeon for Players to face.

The story so far

For those of you who don't know - there is a storyline in Melvor Idle. The first of this was introduced in Alpha v0.15 with the God Dungeons.

When you load into the game, you may be provided with one or two books to read, depending on your current progress.

I urge you to have a read of these books as they can provide an insight into why you're fighting the Gods, and what it is all leading up to within this update.

Into the Mist

Into the Mist is the brand new Dungeon, and the first to be classed as Insane difficulty. Upon defeating the Fire God Dungeon, you will be provided with Part 2 of the storyline and will also unlock access to this Dungeon.

You are required to fight through various random enemies from the game until you reach the final Boss.

The Final Boss is a 3 Phase battle which will test your preparation and skills in each Combat Style ( Melee, Ranged, and Magic). Be sure to pay attention to the Enemy Passives, as it will tell you which Combat Style you must use.

This Dungeon is extremely difficult, and there is a very strong chance you will NOT be able to idle it. Luckily, you only need to beat the Dungeon once to claim all rewards.

Dungeon Mechanics
  • Most Enemies in this dungeon are Afflicted. Afflicted Enemies gain +20% Flat Damage Reduction.
  • Upon being successfully hit by an Enemy, you gain a stack of Affliction. Each stack reduces your Maximuim Hitpoints by 1% of your original Max HP. This resets after defeating the Enemy (Multi-hit Special Attacks are classed as ONE attack). Affliction is capped at 50 stacks.
  • The first 20 Monsters in this dungeon are randomised. Any Monster in the game, including those in Dungeons, can be selected if their Combat Level is between 165 & 677 inclusive. Monsters found in Dark Waters Slayer Area cannot be selected.
  • The final Boss is a 3 stage fight, so be prepared.
  • You are required to use a specific Attack Style ( Melee, Ranged, and Magic) for each Phase of the final boss. Pay attention the the Passives to know which style to use.
  • Upon reaching Phase 1, 2 or 3; The fight will pause and allow you to read all the information. You can then press the button to continue the fight.
Dungeon Rewards
  • Item - New Dawn (it's a book, have a read)
  • Grant Access to the Dark Waters Slayer Area.
  • Unlocks the new Combat Passive Slot, one for each equipment set. This is a new slot where you can equip most Combat Items with passives and gain their benefit during the fight.
  • You cannot equip Weapons, Skillcapes (Including Max & Completion), Skilling Items or items that are already equipped in the same set to this slot. Some other items cannot be equipped as well.
  • Hovering or clicking an item in the bank will mention if it can be equipped to the Passive Slot.
  • You only gain the item's Passive, not the item's Standard stats (this includes flat Damage Reduction the item contains).

Infernal Stronghold

The 3rd new Dungeon added to the game is the heavily requested Infernal Stronghold. This is an upgraded, more deadly version of the Volcanic Cave.

Completing this Dungeon will reward you with the Infernal Cape as well as an Infernal Core. This Core can be used alongside your Dragon & Ancient Claws to upgrade them into the Infernal Claw.

This Dungeon requires 100 Completions of the Volcanic Cave to enter.

Mastery Pool Quality of Life

The Mastery Pool buttons are now colour coded when spending Mastery Pool XP!

  • Green means you can safely spend without losing benefits.
  • Yellow means you can afford it, but you will lose a Mastery Checkpoint bonus in the process.
  • Red means you cannot afford it.

There is also a confirmation popup when attempting to spend Mastery Pool XP which will result in a lost Checkpoint. This notification can be disabled in the Settings.

