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Note: Enabling "Virtual Levels" in the Settings will show the player if they would be on a level higher than 99, even though this gives almost no benefits. Pet drop rate calculations are based on your Virtual Level, however that calculation will use your Virtual Level regardless of the setting.

The experience difference between level [math]L-1[/math] and level [math]L[/math] is approximately [math]\left\lfloor \frac{1}{4} \left( L-1+300\times 2^{\frac{L-1}{7}} \right) \right\rfloor[/math]. The table below shows this experience difference for each level and also the cumulative experience from level 1 to level [math]L[/math]. Note that experience levels are nonlinear and so the amount of experience between 1 and 92 is the same as the amount of experience between 92 and 99. Experience also doubles about every 7 levels. For example, the experience between 7 and 8 is 138 and the experience between 14 and 15 is 274, which is roughly double.

Levels beyond 99 are currently virtual and only contribute to pet chance. A level 120 expansion is currently planned by has not been released, so this table is here for reference only.

Levels 100-120
Level XP Difference Level XP Difference Level XP Difference
100 14,391,160 1,356,729 107 28,782,069 2,713,437 114 57,563,718 5,426,849
101 15,889,109 1,497,949 108 31,777,943 2,995,874 115 63,555,443 5,991,725
102 17,542,976 1,653,867 109 35,085,654 3,307,711 116 70,170,840 6,615,397
103 19,368,992 1,826,016 110 38,737,661 3,652,007 117 77,474,828 7,303,988
104 21,385,073 2,016,081 111 42,769,801 4,032,140 118 85,539,082 8,064,254
105 23,611,006 2,225,933 112 47,221,641 4,451,840 119 94,442,737 8,903,655
106 26,068,632 2,457,626 113 52,136,869 4,915,228 120 104,273,167 9,830,430

The formula to calculate the amount of experience needed to reach level [math]L[/math] is:

[math]\text{Experience} = \left \lfloor{\frac{1}{4}\sum_{\ell=1}^{L-1}}\left\lfloor{\ell + 300\cdot2^{\ell/7}}\right\rfloor\right\rfloor[/math]

If the floor functions are ignored, the resulting summation can be found in closed form to be:

[math]\text{Experience} \approx \frac{1}{8} \left( {L}^{2} - L + 600 \, \frac{{2}^{L/7}-2^{1/7}} {{2}^{1/7}-1} \right)[/math]

The approximation is very accurate, always within 100 experience but usually less than around 10 experience.

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