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Alpha v0.22.1 - (6th October 2021)

New Features

  • Added visual interval indicators to both Active and Passive Cooking buttons.
  • The Cloud is currently auto-saving on a 4 hour interval.

Changed Features

  • Doubled the drop rate of Ancient D-Hide Body, Ancient Crossbow and Twin Exiles from Elder Chest obtained within Dragons Den.
  • Adjusted Green/Blue/Red/Black Dragon Special Attack chances to 10/20/30/40%, down from 40/40/40/40%
  • Adjusted Green/Blue/Red/Black Dragon Hide drops from respective Dragons to 15/20/25/30, up from 10/10/10/10
  • Dropped Lesser Sandstorm Special Attack in Arid Plains to 30%, down from 100%.
  • Reduced cooked food requirement for most Agility Obstacles by 50-60%
  • Basic Soup no longer requires Carrots, but now needs 2 potatoes instead of 1.
  • Hearty Soup no longer requires Carrots
  • Chicken Soup now heals for 110 HP, up from 96
  • Cream Corn Soup now heals for 58 HP, up from 48
  • Cows now drop up for 6 Raw Beef, up from 4.
  • Updated Clue Chasers Insignia description to be more clear.
  • Clue Chasers Insignia bonus now applies to Mysterious Stones.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Passive Cooking offline didn't include Cooking Interval reductions
  • Fixed tooltip in Thieving for Thieving Gloves showing incorrect bonus.
  • Fixed tooltips not showing in the "You Have" section of Cooking
  • Adjusted Special Attack description for Spider King to show it is unavoidable.
  • Fixed Alchemist's Bag consumption issues in Combat.
  • Fixed off-by-one Bank error that caused incorrect items to be moved.
  • Leprechaun + Salamander now provide the correct Summoning XP.
  • Fixed Clue Chaser's Insignia applying its bonus to Rare and Unique Thieving drops unintentionally.
  • Devil + Leprechaun Synergy no longer gives Rare/Unique Thieving items when it rolls no items.
  • Corrected Plant Potato drop rate to actually be 100%
  • Further fixes applied to Offline calculations.

Alpha v0.22 - (29th September 2021)

Thieving Rework

Thieving has always been one of the most lackluster Skills in the game. Providing no real benefits to the game apart from a few items, as well as having no purpose late game other than to pickpocket the Farmer was a sure enough factor to rework the Skill.

The aim of this rework is to transition the Skill into an early to mid-game Skill while providing unique bonuses and content that you cannot find anywhere else. We also wanted to ensure Thieving remained viable and somewhat important late-game by the use of consumable items you can only obtain via this Skill.

Due to the nature of this rework, it was not possible to award any Thieving Offline Progress if you were doing so when the update dropped. You will be greeted with some flavour text upon your return.

New NPCs and Unique Drops

We have introduced 15 brand new helpless NPCs for you to pickpocket, many of which are home to unique items that can only be found in Thieving.

NPCs also now reside in different areas or locations (Kind of like Fishing). Alongside the unique drops from the NPC themselves, you are also able to find unique "area" items which only drop from NPCs within the respective location.

Some of the new drops provide bonuses to Skills or Combat, while others are simply worth a good amount of GP when you sell it.

You may even find some exotic Crafting (skill).svg Crafting materials, which can be used to make special pouches and bags to aid in your adventures even more.

The Art of Stealth

This rework introduces two new mechanics known as Stealth and Perception.

Perception is a measure of how difficult an NPC is to steal from, while Stealth is how good you are at stealing.

Your Stealth competes against an NPC's Perception

  • Your success rate is determined by: [math]100 \times \tfrac{100 + \text{Stealth}}{100 + \text{Perception}}\%[/math]
  • Your chance to double items is increased by: [math]25 \times \tfrac{\text{Stealth}}{\text{Perception}}\%[/math]
  • Your chance to receive an NPC's unique item is: [math]\tfrac{100 + \text{Stealth}}{100 \times \text{Perception}}\%[/math]

Stealth can be increased in a number of ways:

  • Increasing your Thieving level
  • Increasing your Mastery level
  • Filling your Thieving Mastery Pool
  • Equipping items with Stealth bonuses
  • Potions from Herblore
  • Agility Courses

Balance Changes

Thieving has been completely rebalanced. The old NPCs have had their level requirements and xp amounts readjusted. Combining this with the addition of new NPCs, leveling Thieving should now be much smoother, and make a decent amount of gp along the way.

The level requirements of NPCs have been adjusted:

  • Golbin from 10 to 8
  • Lumberjack from 20 to 61
  • Farmer from 30 to 39
  • Fisherman from 40 to 54
  • Chef from 50 to 34
  • Miner from 60 to 70
  • Knight from 75 to 88

The base xp of NPCs has been adjusted:

  • Lumberjack from 20 to 62
  • Farmer from 30 to 36
  • Fisherman from 45 to 46
  • Chef from 55 to 31
  • Miner from 65 to 73
  • Knight from 90 to 107

The maximum GP of NPCs has been adjusted:

  • Man from 20 to 100
  • Golbin from 50 to 175
  • Lumberjack from 100 to 500
  • Farmer from 120 to 400
  • Fisherman from 140 to 450
  • Chef from 160 to 300
  • Miner from 180 to 550
  • Knight from 200 to 750

The Max Hit of NPCs has been adjusted (Standard Mode numbers):

  • Man from 10 to 22
  • Golbin from 20 to 40
  • Lumberjack from 30 to 155
  • Farmer from 30 to 137
  • Fisherman from 40 to 101
  • Chef from 40 to 108
  • Miner from 40 to 180
  • Knight from 50 to 241

Furthermore, anything that used to provide bonuses to Thieving success rate or success rate cap have been changed to provide increases to Stealth or other bonuses.

For a complete list of changes, check out the full Changelog

Interface Overhaul

The interface for Thieving has been completely redone.

NPCs are now displayed in areas, similar to Fishing. Information, such as doubling chance and thieving interval, are now also shown, similar to Smithing or Fletching.

A "Show Drops" button has been added. This allows you to see your GP gains, as well as potential loot drops from an NPC. Drops are hidden by the use of a question mark until you find them at least once.

Thieving is Now Tick Based

Thieving has now been transitioned to be tick-based system, just like combat. This has resulted in the following benefits:

  • Thieving now has the same resistance to browser throttling that combat has
  • Offline and Online thieving are now consistent with eachother as they use the same codebase.
  • Mastery now levels up offline and provides the benefits instead of using the fixed mastery level you had when you went offline
  • Food is now consumed while Thieving offline
  • You can now perform offline thieving even if your success rate isn't 100%; however, it is now also possible to die

Cooking Rework

The long awaiting Cooking Rework is here!

The aim of this rework is to provide a large rebalance to the use of Food throughout the game, while also providing more options to the Player in what they wish to produce.

Some much requested Quality of Life features have been added, alongside a new “Passive Cooking” mechanic that should provide an extra pair of hands throughout your Melvor journey.

Offline Progress will be awarded for those who were Cooking Offline when the update dropped. Your Offline Progress will be subject to the changes and new mechanics listed.

Cooking Furnace and Cooking Pot

Alongside the Cooking Fire, we have now introduced the Cooking Furnace and Cooking Pot.

These new Cooking Utilities (That's what I call them) unlock a wide range of new unique multi-ingredient products you can cook and use in Combat or Thieving.

They act the same way as the Cooking Fire does, while also providing their own unique bonuses within Cooking itself.

Each Cooking Utility is home to different types Food for you to Cook that can only be obtained by using the respective Fire, Furnace or Pot.

These are required to be purchased from within the Shop prior to being able to use them.

Active Cooking and Passive Cooking

A new mechanic you will notice straight away is the Active Cooking and Passive Cooking buttons implemented into the Cooking UI for each Cooking utility.

Active Cooking

This is your standard way to Cook Food. This will provide you with Skill XP, Mastery XP, Mastery Pool XP and all relevant bonuses relating to the Food you are Cooking.

Only one product can be Actively Cooked at any given time.

Passive Cooking

A brand-new way to Cook Food which will assist with your progression throughout the game.

Passive Cooking is a method of food production that can be done alongside the food you are Actively Cooking, at the same time.

Any Cooking utility that is not being used can perform Passive Cooking as long as you are Actively Cooking something on a different Cooking Utility.

For example: You can be Actively Cooking Fish and can start Passively Cooking Food on the Furnace and Pot at the same time.

Passively Cooked Food is added to something called a “Stockpile”. There is one Stockpile for each Cooking Utility, and this Stockpile can only house one type of Food until it is collected by you. The game will not let you Passively Cook anything if the item sitting in the Stockpile is different from the one your are attempting to produce.

Passive Cooking comes with some very important mechanics that you need to be aware of:

  • No Skill XP, Mastery XP, Mastery Pool XP or Bonuses are provided to Passively Cooked Food. This is solely a Food production mechanic.
  • It takes 5 times as long to Passively Cook a Product than it does to Actively Cook (subject to balance during Test).
  • Recipe costs are the same.
  • Passive Cooks do not count as an "action", therefore they cannot roll for Pets, Mastery Tokens, or other Global Rare Items.

Passive Cooking does work Offline, and your Passively Cooked Food will be stored in your Stockpile. The Offline Progress notification will tell you what has been stored in the stockpile.

In the event you stop Actively Cooking something, all items you are Passively Cooking will also stop. You cannot Passively Cook until you are Actively Cooking something.

Perfect Cook

Perfect Cook is a new mechanic that produces an upgraded version of the base product you are Cooking, providing extra Food Healing values as well as a much higher base Sale Price.

Each Active Cook action has a chance to provide a Perfect product. This chance can be increased using Mastery and other means. It is possible to acquire 100% Perfect Cook chance at later stages of the game.

Perfect Cook is classed as a bonus; therefore, it is not possible to produce a Perfect product using the Passive Cook mechanic.

There is a Setting on the Cooking Page and also in the Settings Page to enable or disable Perfect Cooking. If you do not wish to receive Perfect Items, you can simply toggle it off.

Successful Cook and the removal of Burnt Items

One thing we discussed during the planning process was the use that burnt food provides to the game.

We were quick to decide that burnt products add literally no benefit to the game. This led to the decision that burnt products will no longer be obtainable as we transition to a Successful Cook mechanic.

Now, products that fail to cook will be yeeted into oblivion, providing nothing for your efforts to Cook something delicious.

For those concerned about a specific item that requires Burnt Cave Fish to obtain – take a look at the drop table for the Tentacle Monster in Sandy Shores.

This also means all Burnt Food, except the Burnt Cave Fish, is no longer required for 100% item completion (They are also worth 0 GP now).

New Shop Upgrades

Along with the rework, we have two new Shop upgrades for you to purchase.

These are Quality of Life upgrades that will help streamline your progression.

  • Cooking Upgrade 1 - Automatically equip Food that is Actively Cooked if that Food is already equipped, or an empty Food slot is available. This can be toggled on or off.
  • Cooking Upgrade 2 - When running out of Food in Combat, automatically swap to a different Food Slot that contains food. This can be toggled on or off.

Food Source & Usage Rebalancing

Along with all the new content added within this rework, we need to address another part of the update.

This rework gave us the opportunity to look at the whole picture in terms of Food and how it is used throughout the game and come to a solution to balance this to our expectations of the game.

Here are the main points for the rebalance (Details below in changelog):

  • Healing value for all Farming products has been nerfed quite a lot, in favour of using these products in Cooked Products.
  • The base interval for Cooking Carps, Sharks, Cave Fish, Manta Rays and Whales has been increased.
  • The base sale price for above-mentioned Fish has been increased to accommodate for the increased intervals.
  • The minimum base interval in Fishing for all Cookable Fish has been increased. Maximum base interval remains unchanged. This means on average they will take longer to catch.

It's all well and good to address the Food itself, but we also took the opportunity to address food usage within Combat which will also provide some interesting new mechanics throughout the Combat Areas:

  • All Monsters within the Spider Forest Dungeon now have a Special Attack which introduces the brand new Poison mechanic.
  • All Monsters within the Icy Hills Combat Area, and Frozen Cove Dungeon now have a Special Attack, introducing the brand new Frostburn ailment.
  • All Monsters within the Dragon Valley Combat Area now have a Dragonbreath Special Attack (Weaker than existing ones). This also means these Monsters that appear in the Dragon's Den also contain the new Special Attack.
  • All Monsters within the Arid Plains Slayer Area now have a Lesser Sandstorm Special Attack. The Sandbeast keeps it's existing Sandstorm Special Attack.
  • The Elementalist now has 4 different Special Attacks. All with a low chance to proc, they will either inflict Stun, Burn, Freeze or Frostburn upon you.
  • The Bandit Leader in the Bandit Camp Dungeon has a new Special Attack.
  • The Elder Dragon in the Dragon's Den also has a Special Attack now.

Food Healing Changes

Decreased the healing of (Standard Mode numbers):

  • Seahorses from 130 to 120
  • Potatoes from 10 to 3
  • Onions from 20 to 6
  • Cabbage from 30 to 9
  • Tomatoes from 40 to 13
  • Sweetcorn from 50 to 16
  • Strawberries from 60 to 20
  • Watermelons from 70 to 36
  • Snape Grass from 80 to 40
  • Carrots from 90 to 28

Base Cooking Interval Changes

Decreased the base Cooking Interval of:

  • Shrimp from 3s to 2s
  • Sardine from 3s to 2s

Increased the base Cooking Interval of:

  • Seahorses from 3s to 4s
  • Trout from 3s to 4s
  • Salmon from 3s to 4s
  • Lobster from 3s to 5s
  • Swordfish from 3s to 5s
  • Anglerfish from 3s to 6s
  • Fanfish from 3s to 6s
  • Crab from 3s to 7s
  • Carp from 3s to 7s
  • Shark from 3s to 8s
  • Cave Fish from 3s to 9s
  • Manta Ray from 3s to 10s
  • Whale from 3s to 11s

Base Cooking Skill XP Changes

Increased the base Cooking Skill XP of:

  • Seahorses from 40 to 50
  • Trout from 25 to 33
  • Salmon from 30 to 40
  • Lobster from 40 to 66
  • Swordfish from 50 to 83
  • Anglerfish from 60 to 100
  • Fanfish from 60 to 120
  • Crab from 70 to 140
  • Carp from 75 to 150
  • Shark from 80 to 186
  • Cave Fish from 100 to 233
  • Manta Ray from 125 to 291
  • Whale from 150 to 400

Food Sale Price Changes

Increased the sale price of:

  • Seahorses from 50 to 65
  • Trout from 20 to 27
  • Salmon from 43 to 58
  • Lobster from 81 to 108
  • Swordfish from 100 to 134
  • Anglerfish from 125 to 209
  • Fanfish from 150 to 250
  • Crab from 168 to 280
  • Carp from 237 to 395
  • Shark from 337 to 674
  • Cave Fish from 269 to 538
  • Manta Ray from 812 to 1624
  • Whale from 1024 to 2048

New Agility Obstacles

  • Tier 3 - Burning Coals - +3% Cooking Skill XP, +5% Successful Cook Chance, -5% Damage to all Monsters.
  • Tier 5 - Rooftop Run - +3% Thieving Skill XP, +20% GP gained via Thieving, -0.2s Thieving Interval, +35 Stealth, -10% Damage to All Monsters.
  • Tier 8 - Sweltering Pools - +3% Mastery XP in Cooking, -3% Cooking Interval, +10% Healing Value for Food, +10% Auto Eat Efficiency, -20% Global Preservation Chance.

New Potion UI

The Potion UI has got a massive facelift, bringing a brand new design and functionality to help guide you through your Potion hoarding issues.

The brand new Potion UI comes equipped with:

  • Brand new UI inside of a popup that is much more pleasing to look at, with a layout that can fit more Potions on one screen.
  • You can now disable an active Potion by clicking the "Cancel" button.
  • You can now toggle "Auto Re-use Potion" on a per Skill basis from the new UI. This is no longer a Global Setting (Remember Combat is still classed as one Skill).
  • Added new filter settings to hide selected Potion Tiers. Your active Potion will always show.

Ancient Sword Rework

Something I wanted to highlight was the changes made to the Ancient Sword. It was a very lackluster Weapon, and was always overlooked in favour of other Weapon choices. This rework aims to address the issues and give it a unique place in the game.

The Ancient Sword now:

  • Provides +20% Damage to all Monsters when you have 100% HP.
  • Has a Special Attack chance of 100%, meaning it will always proc.
  • Roughly 2 times more common to obtain from the Pirate Booty chest.
  • Has a reduced Special Attack Lifesteal bonus of 20%, down from 25%.

Hopefully these changes make the Weapon a viable choice for those around the mid-game.


New Features

  • Added 15 new Cooking Products that can be Cooked.
  • Added a "Perfect Cook" version for all products that can be Cooked. These items have +10% HP Healing Value and +50% Item Sale Price than their originals.
  • Added 2 new Cooking Utilities - Furnace & Pot (Obtained via the Shop).
  • Added 3 New Cooking Ingredients to the Materials section of the Shop
  • Added new Farming Allotment - Cherries (And Cherry Seeds)
  • Added new Farming Tree - Apples (And Apple Tree Seeds)
  • Added 15 New Thieving NPCs
  • Added 54 New Unique Items to Thieving
  • Added 3 New Agility Obstacles listed above
  • Added 8 New Shop upgrades for Cooking
  • Added 4 New Crafting Recipes for Skilling Bags
  • Added a Fletching Recipe for Jadestone Bolts. Jadestones can be acquired via Thieving only.
  • Cooking Upgrade 1 - Automatically equip Food that is Actively Cooked if that Food is already equipped, or an empty Food slot is available. This can be toggled on or off.
  • Cooking Upgrade 2 - When running out of Food in Combat, automatically swap to a different Food Slot that contains food. This can be toggled on or off.
  • The Potion UI has been reworked and updated, now giving you nicer filtering options as well as more settings for Potions.
  • You can now enable/disable Auto reuse potions from the new Potion UI for each individual Skill. This is no longer a global setting.
  • Cherry Seeds can now be obtained from the Bird Nest.
  • New Special Attack Debuff - Poison - Deal 10% of max HP as dmg over 10 seconds
  • All Monsters within the Spider Forest Dungeon now have a Special Attack - Venom (25%) - Applies Poison on hit.
  • All Monsters within the Icy Hills Combat Area, and Frozen Cove Dungeon now have a Special Attack, introducing the brand new Frostburn ailment - 30% chance when Enemy hits you applies Frostburn which slows you for 10% for 3 turns and deals 3% of your Current HP as damage (in addition to existing damage) for each of the turns.
  • All Monsters within the Dragon Valley Combat Area now have a Dragonbreath Special Attack (Weaker than existing ones). It also has a chance to apply Burn to you. This also means these Monsters that appear in the Dragon's Den also contain the new Special Attack.
  • All Monsters within the Arid Plains Slayer Area now have a Lesser Sandstorm Special Attack. The Sandbeast keeps it's existing Sandstorm Special Attack.
  • The Elementalist now has 4 different Special Attacks. Each with a 5% to proc, they will either inflict Stun, Burn, Freeze or Frostburn upon you.
  • The Bandit Leader in the Bandit Camp Dungeon has a new Special Attack - Rapid Fire (20%) - Buffs Enemy Attack Interval by +10% for 2 turns and fires a volley doing 2 normal hits.
  • The Elder Dragon in the Dragon's Den also has a Special Attack now - Burning Fireball (40%) - Shoots a fireball dealing 450 dmg and applies burns if hit, avoidable
  • Chickens now also drop up to 4 Raw Chickens (Don't ask me how).
  • Egg Chest from the Chicken Coop Dungeon now drops up to 40 Raw Chicken (50% chance).
  • Cows now also drop up to 4 Raw Beef.
  • Added new Skilling Items to their respective Skilling Minibars
  • The mini sidebar option in the Settings is now saved
  • Added a Level 50 Thieving Mastery Bonus: -0.2s Thieving Interval
  • Added Monster -0.2s Respawn Timer to Combat Agility Pillar
  • Quantities for Item Recipes in Crafting related skills now display their exact quantity on mouse hover / tap.
  • Added a loot table to the Golbin Thieving NPC
  • The Book of Occults now also provides +20% Summoning Max Hit
  • The icons for costs within the Shop now have tooltips.
  • Added +10% Agility GP Gain to Agility Skillcape as an additional bonus to the existing one.
  • Steam Only - Added Zoom Levels for 110%, 120% and 130% in Settings.

Changed Features

  • The Setting menu has been revamped to use toggles and dropdowns
  • Improved the contrast of damage splashes, and made them appear on the hitpoints bar at the point that damage was taken
  • The Spend Mastery XP screen is now sorted for Agility, Thieving and Farming
  • Chickens now have a 50% chance to drop Feathers due to Raw Chicken drop, down from 100%
  • Chickens can now drop up to 90 Feathers, up from 45 to accommodate for the Raw Chicken drop inclusion.
  • Cows now have a 50% chance to drop Leather due to Beef drop, down from 100%
  • Cows can now drop up to 6 Leather, up from 3 to accommodate for the Beef drop inclusion.
  • Egg Chest now has a 50% chance to drop Feathers to accommodate for the Raw Chicken drop inclusion.
  • Increased Feather drops from Egg Chest to 1000, up from 400.
  • The Plant now drops up to 3 Potatoes, up from 1.
  • The Plant now has a 100% chance to drop an item on death, up from 75%.
  • Changed the bonus of Thieving Gloves to: +75 Thieving Stealth
  • The Ancient Sword now additionally provides +20% Damage to all Monsters when you have 100% HP
  • The Ancient Sword special attack now has a 100% chance (up from 20%). The lifesteal of the attack has been decreased to 20% (down from 25%).
  • The Ancient Sword is now roughly 2 times more common from Pirate Booty
  • Changed the bonus of the Thieving Skillcape to: -0.5s Thieving Interval, +100% GP from Thieving and +150 Thieving Stealth
  • Buffed Regeneration Potions. They now provide +[30,60,100,150]% Hitpoint Regeneration (up from +[3,5,8,12]%) and have [15,25,40,60] charges (up from [5,8,10,15])
  • Changed the bonus of Gentle Hands Potions to +[15,30,50,75] Thieving Stealth
  • Changed the increased Thieving Success rate of Gloves of Silence to +50 Thieving Stealth and -0.1s Thieving Interval
  • The Thieving Game Guide has been rewritten with information on the new mechanics
  • Renamed the Farmer NPC to Bob the Farmer
  • Adjusted the loot tables of the Lumberjack, Fisherman, Chef, Miner and Knight NPCs
  • Refactored the Shop menu. It should have improved performance and now update more consistently.
  • Reduced the base GP values of all Agility obstacles by 20%
  • Changed the 10% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: +30 Thieving Stealth, +3% increased Thieving XP
  • Changed the 25% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: -0.2s Decreased Thieving Interval, +3% increased Thieving Mastery XP
  • Changed the 50% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: +100% increased gold from Thieving
  • Changed the 95% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: +100 Thieving Stealth, chance to gain unique area items from Thieving is tripled
  • Changed the level scaling Thieving Mastery Bonus to: +1 Thieving Stealth per Mastery Level, +1% GP from thieving per Mastery Level
  • Changed the level 99 Thieving Mastery Bonus to: +75 Thieving Stealth
  • Changed the drop rate of Chapeau Noir from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 20000
  • Cris, the Cooking Pet, now provides +5% chance to double items in Cooking. Nothing changed other than the wording to accommodate for the inclusion of Non-Fish Food.
  • Cooking Gloves from the Shop now provides +10% chance to successfully Cook an item, instead of "Never burn an item".
  • Increased Bank Slot Shop purchase limit on Hardcore Characters to 88, up from 78.
  • Changed the Leprechaun Monkey Synergy to: Upon receiving a Common Drop from Thieving, automatically sell it for 1500% of its base sale price
  • Changed the Pig Mole Synergy to: Cooking Success Rate is capped at 75%. Grants 100 Coal Ore when failing to Cook Food.

Bug Fixes

This list is quite small due to the amount of bugs that were hotfixed over the last few weeks.

  • Fixed display of agility modifiers on 99 Mastery obstacles
  • Fixed skill gloves being unbuyable from the shop when lost from dying or Alt. Magic
  • Fixed issue where popups would sometimes replace the Welcome Back from Offline popup
  • Dismissing the Offline Combat Disabled message (Without enabling it) will now keep that notice dismissed on reload for that character only (You need to dismiss it once per character per device)
  • Fixed actions that interrupt your attack (e.g. Manually eating) not resetting multi-hit special attacks
  • Fixed game using wrong combat triangle in Adventure and Hardcore mode
  • Fixed global player object being reassigned when viewing equipment stats in golbin raid (this fixes a number of issues with the bank showing raid equipment, and burying bones not giving prayerpoints)
  • Fix Dragon-Minotaur Synergy removing modifiers from player when player burn DOT was removed while enemy was spawning
  • Fix DOTs not saving correctly
  • Fix Dragon-Minotaur Synergy not being applied when loading the game
  • Fix Unicorn-Wolf Synergy giving only 1% bleed lifesteal. It now provides the correct 50%.
  • Fixed bank sort order of (G) Dragon Helmet and Hard Leather Gloves
  • Fixed skilling minibar not updating when gaining an item that belongs on it
  • Fixed bones selected in bank showing that they grant 0 Prayer Points
  • Fixed Smithing Glove tooltip on Smithing Page
  • Fixed Pet Master Achievements on Steam requiring pets that don't count for completion
  • Fixed Finn the Cat's description on adventure mode
  • Fixed Summoning Milestones using the old images for familiars
  • Fixed Alt. Magic not highlighting in sidebar when casting Alt. Magic spells
  • Fixed Alt. Magic spells not unlocking when returning from offline progress or tabbing out
  • Fixed typo in Mole Salamander synergy (verion -> version)
  • Fixed async bugs with offline pause feature. This should fix the "null" errors that popped up frequently.
  • Fixed multiple offline progress modals from tabbing out not working correctly
  • Development Roadmap & Privacy Policy link on character selection should now work
  • IOS Only - Potentially fixed issue causing App to crash on load when connected to WiFi.
  • Steam Only - Zoom Level from Settings will remember its value and default to it on load of a Character.

Alpha v0.21 - (13th August 2021)


The Major Update is a lot different than all previous ones released. It focuses on providing an extremely important feature to the game, as well as fixing a lot of issues that have been present.

The lack of new content or changes to explore in this update might be disappointing to some, but I hope what it does provide is the functionality and stability you have been looking for in Melvor Idle.

I also want to point out that pretty much all credit for this update must be handed over to Coolrox95. He was the one who developed the Combat Rewrite and Offline Combat portion of this update. It has allowed for easier growth and scalability within the game, and also enabled one of the most important and highly requested features of the game to become a reality.

I ask that you pass on all thanks to him for this, as this update is not mine to take any credit for.

Combat Rewrite

It was well overdue, but the complete rewrite of Combat has been done. This rewrite will allow for faster development, as well as cleaning up many inconsistencies that exist throughout the previous Combat system.

What has Changed?

Most of the rework focused on the back-end side of things, changing the way Combat itself works and operates behind the scenes.

From a general player perspective, you won't notice much of a change at all. There are a few new QoL additions which are detailed below.

The most important change is that Combat has been transitioned to a tick-based system. What this means is that Combat performs its operations every 50ms, allowing for accurate calculations as well as increasing general performance.

New Stuff & QoL

There's a few new features and QoL that you will enjoy:

  • All buffs and debuffs will now display as an icon next to your HP (As well as the Enemy's). They also contain a tooltip detailing their effects and a number showing how many turns are remaining on the debuff.
  • Improved Damage Splashes allow for better visualization of when players/enemies are damaged and healed, and what source the damage is from.
  • Special Attack descriptions that contain buffs/debuffs will nwo highlight the buff/debuff in a different text colour.
  • Hot-swapping equipment is now possible, which means you can swap gear with a full bank and not have to worry about clearing a slot to unequip something if it is a direct swap.
  • Equipping a two-handed weapon, Javelins or Throwing Knives will now display that same weapon within the 2nd slot it takes up (slightly faded image).
  • There is now a Setting to disable Combat Progress bars if they are causing performance issues.
  • Due to the tick-based functionality, the new Combat system will mitigate browser throttling automatically by comparing timestamps and awarding you the correct progress if a large enough difference is detected.

There has also been some changes to Player Stat Calculations which will make them consistent across the board.

Changes to Player Stat Calculations

Several formulas for player stat calculations have been tweaked slightly to make them consistent with the stat calculations of enemies, as well as correcting some inconsistencies between the different ranged, magic and melee calculations. Overall these changes have resulted in a slight buff to players in combat. Outlined below are the changes to each of the core stats.

Melee & Ranged Max Hits

The base calculation for melee and ranged max hit has remained the same and is as follows:

[math]\text{Mat Hit} = \left \lfloor \text{Gamemode Multiplier} \times \left (1.3 + \frac{\text{Effective Strength Level}}{10} + \frac{\text{Strength Bonus}}{80} + \frac{\text{Effective Strength Level} \times \text{Strength Bonus}}{640} \right ) \right \rfloor[/math]

Strength bonus rtefers to the bonus provided by equipment. Gamemode Multiplier refers to the multiplier to all HP related values for a gamemode. This is 10 for Standard and Hardcore mode, and 100 for Adventure mode. Effective Strength Level is calculated from the player's skill levels and any hidden levels. This calculation has been changed for players to be consistent with enemies as follows:

Effective Melee Strength Level

Old: [math]\text{Strength Level} + \text{Hidden Strength Levels} + 8[/math]

New: [math]\text{Strength Level} + \text{Hidden Strength Levels} + 9[/math]

Effective Ranged Strength Level

Old: [math]\text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + \text{Style Bonus}[/math]

New: [math]\text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + 9[/math]

Note: The style bonus for the Accurate style has been changed to just provide +3 Hidden Ranged Levels. Overall this change increases the Effective Ranged Strength level by +9.

Magic Max Hits

The base calculation for magic max hit as remained the same for players:

[math]\text{Max Hit} = \left \lfloor \text{Gamemode Multiplier} \times \text{Spell Max Hit} \times \left ( 1 + \frac{\text{Magic Damage Bonus}}{100} \right ) \left ( 1 + \frac{\text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} + 1}{200} \right ) \right \rfloor[/math]

Magic Damage Bonus is the percent bonus provided by equipment.

Enemies have been changed to use the same formula as players, and have had their spell selection and magic damage bonuses adjusted to produce similar max hits as before, resulting in slightly lower values overall.

Evasion Ratings

The base calculation for evasion ratings is as follows:

[math]\text{Evasion Rating} = \text{Effective Defence Level} \times \left ( \text{Defence Bonus} + 64 \right )[/math]

Melee Evasion

The effective defence level calculation has been changed to be consistent with Ranged and Magic Evasion.

Old: [math]\text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 8[/math]

New: [math]\text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 9[/math]

Ranged Evasion

The effective defence level calculation has remained the same as:

Effective Defence Level: [math]\text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 9[/math]

Magic Evasion

The effective defence level calculation has remained the same as:

Effective Defence Level: [math]0.7 \times \left ( \text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} \right ) + 0.3 \times \left ( \text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 9 \right )[/math]

Accuracy Ratings

The base calculation for accuracy rating is as follows:

[math]\text{Accuracy Rating} = \text{Effective Attack Level} \times \left ( \text{Attack Bonus} + 64 \right )[/math]

The attack bonus is the bonus provided by equipment

Melee Accuracy

The effective attack level calculation has been changed:

Old: [math]\text{Attack Level} + \text{Hidden Attack Levels} + 8[/math]

New: [math]\text{Attack Level} + \text{Hidden Attack Levels} + 9[/math]

Ranged Accuracy

The effective attack level calculation has been changed:

Old: [math]\text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + \text{Style Bonus}[/math]

New: [math]\text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + 9[/math]

Note: The style bonus for the Accuracy style has been changed to just provide +3 Hidden Ranged Levels. Overall this change increases the Effective Attack Level by +1.

