Meteor Shower

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Throne of the Herald Expansion Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower
Archaic Magick ID: melvorTotH:MeteorShower
Magic Level 106
Meteorite Staff Equipped
Spell Damage: 90
You summon a swarm of small meteors in the sky which shower down upon the enemy, dealing damage equal to 100% of your max hit 6 times over 2s. On a hit, has a 30% chance to inflict Burn that deals 15% of the enemy's current hitpoints as damage over 2.5s. Avoidable.
10 Infernal Rune, 5 Archaic Rune, 5 Calamity Rune
5 Dust Rune, 5 Lava Rune, 5 Archaic Rune, 5 Calamity Rune