New Features

  • New Slayer Mechanics have been Introduced.
  • 5 Tiers of Slayer Tasks have been added.
  • You can now Extend your Slayer Tasks once at a cost of Slayer Coins.
  • Auto Slayer has been added to the Slayer Shop to unlock a toggle option for fighting new Slayer Task Enemies automatically.
  • Slayer Combat Area - Runic Ruins - 5 Enemies - Slayer Level 45 Required
  • Slayer Combat Area - Arid Plains - 6 Enemies - Slayer Level 50 Required & Desert Hat Equipped (New Shop Item)
  • Slayer Combat Area - Shrouded Badlands - 4 Enemies - Slayer Level 80 Required & Blazing Lantern Equipped (New Shop Item)
  • Slayer Combat Area - Perilous Peaks - 3 Enemies - Slayer Level 85 Required & Climbing Boots Equipped (New Shop Item)
  • Slayer Combat Area - Dark Waters - 3 Enemies - Slayer Level 90 Required & Into the Mist Cleared (New Dungeon detailed below)
  • Slayer Areas can now have passive Area Effects that affects Player stats. Be sure to read what they do in the Area Selection.
  • Dungeon - Miolite Caves (Hard)
  • Dungeon - Infernal Stronghold (Elite) - Defeat Volcanic Cave 100 times to access.
  • Dungeon - Into the Mist (Insane) - Defeat Ragnar in the Fire God Dungeon to access.
  • Combat Passive Slot has been added. Unlocked by defeating Into the Mist Dungeon.
  • Part 2 of the Storyline has been added.
  • Part 1 of the Storyline that was released back in May 2020 has been added in-game.
  • 46 New Monsters have been added, ranging from mid-game Monsters to extremely tough ones. They can be found in various locations and Dungeons.
  • A Hidden Easter Egg Monster is also roaming around, somewhere.
  • Monsters can now have Passives alongside Special Attacks. These are detailed in the Enemy's Special Attack information Combat Panel.
  • Items - Miolite Gear - Hybrid Melee / Magic Gear.
  • Item - Miolite Sceptre - Melee Weapon that grants access to Curses and Auroras.
  • Item - Thief Gloves - Grants Coins.svg 150 upon killing an Enemy in Combat, or successfully pickpocketing an NPC in Thieving. +5% Thieving Success Rate.
  • Item - Shaman Ring - +3% Magic Damage Bonus, +6 HP Regen.
  • Item - Book of Occults - Reduces the Body Rune cost of Magic Spells by 1 when equipped as an Off-hand.
  • Item - Elementalist Gloves - Provides basic Magic Stats.
  • Item - Sand Treaders - Attack Speed interval reduced by 0.1s.
  • Item - Desert Wrappings - Provides basic Combat Stats & 2% Damage Reduction.
  • Item - Desert Sabre - Melee Weapon with Special Attack.
  • Item - Desert Shortbow - Ranged Weapon with Special Attack.
  • Item - Sandstorm Ring - Ring with Special Attack (yep, that's right).
  • Item - Darksteel Dagger - Melee Weapon with Special Attack.
  • Item - Elder Crown - Attack Speed interval reduced by 0.1s. +10% lifesteal for Attacks. 100% Lifesteal for Bleed Damage.
  • Item - Tormented Ring - Increased Accuracy Ratings for all Attack Styles. Decreased Evasion Rating for all Attack Styles.
  • Item - Sanguine Blade - Melee Weapon with Special Attack.
  • Item - Recoil Shield - Reflects up to 20% of damage dealt to you (reflect damage cannot activate more than once every 2 seconds. Reflect damage cannot kill an enemy nor provide XP).
  • Item - Wasteful Ring - Auto Eat threshold increased by +5%. Food Efficiency reduced by -25%.
  • Item - Infernal Claw - Melee Weapon with Special Attack.
  • Item - Tidal Edge (and Fragments) - Level 90 1H Melee Weapon with Special Attack.
  • Item - Ocean Song (and Fragments) - Level 90 Magic Wand with Special Attack.
  • Item - Shockwave (and Fragments) - Level 90 Ranged Crossbow with Special Attack.
  • Item - Jadestone Bolts - Better than Diamond Bolts.
  • Item - Paladin Gloves - 4% Damage Reduction.
  • Item - Priest Hat - Reduces cost of Prayers by 1.
  • Item - Almighty Lute - It's nice.
  • Item - Hunter's Ring - +10% Slayer XP. +10% Extra Slayer Coins from Slayer Tasks. Flat -10% Slayer Area Effect negation.
  • Item - Future's Prophecy (Storyline Part 1 Book) - Does not count towards item completion.
  • Item - Unknown Evil (Storyline Part 2 Book) - Does not count towards item completion.
  • Pet - Peri - +5% Evasion Ratings.
  • Pet - Otto - 0.1s Attack Speed Reduction.
  • Mastery Pool spending buttons are now colour coded.
  • Attempting to spend Mastery Pool XP that will result in a lost Mastery Pool Checkpoint will now ask you to confirm. This confirmation can be disabled in Settings.
  • Web/Steam users can now double click an item in the bank to quickly equip it to your current Equipment Set. This only works if you have the "Equip Item - Use Current Equipment Set as Default" setting within the Bank Screen active.
  • Slayer Shop Item - Auto Slayer - 150,000 Slayer Coins - Unlocks the Toggle Option to automatically fight your new Slayer Task (please be aware that the game will automatically generate a new task for free when completing a Slayer Task).
  • Slayer Shop Item - Basic Resupply - 5,000 Slayer Coins - 200 Mithril Arrows, 200 Topaz Bolts, 200 Light Runes, 200 Lobsters, 200 Magic Bones.
  • Slayer Shop Item - Standard Resupply - 10,000 Slayer Coins - 200 Adamant Arrows, 200 Sapphire Bolts, 500 Light Runes, 200 Crab, 500 Magic Bones.
  • Slayer Shop Item - Generous Resupply - 20,000 Slayer Coins - 200 Rune Arrows, 200 Ruby Bolts, 1,000 Light Runes, 200 Manta Ray, 1,000 Magic Bones.
  • Slayer Shop Item - Desert Hat - 25,000 Slayer Coins - Grants Access to Arid Plains.
  • Slayer Shop Item - Blazing Lantern - 250,000 Slayer Coins - Grants Access to Shrouded Badlands.
  • Slayer Shop Item - Climbing Boots - 500,000 Slayer Coins - Grants Access to Perilous Peaks
  • Slayer Shop Item - Green Party Hat - 10,000,000 Slayer Coins - lol
  • Slayer Shop Item - Master Tier Slayer Gear - +3% chance to receive double loot from slain monsters or Thieving. 40% Area Effect Negation.
  • All Javelins & Throwing Knives now provide +15% Ammo Preservation.
  • Ranger Hat & Boots now provide +5% Ammo Preservation each.
  • Amulet of Defence now has 2% Damage Reduction.
  • Items that you find for the first time will be highlighted in green within your Bank to highlight new finds better to the Player. This highlight is removed by simply selecting the item in your bank.
  • Deleting your character will now also delete both the Local & Cloud Save.
  • You can now buy multiple charges of gloves at once! This quantity is shared with the materials quantity.
  • Shop items will now display the quantity of Gloves/Charges/Items you are buying.
  • Auto Eat Tooltip in Combat will now display the HP value where Auto-eat will activate.
  • Added extra information to the Spellbook which should clear up some confusions about what each type of spell does (Standard, Curses, Auroras, Ancients).
  • Added an Early Access notice to the game.
  • Clicking inside the Export Save textbox will now auto-select all of the text.