Magic Accuracy

The effective attack level calculation has been changed:

Old: [math]\text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} + 8[/math]

New: [math]\text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} + 9[/math]

Summoning Max Hit

Summoning max hit has been changed to combine the values of both Summons. Previously it was the largest value of both Summons.

The structure of all items, special attacks, Monsters etc. has changed, so this means a lot of scripts and extensions that interact with Combat will no longer work. Please be cautious of this.

Offline Combat

Along with the rewrite, Offline Combat has also been added.

Offline Combat follows the same rules and functionality of all other Skills in the game. There is a 12 hour Offline cap, and you will be provided with your experience and items upon returning to the game.

The benefit of a tick-based system really shows here, allowing for players to log back into the game at the extact moment they would be if they were training Online.

Here is a breakdown of general Offline Combat features:

  • Offline Combat is calculated exactly as it would be if you were training Online.
  • Returning from an Offline Session will continue exactly where you would be if you were training Online. This includes the progress of a Dungeon, the HP of you or the Monster, and also how far into an Attack you are.
  • All dynamic modifiers to players and enemies are taken into account while Offline, including temporary modifiers from special attacks.
  • All Combat content can be completed Offline, with the exception of Into the Mist where you will return to the game at the start of the first boss fight (Due to the Dungeon Pause mechanic)
  • Auto slayer works Offline, and follows the same rules as Online does when selecting a new Monster to fight.
  • Amulet of Looting works Offline and will collect all Loot, as long as you have the available Bank space. Training without this Amulet will cause your loot to fill up the loot container (Max 16 slots)
  • Bone Amulet works Offline and will bury all Bones that are dropped automatically.
  • All Combat Summoning Familiars and their respective Synergies work Offline.
  • Offline Progress popup will display relevant XP gained, Monsters killed, food consumed, Prayer Points Used, Runes & Arrow consumption, Slayer Coins earned, Summoning Tablet usage, number of Slayer Tasks completed.
  • Yes, it is possible to die Offline (More details about this below)

Dying Offline

As mentioned above, it is possible to die while Offline in Combat.

Dying while Offline will result in the same consequences as dying Online. This means losing an Item for Standard/Adventure Characters and losing your Character entirely for Hardcore Characters.

If you die Offline, Combat will not progress. There is also no way of the game notifying you that you died while away due to the nature of the game.

To help mitigate the risk of accidental deaths, these have been added to the game:

  • Offline Combat is disabled by default, and must be enabled by the Player.
  • Attempting to enable Offline Combat will display a large warning screen, where a Player must agree to the listed points before being able to turn it on.
  • Offline Combat can be disabled at any time. Re-enabling will require the same points as above to be agreed upon again.
  • You can now view the stats and special attacks of Monsters you have killed from the Monster log.

Offline Combat is DISABLED by default for all Characters. You will be required to enable it for each Character if you wish to use it (You won't miss the notification in game). This can be enabled/disabled as you please from the Settings page.


New Features

  • Combat has been completely rewritten from the ground-up, transitioning to a tick-based system in the process.
  • Offline Combat has been introduced, allowing for all Combat content to be completed Offline in the exact same manner as it would be done Online.
  • Offline Combat can be enabled/disabled, which comes with a warning popup that must be agreed to every time you wish to enable Offline Combat.
  • Returning to the game during an Offline Combat session will continue exactly where it would be if you were training Online.
  • Combat now performs all required calculations every 50ms instead of set intervals, allowing for more accurate gameplay as well as increased performance.
  • Added icons for Buffs and Debuffs to the game that display next to HP values within Combat. These icons contain a Tooltip detailing their effects as well as a number showing how many turns are remaining until it disappears.
  • Improved Damage Splashes allow for better visualization of when players/enemies are damaged and healed, and what source the damage is from
  • Hot-swapping equipment is now possible, which means you can swap gear with a full bank and not have to worry about clearing a slot to unequip something if it is a direct swap.
  • Special Attack descriptions that contain buffs/debuffs will now highlight the buff/debuff in a different text colour.
  • Equipping a two-handed weapon, Javelins or Throwing Knives will now display that same weapon within the 2nd slot it takes up (slightly faded image).
  • New Setting has been added to disable Combat Progress Bars
  • New Setting has been added to disable Combat Damage Splashes
  • New Setting has been added to disable Preservation notifications.
  • A button has been added to the Marks Page within Summoning, allowing you to jump to the Create Familiar screen relating to that Mark.
  • Quick buying of items from the Shop has been added. Items within Crafting related Skills that contain a small Shop icon in the top left corner can be clicked to quickly buy more of that item via a small popup window. This functionality has also been added to Compost and Gloop within the Farming Page.
  • You can now see which Agility Obstacle is currently built within the "Build Agility Obstacle" window.
  • A small tick now displays on the Skilling Minibar to represent if that particular item is currently equipped in your active Equipment Set.
  • The Max Skillcape will now display on the Skilling Minibar, alongside the button for the Skill's respective Skillcape. This will only display once you have purchased at least 1 Max Skillcape.
  • Added a "View Monster Stats" window to the game, allowing you to view the stats and Special Attacks/Passive of Monsters you have killed. This can be accessed by clicking the Monster's image in the Monster Log.
  • Search Summoning Synergies page now contains an icon of the Skill relating to the Familiar in the top left corner.
  • The new Combat system will now attempt to mitigate browser throttling automatically by comparing timestamps and awarding you the correct progress if a large enough time difference is detected.
  • A large popup will now display if your Force Save to the Cloud does not succeed for whatever reason.
  • There is also a nice new notification confirming if the Cloud Save was successful.
  • The confirmation popup when attempting to load a Save while connected to the Cloud will now also display the save's timestamp.

Changed Features

  • Player Stats such as Max Hit, Evasion Rating and Accuracy Ratings have been adjusted as per the above breakdown.
  • Increased the amount of Bank Slots a Hardcore Character can buy to 78, up from 68.
  • All images for Items have been converted to PNG format (They were previously SVG). This should drastically increase performance throughout the bank, specifically with banks that contain over 100 items.
  • "Attack Speed" is now known as "Attack Interval" throughout the entire game to allow for clear descriptions of Modifiers.
  • Ku-Tul now has a Max Hit for Normal Attacks of 765, up from 10.
  • Reduced Glacia's Magic Damage Bonus to 8, down from 17. This is due to the above stat changes to ensure her Max Hit does not increase above her intended Max.
  • Reduced Malcs, the Leader of the Dragons' Strength Level to 669, down from 700. Due to the above stat calcuation changes, his Max Hit has increased by 1.
  • Buff - Burn DOT Effect - Now deals damage equal to 15% of Current HP over 2.5s (Up from 15% Current HP over 5s). "Current HP" refers to the HP of the Player/Enemy the Burn effect is applied to.
  • Buff - Pig + Ent Synergy - +15% chance to receive +1 Cooked Food in Cooking. Cannot be doubled (Up from 1%).
  • Buff - Wolf + Unicorn Synergy - +50% Lifesteal from Bleed damage (Up from 1%)
  • Buff - Ent + Monkey Synergy - In Woodcutting, +30% chance for a random Silver or Gold Jewelry to drop instead of a Bird Nest (Up from 1%).
  • Buff - Mole + Leprechaun Synergy - When successfully pickpocketing the Miner in Thieving, +20% chance to get a random Gem (Up from 10%).
  • Buff - Pig + Leprechaun Synergy - The Chef in Thieving now deals no damage to you. Now also Grants +1 Base Items from the Chef.
  • Cloudburst Staff - New Special Attack Name & Description (Still works the same, no mechanical changes) - Magic Ray (100%) Converts your selected Standard Magic Spell into a Magic Ray, dealing up to 40% of your normal damage 5 times over 1.6s. On a hit, gives the enemy +15% Attack Interval for 2 of the enemy's turns. Consumes Runes per hit.
  • Sandstorm Ring - Special Attack is now Melee Only and cannot be used if you are using a Ranged or Magic Attack Type. It will not display in the Special Attack list if it cannot be used.
  • Sandstorm Ring - Now requires Level 50 Attack to equip.
  • Sandstorm Ring - Special Attack chance is now 15%, down from 20%.
  • Sandstorm Ring - Damage dealt is now 1% - 15% of Current Player HP, down from 5 - 15%
  • Sand Beast's Sandstorm Special Attack - Damage dealt is now 1% - 15% of Current Enemy HP, down from 5 - 15%
  • The format in which Local Saves are stored has changed. Local Saves now only store the compressed string into Local Storage. It no longer stores each individual save item. Old save formats are automatically converted to the new format upon loading. Old saves are still compatible with this version.


  • "Most Recent Save" banner on the character selection screen now displays accurately (This was hotfixed roughly 6 weeks ago).
  • Smithing gloves now correctly provides +50% Smithing Skill XP (Additive)
  • Merged Coal Ore drops from Mining Cape and general Mining on the Welcome Back screen
  • Offline Progress spinner on the Welcome Back popup no longer causes a scroll bar to appear and disappear rapidly
  • Inconsistencies with mouse icon on horizontal menu items in crafting related skills has been fixed.
  • Issues loading into the game from Offline Progress that cause errors have mostly been rectified.
  • Activating Offline Thieving by switching tab or minimizing the game would not always activate the Offline session, causing 0 XP to be gained upon returning
  • Skilled Fletching Potion III was providing 10% bonus instead of the intended 15% bonus
  • Burning status icon in Combat is displayed on Player permanently, without taking burn damage
  • Ranged Strength was calculated twice if Throwing Knives/Javelins were equipped (Visual only).
  • No comma notation on Runecrafting Screen for currently selected item.
  • Rare issues of Auto Eat using more food than intended should be fixed.
  • Priest Hat increased Prayer Costs by 1, instead of reducing it as intended.
  • Offline Woodcutting was not providing double log bonuses.
  • Max Skillcape and Cape of Completion were providing a larger HP regen bonus than intended.
  • Summoning was not applying the cost reduction bonus obtained at Level 99 Mastery
  • Slayer Platebody (Elite) was providing +15% Slayer XP Bonus instead of the intended +30%.
  • Double clicking loot will give both the clicked loot and the loot to the right without removing the right side loot allowing infinite duplication.
  • Issue that caused the "Sell x" textbox in the Bank to lag considerably during long play sessions when changing the value has been recitified.
  • Performance around equipping and unequipping items have been greatly improved.
  • Tooltips within the Bank no longer have a slight delay when displaying due to high item counts.
  • Very rare occurance of dying twice within the Fire God Dungeon has been fixed.
  • Memory Leak issues should be mostly eliminated for Steam users.
  • Slayer 'Cancel' New Task selection button disappaering when Monster respawns.
  • Slayer Sidebar Menu item not being highlighted while training but Thieving is.
  • Rare occurance of dungeons icons not working while fighting the second+ Monster.
  • Dropped Loot tooltips not showing item descriptions, special attacks or healing value
  • When you equip/bury something from the bank or change attack style the Hitpoints label is unhighlighted until the next new monster is refreshed to fight.
  • Runic Ruins Magic Evasion debuff being applied incorrectly while using Magic
  • Rare occurance of super fast attack interval within the Golbin Raid should be rectified.
  • Combat Skill Progress Bars should be fixed and no longer show incorrect progress.
  • Golbin Raid should now correctly set your character unlocks back to the intended values when leaving or dying within the Raid. This includes Prayers and Magic Spells.
  • Activating Prayers now correctly changes the text of Prayer in the Sidebar green
  • Special Attacks persisting after weapon swapping in Golbin Raid should be fixed.
  • Rare occurance of fluctuating damage values for the Tidal Edge should be recitified.
  • Lack of description on Summoning Attack Bar tooltip within Combat is now fixed.
  • Summon attacks that miss in Combat now correctly display a Miss indicator.
  • Finding the Red Herring within the Golbin Raid will no longer break everything.
  • CPU usage due to progress bars within Combat should now use much less CPU.
  • Issue with Crafting unintentionally using Combat Doubling Chance has been fixed.
  • Ancient Magicks tooltip displaying how many clears are remaining should no longer go into negatives.
  • Mud Runes are now inside the Combination Runes array.
  • Ent + Monkey Synergy only used charges on birds nest drop (Online only)
  • Ent + Bear Synergy used charges when the potion was inactive (Both Online & Offline)
  • Octopus + Bear Synergy used charges when the potion was inactive (Online only)
  • Octopus + Bear Synergy was not using charges offline
  • Devil + Bear Synergy used charges when the potion was inactive (Both Online & Offline)
  • Pig + Bear Synergy used charges when the potion was inactive (Both Online & Offline)
  • Pig + Devil Synergy didn't use charges in Cooking (Online only)
  • Mole + Octopus Synergy only used charges on gem drop (Both Online & Offline)
  • Mole + Salamander Synergy used charges even when Mining Ores with no smeltable output (Both Online & Offline)
  • Mole + Bear Synergy used charges when the potion was inactive (Both Online & Offline)
  • Salamander + Ent Synergy charges used the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided (Offline only)
  • Salamander + Octopus Synergy used the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided (Both Online & Offline)
  • Salamander + Pig Synergy is used charges at the start of the interval
  • Salamander + Pig Synergy was not consuming charges as intended (Offline only)
  • Salamander + Crow Synergy used the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided (Offline only)
  • Salamander + Bear Synergy used charges when smithing Gold Bars even though it didn't use the potion (Both Online & Offline)
  • Salamander + Bear Synergy used the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided (Offline only)
  • Salamander + Devil Synergy used charges when Smithing items without Coal requirements (Both Online & Offline)
  • Leprechaun + Octopus Synergy actually halved the interval, instead of doubling it for Fisherman in Theiving lol.
  • Leprechaun + Pig Synergy only used charges when you failed the pickpocket (Online only)
  • Leprechaun + Devil Synergy incorrectly rolling the RNG value, resulting in inaccurate bonuses provided (Online only)
  • Monkey + Pig Synergy didn't use charges (Offline only)
  • Monkey + Pig Synergy didn't use charges when preserving resources (Both Online & Offline)
  • Monkey + Bear Synergy used charges when the potion was inactive (Both Online & Offline)
  • Crow + Salamander Synergy used the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided (Offline only)
  • Crow + Bear Synergy used charges when the potion was inactive (Both Online & Offline)

Alpha v0.20 - (11th June 2021)



Summoning is one of the largest and most in-depth Skills to have been released to date. It plays a large role in the world of Melvor, cementing its dark and rich history waiting to be uncovered by you.

This Skill requires you to utilize almost every single other Skill in the game in order to progress and unlock more content. As you continue to level up, you will unlock more powerful and unique benefits to give you that extra edge throughout the game.

Below outlines the basic mechanics of the Skill, and also provides an insight in what to expect from Summoning.


Discovering the existence of Summoning has provided you with the knowledge of a dark magic only told in tales.

You are given the ability to equip not only one, but TWO Familiars to aid you in your journey throughout Melvor.

There is a selection of 20 different Familiars, each one providing you with a unique passive bonus. They also use charges (Just like Ranged Ammo), and are consumed every time and action is taken relating to the passive of your Familiar.

However, great power like this must be earned, and is only given to those who take the time to learn about the Familiar's respective Mark.

Combat Familiars

Half of the Familiars are classed as "Combat Familiars" and provide general benefits to assist within Combat.

On top of this, Combat Familiars also have the ability to attack enemies. They attack every 3 seconds, and have a pre-defined Max Hit (Which is visible during Combat). Their accuracy/chance to hit is the same as yours.

And no, they cannot be hit or attacked by the Enemy :)


Hidden throughout the world of Melvor are the secrets that contain the true power of Summoning, granting the dark magic to those who discover them.

Upon discovering a Mark, you will be able to harness its power by creating Summoning Tablets based on respective Familiars, allowing you to utilize their benefits on your adventure.

These Marks can be further researched and levelled up to unlock even greater power relating to your Familiar in the form of Synergies.

If you happen to have the respective Familiar equipped while searching for further Marks, then the drop rate of the Marks will be doubled.

For those wondering - Levelling up all the Marks to the maximum Level (4) is required for 100% completion. This is due to a new Pet that is being introduced (Named Mark) that is unlocked once you achieve this goal.


Tales tell of an ancient bond that can be formed between two different Familiars. Although this has never been witnessed, it takes true knowledge to be able to achieve such a thing.

By levelling up your Marks, you will unlock Synergies between Familiars that grants an extra unique passive that is active as long as both Familiars are equipped. These passives are unique in what they provide, and can assist greatly during your training.

Synergies are unlocked when their respective Mark levels meet the requirements. Higher level Marks unlock higher tier Synergies.

There are roughly 90 Synergies to unlock and discover.

To make it easier for you, there is also an integrated Synergy Search function within the game that allows you to search for any unlocked Synergy with ease. This search functionality also allows you to equip this Synergy directly from the search results.


Shards are the core ingredient for Summoning Tablet creation, and can be obtained only from the Shop at a cost of GP.

All Summoning Tablets use a variety of Shards in their creation, and there are 6 different coloured Shards to utilize.

Tablet Creation

Tablet Creation is very similar to all other crafting related Skills in the game.

However, Summoning adds another element to this process in the form of "Alternate Recipes". You will find that many of the Summoning Tablets you can create have multiple recipes to select from. Some even have up to 20 different recipes!

The quantity of items required within the recipes are weighted against the base sale price of the item.

There is a recipe for every stage of the game you're at, but not all of them will be efficient.

Levelling the Skill

As is the theme of this Skill, levelling it is a little bit different than all the others.

There are two ways to earn Skill XP:

  • Creating Summoning Tablets
  • Using Tablet charges, by equipping the Familiar and using them in the game

The Summoning Skill XP you earn while using charges is weighted against the interval of your action, as well as the Summoning Level required to unlock that Familiar. Generally this means that using a high level Summoning will give you more XP.

NOTE: Mastery XP can only be earned via Summoning Tablet Creation

New Items and Content

With the introduction of a new Skill, there is also new items and content that come along with it. This includes:

  • Four new equippable items in the Slayer Shop to assist with Summoning
  • Two new Agility Obstacles to also assist with Summoning
  • Yet another new Herblore Potion for (you guessed it) Summoning
  • And of course, we also have the Summoning Skillcape and the Summoning Mastery Token

Woodcutting Changes

Woodcutting has been causing some serious balance issues for the game, as well as any new content planning to be added. Specifically, it is the Multi-Tree upgrade you can purchase from the Shop that is causing these issues.

Multi-Tree allowed you to cut two trees simultaneously. This means each tree was running on its own timer and was rolling rare items for each of these actions. The result of this "double action" meant Woodcutting was always the go-to Skill for any rare items such as Mysterious Stones, Pets (Like Ty, and future global Pets), Signet Ring Half (a), and was also the go-to for the Summoning content during testing (gaining upwards of 2M xp/hr).

The upgrade you can purchase was one of the very first Shop items you could buy in the very early days of Melvor Idle (when there was only 5 Skills in total). It has stuck around since, and I'm actually surprised it lasted this long. The fact that no similar mechanics exist in other Skills should provide some evidence as to how I feel about this kind of mechanic in general.

Instead of leaving it as is and balancing around it or applying exceptions to Woodcutting only for current and future content, now was the right time to adjust the mechanics and bring the Skill back in line with the general feel of the game. However, I have done this in a way that retains the original purpose of the Multi-Tree Upgrade.

Summarized Changes to Woodcutting

  • Multi-Tree is now being combined into one single action
  • Your action's interval is determined by the highest interval out of both trees you are cutting
  • The XP you earn is weighted against the interval stated above. This means XP rates have not actually changed, and are staying the same
  • Logs are provided in the same way the above-mentioned XP is. However, the amount is rounded down as it is not possible to receive half of an item in this game
  • Rare Items in the game roll on a per action basis. Combining Multi-Tree into a single action means you will only be provided with one roll per action, even though you're cutting two trees
  • A complete visual representation on exactly what quantity of Items and XP you are receiving per action has been added

Rare Item Drop Rates

In the initial Announcement, I mentioned drop rates for rare items were not changing. After testing this change on the Test Server for the last few weeks, and gathering data and feedback from players, I have decided to adjust drop rates for some rare items. At the end of the day, it was only fair that the entire game benefits off of a change like this.

Switching Woodcutting to a single action now allows me to buff global rare items without worrying about further snowballing the effects of the old Multi-Tree upgrade.

  • Increased global drop rate for Signet Ring Half (a) to (Level Req / 16,500,000), up from (Level Req / 19,800,000)
  • Increased global drop rate for all Mastery Tokens to (1 / (18,500 / Milestones Unlocked)), up from (1 / (20,000 / Milestones Unlocked))
  • Increased global drop rate for Mysterious Stones to 0.025% per action, up from 0.015%.

Important Combat Adjustments

For those who may or may not know, there is a mechanic in the game where Players and Enemies can deal extra damage to one another depending on an existing status effect (Like being Stunned).

There was a lot of confusion around the consistency with this mechanic, and how it should actually work. With this update, we have finalised the general mechanics around these status effects.

When the enemy inflicts one of the below status effects on you, a very noticeable popup will briefly display to let you know. This notification can also be disabled in Settings.

It is very important that you read what they do, as you may die unexpectedly if you do not.

  • Stunned/Frozen - The Enemy deals 30% extra Damage while you are stunned
  • Sleep - The Enemy deals 20% extra Damage while you are sleeping

Combat Triangle Changes

The Combat Triangle for all gamemodes has received some minor adjustments to the damage values. Below are the changes.

Player Style Game Mode VS Attack (skill).svg Melee VS Ranged (skill).svg Ranged VS Magic (skill).svg Magic
Old New Old New Old New
Attack (skill).svg Melee Standard +0% +0% +10% +10% -10% -15%
Hardcore.svg Hardcore & Adventure.png Adventure +0% +0% +10% +10% -20% -25%
Ranged (skill).svg Ranged Standard -10% -15% +0% +0% +10% +10%
Hardcore.svg Hardcore & Adventure.png Adventure -20% -25% +0% +0% +10% +10%
Magic (skill).svg Magic Standard +10% +10% -10% -15% +0% +0%
Hardcore.svg Hardcore & Adventure.png Adventure +10% +10% -20% -25% +0% +0%

Artisan Skill UI Updates

This update includes the start of the transition to a more clear and consistent UI throughout the game.

Starting with most Artisan Skills (Smithing, Fletching, Crafting, Runecrafting, Herblore & Summoning), the UI will be moved to an icon-based layout that will provide all necessary information you seek.

Included in these UI changes is the ability to see your Preservation & Item Doubling chances, as well as how much Skill XP, Mastery XP and Mastery Pool XP you will earn for that action.

These changes will feed into the rest of the game in some way or another.

Please note that Skills will still retain their unique design. I am simply referring to the icon and image usage when talking about transitioning this to the rest of the game.

New Pets

  • Tim the Wolf - Summoning pet
    -1 Shard Cost when creating Familiars in Summoning
  • Mark - Level up all Summoning Marks to Level 4
    +10% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges

New Monsters

  • Superior Eyed Monster - Found in Strange Cave Slayer Area
  • Eye of Fear - Found in Strange Cave Slayer Area

Other Changes

New Features

  • Added Summoning to the game.
  • Added 20 Summoning Familiars (and their respective Tablets with are items) to the game, all which can be created in Summoning
  • Added 90 Synergies between Familiars, ready for you to unlock via Leveling up Marks.
  • Added 20 Summoning Marks ready to be discovered by you, which unlock the Familiar's respective Tablets to create when found. NOTE: These are not items.
  • Added 6 Summoning Shards to the Shop, under the Materials section.
  • New Pet - Tim the Wolf - Summoning Pet - -1 Shard Cost when creating Familiars in Summoning.
  • New Pet - Mark (He's a Mouse) - Level up all Summoning Marks to Level 4 - +10% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges.
  • New Monster - Superior Eyed Monster - Found in Strange Cave Slayer Area.
  • New Monster - Eye of Fear - Found in Strange Cave Slayer Area
  • New Item - Summoning Skillcape - +10% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges. +20% Chance to Preserve Resources in Summoning. +10 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation.
  • New Item - Summoning Mastery Token
  • New Item - Necromancer Potion - +1/2/3/5 Base Summoning Tablets created.
  • New Item - Necromancer Hat - Found in Slayer Shop - Passive: +2 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation. +2% Summoning Skill XP
  • New Item - Necromancer Robes - Found in Slayer Shop - Passive: +2 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation. +2% Summoning Skill XP
  • New Item - Necromancer Bottoms - Found in Slayer Shop - Passive: +2 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation. +2% Summoning Skill XP
  • New Item - Necromancer Boots - Found in Slayer Shop - Passive: +2 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation. +2% Summoning Skill XP
  • Added Summoning Synergy Search page links to the Combat Screen and Minibar. From here, you can search synergies and equip them by clicking on them (Assuming you have the Synergy unlocked)
  • Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Herblore & Runecrafting all have brand new layouts.
  • You can now search for Bank Items using their DESCRIPTION. This also means searching "Passive" will display passive slot compatible items.
  • New background image added to the game.
  • You can now claim Mastery Tokens directly from the Spend Mastery Pool XP screen.
  • Mastery Page now has progress bars
  • Notifications now show for all GP related changes
  • Items sitting in the loot container now have descriptive tooltips
  • Cloud Saves now save in irregular intervals, starting at 15 minutes on all devices and increasing its interval every save if you are inactive/idle during that time.
  • The game no longer refreshes when selecting a character

Changed Features

  • Slightly Adjusted Combat Triangle - You now deal 5% less damage than before if versus an Enemy with the opposing attack style.
  • Multi-Tree has been reworked to be combined into 1 action.
  • Reworked the contents of the Treasure Chest gained from Fishing. You can now get junk from this chest.
  • Buffed Otto & Peri drop rate to 1 in 7,500, changed from 1 in 10,000
  • Adjusted loot tables for eye monsters.
  • Dragons now drop more Dragonhide
  • "Ice Jump" Agility Obstacle now requires 5,000 Crab to build, instead of 5,000 Cave Fish.
  • Pillar of Combat in Agility - Increased Minimum Hit based on Max hit upped to 5%, up from 3%
  • Pillar of Combat in Agility - Hitpoint regeneration is now a flat +50 (+500 for Adventure Mode) instead of +2%.
  • Pillar of Generosity - New bonus - +5% chance to preserve Summoning Charges
  • Increased drop rate for Signet Ring Half (a) to (Level Req / 16,500,000), up from (Level Req / 19,800,000)
  • Increased drop rate for Mastery Tokens to (1 / (18,500 / Milestones Unlocked)), up from (1 / (20,000 / Milestones Unlocked))
  • Increased the drop rate for Mysterious Stones to 0.025% per action, up from 0.015%.
  • New Cloudburst Staff Special Attack: Freeze Ray has changed: Now deals up to 40% dmg 10 times over 2 seconds which always applies a slow, avoidable.
  • Cloudburst Staff: Increased Magic Attack Bonus to 45, up from 28.
  • Cloudburst Staff: Increased Magic Damage Bonus to 30%, up from 0%.
  • Ocean Song - Reduced chance to 35% and lowered damage to 1,350
  • Increased Slash and Block Bonus for all 4 Godswords to 145, up from 125
  • Ice Gear - All armour now have 3% Damage Reduction
  • Ice shortbow: New spec: 50% chance Frozen Shots: Deals a bonus 90 dmg on top of hit and slows enemy by 10% for 3 turns.
  • Frozen Wind Special Attack: Upped chance to 20%
  • Sunset Rapier: Upped stab bonus to 72
  • Warlock Amulet: Lowered spell heal to 10%
  • Almighty Lute: Lowered gp% gain to 200%
  • Bobs Rake: Upped passive to 50% chance
  • Confetti Crossbow: Reduced price to 250K SC
  • Tormented Ring: Upped all bonuses by 10 and lowered defence by 10
  • Fighter Ring - Increased all existing bonuses to 18, up from 12.
  • Eyeballs are now worth 60 GP each
  • Dragon Bones are now worth 200 GP each
  • Magic Bones are now worth 300 GP each.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Confusion - Increased damage to 75% of listed max hit.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Chaotic Slam - Upped damage by 50
  • Enemy Special Attack - Agility - Upped damage by 50
  • Enemy Special Attack - Curse of Fear: Upped damage by 200 and is now avoidable
  • Enemy Special Attack - Sandstorm special attack now deals 1-15% of Enemy current HP as damage, up from 1-5%.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Whirlwind - Damage reduced to 550, down from 650.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Frigid Waves - Damage reduced to 780, down from 900.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Icy Chill - Chance reduced to 5%, down from 10%.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Ice Break - Damage increased to 360, up from 325.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Ice Break - Removed "Damage is doubled if you are frozen/stunned".
  • Enemy Special Attack - Meteor Shower - Damage reduced to 850, down from 900.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Tail Whip - Damage reduced to 690, down from 750.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Penetrating Claws - Damage reduced to 640, down from 700.
  • Enemy - Water Monster - Reduced Melee Strength Bonus to 18, down from 35.
  • Enemy - Murtia - Reduced Strength Level to 430, down from 525.
  • Enemy - Murtia - Reduced Melee Strength Bonus to 0, down from 22.
  • All the new Monsters from v0.18 that had no GP drops now have GP drops lol
  • Amulet of Looting will no longer yeet items if your bank is full. Instead, it will drop the failed loot into the loot container.
  • The number of dungeon completions required to unlock respective Ancient Magick spells will now update the count dynamically with how many are remaining.
  • Magic Logs are now worth 400 GP, up from 300 GP.
  • Removed the item notifications that display when returning an offline session. The popup tells you what you got, no need to double dip and output notifications as well. This saves on performance as well when loading in.


  • Corrected some combat functions using the incorrect damage value dealt to enemies.
  • It's no longer possible to accidentally equip an item by double clicking it while using the Move Item or Sell Item toggles in the Bank.
  • Fixed issue where Agility Obstacle GP costs would not display the correct value due to number formatting.
  • Fix offline Woodcutting Skill XP, Mastery XP, item count and Bird Nest issues
  • Bank hover tooltips now show correct sale price.
  • Background image now sizes correctly based on screen resolution
  • Fixed Elite Slayer Platebody providing low benefit than intended.
  • Damage reduction still not capping on combat triangle modifiers
  • Optimized a lot of loading functions
  • Side menu opens when dragging items in bank
  • Locked logs in the Firemaking dropdown menu have the "text-danger" class but are white because of the dark mode
  • The Sandstorm Ring can no longer turn into an ALT item in Golbin Raid.
  • Golbin Raid Prayer Menu does not reset after finishing a Raid.
  • Golbin Raid Prayers stay active when dying in the Raid.
  • Book of Occults Passive Not Working correctly
  • Pet & Monster Completion Steam Achievement unlocking before 100%
  • Mastery 99 Production Skills turn white upon spending mastery points
  • Enemy attacks dealing 1 extra damage than listed
  • Non-Combat tab in sidebar disappears completely when minimised using the eye icon
  • Skull Cape unintentionally providing its bonus to Alt. Magic
  • Switching tabs back and forth with offline fishing allows you to catch at least 1 fish every time, regardless of interval.
  • Cape of Completion not providing the correct Slayer Area Negation bonus
  • Cape of Completion visual error with Mastery Checkpoints
  • Sandstorm Ring special attack no longer uses any Runes or Prayer Points.
  • Passive Slot item not showing in "View Equipment Stats" modal.
  • Alt Magic no longer deselects an item when returning from Offline Session.
  • Total Raid Coins stats in Golbin Raid displaying incorrectly.
  • (G) Mithril Shield now requires 250 Gold Bars to upgrade, down from 500 (bug)
  • Fixed issue where Offline Cooking was producing higher Skill XP & Mastery XP than intended based on preservation chance.
  • Gentle Hands Potion not applying correctly.
  • Auto eat icon sticks around when leaving Golbin Raid, even if you don't have auto eat yet.
  • Increased (decreased) Damage To Dungeon Monsters does not work correctly when the monster is present in slayer/combat areas
  • Sometimes certain mastery xp goes from 0 to 1 when (re)loading the game
  • New Character's starting Hitpoints XP is 1 less than it should be, resulting in Level 9 HP.
  • All items can now be upgraded with the x10, x100, x1000 and xAll options
  • Ancient Magicks should now unlock after dungeon completions
  • Darksteel Dagger now correctly applies extra flat bleed damage
  • The "Select your Food" menu in Cooking now has a scroll bar to access all Food.

