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Alpha v0.10.1 (9th December 2019)

New Features

  • Black Knights have been added to the Castle of Kings combat area. They drop... wait for it... Black Armour & Weapons.
  • There is now an option above the Combat Map to switch between Map View and List View.
  • The Item Log will now update with the items you have in your bank on load.

Changed Features

  • Cooking Success Rate is now capped at 99% (unless you have the skillcape equipped).
  • Updated the graphics for all weapons from Bronze to Dragon, plus Ice. (You may need to clear your cache to view the changes)
  • Master Farmer no longer drops Potato or Onion Seeds.
  • Updated the Magic and Ranged levels of the monsters in the Volcanic Cave Dungeon.
  • Prat, the Serpent of Fire is now a Ranged-Type monster.


  • Combat Skill Tooltips now update correctly.
  • Bones now Auto loot correctly with the Amulet of Looting.
  • Upgrading of Armour using x10+ options has been rectified (I basically just disabled the option).
  • Buy X has been fixed, which caused a massive item duplication error.
  • Gloves in the shop now actually give you the correct gloves.
  • Gem Gloves no longer work on Rune Essence.
  • Most Milestones are now shown in the Milestones tab.
  • Dragonhide Ranged gear now has the correct Magic Defence stats.
  • Magic stats now correctly show on item stats.
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