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Update v1.0.3 - (28th February 2022)

This update brings a bunch of much requested quality of life updates, as well as finalizing the transition to the new tick-based system for Skills.

The transition to a tick-based was done over 6 months, and involved rewriting every single Skill from the ground up. Now that it has been completed, this will allow for more efficient updates including efficient implementation of new content.

A note on upcoming new content

Although these latest updates have not introduced anything new for you to try, we can confirm that we have indeed been working on new content behind the scenes at the same time.

There is a massive pipeline of new content on the way, including the much anticipated Expansion 1. This expansion aims to roughly double the amount of content you see in the game, and it has been in planning for quite some time.

Now that the transition to the tick-based system is complete, we can now work efficiently towards Expansion 1 as well as everything in between. Let’s see what’s new inside the February 2022 update.

New Features

Customisable Minibar

  • There is a new “Quick-Equip Menu” for the Minibar (the menu in the bottom right of Skills). This new menu allows you to quickly equip items for the respective Skill. The GEAR icon represents the quick equip.
  • You can customize what items display in this menu for each Skill. This can be done by selecting any equipable item within the Bank, navigating to the Gear icon, and then enabling/disabling this item for each Skill.
  • The order of these items can be adjusted to your liking by dragging and dropping them from within the Quick-Equip Menu.
  • Existing default items from before this update are enabled by default inside this new menu.

Updated Combat Minibar

  • The Combat Minibar that displays during Combat has some new features and functionality.
  • The Enemy HP & Attack Bar has been added above your own, so you can see the progress of the fight more clearly.
  • Your own attack bar has been added below your HP bar.
  • You can now change your Equipment Set from the minibar.
  • New Settings have been added to the Settings Page to enable or disable the visibility of Enemy HP/Attack Bar & Equipment Set Selection.

Click & Hold to Eat

  • You are now able to Click (or tap) & Hold to eat within Combat or Thieving. This will spam eat Food for you.
  • Doing this will not consume more Food than is required.
  • The button will turn green to confirm you are “spam eating”.
  • This works on Mobile versions as well.

This kind of functionality is great if you feel like attempting content before you are prepared enough to idle it.

Other New Additions

  • You can now toggle the visibility of Fishing & Thieving Areas by clicking/tapping the header area where the new “Eyecon” is. This visibility setting is saved for that character.
  • You are now able to “Destroy Loot” by selecting the corresponding button located on the bottom of the Loot Container. This will destroy the Loot if for some reason you do not wish to actually Loot it.

Changed Features

  • The UI for the Skills & Mastery section of the Completion Log has been updated to be much less stressful on the eyes, using distinguished colours to separate each Skill.
  • You can now see the Special Attack & relevant descriptions of Items within the “View Item Stats” & “Upgrade Item” popups. Now you will know exactly what the item does that you are trying to Craft or Upgrade into.
  • Removed the “Pause Skills when Minimized” setting from Mobile. This setting now defaults to “enabled” as there is no reason for this to be turned off on Mobile.
  • Farming is now unlocked on the Demo Version on Mobile.

Tick-Based Skills

These Skills have now transitioned to the new tick-based system:

This marks the end of the transition to tick-based for Skills, and will now allow us to develop a lot more efficiently in general for the game.


  • We have been working to address issues with Offline Progress on Mobile. With the transition to tick-based and most affected Skills being rewritten, we hope to have squashed this bug. However, if you experience it again please let us know so we can look into it further.
  • Synergy unlocks now activate as soon as they unlock while training Offline, and will provide the benefit to you immediately.
  • Fixed issues with dropdowns hiding options underneath the game’s header area.
  • Offline progress now accurately accounts for preservation change for all Skills.
  • Auto-equip food now works as intended when training Offline.
  • Fixed crashing issues when you run out of Runes during Combat.
  • Fixed potential memory leak issues for most Skills. Please report further memory leaks if you notice them.
  • Fixed issue where Pig & Mole Synergy would not work while training online.
  • Fixed issues with Salamander & Bear Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with Octopus & Crow Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with the Leprechaun & Pig Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with Mole & Octopus Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with Witch & Cyclops Synergy.
  • Fixed rare issues where Cooking or Fletching would not progress.
  • Artisan Skills should now update the information panel dynamically when game data changes (Like quantities and percentages).
  • Astrology now correctly updates the “Show All Active Modifiers” panel to display all active modifiers, and those from newly unlocked slots.
  • Fixed rare instances where individual Astrology modifiers could exceed 5%.
  • Fixed visual error with Astrology Mastery progress bars not adjusting their colour to correspond to maximum Mastery level.
  • Fixed Crafting Armour Doubling chance Astrology modifier.
  • Elemental Potion output is now correctly considered while Runecrafting offline for subsequent crafts.
  • The game should now correctly stop skills offline when running out of materials, or when your bank becomes full.
  • Fixed rare issues that would not allow you to start Actively Cooking.
  • Fixed missing default items that display on the Minibar.
  • Cooking double chance now stacks correctly, taking into account all doubling bonuses (this bug was visual only).
  • Fixed rounding errors for equipped Summoning Tablets.
  • Level up popups now display correctly for Astrology.
  • Fixed visual error that causes an infinite scrolling effect when a scroll bar appears.
  • Fletching Mastery levels should now update dynamically.


I will be announcing some details about upcoming content next month! Stay tuned for those details.

Remember your saves are compatible on all versions on the game (Steam, iOS, Android), and all platforms receive the exact same updates at the exact same time!

Speak soon!

- Malcs

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