Alpha v0.19.2 - (1st April 2021)

April Fools Event

Welcome to the next Event Update for Melvor Idle!!

This update celebrates Melvor Idle's 2nd favorite day of the year - April Fools!

This year, we've decided to turn it up a bit and provide you with something fun and chaotic to enjoy for a few weeks.


CHAOS MODE is an all new limited gamemode for you to try! Coming equipped with an array of fun mechanics and features for you to mess around with.

The idea behind Chaos Mode is to get as far as you can in the shortest amount of time. I personally won't track the time, but the Gamemode will only be playable for a few weeks.

The rules of CHAOS MODE are simple:

  • Item Corruption is unlocked
  • 25% Interval Reduction on all Skills and Attack Speeds (Including Enemy)
  • All Enemies you face will have at least 1 random Passive
  • All equipped items are lost on Death
  • Same Combat Triangle as Hardcore & Adventure Mode
  • Golbin Raid is not available
  • Don't fight a Chicken

Item Corruption

Item Corruption is only available in CHAOS MODE.

You are given the power to use the Weapons & Gear you make or find, and turn them into completely random modifiers that either benefit you, or make your adventure a living hell.

Item Corruptions are applied to a Combat Equipment Slot, and are permanent as long as you don't roll another modifier. This means you have 10 "slots" to add random corruptions to.

These Item Corruptions cost GP to perform, equal to the value of the Item. There is a chance for the item to be destroyed, because why not? Corruptions are also based on a tier system, where the higher tier modifiers provide larger bonuses, as well as having more modifiers active at once.

Here is the tier list:

  • Tier 1 - Base Item Values < 200 GP - 1 Random Modifier - Low Modifier Value Range (+/-30) - 40% Chance to Destory the Item
  • Tier 2 - Base Item Values < 10K GP - 2 Random Modifiers - Medium Modifier Value Range (+/-50) - 30% Chance to Destroy the Item
  • Tier 3 - Base Item Values < 400K GP - 3 Random Modifiers - High Modifier Value Range (+/-75) - 20% Chance to Destroy the Item
  • Tier 4 - Base Item Values >= 400K GP - 4 Random Modifiers - Very High Modifier Value Range (+/-99) - 10% Chance to Destroy the Item

The item must be equipped to the respective Equipment Slot for a corruption to be applied. You don't need to keep the item in that slot to keep the Corruption though.

Other Silly Nonsense

In true April Fools fashion, there is a bunch of other silly nonsense through the game. Have fun with this!

Other Changes

New Features

  • Enemy Special Attack descriptions now display the damage value based on your Damage Reduction, instead of the base damage
  • Your listed Max Hit now includes values from your Damage Modifiers (Not including Special Attacks)

Changed Features

  • Adjusted the styling of Character selection to display the Gamemode Icon more prominently, as well as making the Mobile design less "squished"
  • Cloud Saving has a new save format, reducing the Cloud Save file size by roughly 50% on average. You will see no changes on your end, and local saves are still saved the same as before. Massive thanks to Coolrox95 for his work on getting the file size down by this much.


  • It is now possible to purchase the Cape of Completion from the Shop again
  • Glove charges now display again in the Shop
  • Fixed issue where stun damage multipliers would be added twice on to an enemy
  • Incorrect Cloudburst Staff description in Adventure Mode
  • Cleaned up back-end unused variables and functions
  • Item statistic for "Damage Taken" is being added to "Damage Dealt"
  • Greater Dragonbreath displays wrong damage value in description
  • Divine Potion providing double the intended effect
  • Combat stat tracking is occurring for empty equipment slots
  • Cloudburst Staff icon missing in Milestones
  • Cleaned up Ranged Milestones
  • Weird Gloop not providing the +10% Harvest Bonus

Alpha v0.19.1 - (18th March 2021)

Mobile Push Notifications

Introducing Mobile Push Notifications!

If you are a Mobile Player, or also use your Mobile Device to continue progress while away from the PC then you'll be happy about this.

You will now receive Push Notifications when you reach the Offline Time cap, or your crops in Farming are ready to grow!

Be sure to have Push Notifications enabled for your Mobile Device for these to work.

Link your Mobile Device

Within the Settings of the game, you can link your Mobile Device to your Cloud Account. This will allow the Desktop version of the game to schedule Push Notifications for you if you decide to close the game.

Just note that this can only be setup from the App itself on your Mobile Device.


  • [NEW] Mobile Push Notifications have been introduced! Currently only active for Offline Time cap and Farming Timers.
  • [NEW] New Settings to enable/disable Push Notifications
  • [NEW] New Setting to connect your Mobile Device to your Cloud Account, enabling the scheduling of Push Notifications to your Mobile Device if playing on a Desktop Version.
  • [CHANGE] Herblore Potions have been mostly transitioned to the new Modifiers system.
  • [CHANGE] Due to the Herblore Potion transition, multiplicitive bonuses are now additive bonuses which means some numbers have changed. Below details the changes.
  • [CHANGE] Melee Accuracy Potion - Now +[8,12,15,25]% Increased Melee Accuracy Rating (Additive) instead of [10,15,20,30]% Increased Melee Accuracy Rating (Multiplicitive)
  • [CHANGE] Melee Strength Potion - Now +[1,3,6,10]% Increased Melee Strength (Additive) instead of [2,4,8,12]% Increased Melee Strength (Multiplicitive)
  • [CHANGE] Melee Evasion Potion - Now +[8,12,15,25]% Increased Melee Evasion Rating (Additive) instead of [10,15,20,30]% Increased Melee Evasion Rating (Multiplicitive)
  • [CHANGE] Ranged Assistance Potion - Now +[4,8,12,20]% Increased Ranged Accuracy & Evasion Rating (Additive) instead of [5,10,15,25]% Increased Ranged Accuracy & Evasion Rating (Multiplicitive)
  • [CHANGE] Magic Assistance Potion - Now +[4,8,12,20]% Increased Magic Accuracy & Evasion Rating (Additive) instead of [5,10,15,25]% Increased Magic Accuracy & Evasion Rating (Multiplicitive)
  • [CHANGE] Magic Damage Potion - Now +[1,5,10,15]% Increased Magic Damage (Additive) instead of [2,5,9,16]% Increased Magic Damage (Multiplicitive)
  • [CHANGE] Crafting Potion has changed entirely - Now +[5,10,15,25]% chance to double Items in Crafting instead of [5,8,10,15]% chance for Double Crafting Skill XP
  • [CHANGE] Enemy Special Attack Descriptions now tell you about the "Normal Hit" mechanic. If the special attack buff is already active, enemy deals a NORMAL Attack. This is only a mechanic for special attacks that deal 0 damage, and simply buff the enemy for x turns.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Settings Page layout for Mobile / Narrow Screen Resolutions.
  • [CHANGE] Most Special Attacks that alter Player Stats have been transitioned to the new Modifiers system. Some still need to be transitioned (like stacking debuffs and other unique ones) but its a start.
  • [FIXED] Ancient Ring of Skills now correctly applies bonus XP to Alt. Magic.
  • [FIXED] Gold Emerald Ring was providing bonuses Skill XP to Alt. Magic, when it shouldn't have.
  • [FIXED] Combat Loot drops now correctly roll the required Doubling Modifiers.
  • [FIXED] Scorching Ray Special Attack description displaying incorrect damage values.
  • [FIXED] Frozen / Stun damage increase not applying to enemies.
  • [FIXED] Crafting and Fletching not calculating skill interval incorrectly and inconsistency relating to the Mastery Pool bonus.
  • [FIXED] Almighty Lute providing more GP than intended
  • [FIXED] Confetti Crossbow providing 10x the amount of intendend GP in Adventure Mode.
  • [FIXED] Simultaneous death of Enemy and Player in combat does not kill player
  • [FIXED] Incorrect Damage Descriptions for Magic Gear providing increased Minimum Spell Damage
  • [FIXED] Some Enemies are able to activate a Normal Attack when they shouldn't be able to (Eg. Aeris)
  • [FIXED] Corrected the description for "Gunter"
  • [FIXED] Prayer Points being deducted upon activating/deactivating a Prayer
  • [FIXED] Ty not rolling correctly online for Agility.
  • [FIXED] Ku-tul's "Curse of the Deep" is unavoidable when the description said it is avoidable. You can now avoid this attack.
  • [FIXED] Mobile Ad Free versions have the minibar and notifications elevated too high
  • [FIXED] Pirate's Lost Ring providing an inconsistent Skill XP bonus.
  • [FIXED] Getting set to 0 HP by the first hit of a multi-hit enemy special attack does not kill the player
  • [FIXED] "View All Global Active Passives from Agility" not updating obstacle reductions based on Level 99 Mastery Bonus
  • [FIXED] Longrange Attack Style not providing Hidden Defence Levels.
  • [FIXED] Cleaned up a lot of back-end code.

Alpha v0.19 - (4th March 2021)


It's been a while, but now is the perfect time to introduce our next Skill into the game.


Classed as a "Gathering" Skill, Agility is designed to provide numerous "Global Active Passives" to your character that can assist with pretty much all areas of the game. Almost all numbers can be affected by Agility in one way or another.

You are given the task of constructing your very own Agility Obstacle Course, with each obstacle you build coming equipped with different Agility XP rates, GP Rates, time to complete (Obsatacle Interval) and Global Active Passives attached to it.

Starting at the very first obstacle, your character will complete each Obstacle in their respective order until a lap is complete. Upon completing a lap, you will restart the Obstacle Course and go again. You cannot choose which obstacle to start it, it is always the first.

Strategic planning and thinking will come into effect with this Skill, and how you utilise the various Obstacles is entirely up to you.


For every 10 Agility Levels, you will be provided with an empty spot to construct an Obstacle of your choosing. All obstacles are categorized to suit their respective position within your Agility Course, meaning you can't place an Obstacle anywhere you like. In total, there is roughly 43 Obstacles to build, each with individual Masteries to complete.

These Obstacles, as mentioned above, come equipped with various benefits, buffs and debuffs. It is up to you to make a decision as to which Obstacle is best suits your current needs.

Building an Obstacle is not free. There is always a GP cost attached to it, and some later obstacles require various extra Items to build.

Active & Inactive Obstacles

When building an Obstacle, the Global Active Passives provided are always active in most circumstances.

An Obstacle becomes inactive if there is a gap in your Obstacle Course prior to it. Inactive Obstacles disable their respective Global Active Passives. The gap must be filled before they reactivate.

Remember, if you cannot reach the Obstacle during your training, that Obstacle will be inactive. This also means you cannot gain any XP or GP from this Obstacle. Don't worry though, the game will tell you if an Obstacle is inactive.

Obstacle Cost Reductions

I'll be honest, Obstacles are not cheap, especially late game.

You will find yourself swapping Obstacles quite consistently based on what your current goal is throughout the game. To help with this, there is many ways you can reduce the cost of Obstacles to ease the burden of costs.

Here are some ways to ease the pain:

  • Every time you construct an Obstacle, you gain +4% Item Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only. Stacks up to 10 times maximum for a total of +40% Item Cost Reduction.
  • Reaching Level 80 Mastery will grant +10% Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only.
  • Reaching Level 95 Mastery will grant +10% Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only.
  • 50% Mastery Pool bonus grants +10% Cost Reduction for all Obstacles.
  • 95% Mastery Pool bonus grants +15% Item Cost Reduction for all Obstacles.
  • Agility Skillcape (And Max/Completion Cape) grants +20% Cost Reduction for all Obstacles while equipped.

Item Cost Reduction is capped at 95%.

Agility Pet

With the inclusion of a new Skill, that also means a new Pet is introduced alongside it!

Sam +15% GP from Agility.

Agility Potion

To help you along for this journey, a new Potion has been added to the game to give you that much needed, totally not illegal boost to your Obstacle Course training.

Performance Enhancing Potion
+[2, 4, 6, 8]% Decreased Agility Interval.
[10, 20, 30, 50] Charges.

Agility Skillcape

What good is a new Skill without a nice Cape to wear and brag about?

Agility Skillcape
+20% Global Agility Obstacle cost reduction.

And yes, a new Potion means new Masteries for Herblore ;)

Adventure Mode

The 3rd and final Official Gamemode that will change everything about the way you play the game.

Adventure Mode bring a whole new challenge to the game, forcing you to make strategic decisions at every step of your journey.

In this Gamemode, Skills are locked behind a GP cost that must be unlocked individually. Every time you decide to unlock a Skill, the cost of the next unlock increases.

At the start of the Gamemode, the only Skill available to you are Attack, Strength, Defence and Hitpoints. Everything else is locked.

To help kickstart your new adventure, you are given a Bronze Weapon and 10 Basic Food. So generous, right?

Adventure Mode is also bound by the same Combat Triangle Modifiers you find in Hardcore Mode.

Sounds easy, what's the catch?

Leveling Skills in Adventure Mode is completely different to Standard. Non-Combat Skill Levels cannot go above your Combat Level.

When you eventually reach the maximum level, the Skill will still continue to train as normal, but you won't receive any further XP. You will need to go back into Combat, and level your Combat Level.

Summarized Rules of Adventure Mode

  • Skills are locked behind a GP cost to unlock.
  • Start with only Attack, Strength, Defence & Hitpoints unlocked.
  • A Bronze Weapon and 10 Basic Food is provided in your bank at the start.
  • Your Non-Combat Skill Levels cannot go above your Combat Level.
  • Hitpoints, Damage, and Healing numbers are multiplied by a future 10 (Just a visual change).
  • Harsher Combat Triangle Modifiers. Same as Hardcore Mode.
  • This is a safe Gamemode. It is okay to die.

Boss Pets

Boss Pets have finally arrived to the game!

These cute little critters can be found in every single Dungeon in the game. Upon killing a Boss in a dungeon, you have a chance of obtaining one of the Boss Pets!

These Boss Pets provide a small Combat bonus to assist you in your adventures.

For those curious, the Into the Mist Boss Pet required a set 5 completions of the Dungeon. This is also unlocked retroactively, so there is no need to complete another 5.

Chicken Coop Boss Pet
+1% Global Accuracy

Undead Graveyard Boss Pet
+1% GP From Monsters

Bandit Base Boss Pet
+2% Ranged Strength Bonus

Bouncing Bob
Hall of Wizards Boss Pet
+2% Magic Damage Bonus

Spider Forest Boss Pet
+1% Chance To Double Loot in Combat

Jelly Jim
Miolite Caves Boss Pet
+2% Rune Preservation

Deep Sea Ship Boss Pet
+2% Slayer Coins

Arctic Yeti
Frozen Cove Boss Pet
Named after Winner of 2020 Fan Art Competition
+2% Ammo Preservation

Dragons Den Boss Pet
+1% Damage To Combat Area Monsters

Volcanic Cave Boss Pet
+1% Damage To Slayer Area Monsters

Infernal Stronghold Boss Pet
+1% Damage To Dungeon Monsters

Air God Dungeon Boss Pet
+1% Chance to Double Items Globally

Water God Dungeon Boss Pet
+3% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points

Earth God Dungeon Boss Pet
+1% Damage Reduction

Fire God Dungeon Boss Pet
+2% Max Hit

Into the Mist Boss Pet
+2% Damage To All Monsters

Golbin Raid - Stage 2

The long awaited Stage 2 of the Golbin Raid Development Plan has finally arrived.

New Additions

  • The Raid Shop is now active. You can purchase upgrades, Items and Pets in this shop. All Items and Pets in the Raid Shop do not count towards completion.
  • Non-Combat skills will now go into offline mode during the Raid. This means you can train them while participating in Raids.
  • Added (Alt) Weapons to the Raid. (Alt) Weapons are weapons you can get in the Raid that have a completely random Special Attack attached to them. You cannot see what the Special Attack will be, and the Special Attack does not change unless you pick a different weapon.
  • Prayer can now be unlocked and levelled up via the Raid Shop for (For the Golbin Raid only)
  • The Combat Passive Slot can be unlocked via the Raid Shop. If unlocked, you have the option to acquire a Random Passive Item at the end of every 10 waves.
  • There is now a chance for the Golbins you face to have a random Passive attached to them. Be sure to look out for these and take note of why the Golbin you are facing is harder to kill than Ragnar.
  • You can now see the stats of items in the Item Selector. It also compares to what you currently have equipped.
  • You can now skip waves in the Raid at a cost of Raid Coins. This cost can be reduced via the Raid Shop.


  • Ranged Ammo count does not get replaced anymore when selecting different Ammo. It simply replaces the Ammo and increases existing quantity.
  • Now start with 500 of each elemental Rune, up from 100
  • Now start with 200 Bronze Arrows, up from 100
  • There's a few items in the Raid Shop to assist you with the Raid. These include increases to Quantity of Ammo, Runes and Food found during the Raid.
  • Ammo and Runes are now separate categories, instead of combined into one.
  • Due to the above change, these categories now give you the option of 2 different Ammo/Runes, plus an option to simply add quantity to your existing Ammo/Runes
  • Reduced Golbin Max HP by 20%.
  • It is no longer possible to find the Wasteful Ring, Cape of Competion, Max Skillcape or Farming Skillcape in the Raid.
  • It is also no longer possible to roll Non-Combat Runes, or Combination Runes.

Bug Fixes

  • Refreshing the page during a Raid will now correctly end the Raid and record its stats.
  • Your equipment set should now correctly go back to its original after a Raid has been completed.

Other Changes (Not including the above)

  • [NEW] There is a brand new Welcome Screen, which includes seemless Cloud functionality as well as Cloud Account Management.
  • [NEW] Added an announcement system to the game which allows me to post Announcements & News to Players without requiring a game refresh or restart.
  • [NEW] It is now possible to create up to 5 different Characters.
  • [NEW] Prices in the Shop are now colour coded so you know what you can and can't afford.
  • [NEW] New Item - Yellow Party Hat - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
  • [NEW] New Pet - Preston the Platypus - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
  • [NEW] New Pet - Jerry the Giraffe - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
  • [NEW] Added the Official Development Roadmap as a link in-game
  • [CHANGE] Started the complete overhaul to how Player Modifiers are handled in game. This should provide more consistency with how modifiers work, and will also speed up future development and management of the game by a lot. This also means a few items have changed in terms of how their bonuses work.
  • [CHANGE] Skill Preservation chance is now capped at 80%.
  • [CHANGE] Completely overhauled how the Shop works behind the scenes. You won't see much change with this, but it will allow me to add more Shop items with ease.
  • [CHANGE] The Shop now displays all items that are available for purchase from the start, as well as what is required to unlock that Shop item.
  • [CHANGE] Aorpheats Signet Ring now provides +100% GP from all sources except Alt. Magic and item selling, instead of a flat double to item drops.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Skillcape now provides +25% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation. Changed from 60% Area Effect Negation.
  • [CHANGE] All God Upgrades now provide +15% to their respective bonuses (Additive), instead of the previous 20% Increase (Multiplicative). This is not a nerf.
  • [CHANGE] Amulet of Fishing now provides +15% Decreased Fishing Interval (Additive). Changed from 20% Decrease (Multiplicative). This is not a nerf.
  • [CHANGE] Woodcutting Skillcape now provides -15% Woodcutting Interval (Additive). Changed from 50% Decrease (Multiplicative). This is not a nerf.
  • [CHANGE] Guardian Amulet Base Attack Speed Slow is now +10%, down from 20%.
  • [CHANGE] Enemy buffs/debuffs and Player buffs/debuffs now last for x Attack TURNS, instead of x Attacks (each hit). An Attack Turn is when an entire attack is performed. Multi-hit special attacks count as 1 Attack Turn
  • [CHANGE] Rune Preservation now affects Alt. Magic
  • [CHANGE] Larry, the Lonely Lizard Pet now provides +15 Farming Qty, up from +5
  • [CHANGE] Stone Skin Prayer now provides +3% Damage Reduction, down from +5%
  • [CHANGE] Stone Skin now costs 3 Prayer Points per enemy Attack, up from 2
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted the wording for the Protect Prayers to be more clear
  • [CHANGE] "Skills" wording changed to "Non-Combat" in the Sidebar/Menu
  • [CHANGE] Darksteel Dagger "Deadly Cut" now performs and attack that deals 200 dmg + Enemy Bleeds for 4% enemy max hp over 10s
  • [CHANGE] Sanguine Blade Special Attack chance is now 30%
  • [CHANGE] Sanguine Blade Special Attack now causes the Enemy to Bleed for 400% damage dealt if Enemy is on full HP, otherwise its 250%
  • [CHANGE] Sandstorm Ring now deals 5-15% of Player's current HP 10 times over 4 seconds
  • [CHANGE] Almighty Lute now grants +250% GP granted from slain Monsters, instead of 5x GP.
  • [CHANGE] Malcs, the Leader of Dragons now drops 100K - 150K GP on death, down from 150K - 225K GP.
  • [CHANGE] Defence Skillcape now provides +40 to all Evasion Ratings, up from +10.
  • [CHANGE] Generous Resupply Shop Item now contains Sharks instead of Manta Rays
  • [CHANGE] Standard Resupply Shop Item now contains 150 Crab, down from 200 Crab
  • [CHANGE] Basic Resupply Shop Item now contains 100 Lobster, down from 200 Lobster
  • [CHANGE] Basic Slayer Gear now unlocks after 15 Normal Slayer Task Completions, down from 20.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Strong) now unlocks after 25 Hard Slayer Task Completions, down from 30.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Elite) now unlocks after 30 Elite Slayer Task Completions, down from 40.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Master) now unlocks after 40 Master Slayer Task Completions, down from 50.
  • [CHANGE] Elemental Potions now provide [Potion Tier * 2] qty of a random Elemental Rune per Runecraft, instead of only 1.
  • [CHANGE] Fisherman's Potions now provide +[3, 5, 8, 12]% chance to double Fish, instead of [3, 5, 8, 12]% reduced Junk chance.
  • [CHANGE] Melee Accuracy Potions now provide [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Accuracy Rating, up from [5, 10, 15, 25]%
  • [CHANGE] Melee Evasion Potions now provide [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Evasion Rating, up from [5, 10, 15, 25]%
  • [CHANGE] Doubled the charges for Melee Accuracy Potions & Melee Evasion Potions
  • [CHANGE] Clicking "Select Character" fom the User Dropdown menu will now send you back to Welcome Screen.
  • [CHANGE] Moved the Changelog into the new "News & Changelog" tab in the Sidebar/Menu under the Settings link.
  • [FIXED] Offline Pet calculations updated to be more efficient.
  • [FIXED] Inaccurate Confetti Crossbow effect description.
  • [FIXED] Logs sell price is inconsistency and has rounding issues.
  • [FIXED] Enemies don't die from debuffs/bleed/DoT when below 1 HP until player attacks again.
  • [FIXED] Master Slayer Gear does not affect Thieving drops.
  • [FIXED] Divine Potion IV: chance to not consume Prayer Points (25%), did not match the item description (35%). Correctly applies at 35% now.
  • [FIXED] Gold Emerald Ring does not give the expected 7% bonus XP to Prayer
  • [FIXED] Fixed Prayer XP providing more XP than intended
  • [FIXED] Slight disagreement Between a Skill's Mastery Percentage.
  • [FIXED] Ancient Ring of Skills does not apply bonus to Alt. Magic.
  • [FIXED] Offline Cooking doesn't use potions correctly
  • [FIXED] Upgrade item window not showing change in Melee Attack Bonuses correctly.
  • [FIXED] Fish caught stat not counting correctly for Offline progress.
  • [FIXED] Reindeer Pet appears in Pet list even if not obtained.
  • [FIXED] Looting items manually doesn't check if your bank is full.
  • [FIXED] Duplicate Combat Loot bug should now be squashed.
  • [FIXED] Redemption Prayer does not function as intended.
  • [FIXED] Hunter's Ring passives not processing correctly.
  • [FIXED] Hardcore Character death Steam achievement is not working.
  • [FIXED] Rags to Riches II Combination Rune's Nature Rune cost is less than intended.
  • [FIXED] Greater Dragonbreath Enemy Special Attack deals twice as much damage as the description says. Now deals the correct amount of Damage according to description.
  • [FIXED] Issues with character switching during Combat.
  • [FIXED] Chance to Hit displays wrong value/Hit chance is implemented incorrectly.
  • [FIXED] Earth Adept Wizard Hat has incorrect Magic Level required on Crafting page.
  • [FIXED] Auroras don't seem to get the Skull Cape effect of Rune Preservation.
  • [FIXED] Runic Ruins Slayer Area Effect -30% Magic Evasion not applying as intended.
  • [FIXED] Unable to idle Cooking offline until you purchased the first cooking fire. You can now idle without purchasing it.
  • [FIXED] Missing Slayer Milestones for new Slayer Areas.
  • [FIXED] Aorpheat's Signet Ring provides double the listed bonus to Thieving GP.
  • [FIXED] New Bank items are not sorted correctly when using Stack GP Value options.
  • [FIXED] Invalid Javascript syntax is declaring unwanted globally scoped variables.
  • [FIXED] Some Items have duplicate properties.
  • [FIXED] Broken Milestone image for Godswords in Attack.
  • [FIXED] Ancient Wizard Set, and Water Acolyte Wizard Hat bonus does not match description.
  • [FIXED] Clue Chasers Insignia lowers the Rhaelyx pieces chance to drop.
  • [FIXED] Farming Pet increasing harvest quantity more than intended.
  • [FIXED] The Sandstorm Ring will consume arrows on each hit.
  • [FIXED] Mystic Prayers have different descriptions.
  • [FIXED] [Steam] Rich presence - Total level does not update dynamically.
  • [FIXED] Offline Mastery XP for Crafting Skills producing more Mastery XP than intended.
  • [FIXED] Enemy Special Attack Burning Claws now correctly attacks twice as per its description
  • [FIXED] Removed the Damage Reduction debuff from the Sealing Special Attack description.
  • [FIXED] New items added to the game are now sorted correctly.
  • [FIXED] Corrected spelling of "Drowsy Spores" special attack.
  • [FIXED] Rune counts in the "My Rune" page now update dynamically, and correctly.
  • [FIXED] Save timestamp shows in local time, and is no longer a massive string.

Alpha v0.18.2 - (6th January 2021)

New Features

  • [NEW] The Welcome Screen has had a slight update. Character slots will now display what you were training offline, and also tell you which save is the most recent (If logged into the Cloud).
  • [NEW] Selecting a Local Save while connected to the Cloud will now prompt you to confirm, due to the nature of it overwriting your Cloud Save once you load the game.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Removed the Damage Reduction from the Frienship Bracelet. I hope you enjoyed using it while it lasted. Just remember Event Items this OP won't always last forever.
  • [CHANGE] The Candy Cane now has a much, much higher chance to kill you instead of the enemy. I don't recommend using it.


  • [FIXED] Fixed issue that caused Woodcutting Mastery to not apply correctly to the 2nd tree you were cutting.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue that caused item quantities to go negative within your bank.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Area Effect was not applying at all for Dark Waters Slayer Area
  • [FIXED] Clicking the Melvor Logo in the sidebar will no longer refresh the page.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Spelling Error for Otto Pet location in Pet Log
  • [FIXED] Fixed Fishing Mastery providing incorrect chance to double fish.
  • [FIXED] Hardcore Characters now correctly delete when dying to Thieving while logged into the Cloud.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue that caused Pets to be rarer than usual while training offline (Lol sorry about this one)
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue that caused the Christmas Pet to count towards Completion.

Alpha v0.18.1 - Christmas Event (23rd December 2020)

Hello again everyone!

Melvor Idle's small Christmas Event for 2020 is now live!

This is only a really small one, as I wanted to dedicate my time to developing the next Major Update.

But hopefully you have some fun with some of the items you can get!

Check the Christmas Event 2020 Page in game for the details :D

I hope everyone has a fantastic festive season!