Changed Features

  • Offline Progress has been revamped, basically eliminating the wait times when loading into the game.
  • Mastery XP formula for skills that require the use of resources to progress now determines experience based on a pre-defined interval that cannot be adjusted. This means interval upgrades to these skills increases the Mastery XP / hour rates, and also benefits you in terms of less resources used to max Mastery. However, the downside to this is Mastery XP / hour is much less prior to interval upgrades.
  • Updated the Enemy Combat screen a bit, making Enemy images fit nicer, as well as moving Enemy stats into the Panel. This also shows the current Area you are in and the Area Effect.
  • Slayer Skillcape has new benefits - Bypasses Slayer Item Requirements from Slayer Areas. 60% Area Effect Negation. +5% Damage Dealt to Enemies on Slayer Task.
  • The game will now automatically locate a new Slayer Task upon Task completion for free.
  • Slayer Gear purchased in the Slayer Shop now has added requirements before being able to buy.
  • Slayer gear progression has changed. You are now required to purchase Upgrade Kits from the shop to upgrade Basic Slayer gear into higher tiers. The cost for the upgrade kits, in order is [50,000 , 200,000 , 1,000,000 ] Slayer Coins. Yes, this means to acquire Master Tier gear it will cost you 1,260,000 Slayer Coins in total.
  • Guardian Amulet has a new Passive: +5% Damage Reduction, but 20% Increased Attack Speed Interval. Both are doubled if you are below 50% HP.
  • Curses now activate 100% of the time, up from 30%.
  • Reduced Curse Effect values slightly for most Curses.
  • Increased Stab and Block bonuses for all Daggers.
  • Increased Stab bonuses for all Swords.
  • Increased Slash and Block bonuses for all Two-Handed Weapons from Bronze to Ancient by quite a lot.
  • Doubled the Magic Damage Bonus for all Glacia God Armour Pieces.
  • Increased Ancient Claw Special Attack Chance to 15%, up from 5%.
  • Increased Dragon & Ancient Claw Fragment Drop Rate by 50%.
  • Increased Glacia Godsword Special Attack Chance to 35%, up from 25%.
  • Increased Confetti Crossbow cap to 250% Damage Dealt, up from 200%.
  • Icicle Volley now does 170 damage per hit, down from 180.
  • Ignite now does 680 damage, down from 800.
  • Frostbite now has a 30% Chance to Freeze, down from 40%.
  • Quake now deals 540 damage per hit, down from 630.
  • Gust now deals 200 damage per hit, up from 190.
  • Slicing Winds now deals 175 damage per hit, down from 185.
  • Incinerate now does 63 damage per hit, down from 69.
  • Incinerate now costs 30 Fire, 10 Ancient, and 10 Havoc Runes, up from [25 Fire 8 Ancient 8 Havoc Runes].
  • Base Prayer XP earned in Combat has been reduced by 50%.
  • You no longer have a chance to receive a Mastery Token, Signet Ring Half (a) or an item relating to the Crown of Rhaelyx when burning Fish in Cooking.
  • Slightly Updated the Area Selection UI to make the difficulty more distinct and easy to read.
  • Updated text in the Thieving screen mentioning how Success Rate mechanics work.
  • DARK MODE is now slightly darker.
  • "Show Confirmation on Close" Setting will now only display on the Web Version of the game.
  • The Monster Stats and Item Stats array behind the scenes has been revamped in an effort to reduce save file size.


