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Alpha v0.16.2 - (17th August 2020)

As we ramp up in preparation for both the Mastery.svg Mastery & Bank Rework scheduled for Alpha v0.17, I've got some much needed updates, as well as something brand new to keep you entertained for a while.

This update introduces the first, possibly permanent, Minigame for Melvor Idle. Currently in its first Stage of development, this minigame will hopefully become an acceptable distraction from the grind.

New Features

  • Added the first Minigame to Melvor Idle - Golden Golbin (pet).svg Golbin Raid. You can find the link to this, with all required details under the Skills section in the sidebar.
  • Added a new Monster to the Farmlands (combatArea).svg Farmlands - Plant (monster).svg Plant - This level 1 Monster has a 75% chance to drop a Potatoes (item).svg Potato.
  • Updated UI for viewing Item Stats, Upgrading Items and for viewing all item stats. For mobile players, if you want to see what your item stats are without unequipping them, select the "View Equipment Stats" in Combat so you can individually tap the items. I will implement a permanent solution in the near future.
  • The Attack Speed bar will now animate during the use of a Special Attack.

Changed Features

  • Icicle Volley (spell).svg Icicle Volley now does 180 damage over 5 procs, down from 205 damage and 6 procs.
  • Frostbite (spell).svg Frostbite chance to freeze is now 40%, up from 15%.
  • New Frostbite (spell).svg Frostbite bonus - If Enemy is Stunned/Frozen, deal 1.3x damage.
  • Gust (spell).svg Gust damage reduced to 190, down from 195.
  • Incinerate (spell).svg Incinerate now procs 14 times, up from 13.
  • Glacia Godsword (item).svg Glacia Godsword Special Attack "Ice Prison" chance to proc is now 25%, up from 10%
  • Changed Beavis (pet).png Woodcutting Pet passive to "+5% chance to double logs received from Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting".
  • Added some text on the offline progression screen to advise the Player that 12 hours is the current capped time limit. This will only display if they reach over 12 hours offline.
  • Updating wording for Auto Eat - Tier III (upgrade).svg Auto Eat to be more clear.
  • Slightly altered the drop table for the Magic Chest (item).svg Magic Chest. This should increase the chance to get Ancient Wizard Robes (item).svg Ancient Wizard Gear.
  • The experimental setting will now be enabled by default on mobile devices.


  • The "My Runes" menu in Combat.svg Combat will again show what Rune Essence (item).svg Runes are currently being used.
  • Fixed issue that caused Thieving (skill).svg Thieving Offline Progression to not work if the App/Tab was put into the background with 90 to 94% success rate.
  • Fixed issue where special attacks for weapons that cannot miss were actually missing
  • Fixed issue where it wasn't actually possible to get the Larry, the Lonely Lizard (pet).png Farming Pet.
  • Fixed Ranged Strength Potion I (item).svg Ranged Strength and Magic Damage Potion I (item).svg Magic Damage Potion upgrade issue.
  • Fixed incorrect level requirement milestone displayed for Fire Strike (spell).svg Fire Strike.
  • Fixed offline progression issue that would allow Mining (skill).svg Mining to progress faster than intended.
  • Fixed bug that allowed any item to be used in Rags to Riches I (spell).svg Rags to Riches.
  • Offline XP gained now displays the correct amount of XP provided.
  • Corrected Iron Throwing Knife (item).svg Iron Throwing Knife Smithing (skill).svg Smithing XP to be 20 XP per action.
  • Adjusted the wording for "Razor-Sharp Claws" special attack for Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor (monster).svg Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor to match the actual in-game mechanics (attack is avoidable).
  • Player's chance to hit should now update when using the Ancient Crossbow (item).svg Ancient Crossbow Special Attack.
  • Updated the description for Gust (spell).svg Gust, adding the missing "10% chance to stun enemy" detail.
  • Updated some functions relating to the bank to hopefully stop possible instances of items going missing, or being used when they were not supposed to be.
  • Fixed incorrect / inconsistent calculations relating to damage to Enemy.
  • Fixed Crown of Rhaelyx (item).png Crown of Rhaelyx not providing base preservation chance to Herblore (skill).svg Herblore.
  • Most external libraries that the game uses are now hosted locally. This should eliminate the recent issues of the game failing to load due to these libraries not being able to be accessed.
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