Alpha v0.18.0 - (14th December 2020)

New Features

  • [NEW] New Slayer Mechanics have been Introduced.
  • [NEW] 5 Tiers of Slayer Tasks have been added.
  • [NEW] You can now Extend your Slayer Tasks once at a cost of Slayer Coins.
  • [NEW] Auto Slayer has been added to the Slayer Shop to unlock a toggle option for fighting new Slayer Task Enemies automatically.
  • [NEW] Slayer Combat Area - Runic Ruins - 5 Enemies - Level 45 Slayer Required
  • [NEW] Slayer Combat Area - Arid Plains - 6 Enemies - Level 50 Slayer Required & Desert Hat Equipped (New Shop Item)
  • [NEW] Slayer Combat Area - Shrouded Badlands - 4 Enemies - Level 80 Slayer Required & Blazing Lantern Equipped (New Shop Item)
  • [NEW] Slayer Combat Area - Perilous Peaks - 3 Enemies - Level 85 Slayer Required & Climbing Boots Equipped (New Shop Item)
  • [NEW] Slayer Combat Area - Dark Waters - 3 Enemies - Level 90 Slayer Required & Into the Mist Cleared (New Dungeon detailed below)
  • [NEW] Slayer Areas can now have passive Area Effects that affects Player stats. Be sure to read what they do in the Area Selection.
  • [NEW] Dungeon - Miolite Caves (Hard)
  • [NEW] Dungeon - Infernal Stronghold (Elite) - Defeat Volcanic Cave 100 times to access.
  • [NEW] Dungeon - Into the Mist (Insane) - Defeat Ragnar in the Fire God Dungeon to access.
  • [NEW] Combat Passive Slot has been added. Unlocked by defeating Into the Mist Dungeon.
  • [NEW] Part 2 of the Storyline has been added.
  • [NEW] Part 1 of the Storyline that was released back in May 2020 has been added in-game.
  • [NEW] 46 New Monsters have been added, ranging from mid-game Monsters to extremely tough ones. They can be found in various locations and Dungeons.
  • [NEW] A Hidden Easter Egg Monster is also roaming around, somewhere.
  • [NEW] Monsters can now have Passives alongside Special Attacks. These are detailed in the Enemy's Special Attack information Combat Panel.
  • [NEW] Item - Desert Hat - Grants Access to Arid Plains
  • [NEW] Item - Blazing Lantern - Grants Access to Shrouded Badlands
  • [NEW] Item - Climbing Boots - Grants Access to Perilous Peaks
  • [NEW] Items - Miolite Gear - Hybrid Melee / Magic Gear
  • [NEW] Item - Miolite Sceptre - Melee Weapon that grants access to Curses and Auroras.
  • [NEW] Item - Thief Gloves - Grants +150 GP upon killing an Enemy in Combat, or successfully pickpocketing an NPC in Thieving. +5% Thieving Success Rate.
  • [NEW] Item - Shaman Ring - +3% Magic Damage Bonus, +6 HP Regen.
  • [NEW] Item - Book of Occults - Reduces the Body Rune cost of Magic Spells by 1 when equipped as an Off-hand.
  • [NEW] Item - Elementalist Gloves - Provides basic Magic Stats
  • [NEW] Item - Sand Treaders - Attack Speed interval reduced by 0.1s
  • [NEW] Item - Desert Wrappings - Provides basic Combat Stats & 2% Damage Reduction
  • [NEW] Item - Desert Sabre - Melee Weapon with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Desert Shortbow - Ranged Weapon with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Sandstorm Ring - Ring with Special Attack (Yep, that's right)
  • [NEW] Item - Darksteel Dagger - Melee Weapon with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Elder Crown - Attack Speed interval reduced by 0.1s. +10% lifesteal for Attacks. 100% Lifesteal for Bleed Dmg.
  • [NEW] Item - Tormented Ring - Increased Accuracy Ratings for all Attack Styles. Decreased Evasion Rating for all Attack Styles.
  • [NEW] Item - Sanguine Blade - Melee Weapon with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Recoil Shield - Reflects up to 20% of damage dealt to you (Reflect dmg cannot activate more than once every 2 seconds. Reflect dmg cannot kill an enemy nor provide XP).
  • [NEW] Item - Wasteful Ring - Auto Eat threshold increased by +5%. Food Efficiency reduced by -25%.
  • [NEW] Item - Infernal Claw - Melee Weapon with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Tidal Edge (and Item Fragments) - Level 90 1H Melee Weapon with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Ocean Song (and Item Fragments) - Level 90 Magic Wand with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Shockwave (and Item Fragments) - Level 90 Ranged Crossbow with Special Attack
  • [NEW] Item - Jadestone Bolts - Better than Diamond Bolts
  • [NEW] Item - Paladin Gloves - 4% Damage Reduction
  • [NEW] Item - Priest Hat - Reduces cost of Prayers by 1.
  • [NEW] Item - Almighty Lute - It's nice.
  • [NEW] Item - Master tier Slayer Gear - +3% chance to receive double loot from slain monsters or Thieving. 40% Area Effect Negation.
  • [NEW] Item - Green Party Hat - Nice.
  • [NEW] Item - Hunters Ring - +10% Slayer XP. +10% Extra Slayer Coins from Slayer Tasks. Flat -10% Slayer Area Effect negation.
  • [NEW] Item - Future's Prophecy (Storyline Part 1 Book) - Does not count towards item completion.
  • [NEW] Item - Unknown Evil (Storyline Part 2 Book) - Does not count towards item completion.
  • [NEW] Pet - Peri - +5% Evasion Ratings
  • [NEW] Pet - Otto - 0.1s Attack Speed Reduction
  • [NEW] Mastery Pool spending buttons are now colour coded.
  • [NEW] Attempting to spend Mastery Pool XP that will result in a lost Mastery Pool Checkpoint will now ask you to confirm. This confirmation can be disabled in Settings.
  • [NEW] Web/Steam users can now double click an item in the bank to quickly equip it to your current Equipment Set. This only works if you have the "Equip Item - Use Current Equipment Set as Default" setting within the Bank Screen active.
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Auto Slayer - 150K SC - Unlocks the Toggle Option to automatically fight your new Slayer Task (Please be aware that the game will automatically generate a new task for free when completing a Slayer Task).
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Basic Resupply - 5K SC - +200 Mithril Arrows, +200 Topaz Bolts, +200 Light Runes, +200 Lobsters, +200 Magic Bones
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Standard Resupply - 10K SC - +200 Adamant Arrows, +200 Sapphire Bolts, +500 Light Runes, +200 Crab, +500 Magic Bones
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Generous Resupply - 20K SC - +200 Rune Arrows, +200 Ruby Bolts, +1000 Light Runes, +200 Manta Ray, +1000 Magic Bones
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Desert Hat - 25K SC - Grants Access to Arid Plains
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Blazing Lantern - 250K SC - Grants Access to Shrouded Badlands
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Climbing Boots - 500K SC - Grants Access to Perilous Peaks
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Green Party Hat - 10M SC - lol
  • [NEW] Slayer Shop Item - Master Slayer Gear - Each piece has +3% chance to receive double loot from slain monsters or Thieving & 40% Area Effect Negation.
  • [NEW] All Javelins & Throwing Knives now provide +15% Ammo Preservation.
  • [NEW] Ranger Hat & Boots now provide +5% Ammo Preservation each.
  • [NEW] Amulet of Defence now has 2% Damage Reduction.
  • [NEW] Items that you find for the first time will be highlighted in green within your Bank to highlight new finds better to the Player. This highlight is removed by simply selecting the item in your bank.
  • [NEW] Deleting your character will now also delete both the Local & Cloud Save.
  • [NEW] You can now buy multiple charges of gloves at once! This quantity is shared with the materials quantity.
  • [NEW] Shop items will now display the quantity of Gloves/Charges/Items you are buying
  • [NEW] Auto-eat Tooltip in Combat will now display the HP value where Auto-eat will activate.
  • [NEW] Added extra information to the Spellbook which should clear up some confusions about what each type of spell does (Standard, Curses, Auroras, Ancients)
  • [NEW] Added an Early Access notice to the game.
  • [NEW] Clicking inside the Export Save textbox will now auto-select all of the text.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Offline Progress has been revamped, basically eliminating the wait times when loading into the game.
  • [CHANGE] Mastery XP formula for skills that require the use of resources to progress now determines experience based on a pre-defined interval that cannot be adjusted. This means interval upgrades to these skills increases the Master XP / hour rates, and also benefits you in terms of less resources used to max Mastery. However, the downside to this is MXP / hour is much less prior to interval upgrades.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Enemy Combat screen a bit, making Enemy images fit nicer, as well as moving Enemy stats into the Panel. This also shows the current Area you are in and the Area Effect.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Skillcape has new benefits - Bypasses Slayer Item Requirements from Slayer Areas. 60% Area Effect Negation. +5% Damage Dealt to Enemies on Slayer Task.
  • [CHANGE] The game will now automatically locate a new Slayer Task upon Task completion for free.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Gear purchased in the Slayer Shop now has added requirements before being able to buy.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer gear progression has changed. You are now required to purchase Upgrade Kits from the shop to upgrade Basic Slayer gear into higher tiers. The cost for the upgrade kits, in order is [50K, 200K, 1M] Slayer Coins. Yes, this means to acquire Master Tier gear it will cost you 1.26M Slayer Coins in total.
  • [CHANGE] Guardian Amulet has a new Passive: +5% Damage Reduction, but 20% Increased Attack Speed Interval. Both are doubled if you are below 50% HP.
  • [CHANGE] Curses now activate 100% of the time, up from 30%.
  • [CHANGE] Reduced Curse Effect values slightly for most Curses.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Stab and Block bonuses for all Daggers.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Stab bonuses for all Swords.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Slash and Block bonuses for all Two-Handed Weapons from Bronze to Ancient by quite a lot.
  • [CHANGE] Doubled the Magic Damage Bonus for all Glacia God Armour Pieces.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Ancient Claw Special Attack Chance to 15%, up from 5%.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Dragon & Ancient Claw Fragment Drop Rate by 50%.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Glacia Godsword Special Attack Chance to 35%, up from 25%.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Confetti Crossbow cap to 250% Damage Dealt, up from 200%.
  • [CHANGE] Icicle Volley now does 170 damage per hit, down from 180.
  • [CHANGE] Ignite now does 680 damage, down from 800
  • [CHANGE] Frostbite now has a 30% Chance to Freeze, down from 40%
  • [CHANGE] Quake now deals 540 damage per hit, down from 630.
  • [CHANGE] Gust now deals 200 damage per hit, up from 190.
  • [CHANGE] Slicing Winds now deals 175 damage per hit, down from 185.
  • [CHANGE] Incinerate now does 63 damage per hit, down from 69.
  • [CHANGE] Incinerate now costs 30 Fire, 10 Ancient, 10 Havoc, up from [25,8,8]
  • [CHANGE] Base Prayer XP earned in Combat has been reduced by 50%.
  • [CHANGE] You no longer have a chance to receive a Mastery Token, Signet Ring Half (a) or an item relating to the Crown of Rhaelyx when burning Fish in Cooking.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly Updated the Area Selection UI to make the difficulty more distinct and easy to read.
  • [CHANGE] Updated text in the Thieving screen mentioning how Success Rate mechanics work.
  • [CHANGE] DARK MODE is now slightly darker.
  • [CHANGE] "Show Confirmation on Close" Setting will now only display on the Web Version of the game.
  • [CHANGE] The Monster Stats and Item Stats array behind the scenes has been revamped in an effort to reduce save file size.


  • [FIXED] Offline Thieving now correctly applies "Stun" timer.
  • [FIXED] Total Mastery now updates without requiring a page refresh.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect timestamp that displayed upon loading into the game.
  • [FIXED] The page will no longer move the screen when finding a new enemy if your screen/window width is more than 991px wide.
  • [FIXED] Damage dealt notification should now display all damage done.
  • [FIXED] Alt Magic should now remember the selected item when activating Offline Progression.
  • [FIXED] Offline Fishing doubling items when it shouldn't be.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where a Player could still attack if Asleep or Stunned.
  • [FIXED] Ty now correctly rolls for Offline Progression.
  • [FIXED] Clue Chasers Insignia actually made items more rare for Offline Progression.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Runecrafting 95% Mastery Bonus that wasn't working Offline.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Firemkaing 50% Mastery Bonus that wasn't working Offline.
  • [FIXED] Importing a save from an old version of the game will now correctly reset all new save variables.
  • [FIXED] Corrected item upgrades that result in less Melee Defence Bonus than their lesser version.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where new Milestones unlocked from levelling up a Skill would not display if your level up notification Setting was set to "Large".
  • [FIXED] Corrected Mithril Battleaxe quantity that drops from Standard Chest.
  • [FIXED] Black Equipment is now correctly displayed in the Milestones.
  • [FIXED] Switching characters from within the game will now disable the other Characters from being selected during the loading interval.
  • [FIXED] Total GP Acquired stats now correctly counts Alch GP, Thieving and Firemaking with Mastery Pool Bonus.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue that allowed Offline Progress for Mining to activate more than once when loading into the game with a depleted ore.
  • [FIXED] Fixed dispaly issue where leveling up a Mastery using your pool within Cooking or Firemaking caused the selected item's progress to adjust according to what you just leveled up (Did that make sense? lol)
  • [FIXED] Fixed blank difficulty setting for Desolate Plains Slayer Area.
  • [FIXED] "You do not have enough Runes" notification will now let you know if you if its talking about Standard Runes or Combination Runes.
  • [FIXED] Total Bank Value now correctly includes increased sale value of Logs if you have achieved the Woodcutting Mastery Pool Bonus for it.
  • [FIXED] Bulk Sell Item Mode now correctly includes the same as above.
  • [FIXED] Player Hitpoints & Attack Speed bars should now correctly adjust according to screen size/width.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where selecting the All but 1 option within the bank sale, and then proceeding to adjust the quantity using the textbox would not actually update the sale quantity.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Offline Progression duplication issue.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Regeneration Potion not applying bonuses correctly.
  • [FIXED] Firemaking Stat for total logs burnt now correctly tracks Offline.
  • [FIXED] Damage dealt to Monsters should now correctly track all damage, including Bleed.
  • [FIXED] Some spelling errors have been fixed.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Auto Slayer option in Settings (As it defaults to enabled now).
  • [REMOVED] "Show Enemy Skill Levels" setting.

Alpha v0.17.0 - (14th October 2020)

New Features

  • [NEW] The Mastery System has been completely reworked.
  • [NEW] During the Mastery Conversion process, you will be granted 1 extra level for every Mastery.
  • [NEW] The Bank has been completely reworked.
  • [NEW] The game's UI has been updated. This brings along new fonts, colour schemes, UI styles and performance improvements.
  • [NEW] Implemented an in-game tutorial / game-guide. This can be accessed by clicking the Header Image of the page/skill you are currently on.
  • [NEW] The "Mastery Pool" and respective bonuses have been added to the game.
  • [NEW] All items now have Level 99 bonuses.
  • [NEW] Firemaking now has Mastery Bonuses that provides increased burn interval, as well as Global Mastery XP modifiers.
  • [NEW] New Item - Ancient Ring of Mastery - +7% Global Mastery XP. Obtained as a Special Item in Fishing
  • [NEW] New Item - Completion Skillcape - Inherits all Skillcape Benefits. All Mastery Pool bonuses are active. +5% Damage Reduction.
  • [NEW] New Pet - Ty (The Tasmanian Devil) - +3% Global Mastery XP. Obtained by performing any action the provides Mastery XP.
  • [NEW] The game now synchronizes to the Cloud every 10 seconds.
  • [NEW] Bank Tabs have been added. Everyone gets 10 Tabs for free.
  • [NEW] The Bank now has a "Sell Mode".
  • [NEW] An option to set the default Tab an item is added to has been added.
  • [NEW] Added extra Sorting Options for the Bank. This includes sorting based on GP Values.
  • [NEW] You can now "Claim X" Mastery Tokens.
  • [NEW] You can now "Open X" for all chests.
  • [NEW] You can now "Bury X" for types of Bones.
  • [NEW] You can now see your Item Stats within the Bank Screen.
  • [NEW] You can now see the total sale amount of an Item in the Bank Screen based on the Sale Quantity you have selected.
  • [NEW] You can now select which Equipment Set you want Arrows/Ammo to be equipped to.
  • [NEW] You can now select the exact quantity of Arrows you want to equip.
  • [NEW] When equipping an item, it will now tell you what item/s will be unequipped.
  • [NEW] The game will now tell you if a Weapon is 1 or 2 handed (Under the item image).
  • [NEW] When searching for an item in the Bank, the Bank tab will light up to show you where it is.
  • [NEW] You can now pet your Pets from either the Pet log or the Skilling Minibar.
  • [NEW] Items that do not count towards completion can now be added to your bank by clicking on them in the Item Log. You can only do this for the items you actually obtained when they were available.
  • [NEW] Mining now displays locked ores (Just like Woodcutting).
  • [NEW] You can now upgrade 1,000 Rune Essence into a Basic Magic Wand
  • [NEW] You can now see your Cloud Username from the User Dropdown Menu
  • [NEW] There is new Artwork for the Godswords, Cloudburst Staff, and Earth Layered Shield. Huge thanks to Briendahl for providing these.
  • [NEW] There is new Artwork for the Ancient Javelins. Huge thanks to Eli for providing this.
  • [NEW] Golbin Raid - Golbin Raid Bosses have been added. The final Golbin at the end of every 10 waves is very powerful, so watch out for those Max Hits!
  • [NEW] Golbin Raid - The Golbins now have randomised names and traits! They are named after all Past, Present and Future Elite Supporters from Patreon.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Changed how double item chance mechanics work. Items, potions, pets and other bonuses that provide a +% chance of receiving double items is now an additive bonus. For example, if you had two items that had 5% chance to double, this would previously roll separately and provide the chance to gain x4 items. Now the percentages are added and you will get a set 10% chance. This only affects items with a % chance. Items that specifically mention they double items will still proc individually.
  • [CHANGE] The Mastery XP formula has been changed to be the same as the Skill XP formula.
  • [CHANGE] The Mastery Bonuses for Runecrafting has been changed, removing the XP bonus from per item Masteries (This has moved to the Mastery Pool). The quantity multiplier for Runes has also been adjusted.
  • [CHANGE] The Magic Skillcape has been changed. The benefit is now: "Doubles the Rune cost reduction of equipped items".
  • [CHANGE] The Thieving Skillcape has been changed. The benefit is now: "Reduce Thieving Interval by 0.5 seconds".
  • [CHANGE] Herblore Tier unlocks changed to Mastery Levels [1,20,50,90], up from [1,15,40,65]
  • [CHANGE] Farming Mastery Bonuses have changed. The Amount of Seeds you can get back has changed to [1,2,4,5,6,8] at Masterty Levels [16,31,46,61,76,91,99]
  • [CHANGE] The time to grow for Allotments and Herbs have been increased by a multiple of 3.
  • [CHANGE] The base harvest quantity for Allotments and Herbs has also been increased by a multiple of 3.
  • [CHANGE] The time to grow for Trees has been doubled.
  • [CHANGE] The Farming experience provided by Trees has been multiplied by 2.5x.
  • [CHANGE] The base harvest quantity for Trees has been increased by a multiple of 7x.
  • [CHANGE] The Gold Emerald Ring no longer works with Alt. Magic.
  • [CHANGE] The Ancient Ring of Skills now works with Alt. Magic.
  • [CHANGE] The Slayer Pet chance now rolls per attack for enemies that are your current slayer task, instead of on kill only.
  • [CHANGE] Cooking Fire bonus % XP has changed to [5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,70] from [0,5,10,15,20,25,35,50,75].
  • [CHANGE] Increased Clue Chaser's Insignia bonus to 10%, up from 5%.
  • [CHANGE] The base Runecrafting XP provided by all Runes has been doubled.
  • [CHANGE] Lemon, Lemons, Lemonade no longer count towards Item Completion.
  • [CHANGE] The "Buy X" button in the Shop is now more prominent.
  • [CHANGE] Doubled the amount of Eyeballs that drop from all Eye Monsters.
  • [CHANGE] "Melee" Combat Attack Style is now depicted by a Sword Icon, instead of the Combat Icon.
  • [CHANGE] Crafting Skillcape now reduces the Crafting Interval by 0.5s, instead of a flat 50% reduction.
  • [CHANGE] Crafting Pet now decreases the Crafting Interval by 0.2s, down from 0.3s
  • [CHANGE] Updated the visual look of items sitting within the Loot Container in Combat.
  • [CHANGE] Golbin Raid - Increased scaling for Golbin Raid Coins to [Wave * Monster Count * FLOOR(Wave / 15 + 1)], up from [Wave * Monster Count].
  • [CHANGE] Golbin Raid - Reduced Golbin HP scaling to [HP = Wave * 1.2 + 1], down from [HP = Wave * 2 + 1].
  • [CHANGE] Golbin Raid - Increased Stat Bonus scaling for the Golbins to [Wave / 4.2], up from [Wave / 3.3].
  • [CHANGE] Golbin Raid - The minimum quantity of Food you can get is now equal to the Wave you are up to.
  • [CHANGE] Golbin Raid - Reduced enemy respawn time by 50%


  • [FIXED] Combination Runes now work correctly offline for Alt. Magic.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue causing the Upgrade Item screen to display the incorrect stats of the Item.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issues that caused Mining rocks to be depleted permantently.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issues with Combat Progress bars sometimes getting stuck on rare occasions.
  • [FIXED] Frostbite now correctly applies Extra Damage Multiplier
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Thieving Mastery Levels displayed as Level 70.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Monster image allignment issues for Mobile.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Fishing Pet rolls twice per action offline.
  • [FIXED] Fixed item duplication issue with loot when clicking rapidly in the Loot container.
  • [FIXED] Cooking and Firemaking now displays a notification when resources are preserved.
  • [FIXED] Corrected the Stormsnap sale price to 1,500,000, up from 150,000
  • [FIXED] Fixed all potential issues with the Clue Chasers Insignia.
  • [FIXED] Clue Chaser's Insignia now helps with getting the Crown of Rhaelyx pieces.
  • [FIXED] Slayer's Crossbow no longer provides the bonus to enemies in dungeons
  • [FIXED] Herblore Potion Selection Tooltips no longer display unless you have the required Herblore Level to make the Potion.
  • [FIXED] When changing pages, it will now jump to the top of the page.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrectly sized bank borders for some items.
  • [FIXED] Fixed some word formatting.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Base Prayer XP has been removed. You are now required to use Prayers to gain Prayer XP.
  • [REMOVED] You are no longer required to manually light a Cooking Fire. This is now a permanent feature for new Players.
  • [REMOVED] Removed all unnessecary console logs.
  • [REMOVED] Removed empty Tooltip from Fletching.

Alpha v0.16.3 - (14th September 2020)

New Features

  • [NEW] Melvor Idle's 1st Birthday Event is now Live!
  • [NEW] Every Monster in game is celebrating with us! Check out their new attire.
  • [NEW] Alt. Magic can now be progressed Offline!
  • [NEW] A brand new Welcome Screen has been added to the game!
  • [NEW] The Crown of Rhaelyx now works correctly for all Skills Offline.
  • [NEW] You can now "Upgrade" your Charge Stones of Rhaelyx back into Mysterious Stones.
  • [NEW] I have created a Custom Sort Order for the Bank. Clicking the "Quick Sort Bank" button will now sort items in a much better way. Please provide feedback on the way items are sorted, but hopefully it is really easy to now figure out where an item lies (The item log is not sorted yet).
  • [NEW] Added Amulet of Fishing and Barbarian Gloves to the Fishing Skilling Minibar. These will only show if you have found the item.
  • [NEW] The Cloudburst Staff now also reduces the Water Rune cost of Magic Spells by 7.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] If you roll for a Signet Half without wearing the Gold Topaz Ring, the game will now give you a Gold Topaz Ring (Instead of a Lemon).
  • [CHANGE] The description for the Gold Topaz Ring now also reads: "Maybe you should keep this item equipped for something else."
  • [CHANGE] All basic armour has updated artwork to remove the boarders! Special thanks to Breindahl for supplying the Artwork
  • [CHANGE] Vambraces have a new look! Special thanks to Sentry for supplying the Artwork
  • [CHANGE] Leonardo, the Defence Pet, has a slightly updated look. Special thanks to Breindahl for supplying the Artwork.


  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where there was a chance one of your Characters would be overwritten when changing Characters.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Offline Progress for Cooking would fail, and the "Loading Offline Progress" popup would not go away forcing a refresh. This caused cooked fish to vanish but you still receive the Cooking XP for it.
  • [FIXED] Changing / Selecting a Character will not fire the refresh instantly, instead of after 1 second.
  • [FIXED] Quantities for selected crafts should now update dynamically without needing to select the item again.
  • [FIXED] Aorphet's Signet Ring now correctly applies to the Confetti Crossbow.
  • [FIXED] Combat Triangle icon now displays on Mobile within the Combat Stats menu.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a rare issue where offline progress would not clear when switching to Combat, causing you to receive offline progress for your last trained skill when in Combat.

Alpha v0.16.2 - (17th August 2020)

New Features

  • [NEW] Added the first Minigame to Melvor Idle - Golbin Raid. You can find the link to this, with all required details under the Skills section in the sidebar.
  • [NEW] Added a new Monster to the Farmlands - Plant - This level 1 Monster has a 75% chance to drop a Potato.
  • [NEW] Updated UI for viewing Item Stats, Upgrading Items and for viewing all item stats. For mobile players, if you want to see what your item stats are without unequipping them, select the "View Equipment Stats" in Combat so you can individually tap the items. I will implement a permanent solution in the near future.
  • [NEW] The Attack Speed bar will now animate during the use of a Special Attack.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Icicle Volley now does 180 damage over 5 procs, down from 205 damage and 6 procs
  • [CHANGE] Frostbite chance to freeze is now 40%, up from 15%
  • [CHANGE] New Frostbite bonus - If Enemy is Stunned/Frozen, deal 1.3x damage.
  • [CHANGE] Gust damage reduce to 190, down from 195.
  • [CHANGE] Incinerate now procs 14 times, up from 13.
  • [CHANGE] Glacia Godsword Special Attack "Ice Prison" chance to proc is now 25%, up from 10%
  • [CHANGE] Changed Woodcutting Pet passive to "+5% chance to double logs received from Woodcutting".
  • [CHANGE] Added some text on the offline progression screen to advise the Player that 12 hours is the current capped time limit. This will only display if they reach over 12 hours offline.
  • [CHANGE] Updating wording for Auto Eat to be more clear.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly altered the drop table for the Magic Chest. This should increase the chance to get Ancient Wizard Gear.
  • [CHANGE] The experimental setting will now be enabled by default on mobile devices.


  • [FIXED] The "My Runes" menu in Combat will again show what Runes are currently being used.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue that caused Theiving Offline Progression to not work if the App/Tab was put into the background with 90 to 94% success rate.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where special attacks for weapons that cannot miss were actually missing
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where it wasn't actually possible to get the Farming Pet.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Ranged Strength and Magic Damage Potion upgrade issue.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect level requirement milestone displayed for Fire Strike
  • [FIXED] Fixed offline progression issue that would allow Mining to progress faster than intended.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug that allowed any item to be used in Rags to Riches.
  • [FIXED] Offline XP gained now displays the correct amount of XP provided.
  • [FIXED] Corrected Iron Throwing Knife Smithing XP to be 20 XP per action.
  • [FIXED] Adjusted the wording for "Razor-Sharp Claws" special attack for Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor to match the actual ingame mechanics (Attack is avoidable).
  • [FIXED] Player's chance to hit should now update when using the Ancient Crossbow Special Attack.
  • [FIXED] Updated the description for Gust, adding the missing "10% chance to stun enemy" detail.
  • [FIXED] Updated some functions relating to the bank to hopefully stop possible instances of items going missing, or being used when they were not supposed to be.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect / inconsistent calculations relating to damage to Enemy.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Crown of Rhaelyx not providing base preservation chance to Herblore.
  • [FIXED] Most external libraries that the game uses are now hosted locally. This should eliminate the recent issues of the game failing to load due to these libraries not being able to be accessed.

Alpha v0.16.1 - (27th July 2020)

New Features

  • [NEW] You can now equip Skilling Gloves and Bob's Rake from the new Skilling Minibar. These will only show after you have purchased at least 1 from the Shop.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Superheat Magic Spells now require Earth Runes instead of Water Runes. This also means the Combination Rune required is the Lava Rune instead of the Steam Rune. The Spell now makes sense thematically (Can't make bars with Steam, ya'know).
  • [CHANGE] Blessed Offering now requires 2 Nature Runes, up from 1.
  • [CHANGE] The Fighter Amulet bonus is now a Melee only bonus. The description has been updated to reflect this.
  • [CHANGE] The Fighter Amulet now procs at 70%, down from 75%
  • [CHANGE] Slicing Winds, Gust, and Incinerate now require at least 20K Accuracy Rating to guarantee the hit.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Minimum Hit calcuation for damage. It is no longer incredibly OP.
  • [CHANGE] Runecrafting Double Item Mastery benefit now only applies to Runes. Mastery description has been updated to accomodate this.


  • [FIXED] All Skilling Pet Bonuses now work Offline.
  • [FIXED] Fixed background image not loading correctly for Mobile versions of the game
  • [FIXED] Woodcutting Mastery Benefits now correctly apply Offline.
  • [FIXED] Aorpheats Signet Ring bonus now correctly applies to Woodcutting and Thieving Offline.
  • [FIXED] Smithing Skillcape now correctly applies bonus both Online and Offline.
  • [FIXED] Fixed minor issues with the Shop.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Hardcore was limited to 75 Bank Slots, instead of the intended 80 Bank Slots.
  • [FIXED] Most Potion Upgrades have been fixed. Some are still not working, this is being looked into.
  • [FIXED] Tooltips for Equipment Sets no longer stack on top of each other. They now correctly display as intended.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect Milestones.
  • [FIXED] Combat Triangle indicator in Combat now updates correctly when changing gear.
  • [FIXED] Slayer Pet no longer makes Slayer Shop items 20% more expensive.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where casting a Magic Spell with an Aurora could break the game.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where the incorrect Pet was being obtained for the Skill when training Offline.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect calculation for Thieving Pet bonus.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Prayer Pet causing issues when interacting with Prayer Potions
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Divine Potion was not applying the bonus as it was intended.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Book of Eli was not applying the Light Rune bonus correctly.
  • [FIXED] Magic Skillcape now works correctly for Auroras.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect Tutorial Tip for acquiring a Magic Staff
  • [FIXED] Fixed Cooking Pet applying the incorrect bonus.
  • [FIXED] Prayer Points will now apply correctly when burying Bones.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect icons displayed in Upgrade Item screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed broken Crown of Rhaelyx when using with Smithing.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect descriptions and formatting for Alt Magic Spells.
  • [FIXED] Updated the description of the Skull Cape to be more clear as to where the bonus is applied.
  • [FIXED] Gold Emerald Ring now works for Alt Magic.
  • [FIXED] Updated Item description for Gold Emerald Ring and Ancient Ring of Skills.
  • [FIXED] Spelling Errors.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where hovering over the Attack Type tooltip for the Enemy would crash the game in rare instances.
  • [FIXED] Firemaking Skillcape and Max Skillcape Coal Benefit now work offline for Firemaking.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Runecrafting giving unintended preservation chance.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where equipping a Ranged Weapon into one of your inactive Equipment Sets that had a Throwing Knife or Javelin equipped would cause the Ammo in your current slot to disappear.
  • [FIXED] Golden Golbin now correctly applies the passive loot bonus.
  • [FIXED] You can no longer equip the base pieces of the Crown of Rhaelyx.
  • [FIXED] Crown of Rhaelyx now correctly uses 1 charge instead of the entire stack.

Alpha v0.16 - "The Art of Magic" - (22nd July 2020)

New Features

  • [NEW] 14 Magic Curses have been added. These act as Debuffs and can be used on top of standard Magic Spells.
  • [NEW] 12 Magic Auroras have been added. These act as Buffs to the Player and can be activated alongside Magic Spells
  • [NEW] Ancient Magicks have been added. These are 7 very powerful Magic Spells that can be used in Combat.
  • [NEW] 12 Alt Magic (non-Combat) Spells have been added. These provide an alternate route to train Magic with some unique benefits.
  • [NEW] Air / Water / Earth / Fire Acolyte Magic Gear have been added. These are created in Runecrafting and provide +5 Minimum Damage to the respective Magic Spell Type.
  • [NEW] Air / Water / Earth / Fire Adept Magic Gear have been added. These are created in Runecrafting and provide +15 Minimum Damage to the respective Magic Spell Type.
  • [NEW] Air / Water / Earth / Fire Expert Magic Gear have been added. These are created in Runecrafting and provide +20 Minimum Damage to the respective Magic Spell Type.
  • [NEW] Air / Water / Earth / Fire Imbued Wands have been added. These are created in Runecrafting and provide increased damage.
  • [NEW] 10 new Runes have been added, including Combination Runes which act as both Runes used to create it. These are created in Runecrafting.
  • [NEW] Pets have been added! There are 20 cute little critters to find out there. They provide small passive bonuses and count towards Completion.
  • [NEW] Hardcore Mode has been added. This is a *[NEW]gamemode selected upon Character Creation that provides an extra challenge to how the game plays.
  • [NEW] Character Selection has been added and supports up to 3 Characters currently.
  • [NEW] Damage Multipliers and Damage Reduction adjustments have been added to Combat. These are determined by your Combat Type and the Enemy's Combat Type.
  • [NEW] Manually Eating now resets your Attack.
  • [NEW] It is now possible to increase your Maximum Hitpoints via Equipment.
  • [NEW] A Skilling Minibar has been added. This menu provides a shortcut to information about the Skills. You can also equip your Skillcape directly from this menu. This can be disabled in Settings or hidden away by clicking the Melvor Idle Logo.
  • [NEW] You are now able to Upgrade Potions to the next tier via the Bank. Upgrades cost 3 x Potions and require the correct Mastery Level to upgrade. If you cannot make them in Herblore yet, you cannot Upgrade the Potion.
  • [NEW] New Shop Item - Red Party Hat - Provides exclusive bragging rights because you're so cool that you have a Party Hat. Brag about it so other Players can aspire to be as cool as you.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Dragonfire Shield (Michael7050) - An Upgrade for the (G) Ancient Shield that provides +10 Maximum HP.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Crown of Rhaelyx (Rhaelyx) - +10% chance to preserve resources in non-combat skills (Does not work with Alt Magic). This bonus is increased to 25% if there is at least 1 Charge of Rhaelyx in your bank. There is a 0.1% chance a Charge will be destroyed per action.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Pet - Asura, the Slayer Pet ( [ ] ) - Gain +20% Extra Slayer Coins from Slayer Tasks
  • [NEW] New Patreon Pet - Pudding Duckie, the Fishing Pet (Moose) - 5% Chance to double the amount of Fish per catch
  • [NEW] You can now see the quantity of the grown Allotment/Herb/Tree you have in the bank from the Farming Seed selection screen
  • [NEW] New Ancient Crossbow Special Attack - Impairing Shot (15%) - Normal hit that slows Enemy Attack Speed by 20% for 3 turns. Reduce Enemy Ranged Evasion Rating by 30% for the rest of the fight.
  • [NEW] The Enemy's Max Hit value will now display inclusive of your Damage Reduction. If you have Damage Reduction, it will display as (Max Hit).
  • [NEW] The Book of Eli has a new Passive - Reduces the Light Rune cost of Auroras only by 1. Grants access to Tier III Auroras when Equipped.
  • [NEW] New Item - Enchanted Cape - A basic Magic Cape providing Magic Stats. Dropped by Master Wizards.
  • [NEW] New Item - Enchanted Shield - A basic Magic Shield providing Magic Stats. Dropped by Dark Wizards.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] The God Dungeons are no longer accessible until the Dungeon prior has been completed. For the Air God Dungeon, this means the Volcanic Cave must be completed prior to entering.
  • [CHANGE] Reduced the Magic Level Requirements for most of the Standard Magic Spells.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the description on some items to be more clear as to what they do.
  • [CHANGE] Lowered offline Thieving Success Rate requirement to 90%, down from 95%.
  • [CHANGE] Bank Space price is now capped at 5M, up from 4M
  • [CHANGE] Standard Elemental Staves now substitute 1 x of the respective Elemental Rune.
  • [CHANGE] Elemental Battlestaves now substitute 3 x of the respective Elemental Rune.
  • [CHANGE] Mystic Elemental Staves now substitute 5 x of the respective Elemental Rune.
  • [CHANGE] Magic Skillcape now substitutes 7 x of each Elemental Rune.
  • [CHANGE] All Glacia God Armour pieces now provide +10 Minimum Damage to all Standard Elemental Magic Spells.
  • [CHANGE] All Ancient Wizard Gear pieces now provide +5 Minimum Damage to all Standard Elemental Magic Spells.
  • [CHANGE] All Glacia God Armour pieces now have 8% Damage Reduction, up from 5%
  • [CHANGE] All Aeris God Armour pieces now have 8% Damage Reduction, up from 7% (Including Gloves)
  • [CHANGE] All Ragnar God Armour pieces Melee Strength Bonus increased by +5
  • [CHANGE] Ranger Hat now has a Ranged Strength Bonus of +6, up from 0.
  • [CHANGE] All Horned Elite monsters now drop up to 4 Large Horns, up from 1
  • [CHANGE] Increased sale price of Large Horns to 3600 GP, up from 150 GP
  • [CHANGE] Increased sale price of Black Dragonhide to 850 GP, up from 500 GP
  • [CHANGE] Increased sale price of Whales to 1024 GP, up from 987 GP
  • [CHANGE] Increased sale price of Magic Fish to 960 GP, up from 600 GP
  • [CHANGE] Reduced sale price of Dragon Javelins to 650 GP, down from 679 GP
  • [CHANGE] Smithing Mastery Benefit for resource preservation chance changed to [5%, 10%, 15%, 20%], down from [10%, 20%, 30%, 40%]
  • [CHANGE] Fletching, Crafting & Herblore Mastery Benefit for resource preservation chance changed to 0.2%, down from 0.25% per mastery level
  • [CHANGE] Runecrafting Skillcape now works on all Runecrafting items
  • [CHANGE] Runecrafting Skillcape resource preservation chance changed to 35%, down from 50%
  • [CHANGE] Water God Dungeon - Water Monster Special Attack "Ice Break" damage reduced to 325, down from 450.
  • [CHANGE] Earth God Dungeon - Terran Special Attack "Seismic Slam" damage per proc reduced to 950, down from 1000
  • [CHANGE] Your Attack now resets when switching Equipment Sets
  • [CHANGE] Smithing Coal Ore Required Quantity now displays the actual required amount of Coal with the Skillcape Equipped, instead of the original required amount.
  • [CHANGE] Replaced 91% of tooltips in the game with the new Tooltip Library
  • [CHANGE] Increased the Max Hit of all Standard Air Spells.
  • [CHANGE] There's a new background image for the game! This also includes a new Dark Mode version.


