FrostSpark 1H Sword

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Throne of the Herald Expansion FrostSpark 1H Sword
FrostSpark 1H Sword
When equipped with Frostspark Amulet and Frostspark Boots: +10% chance to ignore Stuns and Freezes, -0.2s Attack Interval, and +15% Maximum Hit
Item ID: melvorTotH:FrostSpark_1H_Sword
Category: Misc
Type: Armour
Sells For: 8,000,000
Equipment Slot: Weapon
Special Attack:
  • 30% chance for Spectral Ice Blades:
    • You summon spectral ice swords dealing 125% of your normal damage 5 times over 1s. On a hit, gives the enemy Frostburn for 2 of the enemy's turns. Avoidable.
  • 50% chance for Large Lightning Strike:
    • A large lightning bolt erupts from your sword dealing 1300 damage. On a hit, has a 10% chance to apply stun for 1 turn. Avoidable
Item Sources:
  • Upgrading: Spectral Ice Sword,Lightning Strike 1H Sword
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes


Weapon Stats
Offensive Stats Defensive Stats
Attack Speed 2.4s Defence Defence Bonus 8
Attack Type Melee Defence Damage Reduction 0%
Strength Strength Bonus 161 Ranged Defence Bonus 0
Combat Stab Bonus 160 Magic Defence Bonus 0
Combat Slash Bonus 50 Equip Requirements
Combat Block Bonus 60 Attack Level Required 110
Ranged Attack Bonus 0 Magic Level Required 110
Ranged Strength Bonus 0 Impending Darkness Event Completions 1
Magic Attack Bonus 0
Magic % Damage Bonus 0%
Two Handed? No

Item Sources

Item Upgrade
Materials 5 Spectral Ice Sword
5 Lightning Strike 1H Sword