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Alpha v0.08 (29th October 2019)

Welcome to the next major update for Melvor Idle! This update brings along a three new skills for you to train, as well as some other additions and changes throughout the game.

The next update, Alpha v0.09, will have a focus on Combat.svg Combat (you can see a little teaser in the Combat Area selector).

Let's take a look at what has been added into the game.


Ranged (skill).svg Ranged combat is the latest addition to the Combat.svg Combat skills area.

Take advantage of the large damage output from Normal Longbow (item).svg bows and Steel Arrows (item).svg arrows, as well as the inclusion of Leather Body (item).svg ranged armour that can assist with your combat.

Ranged (skill).svg Ranged combat requires a Normal Longbow (item).svg bow and Steel Arrows (item).svg arrows. Be sure to pay attention to your ammo so you do not get caught out.


Fletching (skill).svg Fletching is a very simple skill. Currently, its sole purpose is to provide you with Normal Longbow (item).svg bow and Steel Arrows (item).svg arrow creation.

A simple, yet fast skill to train.


Crafting (skill).svg Crafting provides the option to create Leather Body (item).svg ranged armour, as well as put your Emerald (item).svg gems to use in creating combat Gold Emerald Ring (item).svg rings and Gold Emerald Necklace (item).svg necklaces.

This isn't the fastest skill to train, but the benefits provided by the equipment you can craft makes it something to pay attention to.

New Features

  • Ranged (skill).svg Ranged, Fletching (skill).svg Fletching and Crafting (skill).svg Crafting have been added to the game.
  • Normal Shortbow (item).svg Shortbows and Normal Longbow (item).svg Longbows have been added to the game. Created in Fletching (skill).svg Fletching.
  • Arrows (Bronze Arrows (item).svg Bronze to Dragon Arrows (item).svg Dragon) have been added to the game. Created in Fletching (skill).svg Fletching.
  • Steel Arrowtips (item).svg Arrow Tips have been added to the game. These can be created in Smithing (skill).svg Smithing (required to make arrows).
  • Leather (item).svg Leather armour has been added to the game. Created in Crafting (skill).svg Crafting.
  • Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green, Blue Dragonhide (item).svg Blue, Red Dragonhide (item).svg Red and Black Dragonhide (item).svg Black Dragonhide armour have been added to the game. Created in Crafting (skill).svg Crafting.
  • Combat Equipment Slots for Rings, Gloves, Capes and Ammo have been added.
  • Various Gold and Silver Rings and Necklaces have been added to the game. Created in Crafting (skill).svg Crafting.
  • Capes have been added to the game, acquired through combat. Currently, the Cape of Prat (item).svg Cape of Prat and Obsidian Cape (item).svg Obsidian Cape can be found from certain monsters.
  • Elite versions of the Amulet of Strength (item).svg Amulets of Strength, Amulet of Accuracy (item).svg Accuracy, Amulet of Defence (item).svg Defence and Amulet of Glory (item).svg Glory have been added to the game as an upgrade.
  • Gem Gloves (item).svg Gem Gloves have been added to the game, and can be acquired via the Shop. When worn, you will always receive a Gem for each ore mined.
  • Leather (item).svg Leather and Feathers (item).svg Feathers have been added to the game as a resource used in Crafting (skill).svg Crafting and Fletching (skill).svg Fletching.
  • Cow (monster).svg Cows and Chicken (monster).svg Chickens have been added to the game. They can be fought in Combat Area 1 only. They always drop Leather (item).svg Leather/Feathers (item).svg Feathers respectively.
  • You can now buy Leather (item).svg Leather, Bowstring (item).svg Bowstring, and Green Dragonhide (item).svg Dragonhides (Raw Materials) from the Shop.
  • Statistics for Thieving (skill).svg Thieving, Farming (skill).svg Farming, Fletching (skill).svg Fletching and Crafting (skill).svg Crafting have been added.
  • You can now see a small Mastery.svg Mastery progress bar in Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking, Cooking (skill).svg Cooking, Smithing (skill).svg Smithing, Fletching (skill).svg Fletching and Crafting (skill).svg Crafting. Others to be added in coming updates.
  • All Smithing (skill).svg Smithing items now have Mastery.svg Mastery.
  • Hovering over your current Axe, Fishing Rod or Pickaxe will now show what bonus it provides.
  • Hovering over your current GP in the sidebar or Shop will show the exact value.
  • A small icon has been added next to your Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting axe upgrade to show if you have the Multi-Tree (upgrade).svg Multi-Tree Upgrade.
  • Hovering over items required in a Shop Upgrade now tells you what the item is.
  • Active Gloves will now show on the respective skill page.

Changed Features

  • Smithing (skill).svg Smithing has been completely redesigned.
  • Cost of bank slots has been reduced by 33%. You will receive a refund upon load to accommodate for this change.
  • You are now required to EQUIP the Gloves purchased from the Shop for the effect to take place. Upon load, you will receive the Gloves for your current purchases into your Bank (This ignores bank space requirements).
  • You can now choose which monster to fight in Combat Areas 1 and 2.
  • Thieving Gloves (item).svg Thieving Gloves now provide +10% success rate instead of guaranteed 100%.
  • There is now a base 1% chance per action to receive a gem when mining without the Gem Gloves (item).svg Gem Gloves.
  • Steel Dagger (item).svg Dagger attack speed increased to 2.2s, up from 2s
  • Steel Battleaxe (item).svg Battleaxe attack speed reduced to 3.1s, down from 3.6s
  • Steel 2H Sword (item).svg 2H Sword attack speed reduced to 3.6s, down from 4.2s
  • All Gem sell prices reduced by roughly 75%
  • Stats for seconds spent smelting bars and Smithing (skill).svg Smithing items has been combined into one stat.
  • Farming (skill).svg Farming now says 'About x minutes left'
  • Statistics numbers are now formatted with commas


  • Trees now give the correct amount of XP from Farming (skill).svg Farming.
  • Fixed issue where Smithing (skill).svg Smithing double ore and ore preservation chance was not being calculated correctly.
  • Open All now shows the correct items received.
  • Sale prices in bank are now formatted correctly.
  • Thieving (skill).svg Thieving visual success rate is now displayed correctly without requiring a refresh.
  • Mining (skill).svg Mining stats are now tracked again
  • Cooking (skill).svg Cooking and Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking quantities are now formatted with commas.
  • Cooking (skill).svg Cooking counter now correctly displays 'All' instead of a negative number
  • Farming (skill).svg Farming tab now glows when a crop has grown without requiring a refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where GP was not coloured correctly in the sidebar.
  • Logs now correctly update for Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking when harvesting trees in Farming (skill).svg Farming.
  • Updated Farming (skill).svg Farming seed selection look to be nicer on the eyes.
  • Minor layout and formatting adjustments.

Removed Features

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