  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Crafting interval was calculated incorrectly offline.
  • [FIXED] Gold Emerald Ring benefit now works when Fishing in the Barbarian Fishing Area for Strength XP only.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue with Mobile versions of the game where it was not possible to scroll down, including on the Character Creation screen.
  • [FIXED] Adjusted some Offline Progression functions to hopefully ease the loading times. This is still being worked on.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where a Normal Log would display upon coming back to the game instead of the actual Potion icon.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Player Special Attacks would continue to proc after the Enemy has died.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Player Special Attacks would stack, causing more than one attack timer to run at a time.
  • [FIXED] Upgradeable items that have no stats will now hide the stats in the Upgrade Item screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Ragnar's "Cataclysm" Special Attack was avoidable, when it was not meant to be.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Smithing would not work with the Skillcape if you had less than the original required Coal amount.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where registering for a Cloud account would cause the Cloud save to display as broken.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where clicking the HP Bar on the Combat Minibar would open the Sidebar.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the Damage Reduction comparison would show the incorrect value in the Upgrade Item screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Clue Chasers Insignia bonus was calculating incorrectly for Woodcutting Bird Nest Chance and Mining Gem Chance.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Equipping the Clue Chasers Insignia while Mining would not allow you to receive a Gem at all.
  • [FIXED] The description for the Cooking Fire in the Shop now correctly displays the Bonus XP it provides to Cooking.
  • [FIXED] Reduced the width of the Combat Minibar HP Bar on mobile devices to accommodate for smaller screen sizes that caused issue with the Minibar layout.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where selecting a Smithing recipe would force the page to jump back to the top.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Smithing Masteries would not increase in level, even though you had the required Mastery XP.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Removed the Herblore Potion suggestion link

Alpha v0.15.4 (26th June 2020)

Greetings! Back again with another quick update.

This update is dedicated to sorting out many performance issues within the game, and hopefully sorting out memory leaks that have been occurring for some players.

I don't feel comfortable with releasing more content updates until I can sort out some underlying issues that are detrimental to the player experience, so hopefully this update handles most of those issues!

After this update, its time to get this v0.16 Major Update finished.

New Features

  • [NEW] A brand new Tooltip and Popover system has been implemented for the Bank, Item Log and Monster Log (Also in testing within Smithing for the recipe tooltip). They look very similar, but handle much differently. The bank is now extremely responsive and it should minimize 90% of the lag you tend to witness. It should also remove tooltips and menus from getting stuck on the screen (If they do, a simple click away will remove it from your screen).
  • [NEW] All game notifications now run through a completely new library. Performance issues around this should now be minimized.
  • [NEW] New Setting added to disabled the Combat Minibar when on the Combat Page.
  • [NEW] Hovering over an item in the bank with a short-hand quantity value (Eg. 355K) will now display the exact quantity (Eg. 355,676).
  • [NEW] There is now a Total XP statistic.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Skill Experience gained is no longer rounded down. You now receive the exact amount of XP, instead of a whole number. This means small XP bonuses now actually apply to smaller XP-based items. You will still see a rounded down whole number when viewing your XP.


  • [FIXED] Disabling the Combat Minibar setting while in combat will now hide the Combat Minibar without requiring a refresh or leaving combat.
  • [FIXED] Local and Cloud saves will now correctly compare. If they are found to be identical, you will not see the Select Save screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where starting a skill while in combat did not stop combat correctly.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the Combat Minibar would stay on the screen if starting a different skill while you were in combat.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrectly calculated Magic Evasion Rating.
  • [FIXED] Fixed offline progression for devices with the experimental setting enabled.

Alpha v0.15.3 (17th June 2020)


I have a little update for everyone which includes some fixes and nice new QoL features that I assume everyone will love. Most of these were scheduled for v0.16, but there was no point keeping you waiting for it.

New Features

  • [NEW] Introducing the Combat Minibar - This nifty little bar will appear in the bottom right of your screen upon entering combat. It shows your current HP, provides a button to eat food or run away, and clicking the HP bar brings you straight back to the Combat page. This minibar will display on all pages, so you are no longer required to keep checking back to make sure you are not about to die. If you do not wish to see this, you can disable it in settings.
  • [NEW] You can now Sell ALL but 1. This setting remembers your choice, so it will update the sale quantity for each bank item you click to easily sell all but 1 without needing to select the option each time.
  • [NEW] Hovering over an item in a Crafting-related skill will now show the Recipe in a tooltip.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Ice Shortbows now have +37 Ranged Strength Bonus.
  • [CHANGE] Ice Longbows now have +75 Ranged Strength Bonus.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Big ol Ron Slash and Defend accuracies to +138, up from +118.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Ancient Sword Special Attack Chance to 25%, up from 20%.
  • [CHANGE] The Bone Necklace now rewards 2x the amount of Prayer Points for the bones it automatically buries.
  • [CHANGE] Each tier of the Lucky Herb Potion now provides a extra flat +3 qty of the Grown Herb.
  • [CHANGE] Added Padding to the bottom of the Bank to allow room for the Sell dropdown menu to display correctly and not get cut off.


  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where it was possible to loot an item multiple times when collecting from the loot container.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Max Skillcape was not increasing Firemaking coal chance to 100%.
  • [FIXED] Fixed rogue upgrade button for Earth Layered Shield.
  • [FIXED] Cooking stats now track offline progression.
  • [FIXED] Total Fish cooked stat now correctly tracks correct qty cooked, instead of assuming 1 is always cooked.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Deadeye Amulet was activating 75% of the same, instead of the intended 25%.
  • [FIXED] God Dungeon Upgrades will now appear correctly in the Shop without requiring a refresh.
  • [FIXED] Guardian Amulet now correctly resets the Damage Reduction upon defeating an enemy.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the Guardian Amulet would reset if you changed equipment during a fight.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the quantity of Herbs dropped via the Lucky Herb Potion was not affected by double loot chance items.

Alpha v0.15.2 -"Case of Fortune." (4th June 2020)

Welcome to our next Event Update for Melvor Idle! With v0.16 in heavy development, I thought now was a great time to provide an update to keep you occupied.

Staying true to the theme of dumb, rediculous and sometimes obnoxious mechanics, we bring you Case of Fortune!

Case of Fortune Event

The Case of Fortune Event has arrived!.

This totally-original-not-copyrighted-or-seen-anywhere-else-before event has landed to suck your soul away and make you rage at the RNG gods because shiny pixels on a screen mean everything to you.

Upon loading the event, you will be greeted with a screen where you can select a case to open. Click the spin button and wait. This intense, interactive gameplay mechanic is one of the most unique and groundbreaking we have introduced to date.

If you run out of M-Bucks to spend - go cry to your parents and hope they give you some. If not, steal their credit card and purchase some in our totally fair, not Pay2Win shop that provides a significant advantage to those with money.

Enjoy! You might see some random changes here and there to mix it up.


  • [NEW] The Case of Fortune Event is now live!
  • [NEW] Raging Horned Elites can now drop Cooked Trout.
  • [NEW] There is now a button to clear the bank search box.
  • [CHANGE] Reduced sale price for all Fletchable Javelins by roughly 50%.
  • [CHANGE] Increased sale price for Ancient Javelins by roughly 25%.
  • [CHANGE] Base Attack Speed for Stormsnap increased from 2.6s -> 3s.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Melee Strength Bonus for the Big ol Ron to 275, up from 201.
  • [CHANGE] The Cloudburst Staff no longer provides a flat +400 damage every successful hit when using Water Spells. Instead, the staff now provides +500 to your maximum hit when using Water Spells.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly updated some wording on the Cloud / Local save selection screen.
  • [FIXED] The game will now load first, and then calculate your offline progression to minimise browser hangs during load.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect interval calculations for Woodcutting.
  • [FIXED] Fixed visual error where the Offline XP you earned was displayed incorrectly. The intended XP was still given to you. This was purely visual.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Mastery XP for fishing was not applying based on the quantity of fish you caught.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrectly displayed Milestones.

Alpha v0.15.1 (20th May 2020)

Hello everyone! Thank you all for the amazing response to the latest Major Update. I hope everyone is enjoying the new content and are finding the new challenges worth the risk.

Here is the first minor update to the game to address some important requests and issues.


  • [NEW] Melvor Idle has been migrated to a brand new server to accommodate for the large increase in traffic. I will continue to monitor performance and make adjustments where required.
  • [NEW] Added an option to Upgrade xAll. This can be used for various upgrade methods including Elemental Shards, Rope and other things.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Ranged Strength bonus for all Javelins by roughly 50%.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Ranged Strength bonus for all Throwing Knives. Lower tier Throwing knives received roughly 200%-400% increase. High tier received roughly 40-100% increase.
  • [CHANGE] Ancient Claw Special Attack now procs 5% of the time, down from 10%.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Melee Strength Bonus for Twin Exiles to 24, up from 4.
  • [CHANGE] Increased Melee Accuracy Bonus for Twin Exiles to [71, 71, 71], up from [60, 55, 60]
  • [CHANGE] Increased Frozen Archer Max hit.
  • [CHANGE] Frozen Archer now drops up to 20 Ice Arrows 20% of the time, down from 40 Ice Arrows 100% of the time.
  • [CHANGE] You now produce 4 Throwing Knives per bar, up from 2.
  • [CHANGE] Halved the sale price of Throwing Knives to accommodate for the above change.
  • [CHANGE] All Javelins now require 3 logs to create, down from 5 logs.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where saves would not load if it was last saved prior to Weird Gloop being implemented.
  • [FIXED] Adjusted the way bank popovers are handled. Hopefully this fixes the bank popovers that get stuck on the screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the username change modal would not display at all.
  • [FIXED] Gem-Tipped bolts now have correct ranged level requirements. Level requirements are 1, 20, 40, 60, 80 respectively.
  • [FIXED] The ability to choose which equipment set Throwing Knives and Javelins can be equipped into has been removed as it caused issues. A permanent solution for all ammo types is on the way so you can select which equipment slot to equip it to.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrectly displayed Smithing Milestone for Dragon Crossbow Head.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where a bleeding enemy that reaches 0 HP would not die until you attack it again.
  • [FIXED] Max Skillcape now correctly inherits the new Firemaking Skillcape benefits.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where changing to an Equipment Set that contains a Stormsnap while the next enemy was loading would cause the game to error out.

Alpha v0.15 - "Return of the Gods" (16th May 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! Thank you so much for your patience on this one. This update is one of the largest I have released to date in terms of content. Please be sure to read the full changelog so you are aware of what has changed!


Firstly, I'd like to provide a note about this update. Although I'm the one that developed it, pretty much all of the content and lore was planned and created by Prat. For those of you who don't know him - Prat generally provides a lot of assistance with balance, content ideas, number crunching and other random things around the game. He's my go-to person to bounce random ideas off that eventuate into content. He spent a very long time planning this update, so please pass on all thanks and credit to him for his hard work. Let's see what has been added!

The God Dungeons

With the defeat of Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor, the seal that once locked away the Gods fades with him. The Gods now prepare for their return to the world and for their continuation of war. It is up to you to stop them before they destroy it. Welcome to the God Dungeons, there are 4 Gods to defeat within their respective dungeons - Aeris, Glacia, Terran & Ragnar. These dungeons are very dangerous, and should only be attempted by the prepared and willing. Highly Recommended stats: 85+ All Combats, and yes you will need all 3 styles to complete them all (or suffer). Do not try to complete them without sufficient Damage Reduction, you will die.


  • You will find 4 new endgame dungeons to complete. These are split up in 5 floors with increasing monster difficulty as you progress.
  • These dungeons are different to your standard dungeon. Each monster kill drops elemental shards which can be collected and combined to create respective dungeon chests - Air, Water, Earth & Fire. (You can collect shards and leave without completing the dungeon).
  • Each dungeon follows the same logic, The Guards protect the first floor, The Monsters on the 2nd, The Elemental Golems on the 3rd, the God Guardians on the 4th and lastly the God on the 5th.
  • The monsters you face all have a unique, special attack of some form. Be sure to note what they do, it will save your life.

Each God inherits all special attacks from the previous monsters you fought, as well as possessing a strong, powerful special attack unique to them. Defeating a God rewards the player with their respective God Scroll. Defeating a God Dungeon for the first time also unlocks a new skills upgrade in the shop. Be sure to look for this!

Each God Scroll contains the powerful rewards, which the player has a chance to receive. The player is guaranteed to gain one of the following items from the scroll:

  1. A piece from the new God Armour sets (Sets include gloves and boots).
  2. One of the new Godswords, obtainable from the respective scroll. There's a unique Godsword for each God.
  3. Some scrolls contain unique, powerful God Weapons such as a bow, battleaxe, staff or even a special Shield.
  4. A Bank Slot Token. Claim for a free bank slot (Does not increase price of your bank slot costs)

All new God Equipment requires Level 85 in their respective levels to equip. The dungeon chests acquires by upgrading shards give you a chance at obtaining rare, unique dungeon rings and amulets. The rings provide increased combat stats, and each amulet contains a powerful, unique passive effect while equipped.

Note from Prat: These dungeons were made to be challenging and shouldn't be idle-able (maybe possible with god armour and pots). These dungeons should only be attempted by late-game players who have: Dungeon Equipment Swapping, BiS gear for all 3 combats, lots of food, prayer points and potions. Difficulty: I consider the Volcanic Cave challenging, but not overly difficult. Using rough estimates, I believe the easiest God Dungeon is ~ 6x more difficult than Volcanic, they are pretty tough.

Ranged Content Update

Alonside the inclusion of the God Dungeons, it was a perfect time to address an area of Combat that was lacking quite a bit - Ranged. Ranged has been turned upside down and re-evaluated from the ground up. I am talking new weapons, new armour types, lots of damage, lots of choice.

Here is what has been included in this update:

  • Crossbows for each tier of metal, plus Ancient, which use new Gem-Tipped Bolts as ammo.
  • Throwing Knives for each tier of metal, plus Ancient.
  • Javelins for each tier of metal, plus Ancient.
  • Dragonhide Shields
  • Ancient Dragonhide Armour
  • Ranged Armour can now be upgraded just like regular Melee armour.
  • Adjusted values for Shortbow & Longbow stats.
  • New pieces of equipment that will assist with Ranged.

There's a lot of choice here, and it will seem pretty overwhelming at first. But I can tell you now that Ranged packs a pretty decent punch. However, to be able to reach those high DPS numbers, you will need the skill levels and resources to be able to do so. Be sure to check out everything you can make within Smithing, Crafting and Fletching!

Player Special Attacks Rework

This update also includes a redesigned special attack system for Players! I have removed the silly 2 minute special attack timer, and that ridiculous box in the combat screen. This system in general simply did not suit the style of the game. Special attacks are now 100% idle. You do not need to adjust any settings at all! Weapons that possess a special attack will display so within the bank screen. The new description of the special attacks will now show a % chance. This is the chance a weapon has to activate its special attack during combat. You will notice your attack speed bar turn yellow, and the text display the name of the special attack when it is going to be used. Simply as that! There is also a little sword icon next to your attack speed that displays if there is a weapon with a special attack equipped. If you hover over this, or click it, it will display the special attack information.

Max Skillcape

Short and sweet, but the Max Skillcape has been introduced! This Skillcape is unlocked when you reach Level 99 in every single skill in the game. It inherits ALL skillcape perks. This thing is a beast.

That is it for the Major Content! Here's the full changelog:

New Features

  • [NEW] 4 New God Dungeons have been added to the game - Air, Water, Earth & Fire God Dungeons
  • [NEW] Including the God Dungeon Monsters, a total of 26 new Monsters have been added to the game
  • [NEW] Armour for each respective God has been added to the game - These sets include Helmet, Body, Legs, Gloves and Boots
  • [NEW] 4 New Godswords have been introduced - Aeris Godsword, Glacia Godsword, Terran Godsword, Ragnar Godsword. These are heavy hitting two-handed weapons with powerful special attacks.
  • [NEW] New Item - Bank Slot Token - Claim this for a free bank slot. Does not increase price of bank slots in shop
  • [NEW] 4 Scrolls have been added to the game, which are acquired through defeating the Gods to receive the above items.
  • [NEW] 4 New elemental chests have been added to the game, which can be created by upgrading 100 elemental shards received within the God Dungeons.
  • [NEW] 4 New God Rings introduced - Deadeye, Warlock, Guardian & Fighter. These provide increased stats to various combat styles.
  • [NEW] New Item - Deadeye Amulet - 25% chance for Ranged attacks to deal 150% of damage dealt.
  • [NEW] New Item - Warlock Amulet - Magic spells heal you for 20% damage dealt
  • [NEW] New Item - Guardian Amulet - Gain +2% damage reduction when hit by an enemy. Capped at 12%
  • [NEW] New Item - Fighter Amulet - Enemy is stunned for 1 turn when you hit for at least 75% of your max hit
  • [NEW] New Shop Item - Perpetual Haste (50M) - 20% Decreased Base Crafting & Fletching Interval. Unlocked by defeating Aeris.
  • [NEW] New Shop Item - Expanded Knowledge (50M) - 20% Decreased base Herblore & Runecrafting interval. Unlocked by defeating Glacia.
  • [NEW] New Shop Item - Master of Nature (50M) - 20% Decreased base Mining & Woodcutting Interval. Unlocked by defeating Terran.
  • [NEW] New Shop Item - Art of Control (50M) - 20% Decreased base Cooking, Firemaking & Smithing Interval. Unlocked by defeating Ragnar.
  • [NEW] New Dungeon - Dragons Den - Fight your way to the Elder Dragon.
  • [NEW] Ancient Dragonhide Armour has been introduced. These can be found in the Dragons Den dungeon.
  • [NEW] Crossbows have been introduced for all smithed metals, plus Ancient. You can Fletch these (Requires a few different components)
  • [NEW] Throwing Knives have been introduced for all smithed metals, plus Ancient. You can Smith these.
  • [NEW] Javelins have been introduced for all smithed metals, plus Ancient. You can Smith these.
  • [NEW] Gem Tipped Bolts have been introduced. You can Craft these.
  • [NEW] You can now craft Dragonhide Shield for the respective Hide
  • [NEW] You can now upgrade Dragonhide Ranged Armour. These provide increased stats as well as damage reduction
  • [NEW] Elder Dragonhide has been introduced. Can only be acquired by defeating the Elder Dragon
  • [NEW] New Item - Amulet of Ranged + Elite Amulet of Ranged
  • [NEW] Increased the starting bank slots by 4. This means everyone gets 4 free bank slots.
  • [NEW] New Prayer - Stone Skin (Level 88) - +5% Damage Reduction. Costs 2 Prayer Points per enemy attack.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Stormsnap (Eusmusia) - A Ranged Bow where its Strength Bonus and Accuracy rating scales based on the Enemy Magic Level. Special attack deals a guaranteed hit based on the Enemy Magic Level.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Slayer's Crossbow (Elliott) - Gain 33% Ranged Strength bonus against Slayer Area or Slayer Task monsters. Upgraded from a Dragon Crossbow
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Confetti Crossbow (deathbyconfetti) - Gain 10%-200% of damage dealt in GP based on your current GP amount. Capped at 50M for 200%. Purchased from the Slayer Shop.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Big ol Ron (theRealDog) - A 2H Axe, Gain 50% Melee Strength Bonus when fighting a Dungeon Boss.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Twin Exiles (Jarose) - A 2H weapon that always performs two consecutive attacks.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Bob's Rake (Berlyn) - When equipped, you have a 20% chance to retain all compost/gloop on a farming patch when harvesting. This means you will not have to apply any further compost to that plot.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Skull Cape (Skull) - When equipped, you have a 20% chance to cast a magic spell for free. This cape also gives great Magic Bonuses and Damage Reduction. Purchased from the Slayer Shop.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (fez) - This Amulet is acquired by upgrading all standard Elite Amulets, alongside the Amulet of Fury and Amulet of Torture.
  • [NEW] Max Skillcape has been introduced into the game. This skillscape inherits ALL skillcape perks. Costs 20M
  • [NEW] New Monster - Furious Horned Elite - Added to the Desolate Plains Slayer Area. A ranged horned elite that drops Ancient Javelins and Ancient Throwing Knives
  • [NEW] All Ice Weapons now have the same special attack.
  • [NEW] You can now apply Weird Gloop to a farming patch that already has Max Compost
  • [NEW] View Item Contents now displays how many of each item it is possible to obtain
  • [NEW] There is now a small damage marker for enemies and players showing the damage dealt, as well as missed attacks.
  • [NEW] It is now possible for Players and Enemies to be stunned during Combat. When stunned, you cannot evade an attack.
  • [NEW] It is now possible for Players and Enemies to have their attack speed slowed.
  • [NEW] It is now possible for Players to be burned over time from an attack
  • [NEW] New item graphics for all Logs have been added. Please pass on thanks to Breindahl who provided the new graphics.
  • [NEW] New Item - Bone Necklace - Automatically buries bones when dropped from Monsters. Acquired from the Standard Chest.
  • [NEW] New Item - Amulet of Magic + Elite Amulet of Magic
  • [NEW] Ancient Wizard Gear now provides +5% Damage Reduction per piece
  • [NEW] The game now saves locally when the tab/app is closed.
  • [NEW] Golbins and Ranged Golbins now drop Raw Shrimp
  • [NEW] Some items have had their special attacks altered to suit the new special attack system
  • [NEW] You can now lock items in the bank. Locking an item will remove the option to sell it.
  • [NEW] There is now a confirmation dialogue when you attempt to sell an item, or buy something from the Shop
  • [NEW] The bank has some nice borders now
  • [NEW] Updated the Welcome screen upon first playing. It now asks you if you want Light Mode or Dark Mode, as well as what character type you would like to play (For future updates)
  • [NEW] Melvor Cloud has been updated with a new Login/Register screen.
  • [NEW] There is now an option to change your Cloud password from the user dropdown menu (Where you force save)
  • [NEW] The experimental setting for Mobiles is now included in the Desktop version. Check settings to see what it does
  • [NEW] New statistic added to track the amount of Weird Gloop used in Farming. This stat is auto-filled retroactively based on a combination of the item stats.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] All Smithing level requirements have been adjusted. This enabled mid-early late game content to be available ealier in the game. Refer to this image for all value changes.
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted stat values for existing longbows and shortbows
  • [CHANGE] Player Special Attack system has been changed. All special attacks now have a % chance to activate in combat.
  • [CHANGE] There is no more limit on the amount of skillcapes you can buy from the Shop.
  • [CHANGE] The Shop has a new look! You can also use the navigation at the top of the shop to quickly display a category.
  • [CHANGE] Sell item button is now red.
  • [CHANGE] The game no longer saves during Combat. It will only save when you defeat the monster.
  • [CHANGE] The Cape of Arrow Preservation is now known as the Cape of Ranged Preservation. It now works on all ammo types
  • [CHANGE] The Ranged Skillcape works on all ammo types.
  • [CHANGE] Changed the library which looks after progress bar animatons. Hopefully you will see an improvement to resources used when playing the game.
  • [CHANGE] Firemaking Skillcape now provides +5% Global XP and 100% chance at gaining Coal.
  • [CHANGE] Farming Skillcape now provides +20% Harvest Qty on top of the existing perk.
  • [CHANGE] Raging Horned Elite drop table weightings adjusted slightly. It now drops items 100% of the time. Can now drop up to 30 Ancient arrows. Large Horn is a bit less common now.
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted the wording of the "Remember Me" option within the Cloud login. It is now known as "Keep me logged in" for clarity.
  • [CHANGE] The game will now give you a Lemon if you happen to roll a Signet Ring Half without wearing a Topaz Ring.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly adjusted the bank cost formula to be consitent with the added bank slots (So that it costs exactly 18M to get 100 bank slots).
  • [CHANGE] Mobile Only - Slayer Tasks in Combat now have their own menu.


  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where users keep getting logged out of the Cloud when switching devices, if they were using the "Remember Me" option.
  • [FIXED] Cooking no longer provides 2x XP offline.
  • [FIXED] Thieving Skillcape now works offline
  • [FIXED] Melee Evasion, Damage Reduction and Divine Potions no longer use charges on player attack
  • [FIXED] Melee Evasion & Damage Reduction Potions now only use charges on enemy attack
  • [FIXED] Divine Potions now only use charges upon Prayers being used
  • [FIXED] Enemy hitpoints visually update correctly when reflect damage is dealt
  • [FIXED] Item sale statistics correctly update when selling a quantity higher than what you have in the bank
  • [FIXED] Signet Ring Half (a) can now drop from online Woodcutting again (lol sorry)
  • [FIXED] Completion log percentages now use exact values, rather than flooring all numbers prior to total completion calculation. Percentages are now only floored visually.
  • [FIXED] Skill completion percentage is now correctly calculated.
  • [FIXED] Fixed rare issue where Open All for a chest would use the quantity of a different bank item
  • [FIXED] Back-to-back Slayer tasks should now not be possible. Let me know if it still occurs
  • [FIXED] Adjusted wording on some item and shop upgrades regarding speed/interval changes. Only the wording changed, the effect is still the same.
  • [FIXED] You will now only receive one notification when crops are ready to harvest
  • [FIXED] Bank Upgrade cost now only displays exact GP cost
  • [FIXED] The game now correctly displays item names that contain an apostrophe.
  • [FIXED] Tutorial tips are fixed
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where you could not select your Slayer Task monster using the link after completing a Dungeon.
  • [FIXED] Firemaking Mastery Tokens and the Signet Ring Half (a) should now correctly drop from offline Firemaking.
  • [FIXED] Corrected Steel Platebody Ranged Defence value.
  • [FIXED] You will no longer receive a notification for degraded gloves from offline progression if you were not actually using those gloves.
  • [FIXED] You will no longer be redirected when clicking the Melvor Cloud Status text.
  • [FIXED] The game now saves locally when you click the Force Save button (My bad, sorry about this. Huge oversight by me).
  • [FIXED] Reflect damage inflicted by the Gold Sapphire Ring now works as intended during special attacks that hit multiple times (It only procs once)
  • [FIXED] Combat area selection will no longer collapse when you select the Drops button, or the dungeon reward links.
  • [FIXED] Combat areas now correctly deselects when a monster is chosen.
  • [FIXED] Seeing Gold Potion now works as intended.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an offline progression issue where Mastery XP for Runecrafting was increasing based on the quantity of Runes crafted, rather than per action.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Ranged Attack Bonuses would always display as zero in the upgrade item screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the Skill Level Array where levels above 99 were stored, causing issues with completion log.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Auto special attack setting
  • [REMOVED] Auto eat activated notification
  • [REMOVED] HP notifications have been disabled (These cause too much lag)

Alpha v0.14.2 (10th April, 2020)

EASTER EVENT 2020 In the sidebar, you will now find a link to an Easter Event Page and will be greeted by a minigame. The goal of the game, if you are unfamiliar, is to get through as many tree logs as possible without touching the ground, or hitting the tree trunk. This will reward you with Easter Eggs that you can spend in the Easter Shop! Simply left click the mouse, or touch the screen, to move upwards. There are three different modes for you to play as well - Easy, Normal and Hard. The harder difficulties provide extra Easter Eggs per successful clear. High scores are tracked for each difficulty, as well as the total amount of Easter Eggs you have collected. You can play this Minigame while training other skills freely. You are not required to participate if you do not wish. There are no exclusive items that cannot be received outside the minigame. Enjoy! This event will be live until Tuesday 14 April (Australian time).

Alpha v0.14.1 (3rd April 2020)

Welcome to the next small update for Melvor Idle. I hope you all enjoyed the silly April Fools event, it seems like most of you had a good time with it. To those players who actually maxed the skill and even went far beyond... why?. Today I have some small changes to introduce everyone back into reality as well as changes to Fishing that are definitely needed.

New Features

  • [NEW] The game now automatically backs up your Local Save upon loading into a new update. This backup will stay stored on your device until it is overwritten by a new game update. You can export or download this save in the settings. Just remember this is your LOCAL SAVE ONLY. If you play on more than one device, you will have different local backups on each device.
  • [NEW] Minor Fishing stats have been added and adjusted.
  • [NEW] Typing wherearemylemons into the bank search will now give you a Lemon.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Amulet of Fishing now provides +20% base Fishing Speed. Changed from 5% less chance to catch junk.
  • [CHANGE] Fishing Skillcape now doubles the amount of items caught. Changed from simply providing +1 item.
  • [CHANGE] Fishing Mastery Tokens are now slightly more common.
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted the Fishing Special Item weightings which increases the rarity of the main special items.
  • [CHANGE] April Fools 2020 Event items have been updated to reduced GP and Healing values.


