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Alpha v0.05.1 (23rd September 2019)

This update introduces a few nifty additions to assist in combat, as well as some fixes and back-end updates.

New Features

  • You can now view Weapon & Armour statistics which includes a comparison to what you already have equipped. This can be viewed by clicking the item name in the bank
  • Monsters now drop items!
  • Black Armour & Weapons have been introduced into the game. The only way to obtain this is by collecting them as a drop from a monster. Black Weapons & Armour are stronger than Steel, but weaker than Mithril. Attack Level 10 or Defence Level 10 is required to equip.
  • Silver bars can now be created in the Furnace at Level 30 Smithing (In preparation for Update Alpha v0.06).

Changed Features

  • GP is now auto collected when monsters are killed.
  • Attack speed for daggers reduced to 2s, down from 2.4s.
  • Smithing level required to smelt Mithril bars has been reduced to Smithing Level 50, down from Smithing Level 60.
  • The "Find Enemy" button is now more noticeable.
  • Renamed Attack Power and Defence Power to Accuracy Rating and Evasion Rating for clarity.
  • Updated the look of Steel Bar slightly to be more dark.
  • Recommended Combat Levels for each area are now colour coded based on your current levels.


  • Skill levels should now level up when exact XP required is reached.
  • Combat skills are now highlighted green when training them.
  • Backend fixes and updates.
  • Minor visual changes.
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