  • Offline Thieving now correctly applies "Stun" timer.
  • Total Mastery now updates without requiring a page refresh.
  • Fixed incorrect timestamp that displayed upon loading into the game.
  • The page will no longer move the screen when finding a new enemy if your screen/window width is more than 991px wide.
  • Damage dealt notification should now display all damage done.
  • Alt. Magic should now remember the selected item when activating Offline Progression.
  • Fixed Offline Fishing doubling items when it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed issue where a Player could still attack if Asleep or Stunned.
  • Ty now correctly rolls for Offline Progression.
  • Fixed that Clue Chasers Insignia actually made items more rare for Offline Progression.
  • Fixed Runecrafting 95% Mastery Bonus that wasn't working Offline.
  • Fixed Firemaking 50% Mastery Bonus that wasn't working Offline.
  • Importing a save from an old version of the game will now correctly reset all new save variables.
  • Corrected item upgrades that result in less Melee Defence Bonus than their lesser version.
  • Fixed issue where new Milestones unlocked from leveling up a Skill would not display if your level up notification Setting was set to "Large".
  • Corrected Mithril Battleaxe quantity that drops from Standard Chest.
  • Black Equipment is now correctly displayed in the Milestones.
  • Switching characters from within the game will now disable the other Characters from being selected during the loading interval.
  • Total GP Acquired stats now correctly counts Item Alchemy GP, Thieving and Firemaking with Mastery Pool Bonus.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Offline Progress for Mining to activate more than once when loading into the game with a depleted ore.
  • Fixed display issue where leveling up a Mastery using your pool within Cooking or Firemaking caused the selected item's progress to adjust according to what you just leveled up (did that make sense? lol).
  • Fixed blank difficulty setting for Desolate Plains Slayer Area.
  • "You do not have enough Runes" notification will now let you know if you if its talking about Standard Runes or Combination Runes.
  • Total Bank Value now correctly includes increased sale value of Logs if you have achieved the Woodcutting Mastery Pool Bonus for it.
  • Bulk Sell Item Mode now correctly includes the same as above.
  • Player Hitpoints & Attack Speed bars should now correctly adjust according to screen size/width.
  • Fixed issue where selecting the All but 1 option within the bank sale, and then proceeding to adjust the quantity using the textbox would not actually update the sale quantity.
  • Fixed Offline Progression duplication issue.
  • Fixed Regeneration Potion not applying bonuses correctly.
  • Firemaking Stat for total logs burnt now correctly tracks Offline.
  • Damage dealt to Monsters should now correctly track all damage, including Bleed.
  • Some spelling errors have been fixed.

Removed Features

  • Auto Slayer option in Settings (as it defaults to enabled now).
  • "Show Enemy Skill Levels" setting.
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