  • [FIXED] Updated the Clue Chasers Insignia graphics to the correct one.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where it was not possible to log out of the Melvor Cloud.
  • [FIXED] Compost All and Gloop All cost has been restored.
  • [FIXED] Player Chance to Hit now updates when using Potions, Prayers or switching Attack Styles.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect Bronze Shield stats for upgraded versions.
  • [FIXED] Updated missing Crafting Milestones.

Alpha v0.14 - Fishy Business (31st March 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! This update sees one of the existing skills in the game see a complete rework, as well as some new addition to shake up Combat. Here is what has been added.

Skilll Rework - Fishing

Fishing has been completely stripped back and rebuilt from the ground up. With a fresh new look, new mechanics and some awesome items for you to obtain that will assist with future endeavors. You will be greeted with Fishing Areas (That are actually named), which allow you to select which fish you would like to catch. Each area has a base chance to catch the Fish you chose, catch a Special Item, or catch some junk (Because bank space is really important). These values can be altered with the use of the fishing potion or Mastery. There are 10 new types of fish to catch and 10 different special items to catch. See changelog in game for details. Barbarian Fishing is an area you unlock when you collect the Barbarian Gloves and equip them. This area contains fish which provide Fishing & Strength XP. The Fishermans Potion has a new effect - (x)% less chance to catch junk, where (x) changes based on Potion Level.


This table outlines the balance changes made to all Fish.

Dungeon Rework - Volcanic Cave

This update includes a new and improved look for the Volcano Dungeon. It is now harder, and tougher than ever before (not really) and some of the Monsters have a new look and feel. There is an extra two new monsters to face, and Prat is now known as Prat, the Protector of Secrets, and both Prat & Malcs have a brand new look. Alongside this, you will now discover that some monsters have the ability to have Special Attacks. This is a new mechanic introduced to add a little more of a challenge to the Dungeon. These Specials are displayed below the monster image in combat, and the Attack Speed bar will turn yellow when they are about to use it. It is possible for monsters to only use special attacks (never uses a regular hit). In this case, Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor, will only use Special Attacks, so be careful! To compensate for the tougher, longer battles - The chance to receive Ancient Gear from the Elite Chest has been slightly increased.

New Save Compression

The compression used for saves has changed this update. The change reduces save file sizes by around 92%. If you have an old save file using the old method of compression, do not worry. You can still import it just fine.

Changed Features

  • [NEW] Fishing has been reworked.
  • [NEW] 10 new Fish have been introduced to the game.
  • [NEW] 4 of the new Fish are able to be cooked.
  • [NEW] Added 4 new special items to the game that can be acquired while Fishing.
  • [NEW] You can bury Skeleton Fish for to receive 3 Prayer Points each.
  • [NEW] Raw Magic Fish does not need to be cooked to be eaten.
  • [NEW] Volcanic Cave Dungeon has been reworked. Two extra monsters have also been added.
  • [NEW] Monsters now have the ability to have Special Attacks. Currently the only Monsters with these specials are Prat & Malcs in the Volcanic Dungeon
  • [NEW] Your Magic Damage now increases alongside your Magic Level at a rate of x (1 + (Magic Level + 1) / 200).
  • [NEW] Your chance to hit now shows under your max hit combat stat.
  • [NEW] The enemy's chance to hit you now shows under their Offensive Stats.
  • [NEW] The game will now automatically load the most recent save file if you are logged into the Cloud.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Weird Gloop (RS Wikis) - A new type of compost, only purchased in the Shop at a cost of 2 x Compost and 10 x Rune Essence. This item fills your compost bar up to 100% with 1 use and also provides +10% Increased Harvest amount..
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Clue Chasers Insignia (Clue Chasers) - A new secret Amulet. +5% chance to receive an off-item (An item from a skill that is not the main resource you are gathering). Clue to obtain: "The Numbers, mason, What do they mean?!"
  • [NEW] New Shop Item - Dungeon Equipment Swapping - Enable Equipment Swapping during dungeons.
  • [NEW] Your hitpoints bar now shows a small 0.5s animation when healing from Food or Auto-Eat.
  • [NEW] You can now select the Bank as your Default Page on Load.
  • [NEW] There is now a few tutorial / tip notifications that pop up when certain actions are performed. These will be constantly added with the game to assist new players. These will only show once, and will never pop up again.
  • [NEW] A button has been added to the combat screen to show the drops for the current Monster.
  • [NEW] You can now see the exact Mastery XP progress on the skill screen for each item (Except Farming).
  • [NEW] A notification has been added to tell you when a Mastery Token was used on an already existing Level 99 item.
  • [NEW] Added a "Apply Weird Gloop to all plots" button in Farming. This applies Weird Gloop to all plots. Costs the same as Compost All.
  • [NEW] Added Total Mastery Level to the General Statistics.
  • [NEW] There is now a notification to tell you what Slayer Item is required to be equipped to fight the monster you are trying to jump to.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] The Combat Area selection is now always visible. This means you can browse other areas while in combat and switch seamlessly.
  • [CHANGE] Amulet of Fishing now provides +5% chance to receive a Special Item from Fishing.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly adjusted the look of the Cooking skill to display XP & HP rates clearly.
  • [CHANGE] Prat, the Serpent of Fire is now known as Prat, the Protector of Secrets.
  • [CHANGE] The artwork for Prat, the Protector of Secrets has been updated.
  • [CHANGE] The artwork for Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor has been updated.
  • [CHANGE] The Eye & The Resurrected Eye are now Magic type monsters.
  • [CHANGE] Changed the compression technique for saves to zlib compression. This means your saves are now roughly 92% smaller than before. This will make it easier for you to copy/paste, and will reduce stress on the server when Cloud Saving.
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted the look of Masteries on some skill screens.
  • [CHANGE] Controlled Heat potion will now only relight the bonfire if you are currently burning logs.
  • [CHANGE] The Fisherman's Potion has a new effect - (x)% less chance to catch junk, where (x) changes based on Potion Level.
  • [CHANGE] Gentle Hands Potion now requires 1 x Lemontyle Herb & 2 x Strawberry Seeds to create (No longer requires Holy Dust).
  • [CHANGE] Base Prayer XP received through combat (Without using Prayers) reduced by 50%.
  • [CHANGE] Piety Prayer now provides 12% Melee Strength, down from 20%.
  • [CHANGE] Increased the chance to receive an Amulet of Looting from the Spider Chest
  • [CHANGE] All Ancient Melee Armour pieces now provide 7% damage reduction each, up from 6%.
  • [CHANGE] The Griffin now has an 8% chance to drop a Dragon Claw Fragment, up from 5%.
  • [CHANGE] Protect from Melee, Ranged & Magic prayers now provide 85% protection, down from 95%.
  • [CHANGE] Added a description to Bird Nests for clarity.
  • [CHANGE] You can no longer receive two of the same Slayer Task in a row.
  • [CHANGE] All two-handed Melee weapons have had their strength bonus increased by 80%.
  • [CHANGE] All Longbows have had their Ranged Attack Bonus increased by 20%
  • [CHANGE] Removed the Attack Level Requirement for all Magic Staffs and Wands.
  • [CHANGE] All Cooked variations of Fish are now worth on average 25% more than their raw counterparts.
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted XP rates, GP sale prices and HP rates for most Raw / Cooked Fish. See above table.
  • [CHANGE] Patreon Item text has been changed to be more clear as to what a Patreon Item is.
  • [CHANGE] Auto Eat Tier II price is now 5M, up from 2.5M.
  • [CHANGE] Auto Eat Tier III price is now 20M, up from 10M.
  • [CHANGE] Fishing Rod upgrade costs are now (in order) [0, 100, 1K, 5K, 20K, 75K, 300K, 2M] up from [0, 50, 750, 2.5K, 10K, 50K, 200K, 750K];
  • [CHANGE] Pickaxe upgrade costs are now (in order) [0, 250, 2K, 10K, 50K, 200K, 1M, 5M] up from [0, 50, 750, 2.5K, 10K, 50K, 200K, 1M]
  • [CHANGE] The buttons for Farming are now different colours to assist with distinguishing between them.
  • [CHANGE] The rock check now fires every second. This should remove the delay from when an ore respawns, to when the mining action starts again
  • [CHANGE] The Elite Magic Wand now requires a Magic Level of 60 to equip, up form Level 40.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Helmet (Strong) & Slayer Platebody (Strong) now requires a Defence Level of 30 to equip.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Helmet (Elite) & Slayer Platebody (Elite) now requires a Defence Level of 60 to equip.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Wizard Hat (Strong) & Slayer Wizard Robe (Strong) now requires a Magic Level of 30 to equip.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Wizard Hat (Elite) & Slayer Wizard Robe (Elite) now requires a Magic Level of 60 to equip.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Cowl (Strong) & Slayer Leather Body (Strong) now requires a Ranged Level of 30 to equip.
  • [CHANGE] Slayer Cowl (Elite) & Slayer Leather Body (Elite) now requires a Ranged Level of 60 to equip.
  • [CHANGE] Fishing Mastery Tokens are now slightly more common.
  • [CHANGE] Sunset Rapier now has an attack speed of 2.2s, down from 2.4s.
  • [CHANGE] Sunset Rapier Special Attack now causes the enemy to bleed for 200% of damage dealt over 10s, up from 100%.
  • [CHANGE] Maximum coins you can get from each Thieving NPC has been at least doubled.
  • [CHANGE] Mastery Progress screen will no longer display Mastery Levels over Level 99. Note that you can still receive XP in Mastery above Level 99, as well as level up behind the scenes just like standard Skill XP.
  • [CHANGE] Reduced the chance to receive Signet Ring Half (a) from Skilling.


  • [FIXED] Aorpheats Signet Ring now works offline.
  • [FIXED] Skill progress for Defence now updates correctly when using Longerange or Defensive attack styles.
  • [FIXED] Slayer Skillcape now works as intended again.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where you would not be able to access Slayer Areas when equipping the required item.
  • [FIXED] If you have not equipped the required Slayer Item for the respective Slayer Area, you will deal no damage to the monster. The Slayer Item must be in your active equipment slot.
  • [FIXED] Adjusted flavour text for Patreon Items to be more clear.
  • [FIXED] If you do not have a Slayer Task, the "New Task" button will not cost any Slayer Coins if clicked.
  • [FIXED] Its no longer possible for offline progression to proc if, for some reason, you were away for a negative period of time.
  • [FIXED] The Ancient Longbow image is now the same rotation as other longbows. Everyone may now sleep knowing everything is going to be OK.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Removed the username change limit.

Alpha v0.13 - A Helping Hand (7th March 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! This one is a bit smaller than the usual Major Updates for this game. However, it includes the implementation of a major addition that will change a lot for most players. Here is what has been added.

Offline Progression

This has been in discussion for a while now, and finally it is here! Offline Progression simply allows your game to progress while the game is closed. You are no longer required to keep the game open to progress your skills!

How it works:

  1. When performing an action in game, you can simply close the browser and leave (While the action is still being performed).
  2. Upon returning, the game will calculate how long you were gone for and provide you with the XP, Items, Mastery XP and other various things that you would have received if you had the game open.
  3. A popup will greet you with the information above.
  4. As a nice QoL feature, the game will also continue the action (if it can) for you.


  • Offline Progression time is currently capped at 12 hours. This will be adjusted according to feedback.
  • All combat skills do not work offline. These are currently online only skills.
  • For Cooking to work Offline, you are required to own at least the first Cooking Fire Upgrade (from the Shop).
  • For Thieving to work Offline, the NPC you are Thieving requires a minimum 95% success rate.
  • All gloves & skillcapes work Offline (only if you have them equipped in your active equipment set).
  • Most Herblore potions work offline (If you have Auto Re-use Potion active). The potions that do not work will say so in their description. Currently, the potions that do not work are all Combat Potions (of course), Fisherman's Potion, Controlled Heat Potion, and Perfect Swing Potion
  • In order to gain Mastery XP for what you are currently doing (EX: Mining coal), you must log in to receive it.
  • Yes, you can receive Mastery Tokens offline.

Note: Offline progression will also trigger if you leave the game open in a separate tab. Browsers tend to throttle inactive tabs, so I've added a check that will hopefully detect when this happens.

New Features

  • [NEW] Offline Progression for all skills, except combat, has been introduced.
  • [NEW] New Combat Herblore Potion - Divine Potion - Chance to not consume Prayer Points. This one was created by **penguinswin3** (I had a lot of Prayer potion suggestions, this one stood out)
  • [NEW] New Combat Herblore Potion - Lucky Herb Potion - Chance to turn a dropped Herb Seed into a grown Herb. This potion idea was submitted without a username.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Aorpheat's Signet Ring (Aorpheat) - All GP drops are doubled, +5% chance to obtain double loot from slain monsters or Thieving, +10% chance to gain double resources from any skill. Can only be obtained by combining / upgrading Signet Ring Half A & B. One half is found during normal combat, the other half is found while skilling. Remember to wear a Gold Topaz Ring at all times to be able to get these halves..
  • [NEW] Added a setting to enable Virtual Levels.
  • [NEW] You can now see how many charges a potion has from the Bank tooltip.
  • [NEW] Clicking on your Slayer Task will now jump directly to that enemy and start combat.
  • [NEW] Clicking the header for each shop category (Except Materials) will now toggle its view setting.
  • [NEW] Augury Prayer now also provides +10% Magic Damage
  • [NEW] A "Fix my Save" button has been added to the settings. If you experience issues with your local save, then clicking this button may resolve it. All it does is "import" your existing save back into the game and refreshes the window. This tactic seems to work for most save issues. I cannot guarantee that it will fix your save.
  • [NEW] There is now an error message when loading a broken Cloud Save that will allow you to load your Local Save instead (Or logout).
  • [NEW] Runecrafting now displays locked Runes (Just like the other Crafting skills).
  • [NEW] Potion Menu in the Header now displays the amount of potion charges.
  • [NEW] You can now toggle the Auto Use Potion setting directly from the Potions menu.
  • [NEW] There is now a setting to edit the formatting of numbers for >= 1000000.
  • [NEW] Item Upgrading now supports multi-item requirements.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Cooking is now completely idle from the start.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Combat UI.
  • [CHANGE] Herblore Tier IV potions are now unlocked at Mastery Level 65, down from 80.
  • [CHANGE] Doubled (and a bit more for Emerald) the Crafting XP provided by all Rings and Necklaces. Diamond Jewellery XP rates increased by 200%. Gold Jewellery also provides slightly more XP than Silver Jewellery.
  • [CHANGE] Crafting XP for Green/Blue/Red dragonhide gear has been reduced by 20%. Black dragonhide XP has been left untouched.
  • [CHANGE] Skill & Mastery Progress Bars now show exact changes in XP and now allows you to see tiny incrementals in progress (The % no longer rounds down to the nearest whole number).
  • [CHANGE] Herblore potion now provides a second potion of a random tier, rather than replacing the potion you create.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the look of the progress bar for Skills & Mastery progress when reaching Level 99.


  • [FIXED] Compost All will no longer deduct 2,000 GP if it is not able to compost anything. However, if you click this button three or or times in one session for some unknown reason, it will start deducting the gold again.
  • [FIXED] Potentially fixed issue with crops insta-growing in some specific circumstances.
  • [FIXED] Hard Leather Gloves now has the correct level requirement.
  • [FIXED] Rune Essence quantity now updates correctly when mining Rune Essence in the Runcrafting screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed milestone placements for Slayer and Herblore.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where mastery tokens would provide unlimited uses.
  • [FIXED] Fixed display issues on Dark Mode.
  • [FIXED] Removed duplicate Black Sword drop from Black Knight.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the game would not save upon creating a new account.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrectly named Golbins.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] The map of Melvor has been shelved.

Alpha v0.12.2 (17th February 2020)

I promise this update won't delete your save!

New Features

  • [NEW] There is now an option to Download your save from the "Export Save" screen when refreshing into an update.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] The game now auto-saves locally every 10 seconds, as apposed to after every action which would sometimes be several times per second. This should release some of the stress on your computer.
  • [CHANGE] The update notification that is displayed prior to refreshing the game has a completely new look. You are now also able to Download / Export your save from this notification before refreshing.
  • [CHANGE] The Cloud / User Settings dropdown will no longer disappear when you click "Force Save". This allows you to see the save state and ensure the game saves prior to exiting.
  • [CHANGE] Lighting a Bonfire will no longer stop/interrupt other skills.


  • [FIXED] I believe the issue with the game telling you there is an update on loading has been fixed. Further confirmation required, but it worked on multiple saves within the dev environment.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where logging into a cloud account where the cloud save is blank would stop the game from loading completely. Now, the game will load the local save instead, and will automatically fix the cloud save upon auto saving / force saving.
  • [FIXED] Augury Prayer now provides the correct stats.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where an enemy would not die if bleeding causes them to go under 1 HP (And a final attack was required to finish the battle).
  • [FIXED] The +5 Compost button in Farming will now only use the required amount of compost to fill the bar to 100%.
  • [FIXED] Slightly optimised some combat functions.
  • [FIXED] The text in the bank that tell you about the "Click and Drag" now shows up correctly on Dark Mode.
  • [FIXED] Some spelling errors have been rectified.

Alpha v0.12.1 (16th February 2020)

This update addresses some of the feedback received after the last Major Update. I will continue to adjust according to feedback over the next few days!

New Features

  • [NEW] New Combat Potion added to Herblore - Diamond Luck Potion - Your chance to hit an enemy is luck (Roll chance to hit twice, use the better option). Requires Level 85 Herblore and uses 1 Barrentoe Herb and 1 Diamond to make. Potion suggestion submitted by Scrapless
  • [NEW] Farming UI now shows current amount of Compost in Bank.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Herblore now has a 1 in 400 chance to drop a mastery token per action. Down from 1 in 1000
  • [CHANGE] Damage Reduction Potion charges increased to 10/15/20/30, up from 3/3/3/5
  • [CHANGE] Damage Reduction Potion % benefit increased to 2/4/6/10, up from 1/2/5/10
  • [CHANGE] Chapeau Noir no longer provides melee defence bonuses.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Auto Eat text to be more specific.
  • [CHANGE] Herb Sacks now only provide up to 5 of a Herb Seed, down from 10.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly increased the drop chance of Carrot Seeds and Snape Grass Seeds from Thieving the Farmer.


  • [FIXED] Farming timers should no longer go into negatives.
  • [FIXED] You can no longer purchase a second Skillcape of the same Skill from the Shop.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Lemontyle grow time.
  • [FIXED] Auto eat symbol now shows in Thieving.

Alpha v0.12 - A Potion's Aid (12th February 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! Firstly, I just want to give an huge shoutout to every single person playing this game. It is beyond belief to see the kind of responses I have seen throughout the community. It makes me so happy to be doing this, and makes me want to push harder to produce content that everyone will hopefully enjoy. Another huge thank you to all the Patreon Supporters! You are all amazing, and I hope to get all of you involved in future of the game as best I can. Now, on to the update! Let's see what has been added.


Herblore is also know as Potion Making. A skill dedicated to the creating of various potions that provides unique advantages throughout the game. Every single potion requires a specific Herb to create. These Herbs can be grown via Farming, where the seeds can be collected through means such as Combat or Thieving the Farmer (Who drops a Herb sack quite often). These Herbs all have an varied grow times, and can be planted in their dedicated patches in Farming. Each Potion has 4 Tiers, with each Tier increasing the benefits provided by the potion itself. These tiers are locked behind Mastery Levels, which can be leveled up by simply making the Potions. To use the potions you have in your bank, you will notice a little Potion icon at the top right of the screen. This will provide you access to use potions for the skill you currently have selected. This little menu automatically lists the potions in your bank that can be used for that selected skill. Only one potion can be active per skill. Combat is classed as one skill. You can only have one Combat Potion active at a time. Be sure to check the Settings page for the option to Auto Re-use potions when they deplete!

Special Attacks

Here is something for those who enjoy Combat! This update introduced Special Attacks for specific weapons. These special attacks can be used in combat to gain a slight advantage over the monster your a fighting. You are able to use a special attack every 2 minutes. Currently, these are the weapons that have special attacks: All Ancient Weapons, Dragon Claw, All Ice Weapons, Sunset Rapier (new), Elite Magic Wand. More special attacks will be added down the track!

Equipment Sets

This update introduces what I like to call Equipment Sets. These are basically presets you are able to customise to utilise in Combat. You can purchase two extra Equipment sets from the shop. In doing so, this will let you equip items into your desired set from the bank. These equipment sets act as extra bank slots for your weapons and armour. Within Combat, you can switch between the sets seemlessly as you wish.

Farming UI Update

Farming has received a slight make-over. With the introduction of Herblore, the existing Farming setup did not work. This UI update brings a few nifty features that I'm sure everyone will love. The Farming areas have been removed and have been replaced with 3 categories of plots - Allotments (14 max plots), Herbs (9 max plots) & Trees (4 max plots). Starting off Farming, you are provided with minimal plots, with the option to purchase more as long as you have the GP & Level requirement to do so. With the UI update also comes three new options - Harvest All, Compost All and Plant All. No explanation required as to what these do. They also cost a bit of GP per use. Due to an unexplained anomaly that passed over the lands of Melvor, existing Farming areas have been perished. Locals are baffled by this event. Nobody can explain how this occured.

New Features

  • [NEW] Herblore has been introduced.
  • [NEW] Approximately 80 Potions have been introduced.
  • [NEW] 8 new Herbs have been introduced, along with their respective seeds.
  • [NEW] Special Attacks have been introduced.
  • [NEW] A new Equipment Icon has been added next to your username in the top right. This menu gives quick access to your Equipment.
  • [NEW] Farming UI has been updated - Farming Areas have been replaced with three different plot types - Allotments, Herbs and Trees.
  • [NEW] You can now purchase new Farming plots, as long as you meet the specified requirements.
  • [NEW] Plant All, Harvest All and Compost All buttons added to Farming. These cost minimal GP to use.
  • [NEW] Auto-eating has been introduced. You can purchase this from the Shop. There are 3 tiers of auto eating, with increased benefits per tier.
  • [NEW] Various monsters around Melvor now drop Herb seeds.
  • [NEW] Herb Sacks have been added to the game. These can be thieved from the Farmer, which can then be opened to receive up to 10 of a certain Herb Seed.
  • [NEW] You can now sort your bank yourself by dragging and dropping the bank items in the order of your choice. On mobile, you need to click and hold for 400ms before you can move an item.
  • [NEW] Sell ALL option added to the bank. Use with caution. No refunds.
  • [NEW] Goblin Village has been added as a low level combat area.
  • [NEW] Graveyard has been added as a low-to-medium level combat area.
  • [NEW] Added a Leech to the Wet Forest.
  • [NEW] Added the Chest of Witwix, as a small thank you to the Twitch Streamer Witwix for showing support for the game. This chest has a 1/100 chance to drop from the Leech.
  • [NEW] Added the first ever "Easter Egg" item to the game. Lets see who can find it.
  • [NEW] Introduced Hard Leather Ranged armour. This requires Level 10 Ranged to equip, and is slightly better than standard Leather Armour. This armour can be crafted, and also bridges the large level gap between Crafting Levels.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Sunset Rapier (NewSon) - A high accuracy weapon. Has a special attack which makes the enemy bleed for 100% of the damage dealt over 10 seconds. Can be found by slaying the Krakan in the Deep Sea Ship Dungeon.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item - Chapeau Noir (ChapeauNoir) - New head slot item. While equipped, you have a chance to receive double the loot from slaying enemies, or from Thieving. Low chance to receive while performing any Thieving action.
  • [NEW] You can now hide the Combat & Skills menu in the sidebar by using the eye icon to toggle its view.
  • [NEW] You can now click through all notifications.
  • [NEW] The Helmet icon on the combat screen now updates dynamically with your currently equipped helmet
  • [NEW] You will now be greeted with an error screen if the game fails to load. This error screen will also show you the error that caused this to happen.
  • [NEW] You can now get Carrot Seeds from Bird Nests.
  • [NEW] Hitpoint notifications have been added. This can be disabled in the settings if you wish.
  • [NEW] The game will now remember your default setting for List / Map view.
  • [NEW] Tooltips have been added to the dropped loot section of combat.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Bank slots price has been reduced.
  • [CHANGE] Base hitpoint regeneration formula is now 1 + (HP Level / 10).
  • [CHANGE] Hitpoint Regeneration interval is now performed every 10s, down from every 60s.
  • [CHANGE] Hitpoints Skillcape benefit changed from +50 HP Regen per minute to +10 HP regen per 10s.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the chest opening notification, which includes an animation for each item you received.
  • [CHANGE] The default setting for confirmation on close is now set to disabled.
  • [CHANGE] The High Lands Slayer area now requires Level 60 Slayer to enter, up from Level 50.
  • [CHANGE] The Desolate Slayer area now requires Level 70 Slayer to enter, up from Level 60.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly updated the UI for Combat & Slayer areas in list view.
  • [CHANGE] Piety Prayer now provides 12% Melee Strength Bonus, down from 20%.
  • [CHANGE] Bowstring now costs 24GP to buy, up from 7GP
  • [CHANGE] Ancient Melee Armour pieces now provide Melee Strength Bonuses.
  • [CHANGE] Ancient Melee Armour pieces have slightly increased Melee Defence Stats.
  • [CHANGE] Melee Slayer Armour strength bonuses reduced by 2.
  • [CHANGE] The helmet icon for Equipment in the combat screen now updates dynamically with your equipped Helmet.
  • [CHANGE] Created a new section in the settings specifically for notification.
  • [CHANGE] Gold Ruby Ring now provides +10% HP Regeneration. Changed from providing 10 - 30 HP / minute.
  • [CHANGE] Icons for Mastery Tokens have been changed. They now display the skill it is used for on the icon. Big thank you to Medivh for making these!


  • [FIXED] Extreme lag caused by notifications when opening a large amount of chests in one go has been fixed (I disabled the notifications form showing).
  • [FIXED] Optimised item opening functions.
  • [FIXED] Runecrafting screen for your currently selected Runecraft now updates correctly upon level up (Specifically for the Mastery benefits).
  • [FIXED] Issues with Cloud Save not auto saving has been looked into, and hopefully fixed. Further confirmation required by players.
  • [FIXED] Prayer bonuses no longer provide 1% passive increase in stats.
  • [FIXED] Background colour for lost Hitpoints on Dark Mode is now red, instead of gray.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Rune Essence mastery started at Level 0.
  • [FIXED] Fixed tooltip errors with the Fishing Rod where it was displaying incorrect values on the Skill screen.
  • [FIXED] Fixed incorrect values on upgraded gear.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the tooltip positioning errors for bank items.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Removed the setting to turn the skills menu into a collapsible menu.

Alpha v0.11.2 (17th January 2020)

This update pushes some requested QoL features, bug fixes & and new additions to the game.

New Features

  • [NEW] Slayer Amour variants for Ranged & Magic have been added (I will redo the layout of the shop in the next update).
  • [NEW] Big Bones have been added. Thes provide +3 Prayer Points when burried. Can be claimed from Hill Giants, Moss Giants, Frozen Mammoths, Griffins, Pegasus, and all Horned Elites.
  • [NEW] You can now view the item contents of chest rewards from the Dungeon Selection screen by clicking on the name of the item.
  • [NEW] Loot All button added to the combat screen.
  • [NEW] Loot screen now shows how many loot slots are remaining.
  • [NEW] There is now some text shown in the looting screen that makes players aware of the Amulet of Looting, and where it can be found.
  • [NEW] There is now a minimum combat level implemented for Slayer Task monsters. If your combat level is greater than 50, then you will only receive tasks where the enemy's combat level is greater than your combat level divided by 4.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] All Magic Wand attack speeds are now 2.6s, down from 3s.
  • [CHANGE] Elite Magic Wand's Magic Damage bonus increased to 12%, up from 5%.
  • [CHANGE] Book of Eli's Magic Damage bonus increased to 10%, up from 5%
  • [CHANGE] Scattered Goo Monster now has a 2% chance to drop an item, down form 5%.
  • [CHANGE] New slayer task cost is now capped at 2,000 SC.
  • [CHANGE] Lowered the Slayer Task Combat Level cap to 100, down from 115. This cap assists in determining what monsters can be selected for Slayer Tasks. If your combat level is lower than the cap, you will not receive a task for a monster that has a greater combat level than you. If your combat level is over this cap, you could receive much harder monsters to fight.
  • [CHANGE] All types of bones now have a 100% chance to drop, regardless of the base enemy loot chance.
  • [CHANGE] Image for bones adjusted for the inclusion of big bones.
  • [CHANGE] Firemaking is now idle from the start. This in turn removes the mastery benefits from Firemaking. This will be re-evaluated in a future update.
  • [CHANGE] Starting bank space is now 8, up from 4. This change also means everyone gets an extra 4 bank slots.
  • [CHANGE] Items classed as Bones (Bones, Big Bones, Holy Dust, Magic Bones) now stack in the loot container. They will always stack at the first position. There is no stack limit.
  • [CHANGE] Melvor Cloud now allows for passwords up to 64 characters.


  • [FIXED] Combat level now updates correctly upon leveling up, rather than staying the same number until you refresh.
  • [FIXED] Reduced the lag when equipping and unequipping items by roughly 80%.
  • [FIXED] Bug where you would be able to receive a Fire Cape without actually completing the Volcanic Dungeon.
  • [FIXED] Equipping and unequipping items no longer counts towards the "Item found" statistic.
  • [FIXED] Issue where HP regen would fire every attack if you had enough XP for "Level 100" HP has been fixed.
  • [FIXED] Some issues with tooltips getting stuck in the top left of the screen have been fixed.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where Mining Pickace Tooltip was displaying Woodcutting Axe values, rather than the pickaxe values.
  • [FIXED] Some spelling mistakes have been sorted
  • [FIXED] Missing Slayer milestones restored.
  • [FIXED] Fixed setting tooltips.

Alpha v0.11.1 (14th January 2020)

This update details a lot of fixes that have been applied since the recent major update.

New Features

  • [NEW] There is now an option to disable the confirmation that appears when attempting to close the game.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] The game will no longer give you a Slayer Task for an enemy you do not have the ability to access.


  • [FIXED] Fixed errors with save loading, where undefined variables would basically stop the game from loading completely.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issued with dungeons becoming inaccessible.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Augury Prayer which provided NaN values for combat.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Redemption Prayer which unintentionally activated if your health was greater than 0.
  • [FIXED] Healing values for food displayed in the bank screen now display correctly.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issues where some items were not able to be upgraded, even if you had the requires resources to do so.
  • [FIXED] Fixed error where all Slayer Platebodies would provide NaN Slayer XP when equipped.
  • [FIXED] Completion log now displays correct percentages.
  • [FIXED] Carrots now have mastery correctly applied.
  • [FIXED] Thieving max hits are now correct.
  • [FIXED] Gold Sapphire & Gold Ruby ring values now display correctly.
  • [FIXED] Gold Diamond Ring now correctly flees at 10% HP, instead of 1%.
  • [FIXED] You can now view item stats for wands.
  • [FIXED] Collapsible menu for skill now correctly displays skill levels and information.
  • [FIXED] Kills should now successfully track for all enemies.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue with Chicken Dungeon providing +NaN Egg Chests as a reward, causing it to break your bank upon load.

Alpha v0.11 - Slayer of Hop (17th January 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle!

This update introduces two new skills in the game, as well as an assortment of additions, balance changes and bug fixes.


Prayer provides players with the benefit of using buffs in combat to gain an advantage over the enemy. Using what's called Prayer Points, obtained by burying bones, you can activate these buffs within the combat screen at any time. There is currently 25 different prayers for you to explore, each unlocked as you level Prayer, as well as having different and sometimes unique benefits. Please make sure to read the tooltip provided so you know exactly how many prayer points you will be using so you do not lose track! Gaining of Prayer Points is as easy as burying the bones you obtain within the bank screen. Regarding Prayer XP - You gain a base of 1 xp per (damage / 10) in combat. To gain further Prayer XP, some prayers provide bonus XP when active. Be sure to read which ones! There is no limit to the amount of Prayer Points you can have.



Slayer revolves around defeating specific Monsters within Melvor to gain XP. As you level your Slayer, you will gain access to unique areas, which sometimes contain unique, slayer only items that will provide massive advantageous in combat. With the introduction of Slayer comes a new currency - Slayer Coins. These coins can be obtained by completing Slayer Tasks (Obtained in Combat Screen) which can then be spend accordingly in the new Slayer section of the Shop! As well as the new currency, I have introduced 5 new Slayer Areas. These areas contain new, unique monsters for you to fight against. Some Slayer areas are gated behind a Slayer Level requirement, as well as an item requirement (Where you are required to have a specific item equipped to gain access). There is also unique drops to find within these areas. And trust me, you will want them.

There is two ways gain Slayer XP

  1. Completing Slayer Tasks (Don't worry, the game won't give you a monster that you cannot kill. However, it is possible to get a monster you cannot access. You will need to requst a new task in this case).
  2. Monsters located in Slayer Areas always provide some Slayer XP, but not as much as Slayer Tasks.

Combat Number Adjustment

This update also includes a change to the numbers game for Combat. To put it simply; all Hitpoint values, damage values, eating values, and maximum hit values have been multiplied by 10. The reasoning behind this is simply due to a progression standpoint. Playing with larger numbers allows smaller incrementals of progression, that way you can really see how you are progressing through the game. For example, prior to this change, it would take quite some time to go from a maximuim hit of 2 to 3. Now, you can increment through all values of 20 to 30. A simple change, but one I feel was completely necessary.

Statistics Revamp

This update also includes the introduction of Monster Statistics, as well as a revamp to Item Statistics. Under Completion Log Menu, you will now see a Monster tab. Selecting this will show you all the Monsters you have defeated, as well as handy stats relating to that monster (Hover over the monster). The Item Log has also been adjusted to show many many different stats per item (Hover over the item). Most stats for items will only show if you have more than 0 of that stat.

The stats that are tracked for Monsters:

  • Times killed by player.
  • Times player killed enemy
  • Times enemy killed player
  • Total damage taken by player
  • Total damage dealt to player
  • Total successful hits to player
  • Total successful hits from player
  • Total attacks to player that missed
  • Total player attacks dodged
  • Total times seen monster
  • Total times player ran away from monster

The stats that are tracked for Items:

  • Times received
  • Times sold
  • Total GP gained from selling
  • Total damage dealt with weapon & quiver (If ranged)
  • Total attacks performed with weapon & quiver (If Ranged)
  • Total missed attacks with weapon & quiver (If ranged)
  • Total damage taken with item equipped (Does not count for weapons or arrows)
  • Enemies killed with weapon
  • Times item lost due to death
  • Total amount of arrows / runes used in combat (If you preserve an arrow or rune, it does not add count).
  • Times food has been eaten
  • Total health gained by eating the food
  • Total time waiting for seed to grow
  • Total times seed has died during growth
  • Total successful grows
  • Total amount of item harvested
  • Times opened (Chests and bird nests)

New Features

  • [NEW] Prayer has been introduced.
  • [NEW] Slayer has been introduced.
  • [NEW] 25 different Prayers have been introduced.
  • [NEW] 5 new Slayer Areas have been introduced.
  • [NEW] 23 new monsters have been introduced.
  • [NEW] A small new area of Melvor has been explored to the West.
  • [NEW] All hitpoint, damage, eating and max hit values have been multiplied by 10.
  • [NEW] Monster Statistics have been introduced.
  • [NEW] Item Statistics have been revamped.
  • [NEW] Combat levels have been introduced for Players and Monsters. This is a good indication to show you how powerful you are compared to the monsters. Combat Levels will show by default instead of stats for monsters. There is a setting to change this if you wish.
  • [NEW] Mastery Tokens have been added to the game for all non-combat skills. There is a small chance to gain a Mastery Token for the respective skill, which when claimed will provide +1 level to a random Mastery for that skill. Farming has a much higher chance to receive tokens. Or you may sell them for 1,500 GP each.
  • [NEW] Live Bank Search feature. Allows you to search using Bank Item name, catergory, type & Item ID.
  • [NEW] New setting to change the display of the Skills in the Sidebar. The setting will collapse the skills into a group which can be hidden.
  • [NEW] Carrots (and Seeds) have been added to the game. This new Allotment can be farmed at level 69. Seeds can only be gained by the Farmer in Theiving
  • [NEW] Damage Reduction now applies to Thieving
  • [NEW] Dragon & Ancient Claws have been added to the game. These can only be obtained by combining 100 of their respective fragments to create. These high speed, high accuracy, high strength and high defence weapons are highly sought after. The fragments can only be found in the High Lands Slayer area.
  • [NEW] Holy Dust has been added. These are classed as "Bones" and can be buried to receive 5 prayer points per use. All monsters found in the Holy Lands Slayer area drop Holy Dust 100% of the time.
  • [NEW] Wands have been added. These are one-handed magic weapons that have higher stats than staffs. However, they do not provide rune benefits.
  • [NEW] Ancient Arrows have been added. These can be found as a drop from the Desolate Plains Slayer area only.
  • [NEW] Ancient 2H Sword has been introduced. This can only be obtained by slaying the Dark Horned Elite, located in the Desolate Plains slayer area.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item (Hxlmer) - Bobbys Pocket. This has a 1% chance to drop per thieving action. Provides a nice GP bump when sold.
  • [NEW] New Patreon Item (Eliass) - Book of Eli. This is an offhand Magic Book that can be equipped to provide further Magic benefits. Only obtainable from the Hall of Wizards dungeon.
  • [NEW] The bankend of the Melvor Cloud has been redone. It now uses token based authentication which is stored in the form of cookies to ensure persistant logins. This should keep you logged in for at least 1 month before it logs you out. If your browser blocks any form of cookies from being stored, this will of course not work.
  • [NEW] There is now a confirmation popup that warns you before closing the game / browser / tab.
  • [NEW] Added a line of text to food items in the bank, so you can see how much HP it heals before equipping it.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Adjusted the layout of the enemy combat screen.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the look of the Mining Skill to be pretty much the same as Woodcutting. Mining now displays mastery level and xp rates as well.
  • [CHANGE] Reduced the max hit of Air based Magic spells.
  • [CHANGE] Minimum cost of Gem Gloves is now 500K GP and provides 2,000 charges per purchase. Up from 125K GP and 500 charges (Still same price per charge).
  • [CHANGE] Upgrading of Armour now has a GP cost attached to it.
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted the necklace item descriptions to be more "generic".
  • [CHANGE] Dungeon boss images are now larger than the standard monster image sizes.
  • [CHANGE] Moss Giant Attack / Strength / Defence levels are now 50, up from 30.
  • [CHANGE] Moss Giant chance to drop an item is now 75%, down from 100%.
  • [CHANGE] Moss Giant can now drop Starwberry Seeds.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly lowered all stats of the Master Farmer.
  • [CHANGE] Master Farmer (Combat) no longer drops Cabbage Seeds.
  • [CHANGE] Snape Grass seeds now provide 92 XP per harvest, down from 106.
  • [CHANGE] Gold bars now sell for 132 GP, up from 88 GP.
  • [CHANGE] Base cutting interval for magic trees reduced to 20s. Down from 25s.
  • [CHANGE] Dragonite bars now sell for 605 GP, up from 511 GP.
  • [CHANGE] Increased the sale price for all Dragon Armour and Weapons by quite a bit.
  • [CHANGE] Increased the minimum and maximum gold rewards for completing all dungeons by 40%.
  • [CHANGE] Blue Dragons now drop up to 175 coins per kill, up from 100.
  • [CHANGE] Red Dragons now drop up to 325 coins per kill, up from 200.
  • [CHANGE] Black Dragons now drop up to 600 coins per kill, up from 500.
  • [CHANGE] The Seagull in Sandy Shores can now drop up to 55 feathers, up from 20.
  • [CHANGE] Bandits, Bandit Trainees and the Bandit Leader now have an attack speed of 2 seconds, down from 2.6 seconds.
  • [CHANGE] Increased HP of Bandit Leader to 1500, up from 900.
  • [CHANGE] Dark Wizards now drop Magic Bones.
  • [CHANGE] Dark Wizards HP is now 1,100. Honestly forgot what the original HP was, but it was less.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the drop rates for gems. New drop rates are (New rate / Old rate): - Topaz (50% / 40%), Sapphire (17.5% / 20%), Ruby (17.5% / 20%), Emerald(10% / 12.5%), Diamond (5% / 7.5%).
  • [CHANGE] Mithril Knight now has a 25% chance to drop an item, up from 10%.
  • [CHANGE] Adamant Knight now has a 15% chance to drop an item, up from 5%.
  • [CHANGE] All items that drop from Rune Knight now have the same chance to drop.
  • [CHANGE] Frozen Archer now looks Frozen.
  • [CHANGE] Removed the slight transparancy with Tooltips.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the way in which loot drop quantities are defined. This in-turn fixes issues with monsters dropping odd values of specific items.


  • [FIXED] Non-boss dungeon monsters now update kill counts correctly
  • [FIXED] Cooking Gloves and Cooking Skillcape now correctly apply 100% success rate.
  • [FIXED] Skill levels now correctly capped at 99, as apposed to 100. This stops constant notifications from popping up during combat training.
  • [FIXED] Category is now spelt correctly in the items file.
  • [FIXED] Some map image errors which made the map look "cut off" have been fixed.
  • [FIXED] Page Header is now fixed for all screen resolutions.
  • [FIXED] Issue where popovers get stuck on screen until refresh in the bank has been resolved.
  • [FIXED] Cleaned up item notification code. This fixes some missed item notification bugs.
  • [FIXED] Errors when attempting to load the game without a local save, while logged into the Cloud.
  • [FIXED] Upgrading of Runes / Staff now use the correct amount of resources, instead of using 1 extra.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where a specific set of actions were perform which caused an old monster selection screen to appear from previous game versions.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Removed the tooltips from the sidebar for now. Will revisit this later to make it less clunky and intrusive.

Alpha v0.10.2 (12th December 2019)

New Features

  • [NEW] Three new combat areas have been added - Sandy Shores, Giant Dungeon & Icy Hills.
  • [NEW] Each new combat area contains some new monsters to fight.
  • [NEW] Melee combat gloves have been added to the game for Bronze to Dragon (Except Black). These gloves provide attack benefits as well as defence benefits. These can be smithed.
  • [NEW] A setting to hide GP notifications has been added.
  • [NEW] The game now checks for an update every minute. If an update is detected, a large ugly looking notification is displayed that cannot be removed until you refresh.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Frozen Cove dungeon chest can now drop an Ice Shield.
  • [CHANGE] The Import Save function will now automatically reload the page after two seconds.


  • [FIXED] Smithing Items are now displayed in the correct order in the Smithing Skill screen.
  • [FIXED] Smithing Items are now displayed neatly in the Mastery screen.
  • [FIXED] The HTTPS check has been rectified and reinstated.
  • [FIXED] Fletching XP is now displayed in the correct spot.
  • [FIXED] Dark Mode background has been reinstated.
  • [FIXED] )

Alpha v0.10.1 (9th December 2019)

New Features

  • [NEW] Black Knights have been added to the Castle of Kings combat area. They drop... wait for it... Black Armour & Weapons.
  • [NEW] There is now an option above the Combat Map to switch between Map View and List View.
  • [NEW] The Item Log will now update with the items you have in your bank on load.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Cooking Success Rate is now capped at 99% (Unless you have the skillcape equipped).
  • [CHANGE] Updated the graphics for all weapons from Bronze to Dragon, plus Ice. (You may need to clear your cache to view the changes)
  • [CHANGE] Master Farmer no longer drops Potato or Onion seeds.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Magic and Ranged levels of the monsters in the Volcanic Cave Dungeon.
  • [CHANGE] Prat, the Serpent of Fire is now a Ranged-Type monster.


  • [FIXED] Combat Skill Tooltips now update correctly.
  • [FIXED] Bones now Auto loot correctly with the Amulet of Looting.
  • [FIXED] Upgrading of Armour using x10+ options has been rectified (I basically just disabled the option).
  • [FIXED] Buy X has been fixed, which caused a massive item duplication error.
  • [FIXED] Gloves in the shop now actually give you the correct gloves.
  • [FIXED] Gem Gloves no longer work on Rune Essence.
  • [FIXED] Most Milestones are now shown in the Milestones tab.
  • [FIXED] Dragonhide Ranged gear now has the correct Magic Defence stats.
  • [FIXED] Magic stats now correctly show on item stats.

Alpha v0.10 - Welcome to Melvor (5th December 2019)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! And the first update with a title - Welcome to Melvor

Alpha v0.10 is the largest update I have released to date for this game. Many additions have been included which will set the path this game will take from here-on. Thank you to everyone who has been here on this journey with me. I hope I can continue provide updates to this game that everyone will enjoy.

Now, let's see what the big inclusions are.


Welcome to Melvor.


A vast, mystical landscape that is just waiting to be explored. Traverse the harsh lands and encountered various enemies and dungeons which await your arrival.

This map will represent Melvor as a whole. Finally adding world-building elements to the game is a big step in creating something interesting. It allows for so many possibilities in the future, which I am excited to share with you all.

Combat Area selection has been changed to physical locations that you can select from the map. The black sections of the map represent unexplored territory. Who know what we will find out there?


Magic has been added to the game!!

In its current state, Magic is solely a Combat skill, designed to output high damage, whilst trading your defence in return.

There is currently 20 damage-dealing skills to use in combat. You are required to wield a magical staff to use Magic (Will touch on this below).

My plans for Magic are to also add buff/debuff spells alongside non-combat Magic skills like Alching and Enchantment. Watch this skill closely as it develops!

You are required to equip a Staff to use Magic in combat


What good is Magic without the Runes?? Here we have Runecrafting - a very basic, yet important skill for those who wish to train Magic

Craft Runes using the Rune Essence you collect from Mining, which can be then used in Combat to gain an advantage over enemies.

Air, Water, Earth and Fire Runes can be upgraded in the Bank to produce a Magical Staff. These Staffs can be upgraded further to provide more benefits.

Combat Triangle

Now that we have all three combat skills/types in the game, the implementation of the Combat Triangle as also been included.

When you face an enemy in Combat, you will now see that they have an 'Attack Type'. This can either be Melee, Ranged or Magic. This determines the evasion statistic that will be used in combat.

For example - if you are facing an enemy with the Ranged attack type, your Ranged Evasion Rating will be used as your 'Defence'. This is the same for enemies, based on your Attack Type.

The general rule of thumb is Melee > Ranged / Ranged > Magic / Magic > Melee. But this also depends on the gear you have equipped.


They're here, they're finally here! For those of you who love to brag, these are just the thing for you.

Skillcapes are somewhat of a 'Trophy' that you can acquire upon reaching Level 99 in its respective skill. Once you reach that glorious max level, the Shop will allow you to purchase the Skillcape for 1,000,000 GP.

Each Skillcape comes with its own unique benefit for the skill it is acquired for. Skillcapes also provide base Melee, Ranged and Magic Defence stats of +9. If you manage to lose your Skillcape in battle, you may purchase another one from the shop.

Who can collect them all?


New Features

  • [NEW] The Map of Melvor has been introduced, replacing the Combat Area selection screen with physical locations to chose from.
  • [NEW] Magic has been introduced.
  • [NEW] Runecrafting has been introduced.
  • [NEW] The Combat Triangle has been introduced, explained above.
  • [NEW] Skillcapes for every skill in the game has been added to the game.
  • [NEW] Dark Mode has been officially added to the game, which can be enabled in the settings. Thank you to RedSparr0w for allowing me to implement this from his Melvor-Idle Helper Browser Extension.
  • [NEW] The Magic Spellbook has been added, which contains 20 different damage-dealing spells to choose from.
  • [NEW] 10 Different Runes have been added, which can be crafted in Runecrafting.
  • [NEW] Rune Essence can now be mined at Level 1 mining. This provides very low Mining XP, but produces a base of 2 Rune Essence per action and is quite fast. It also only has a 1 second respawn timer.
  • [NEW] Scimitars have been added to the game. There is one available from Bronze all the way through to Dragon. These are strength based weapons, and currently provide the highest strength bonus for a 1-handed weapon. You can Smith these in the Smithing skill. Special thanks to script for providing the graphics.
  • [NEW] Magic Attack, Magic Defence, and +% Magic Damage properties have been added and enabled for all combat related Gear.
  • [NEW] Staff of Air, Staff of Water, Staff of Earth and Staff of Fire has been added as an upgradable item from Runes. These provide unlimited quantities of the respective Rune to use when equipped.
  • [NEW] Battlestaff and Mystic Staff varieties have been added to the Elemental Staffs, as an upgradable option.
  • [NEW] Green, Blue, Red and Black Wizard robes have been addded to the game, which can only be acquired through Combat.
  • [NEW] Ancient Wizard Armour has been added, which can only be found in the Wizard Dungeon.
  • [NEW] There are new Combat Areas and Dungeons to explore!
  • [NEW] Ancient Longbow has been added to the game as a rare drop from the Bandit Base Dungeon. This is currently the best Bow in the game.
  • [NEW] A "Completion Log" has been added to the game. This is a basic feature to track some % stats to 100%. This can be found in the Sidebar.
  • [NEW] An Item Log has been added. This track all items you find in the game. For all current players, you need to refind the item to log it in the Item Log.
  • [NEW] You can now see the Item Stats of your equipped gear when hovering over it in the combat screen.
  • [NEW] Sell # option in the bank screen has been updated. This includes to addition of Sell X.
  • [NEW] You can now see how much GP Total your sale will provide you.
  • [NEW] Tooltips have been added to Fishing to display basic information of the Fish that are available in the area.
  • [NEW] Tooltips have been added to each skill in the sidebar to display basic information. If you are Level 99, it will display your "Virtual Level".
  • [NEW] Upgrade x10, x100 and x1000 options added.
  • [NEW] There is now an option to view the Item Stats for what you are Smithing, Crafting or Fletching on the respective skill screen.
  • [NEW] Crafting related skills now show how much of the item you already have in the bank, as well as the XP you will gain from the craft.
  • [NEW] Woodcutting now displays XP & Woodcutting speed for each tree.
  • [NEW] Monster kills are now tracked behind the scenes. This will be used for future purposes.
  • [NEW] Dungeon completion count is also tracked behind the scenes. Again, this will be used for future purposes.
  • [NEW] Each log you burn has a 60% chance to automatically provide you with Coal Ore (Too lazy to add Charcoal).
  • [NEW] Buy X has been added to the shop.
  • [NEW] You can now see a simple comparison between the Cloud Save and Local save within the confirmation window. This comparison will show the Total Skill Level and Current GP of both saves.
  • [NEW] When either in Combat or Thieving, the title of the game will now display your current Hitpoints.
  • [NEW] There is now a link in the sidebar for the Melvor Idle Wiki. This is a community-run Wiki dedicated to the game that is currently in development. Thank you to mrDLSable for heading the team to get this up and running.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Achieving Level 99 in a Skill will now force the large notification, even if you have them disabled.
  • [CHANGE] Sell options in the bank look a bit different now to accomodate for the Sell X implementation.
  • [CHANGE] Milestones are no longer hidden. You can now see every milestone for the skill.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the images of ores to suit graphics style of the game (Thanks again script for providing these)
  • [CHANGE] Updated the Upgrade Item screen to accommodate for new combat stats.
  • [CHANGE] Maximum loot to collect has been raised to 16 slots, up from 8.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the look of the Changelog.
  • [CHANGE] Amulet of Glory now sells for 2,500, up from 1,000.
  • [CHANGE] Elite Amulet of Accuracy, Defence and Strength now sell for 100,000 GP, up from 1,000 GP.
  • [CHANGE] Elite Amulet of Glory now sells for 250,000 GP, up from 1,000 GP.
  • [CHANGE] Ancient Sword now sells for 150,000, up from 42,500 GP
  • [CHANGE] All Melee Ancient Armour pieces now sell for 250,000 GP.
  • [CHANGE] All Ancient Melee Armour has been slightly buffed.
  • [CHANGE] Farming Mastery now directly effects the amount of seeds you may receive when harvesting an allotment. Every 10 mastery levels provides a chance at getting an extra seed.
  • [CHANGE] Cook x10 is now the starting cook option.
  • [CHANGE] Cook x50 now unlocks at Mastery Level 15.
  • [CHANGE] The buttons in Cooking now show what Mastery Level is required to unlock.
  • [CHANGE] Change username option is now set to Change Character Name, as to not confuse the username associated with Melvor Cloud.


  • [FIXED] The Gold Ruby Necklace now correctly provides the displayed stats.
  • [FIXED] The duplicate Rune Platebody that drops from the Elite Chest is now corrected to an Adamant Platebody.
  • [FIXED] Disabled popover animations in the bank menus, which solves various issues including accidental sales and item duplication.
  • [FIXED] Available food to cook is now correctly updated when thieving fish from the Fisherman.
  • [FIXED] Some incorrect item stats have been corrected.
  • [FIXED] There is now a check on load to source invalid bank items, if found, which will then correct them in the process. If your game happens to break due to a faulty item, refresh the game to fix it.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] It is with great sadness that I announce the retirement of Pablo, Bruno, Allen, Jeff, John, and Thicc Boi. They served their purpose well, and they will be remembered.
  • [REMOVED] Placeholder Combat Areas have been removed.
  • [REMOVED] You can no longer purchase Black Dragonhide from the shop. Go and fight a Dragon for it.
  • [REMOVED] Cook x1 has been removed.
  • [REMOVED] The Level ??? Tree has been removed.

Alpha v0.09.2 (13th November 2019)

New Features

  • [NEW] You can now see your total skill level on the Statistics page.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] The sidebar is now slightly compacted to display more options without needing to scroll.


  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the Upgrade Item button does not work if you have none of the required bars in your bank.
  • [FIXED] Corrected Gold Trimmed Mithril Gear defence bonus.
  • [FIXED] Redwood Shortbows and Longbows now display in the Ranged Milestones tab.
  • [FIXED] Auto Save setting for Cloud Saves is now actually saved.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the broken Treasure Chest image in the Milestones Fishing tab.

Alpha v0.09.1 (12th November 2019)

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Updated the Quick Sort Bank to a new sorting function, which should now place similar items together. (Special thanks to RedSparr0w for providing the sorting function).


  • [FIXED] Amulet of Torture now correctly equips to the Amulet slot.
  • [FIXED] Amulet of Torture now drops from the Pirate Booty dungeon chest.
  • [FIXED] Renamed Ranger's Hat to Ranger Hat due to it completely destroying the look of the bank.
  • [FIXED] Cloud saves now correctly Auto-Save every 5 minutes, as apposed to every 1 minute. This should hopefully be nicer on the server.
  • [FIXED] The setting to disable Auto Cloud Saving now actually disables it.

Alpha v0.09 (11th November 2019)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle!

This update focuses on content for combat with the inclusion of Dungeons, as well as many new items to acquire. Some minor changes to other skills have also been introduced.

For those of you who are wanting more Skilling content/changes, it will be saved for v0.10.

Let's have a look at what has been introduced this update.


Dungeons are basically another term to describe Bosses. Your goal is the slay all prior monsters within the dungeon to then face the beast that protects the area.

Each dungeon provides a unique chest as a reward. Inside this chest contains many valuable items for you to obtain.

Note: You are not able to change your equipment or food choice during the dungeons. Choose your options wisely before you start!

Let's see who can beat them all!

Melvor Cloud

This update also brings updated functionality to the Melvor Cloud.

Upon logging in to the Melvor Cloud, it will now attempt to automatically load your save. If the save stored in the Cloud is different to the one you already have loaded, it will prompt you with a few options to ensure we don't step on your toes.

If you are logged into the Cloud, your save will automatically upload to the cloud every 5 minutes. You can force a syncronise by visiting the dropdown menu under your username.

As always, please backup your save before performing any actions as a safeguard.

New Features

  • [NEW] Dungeons have been added to the game! There are currently six high-rewarding combat dungeons to tackle.
  • [NEW] Ancient Armour and the Ancient Sword has been added to the game. Ancient Armour and Weapons have better stats than Dragon. Ancient Armour can also be trimmed. Ancient Gear can only be obtained by the best of the best.
  • [NEW] Fire Cape has been added to the game as a guaranteed award for beating the best dungeon in the game.
  • [NEW] Amulet of Looting has been added to the game as a Dungeon reward from the Spider Chest.
  • [NEW] Ice Armour and Weapons (Including Bows and Arrows) have been added to the game. This is the first 'Hybrid' armour introduced into the game that provides both Melee and Ranged attack and defence bonuses. Obtained by completing the Frozen Cove dungeon only.
  • [NEW] Amulet of Fury, Amulet of Torture, and the Amulet of Ranged has been added to the game. Obtained via specific dungeons only.
  • [NEW] Extra Melvor Cloud functionality has been added to the game. Including auto-save and auto-load.
  • [NEW] A small coloured Cloud Status symbol has been added to your username. Green 'C' means connected, red 'C' means not connected.
  • [NEW] Redwood Shortbows and Longbows have been added to the game. These can be Fletched, and are currently the highest tier Fletchable bows in the game.
  • [NEW] Dragon's Den has been added to the Combat Areas. This area contains Green, Blue, Red and Black dragons that only drop the respective coloured dragonhide.
  • [NEW] Farming areas now display 'Ready to harvest' when a crop inside has grown
  • [NEW] Cook x50 has been added for acquiring Level 20 mastery for the respective fish.
  • [NEW] You can now see the Mastery level for your seed in the seed selection screen
  • [NEW] Add x5 Compost is now an option in Farming
  • [NEW] Viewing item stats for Weapons and Armour will now display what skill levels are required to equip.
  • [NEW] You can now view the possible items you can get from a Chest/Bird Nest by clicking 'View Contents' from its respective bank menu. The items are listed in order of most common to most rare.
  • [NEW] You can now see your total bank value in the Bank.
  • [NEW] The game will now check if you are not running the HTTPS version. If you are not, you will be prompted to export your save and move to the HTTPS version. You cannot dismiss this notification.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] The formula for bank slot cost has been completely redone (Thanks to Prat for the formula). This makes bank slots later on cost much less than they used to. If you are entitle to a refund, you will receive one upon load.
  • [CHANGE] Bank slot prices are now capped at 4m (When it reached that number).
  • [CHANGE] Updated the design of Woodcutting Axes (Special thanks to script for providing the graphics)
  • [CHANGE] Shortbows base Attack speed is now 2.6s (down from 3s)
  • [CHANGE] Longbows now have increased Ranged attack bonus, compared to their counterpart.
  • [CHANGE] Crafting and Fletching intervals increased to 3s, up from 2s.
  • [CHANGE] Mining pickaxe no longer applies bonus to gems mined with Gem Gloves
  • [CHANGE] Slightly increased the prices of all gems.
  • [CHANGE] If you hit an enemy for an amount larger than its remaining life, it will now be corrected to equal the remaining amount of HP. This means you will no longer receive extra XP if your hit was larger than the remaining life. (Sorry)
  • [CHANGE] Reduced the sale price of Leather to 50gp, down from 75gp.
  • [CHANGE] You will now only be able to see the seeds you can actually plant in the Farming Seed selector screen.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the look of the Item Opening notifications to look much nicer.
  • [CHANGE] Viewing item stats from the bank now has its own option, for clarity.
  • [CHANGE] Switched the positions of the Mastery and Milestones tab around.


  • [FIXED] Potentially fixed the issue that caused Bank quantities to adjust unpredictably during Crafting related skills.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where combat would stop due to an invalid item ID that was chosen to drop.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where Gloves did not update properly, causing the shop to stop providing the physical gloves if you has lost them.
  • [FIXED] An issue where upgrading armour does not work if your bars are in the first slot of your bank
  • [FIXED] Upgrade Item window now shows attack bonuses.
  • [FIXED] Gold Trimmed Mithril Gear now has the correct Melee Strength Bonus Stats
  • [FIXED] Success rate for Thieving correctly updates when the Theiving Gloves deplete.
  • [FIXED] Changing tabs when inside of a Farming area now leaves that respective farming area.
  • [FIXED] Fixed major, gamebreaking spelling mistake in the Farming milestones tab.

Alpa v0.08.2 (31st October 2019)

Today I am introducing a heavily requested feature, as well as some fixes and changes based on feedback from players.

Melvor Cloud

Welcome to the Cloud!

From the Settings tab, you can access what I like to call the 'Melvor Cloud' - a starting point for exciting things to come.

It has been heavily requested that I add some form of Cloud Saving functionality to the game, and this is the start of that solution.

Upon load you will see a Login / Register page. When you register for an account, your currently loaded save will be syncronised alongside your account creation.

Upon logging in, you will be greeted with two options.

The first is a button that simply links to a text page containing nothing but the currently syncronised save file from the server. Copy / paste this into the import field to load it.

The second option is a syncronise button. Clicking this will overwrite the existing save in the cloud with your currently loaded save.

In its current state, this is a very basic system with a sole purpose to provide a Cloud Save system for your game. There is no auto-syncronise yet, or any other server based functionality. This will come later down the track, please be patient.

New Features

  • [NEW] Melvor Cloud has been introduced.
  • [NEW] Equip xAll for Food and Arrows added as an option.


  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue with GP value becoming a very large decimal number.
  • [FIXED] Woodcutting stats for seconds spent cutting is now displayed correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: I am still investigating a few bugs to do with crafting skills. Hotfixes will be applied when resolved.

Alpha v0.08.1 (30th October 2019)

This update provides urgent fixes for many reported bugs.

Thank you to everyone who is actively helping me with this game. It doesn't go unnoticed, and I appreciate every single one of you for it!

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Gem Gloves are now priced at 85K GP, up from 50K GP.


  • [FIXED] Fixed issue with bank items showing incorrect quantities when Smithing, Fletching or Crafting
  • [FIXED] Rings and Necklaces are now priced
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue with tooltips getting stuck on screen during Smithing, Fletching and Crafting actions.
  • [FIXED] Arrows now disappear from equipment slot when reaching 0 ammo as intended, rather than sticking around at 0 quantity.
  • [FIXED] Fixed ranged level requirement for some items.
  • [FIXED] Fixed number formatting for XP and GP when items that provide bonuses are used.
  • [FIXED] Prices for dragonhide in the shop have been corrected (Hotfix)
  • [FIXED] Arrowtips now craft the correct amount (15) instead of 1 (Hotfix)
  • [FIXED] Error loading crafting and flecthing for new players has been rectified (Hotfix)
  • [FIXED] Equiping arrows now equips the correct amount instead of duplicating (Hotfix)

Alpha v0.08 (29th October 2019)

Welcome to the next major update for Melvor Idle! This update brings along a three new skills for you to train, as well as some other additions and changes throughout the game.

The next update, Alpha v0.09, will have a focus on combat (You can see a little teaser in the Combat Area selector).

Let's take a look at what has been added into the game.


Ranged combat is the latest addition to the combat skills area.

Take advantage of the large damage output from bows and arrows, as well as the inclusion of ranged armour that can assist with your combat.

Ranged combat requires a bow and arrow. Be sure to pay attention to your ammo so you do not get caught out.


Fletching is a very simple skill. Currently, its sole purpose is to provide you with bow and arrow creation.

A simple, yet fast skill to train.


Crafting provides the option to create ranged armour, as well as put your gems to use in creating combat rings and necklaces.

This isn't the fastest skill to train, but the benefits provided by the equipment you can craft makes it something to pay attention to.

New Features

  • [NEW] Ranged, Fletching and Crafting has been added to the game.
  • [NEW] Shortbows and Longbows have been added to the game. Created in Fletching.
  • [NEW] Arrows (Bronze to Dragon) have been added to the game. Created in Fletching.
  • [NEW] Arrow Tips have been added to the game. These can be created in Smithing (Required to make arrows).
  • [NEW] Leather armour has been added to the game. Created in crafting.
  • [NEW] Green, Blue, Red and Black Dragonhide armour has been added to the game. Created in Crafting.
  • [NEW] Combat Equipment Slots for Rings, Gloves, Capes and Ammo have been added.
  • [NEW] Various Gold and Silver Rings and Necklaces have been added to the game. Created in crafting.
  • [NEW] Capes have been added to the game, acquired through combat. Currently, the Cape of Prat and Obsidian Cape can be found from certain monsters.
  • [NEW] Elite versions of the Amulets of Strength, Accuracy, Defence and Glory have been added to the game as an upgrade.
  • [NEW] Gem Gloves have been added to the game, and can be acquired via the Shop. When worn, you will always receive a Gem for each ore mined.
  • [NEW] Leather and Feathers have been added to the game as a resource used in Crafting and Fletching.
  • [NEW] Cows and Chickens have been added to the game. They can be fought in Combat Area 1 only. They always drop Leather/Feathers respectively.
  • [NEW] You can now buy Leather, Bowstring, Dragonhides (Raw Materials) form the Shop.
  • [NEW] Statistics for Thieving, Farming, Fletching and Crafting has been added.
  • [NEW] You can now see a small Mastery progress bar in Firemaking, Cooking, Smithing, Fletching and Crafting. Others to be added in coming updates.
  • [NEW] All Smithing items now have Mastery.
  • [NEW] Hovering over your current Axe, Fishing Rod or Pickaxe will now show what bonus it provides.
  • [NEW] Hovering over your current GP in the sidebar or Shop will show the exact value.
  • [NEW] A small icon has been added next to your Woodcutting axe upgrade to show if you have the Multi Tree Upgrade.
  • [NEW] Hovering over items required in a Shop Upgrade now tells you what the item is.
  • [NEW] Active Gloves will now show on the respective skill page.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Smithing has been completely redesigned.
  • [CHANGE] Cost of bank slots have been reduced by 33%. You will receive a refund upon load to accommodate for this change.
  • [CHANGE] You are now required to EQUIP the Gloves purchased from the Shop for the effect to take place. Upon load, you will receive the Gloves for your current purchases into your Bank (This ignores bank space requirements).
  • [CHANGE] You can now choose which monster to fight in Combat Areas 1 and 2.
  • [CHANGE] Thieving Gloves now provide +10% success rate instead of guaranteed 100%.
  • [CHANGE] There is now a base 1% chance per action to receive a gem when mining without the Gem Gloves.
  • [CHANGE] Dagger attack speed increased to 2.2s, up from 2s
  • [CHANGE] Battleaxe attack speed reduced to 3.1s, down from 3.6s
  • [CHANGE] 2H Sword attack speed reduced to 3.6s, down from 4.2s
  • [CHANGE] All Gem sell prices reduced by roughly 75%
  • [CHANGE] Stats for seconds spent smelting bars, and smithing items has been combined into one stat.
  • [CHANGE] Farming now says 'About x minutes left'
  • [CHANGE] Statistics numbers are now formatted with commas


  • [FIXED] Trees now give the correct amount of XP from Farming.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where smithing double ore and ore preservation chance was not being calculated correctly.
  • [FIXED] Open All now shows the correct items received.
  • [FIXED] Sale prices in bank are now formatted correctly.
  • [FIXED] Thieving visual success rate is now displayed correctly without requiring a refresh.
  • [FIXED] Mining stats are now tracked again
  • [FIXED] Cooking and Firemaking quantities are now formatted with commas.
  • [FIXED] Cooking counter now correctly displays 'All' instead of a negative number
  • [FIXED] Farming tab now glows when a crop has grown without requiring a refresh.
  • [FIXED] Fixed and issue where GP was not coloured correctly in the sidebar.
  • [FIXED] Logs now correctly update for Firemaking when harvesting trees in Farming.
  • [FIXED] Updated Farming seed selection look to be nicer on the eyes.
  • [FIXED] Minor layout and formatting adjustments.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Various stats including GP acquired from woodcutting and fishing, fish sold, logs sold
  • [REMOVED] Buy 1x Compost from shop

Alpha v0.07.1 (10th October 2019)

This update provides some minor changes and improvements from last update, as well as some fixes here and there.

New Features

  • [NEW] A status badge has been added to the rock your are currently mining.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Mining will no longer stop if a rock is depleted. Once the rock respawns, it will eventually start mining it again. This change makes Mining pretty much completely idle.
  • [CHANGE] Glove purchases can now stack in the Shop.
  • [CHANGE] You can now seemlessly switch the rock you are mining (Without having to stop the current one first).


  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug where the Amulet of Accuracy didn't actually provide any additional accuracy.
  • [FIXED] Treasure Chests can now spawn inside Fishing Area 8.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug where Mining would not correctly stop when switching to a different skill.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused the Cut 2x Tree Upgrade to be non-purchasable.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug where buying the Redwood Cooking Fire would cause the game to had a heart-attack.
  • [FIXED] Available logs for Firemaking, and available food for Cooking now updates correctly when looting in combat.
  • [FIXED] Fixed minor issue where the final Cooking Fire was called a 'Normal Cooking Fire' as apposed to 'Redwood Cooking Fire'.
  • [FIXED] Removed the rogue Amulet of Fishing image in the Fishing Skill tab.
  • [FIXED] Fixed spelling errors.

Alpha v0.07 (9th October 2019)

This update focuses on updates to current content within Melvor Idle.

The main focus is on Balance (Except Combat), as well as an array of changes, fixes, optimizations and other QoL inclusions.

I have also added a Patreon link to the sidebar ingame. For those who wish to directly support the development of this game, and receive some benefits along the way, I will be greatly appreciative of that. I won't really be advertising it after this update, but it will be there for those who wish to support. This game will still continue development as usual even with no Patreons.

BALANCE Changes It was too hard to show all the balance changes here, so I created a Google Sheet showing all the changes.

See all the changes here: BALANCE Changes SHEET.

New Features

  • [NEW] Mining has been redesigned from the ground-up. Rocks now have a set maximum HP. Once this hits 0, the rock will need to regenerate. Each mastery level for the respective ore increases the maximum HP by 1. There is also a 0.5% chance that you will collect a random Gem from mining.
  • [NEW] Four degradable Gloves have been added to the shop. Activating these will provide benefits for skills to aid with training.
  • [NEW] Amulets have been added to the game, and can be equipped to provide various stats according to the amulet.
  • [NEW] Amulet of Strength, Accuracy and Defence has been added to the game and can be acquired through monster drops in Areas 3 - 5.
  • [NEW] Amulet of Glory has been added to the game. This can only be obtained as a drop from monsters in Area 6.
  • [NEW] Amulet of Fishing has been added to the game. This can be acquired via Treasure Chests obtained while Fishing.
  • [NEW] Added Cooking Fires to the game. These can be purchased as an upgrade in the shop to assist with Cooking. This replaces the Cooking Range. Everyone who puchased a Cooking Range has received a refund.
  • [NEW] Updated the look of the Mastery Tab. This now also displays your Current Total Mastery Level.
  • [NEW] Open xAll option has been added for Bird Nests and Treasure Chests.
  • [NEW] Buy 5x Compost is now an option in the Shop.
  • [NEW] Allotments in Farming now have a chance to provide seeds when harvested, once Level 10 Mastery has been reached.
  • [NEW] The Farming tab now glows green when you have a crop to harvest.
  • [NEW] You can now see your current HP next to the Thieving skill tab (Just like the Hitpoints Tab).
  • [NEW] A setting to disable item notifications.
  • [NEW] You can now see what Farming Level is required for Farming Areas to unlock under the Milestone tab.
  • [NEW] Mastery icons are now hidden until you earn at least 1 XP for that item.
  • [NEW] You now receive mastery XP for the log you burn for cooking.
  • [NEW] You are now notified of a Milestone unlock when you level up a skill.
  • [NEW] Added a small indicator to show how many more Cooking Actions are remaining.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Most skills have received XP/GP Balance changes. See above for these details.
  • [CHANGE] It is no longer possible to pickpocket Dragonite Ore from a Miner.
  • [CHANGE] It is no longer possible to pickpocket Cave Fish, Manta Rays or Whales from Chefs.
  • [CHANGE] It is no longer possible to pickpocket Raw Cave Fish, Raw Manta Rays or Raw Whales from the Fisherman.
  • [CHANGE] It is no longer possible to pickpocket Rune Daggers or Rune 2H Swords from the Knight.
  • [CHANGE] The Treasure Chest now has an 8% chance to spawn in a random Fishing Area (Up from 1%).
  • [CHANGE] Skill Levels are now visually capped at Level 99. Skill XP after Level 99 is still tracked, and can be seen on the respective Skill screen.
  • [CHANGE] Food can no longer be consumed when at full HP.
  • [CHANGE] Increased the icon sizes in the bank, as well as the button size. This will ensure all buttons in the bank are the same size.
  • [CHANGE] Slightly updated the look of the shop to be somewhat uniform and clear.


  • [FIX] You are no longer required to Force Refresh after an update to load it correctly. This is also true for Mobile.
  • [FIX] Farming Area 5 now requires level 80 farming instead of Level 30 (This is what it was supposed to be initially).
  • [FIX] Updated the combat screen so it does not adjust in height every time it searches for an enemy.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where upgrading an (S) Iron Shield to (G) Iron Shield turned it into a Platebody.
  • [FIX] Fixed a memory leak issue that would cause copious amounts of lag after a certain period of time, or when clicking various areas on the screen.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where you would not receive your upgraded item if you spent the exact amount of bars you had in your bank at the time.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where Leveling up Farming while planting a seed would make it visually disappear.
  • [FIX] Bank quantities are now formatted correctly.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where Cooking would not stop correctly.
  • [FIX] Level 99's are now formatted correctly in the sidebar for all skills.
  • [FIX] Fixed a rare bug where your maximum hitpoints was able to exceed your Hitpoints Level. [FIX] Fixed an issue with Magic Tree Seeds only providing 82xp.
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug where the bank popover would remain on the screen until the game was refreshed if you sorted your bank with an item selected.
  • [FIX] Fixed minor formatting issues with Thieving window in mobile view. [FIX] Missing item images have been restored.
  • [FIX] Missing mastery image for runite ore has been restored.
  • [FIX] Spelling errors for some items have been fixed.

Alpha v0.06 (28th September 2019)

Welcome to the next major update for Melvor Idle! This update brings along a couple of new skills for you to train, as well as some other additions and changes throughout the game.

The next update, Alpha v0.07, will focus more on balance and content for the current skills in the game.

Let's take a look at what has been added into the game.


Thieving is a simple, yet helpful skill to train in terms of resource production.

Your task is to pickpocket various NPCs to acquire gold and other related items to that NPC. But be careful! If you are caught, you will be stunned and also injured slightly, so keep an eye on your HP. This skill is idle, as long as you don't die. If you are stunned, you will resume training after a few seconds.

Your Thieving level and mastery level play into the success rate.


Farming is the first 'Offline' skill added to Melvor Idle. Currently in its early stages, you have the ability to acquire seeds from various skills, which can then be planted to grow into something great! Your seeds are able to grow while offline. This means you can come back to the game after some time to see what has grown!

Compost is also added alongside this skill. The base success rate of plants growing is 50%, which each compost bucket adding an extra 7.5% to the success rate. Compost can be purchased from the shop.

New Features

  • [NEW] Thieving and Farming has been added to the game.
  • [NEW] Silver and Gold Trimmed Armour can now be created by Upgrading their respective base Armour using Silver/Gold bars. The trimmed version of Armour comes with increased stats to assist in combat. The 'Upgrade' option is located in the bank for that item. You must upgrade an item to Silver, before upgradin it to Gold.
  • [NEW] Black Shields have been added to the game... because I forgot to do this last patch.
  • [NEW] A simple 'Bank Sort' button has been added. This is just a temporary solution which works for the most part. It sorts all items in the bank by itemID.
  • [NEW] Bird nests can now be opened to obtain seeds!
  • [NEW] You can now see the mastery level of a specific item while training skills now. This is only implemented for Woodcutting, Firemaking, Cooking, Smithing and Thieving at the moment.
  • [NEW] Added Mastery benefits to smithing bars - Check the Mastery Progress tab for info on these benefits.
  • [NEW] Equip x100 Food is now an option.
  • [NEW] A small icon now shows when GP or an Item has been acquired.
  • [NEW] Your mastery level now ties into the success rate of the fish you cook. Level 50 Mastery guarantees 100% cook success.
  • [NEW] Damage Reduction as a defensive stat has been added to the game. Currently only acquired by certain Gold Trimmed Armours.
  • [NEW] Compost has been added to the Shop.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Attempting to train a different skill to the one you are already training will automatically stop the previous skill from training. Before this update, you had to manually stop it prior to training something else.
  • [CHANGE] Increased the spawn probability of fish in all fishing areas.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the look of Notifications.
  • [CHANGE] Mining Area 3 now solely contains coal.
  • [CHANGE] Mining Area 4 now contains silver & gold.
  • [CHANGE] Mining ore respawn times are now randomised within a set range.
  • [CHANGE] Increased the smithing XP received for smelting [Mithril, Adamantite, Runite, Dragon] bars to [50,80,100,120], up from [30,35,50,80].
  • [CHANGE] Gold bars now sell for 82GP each, up from 25GP.
  • [CHANGE] Condensed the food container a bit.
  • [CHANGE] Default setting for level up notification is now 'small'.


  • [FIXED] Red text for level requirement in shop now changes accordingly to your skill level.
  • [FIXED] Double ore chance from pickaxe now applies to gem rocks.
  • [FIXED] An issue where Dragonite Ore cannot be mined. This fix in general cleaned up the back-End of mining.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Equip x1 Food option.

Alpha v0.05.1 (23rd September 2019)

This update introduces a few nifty additions to assist in combat, as well as some fixes and back-end updates.

New Features

  • [NEW] You can now view Weapon & Armour statistics which includes a comparison to what you already have equipped. This can be viewed by clicking the item name in the bank
  • [NEW] Monsters now drop items!
  • [NEW] Black Armour & Weapons have been introduced into the game. The only way to obtain this is by collecting them as a drop from a monster. Black Weapons & Armour are stronger than Steel, but weaker than Mithril. Level 10 Attack or Defence is required to equip.
  • [NEW] Silver bars can now be created in the Furnace at Level 30 Smithing (In preparation for Update Alpha v0.06).

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] GP is now auto collected when monsters are killed.
  • [CHANGE] Attack speed for daggers reduced to 2s, down from 2.4s.
  • [CHANGE] Smithing level required to smelth Mithril bars has been reduced to Level 50, down from Level 60.
  • [CHANGE] The "Find Enemy" button is now more noticable.
  • [CHANGE] Renamed Attack Power and Defence Power to Accuracy Rating and Evasion Rating for clarity.
  • [CHANGE] Updated the look of a Steel Bar slightly to be more dark.
  • [CHANGE] Recommended Combat Levels for each area is now colour coded based on your current levels.


  • [FIXED] Skill levels should now level up when exact XP required is reached.
  • [FIXED] Combat skills are now highlighted green when training them.
  • [FIXED] Backend fixes and updates.
  • [FIXED] Minor visual changes.

Alpha v0.05 (21st September 2019)

Welcome to Alpha v0.05 - The Combat Update!

This update introduces Combat - a brand new addition to Melvor Idle that will serve as one of the biggest areas of the game for player to indulge.

FIRSTLY - I'd like to put how a HUGE thank you to everyone who is playing this game, and also interacting with the subreddit & community to help find bugs and request additions to the game. It is so amazing to see a lot of you genuinely enjoying this game, and it makes me excited for what's to come.

Let's get into the updates :)


There are 4 combat skills to train that aid you in battle in various ways:

Attack - Responsible for your chance to hit, as well as what tier of weapons you can equip. Strength - Higher level = bigger hits ;). Defence - Responsible for your chance to dodge, as well as what tier of armour you can equip. Hitpoints - Level up to increase maximum HP. These skills can be trained by selecting their respective attack type in the combat screen. Some attack types are better than others for certain weapons. Hitpoint XP is earned no matter what style of combat you choose.

There are various areas for you to enter and face enemies. Each area provides a recommended level before entering, so you don't get surprised if you are face-rolled.

Combat is automated for the most part. When you begin battle, you and the enemy's attacks are based on the combat statistics shown in the combat screen. Attacks are performed when the progress bar is at full, based on your attack speed.

Attack Speed is determined by the weapon you equip.

Armour and Weapons These can be equipped from the option in the Bank when selecting the item. Upon equipping, the item will be removed from your bank and will be placed into your equipment slot (Viewed in the Combat Area). If you wish the unequip anything, you can click it in the combat screen to remove it.

Food Food is setup based on an Equip system, just like armour and weapons. There is 3 Food slots to use in combat. Each slot can fit an unlimited amount of food. Food can be equipped from the options in the Bank.

Dying If you die, there is a chance you will lose an item you have equipped. The more items you have equipped, the more chance there is of losing one.

Loot Upon killing an enemy, they will drop loot which can be collected by clicking on it. There is only 8 loot slots. Once it is reached, the oldest loot will start to disappear if not collected. If you die, the loot also disappears.

Now on to the actual changelog!

New Features

  • [NEW] Combat has been introduced into the game.
  • [NEW] Six combat areas have been introduced to fight in.
  • [NEW] 36 Monsters have been added. As of this update, the only loot they drop is GP.
  • [NEW] Some statistics have also been introduced for Combat.
  • [NEW] You can now equip the Weapons & Armour you smith.
  • [NEW] Shields have been added to the game - These can be smithed on the Anvil.
  • [NEW] You can now open the Treasure Chests you get from Fishing. There are some valuable items to obtain!
  • [NEW] There is a chance for a Gem Rock to spawn in a Mining Area at any given time. These can be mined to give you a valuable Gem, as well as 500 Mining XP.
  • [NEW] Every 10 levels on Mining Mastery now grans an additional +1% to obtain double ore. This stacks alongside the Pickaxe bonus
  • [NEW] A progress bar has been added to the Cooking fire to show how long the fire has left.
  • [NEW] Added a screen to export your save before commencing to an update, just in case an update breaks a save for some reason.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Burning a log for cooking now provides XP for using that log.
  • [CHANGE] The look of the MILESTONE Tab has changed to make it look better.
  • [CHANGE] Milestones are now hidden until you reach that level. Some Milestones are always shown for clarity.
  • [CHANGE] Smithing combat gear from the Anvil is now automated.
  • [CHANGE] The Anvil now displays items in order of Level Requirement.
  • [CHANGE] The Mastery level up notification now shows the item that levels up, alongside its new level.
  • [CHANGE] The visual for Iron Ore has been slightly updated.
  • [CHANGE] All shop items now disappear when max level is reached for that item.
  • [CHANGE] Treasure chests now require Level 30 Fishing to appear.
  • [CHANGE] Mastery progress for bars is now shown in the Mastery tab.
  • [CHANGE] Woodcutting cutting times for all trees have been increased from [2000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,7000,10000,15000] to [3000,4000,5000,6000,8000,10000,13000,16000,20000] respectively.
  • [CHANGE] With the addition of Mastery bonuses for Mining, as well as internal testing - The Mining pickaxe extra ore bonus % has been reduced from [0,5,8,12,16,21,26,30,40] to [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] respectively.


  • [FIXED] Cook x10 / xAll should now work as intended.
  • [FIXED] The progress bar for smelting Runite Bars has been fixed.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue with the game not saving Mastery progress for smelting bars.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue with the game not saving after smelting a bar or smithing an item.
  • [FIXED] Cooking now stops correctly when it finds out that your bank is full.
  • [FIXED] Cooking now stops correctly when the fire runs out while using x10 or xAll cooking.
  • [FIXED] Lobster icon now shows correctly in the Mastery tab.
  • [FIXED] The file responsible for handling the Mining skill has been renamed in hopes to bypass pesky anti-mining extensions on some web browsers.
  • [FIXED] Adjustments made to Mobile views of some skills.
  • [FIXED] Minor visual layout changes.

Alpha v0.04.3 (16th September 2019)

A small update to address some requested features, as well as balance changes.

New Features

  • [NEW] There is now a small chance for a Treasure Chest to spawn in a fishing Area.
  • [NEW] Sell x100 and Sell x1,000 options added to the bank.

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] With the intoduction of automated tree cutting, it became apparent that the XP rates were too high. XP rates have been reduced for all trees to accomodate for this change
  • [CHANGE] Firemaking now becomes idle after Level 10 Mastery for the respective log.
  • [CHANGE] Bird nest drop rates reduced to 0.5% (Down from 3%).
  • [CHANGE] Cleaned the back-end of the bank up a bit to make for future changes easier.


  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug where ores would not appear in Mining Area Level 6.

Alpha v0.04.2 (15th September 2019)

This update is provided based on the feedback I received around some features. Hopefully this update addresses a few concerns about the 'Idle' nature of the game.

Thank you all again for the lovely comments! Please visit my subreddit to make suggestions and to provide feeback on the game.

New Features

  • [NEW] Bird nests have been introduced! Woodcutting provides a chance to drop a bird nest which can be sold for gold. (Extra functionality will be implemented in future updates)
  • [NEW] A notification now appears when the game is updated (Only shows once per update).

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Woodcutting is now automated from the very beggining (Sorry to those who grinding to the required Mastery Level!).
  • [CHANGE] Smelting bars in the furnace is now Idle.
  • [CHANGE] For every 10 Woodcutting Mastery Levels, a +5% chance of receiving double logs is added to the tree.


  • [FIXED] Updated Iron Ore visual so it does not clash with the colours of Coal Ore.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug where Cook (10) and Cook (All) options did not automatically update upon Mastery Level-Up.
  • [FIXED] A bug that caused Cooking Mastery not to show correctly has been fixed (Was implemented as a hot fix prior to this patch).
  • [FIXED] Fixed a minor visual bug where Level requirements in the shop did not update the colour when you reached the required level.
  • [FIXED] Minor text and visual fixes.

Alpha v0.04 (11th September 2019)

Note from Malcs - I call this the official release of Melvor Idle Alpha

It has been a long time since anything has happened with this game. But I'm back, and am ready to hit it full swing.

I have received many comments over the months with great feedback, and I really appreciate all of those comments. Thank you to everyone who did play this game, I hope I can make it into something special.

This major update introduces a complete redesign of Melvor Idle which will allow future development to be quicker and easier to implement. Everything has been redone from the ground-up including skills, bank, shop, and everything in between.

We are also own our very own domain! That's exciting!


New in this Update:


Cooking allows you to cook the resources you have gathered throughout Melvor. As of release, you are able to cook all the fish that you catch. But be careful! You may burn a few here and there.


Travel across the great lands of Melvor to mine precious materials that are essential to survival. Level up mining to unlock extra areas that contain rarer ores. Level up your areas to unlock more resources to mine.


Transform those precious ores into refined bars, which allows you to create powerful gear to survive the harsh lands of Melvor. There is currently not use for the items that are smithed as of this update. But very very soon, there will be ;)

New Features

  • [NEW] The shop now contains every possible purchase you can make in this game
  • [NEW] Multi Tree Upgrade - Each level allows you to cut an extra tree simultaneously.
  • [NEW] Cooking Range Upgrade - Provides a permanent fire to cook on
  • [NEW] Mastery System ALPHA - Level up specific areas of a skill that will provide further benefits. There is currently no real benefits other than for Woodcutting.
  • [NEW] Settings page has been introduced. Heavily requested settings will be added over time, as well as other Misc settings.
  • [NEW] You can now set a Username for yourself.
  • [NEW] We have an official domain -
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Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Auto cut for a specific tree now automatically unlocks at Tree Mastery Level 10.
  • [CHANGE] Each Tree now has base "Cut Times". These times are [2s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 10s, 15s]
  • [CHANGE] Tree unlock levels changed from [1, 15, 30, 35, 45, 55, 60, 75, 90] to [1, 10, 25, 35, 45, 55, 60, 75, 90].
  • [CHANGE] Axes no longer provide bonus XP.
  • [CHANGE] Axe % cut time reduction bonus increased from [0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35] to [0, 5, 15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 75].
  • [CHANGE] Fishing is now pretty much completely idle.
  • [CHANGE] The available fish in fishing areas update every so often.
  • [CHANGE] Higher fishing levels unlock more areas for fishing, which can contain more varieties of fish.
  • [CHANGE] Higher fishing levels provide better catch rates.
  • [CHANGE] Fishing rods provide faster catch speeds.
  • [CHANGE] Bonfire active times are now based on the logs you use.
  • [CHANGE] The way the bank now handles items has changed. Bank space is now based on "Item Slots", rather than the total quantity of items sitting in the bank.

Removed Features

  • [REMOVED] Random Events have been shelved, pending an overhaul.
  • [REMOVED] Woodcutting Prestige has been shelved, pending an overhaul.
  • [REMOVED] Auto burning has been removed.

Alpha v0.03.6 - (26th December 2018)

  • Fixed an issue where fishing a Whale would break XP

Alpha v0.03.5 - (11th December 2018)


  • Added an Import / Export save feature!

Alpha v0.03.4 - (11th December 2018)


  • Compressed the view of Woodcutting to show more trees within the view, and to also minimize the amount of scrolling.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a major bug where pressing enter would still activate the buttons, even when it is visually disabled.
  • Fixed an error where maximum level bonfire image would break.

Alpha v0.03.3 - (8th December 2018)

  • Fixed an error where level 1 bonfire would not work.

Alpha v0.03.2 - (8th December 2018)

  • Fixed error with bank value reducing below zero.
  • If automating Woodcutting or Fishing and your bank fills up, it now waits for space to free then continues, rather than disabling.
  • Your last saved fishing location and selected logs to burn now saves. It no longer resets to the lowest level area/log on load.

Alpha v0.03.1 - (7th December 2018)

  • Fixed error where maximum level bonfire would not activate.
  • When Auto-Burning logs; if you run out of logs, it will now wait for your stock to replenish and start again. It will no longer disable.

Alpha v0.03 - (7th December 2018)


This update introduces two new skills, Fishing & Firemaking!


  • Cast your rod into the vast lakes and oceans to discover difference species of fish to acquire! A very peaceful skill to be expanded upon in the future.


  • Burn the logs acquired from Woodcutting to acquire experience. Watch your potential GP earnings light up in flames right before your eyes. A worthy sacrifice if I say so myself.
  • Increase your XP potential by upgrading your bonfire. Nothing better than lighting fires on top of more fires!


I have redesigned the bank to better suit the design of the game. Selecting the bank now brings up all items you have, and also provides the potential to upgrade as well.

Bank upgrades are now also additive. Maximum bank capacity currently set at 7,000. Your current bank upgrades will update accordingly with this update.


The shop for each skills looks a bit different. This is to correlate with the new bank UI to keep it similar. Please let me know what you think.


  • GP values have been updated and now display in a similar form to Runescape. Hover over your GP to view the exact amount.
  • Base Woodcutting interval has been increased from 2000 to 3000.
  • Removed the ability to disabled Auto Save.

Alpha v0.02 - (30th November 2018)


This update includes the implementation of Woodcutting Prestige. Achieving Skill Mastery not enough? Continue into prestige ranks and achieve levels far beyond originally possible.

  • Entering Woodcutting Prestige allows you to level passed Level 99.
  • All Woodcutting XP Rates are multiplied by 10.
  • Logs are worth much more GP.

Once you prestige, you will be required to unlock the higher level trees again through leveling. Woodcutting becomes quite profitable later on if you make it that far.

Woodcutting Prestige is optional. However, once you prestige there is no way of returning. Decide wisely!

Birds Nests

  • Added the chance of receiving a "Birds Nest" from a tree when cut. These nests have a 1 in 250 chance

of being acquired. They provide an instant GP increase of 20 times that of the tree you got it from.

  • These become quite valuable in Woodcutting Prestige.
  • Bird nests will be a feature expanded upon in the future.

Woodcutting Statistics

  • Added some small statistics for those who like to keep track of numbers. Unfortunately this does not include your stats prior to Alpha v0.02.

Changes to Woodcutting Random Events

  • Previously, a random event would cause all cut buttons to be disabled until the event finished. Throughout testing, I believe this is an unfair and frustrating disadvantage to the player, especially if they do not wish to participate in the event.
  • All cut buttons are now enabled during random events.
  • You are also able to Auto Cut the random event.

Tree XP/GP Balancing

The amount of XP and GP earned from trees later on in the game has been reduced.(In order of tree based on level)

Old XP Rates - [10,20,30,50,80,120,200,320,500]
New XP Rates - [10,20,30,50,80,100,140,180,250]

Old GP Rates - [1,5,10,20,40,100,250,500,1000]
New GP Rates - [1,5,10,20,40,80,125,200,275]

An Update on Trees Becoming Useless

Just thought I'd address this issue. Common feedback received showed a dislike for trees becoming redundant as you level up. I completely agree with this feedback, and have thought about how I can make better use of these redundant trees.

I have decided to leave it as is for now until the introduction of Firemaking. This skill will require logs as the main source to level it up. Hopefully this will provide a use for the redundant trees when released. Upon release of this skill, I will gather feedback to see if this is a suitable trade-off.

As the game progresses, more and more skills will be added to the game. If you follow RuneScape at all, you are probably farmiliar with what new skills will eventually be introduced, and how they all interact with one-another.


This update includes a preview for the two upcoming skills, Fishing & Firemaking. The preview is designed to ahoq what the new skills will consist of, and provide an insight into a new mechanic.

Fishing: Self explanatory. Select a location to catch the designated fish assigned to that area to level up. Firemaking: Burn the logs collected from Woodcutting to level up the skill. This skill introduces a bonfire mechanic to reward consistent gameplay. More information to come...

Along with this preview you can see there has been a UI change to cater for the new skills.

Fishing & Firemaking is due for release in Alpha v0.03.


  • Your save game now automatically loads, rather than requiring you to press the "Load Game" button.
  • Moved position of "GP" & "Bank" to top of screen. This is due to the upcoming skill released planned for the future.
  • Removed the image for you current axe. This information is now displayed above your experience bar.
  • Added the axe images to the "Shop".
  • Updated "Insufficient Level" badges for axes in the shop to display the level requirement instead.
  • Reduced Level Requirement for 3rd Age Axe to Level 90 (Down from Level 95)

Alpha v0.01.2 - (24th November 2018)

  • Fixed progress bars.

Alpha v0.01.1 - (23rd November 2018)

These changes come from my recent Reddit post in /r/incremental_games Feedback Friday 2018-11-23.


  • Updated bank capacity upgrade values to promote more "Idle" gameplay. New values, in order of upgrade, are 200, 400, 600, 1000, 1500, 2250, 3000, 4000, 5000.
  • Axe upgrades are now more clear as to what bonuses they provide.
  • Updated 3rd Age Axe price and Magic Ability in preparation for Alpha v0.02.
  • Updated changelog link to directly show .txt document. Saves me from editing multiple documents.

Alpha v0.01 - (23rd November 2018)

Welcome the the initial release of Melvor Idle. This is an ever-expanding "idle" game, based on the popular MMORPG "Runescape", where the aim is to level up your skills and reach skill mastery along the way.


  • Explore the vast landscape, where you will discover 9 different species of trees awaiting the fury of your axe.Cut down trees with a selection of 9 powerful axes, and earn GP to master the skill of Woodcutting.

Auto Cutting

  • Tired of clicking? Lazy? Just let the game do it for you. However, you need to earn that ability via Milestones.

Random Events

  • There is a 1 in 100 chance of a random event taking place when a tree is cut. These random events last for 20 seconds, and provide various benefits if you chose to participate.

These benefits include:

    • Double XP
    • Double Logs acquired from a fallen tree
    • Faster Cutting
  • Random events are optional, however some actions are disabled during the duration of the event. It's up to you to decide what to do.


  • This game includes an autosave feature, so you don't have to worry about losing your progress! After every action, your progress will save. You may disabled the autosave feature if you wish.

The Future

  • This game will be updated on a consistent basis, with new features added with every new version. The vision for this game is quite large in scale, hoping to provide the player with a sense of reward for leveling up skills. Alpha v0.02 is already almost complete in terms of features. Check back next week to see what has been added/changed!
Melvor Idle version v0.22.1 (Released: 6th October 2021)
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