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Alpha v0.15 - "Return of the Gods" (16th May 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! Thank you so much for your patience on this one. This update is one of the largest I have released to date in terms of content. Please be sure to read the full changelog so you are aware of what has changed!


Firstly, I'd like to provide a note about this update. Although I'm the one that developed it, pretty much all of the content and lore was planned and created by Prat. For those of you who don't know him - Prat generally provides a lot of assistance with balance, content ideas, number crunching and other random things around the game. He's my go-to person to bounce random ideas off that eventuate into content. He spent a very long time planning this update, so please pass on all thanks and credit to him for his hard work. Let's see what has been added!

The God Dungeons

With the defeat of Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor (monster).svg Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor, the seal that once locked away the Gods fades with him. The Gods now prepare for their return to the world and for their continuation of war. It is up to you to stop them before they destroy it. Welcome to the God Dungeons, there are 4 Gods to defeat within their respective dungeons - Aeris (monster).svg Aeris, Glacia (monster).svg Glacia, Terran (monster).svg Terran & Ragnar (monster).svg Ragnar. These dungeons are very dangerous, and should only be attempted by the prepared and willing. Highly Recommended stats: 85+ All Combat.svg Combats, and yes you will need all 3 styles to complete them all (or suffer). Do not try to complete them without sufficient Damage Reduction, you will die.


  • You will find 4 new endgame dungeons to complete. These are split up in 5 floors with increasing monster difficulty as you progress.
  • These dungeons are different to your standard dungeon. Each monster kill drops elemental shards which can be collected and combined to create respective dungeon chests - Air Chest (item).svg Air, Water Chest (item).svg Water, Earth Chest (item).svg Earth & Fire Chest (item).svg Fire (you can collect shards and leave without completing the dungeon).
  • Each dungeon follows the same logic, The Guards protect the first floor, The Monsters on the 2nd, The Elemental Golems on the 3rd, the God Guardians on the 4th and lastly the God on the 5th.
  • The monsters you face all have a unique, special attack of some form. Be sure to note what they do, it will save your life.

Each God inherits all special attacks from the previous monsters you fought, as well as possessing a strong, powerful special attack unique to them. Defeating a God rewards the player with their respective God Scroll. Defeating a God Dungeon for the first time also unlocks a new skills upgrade in the shop. Be sure to look for this!

Each God Scroll contains the powerful rewards, which the player has a chance to receive. The player is guaranteed to gain one of the following items from the scroll:

  1. A piece from the new God Armour sets (sets include gloves and boots).
  2. One of the new Godswords, obtainable from the respective scroll. There's a unique Godsword for each God.
  3. Some scrolls contain unique, powerful God Weapons such as a bow, battleaxe, staff or even a special shield.
  4. A Bank Slot Token (item).svg Bank Slot Token. Claim for a free bank slot (does not increase price of your bank slot costs).

All new God Equipment requires Level 85 in their respective levels to equip. The dungeon chests acquires by upgrading shards give you a chance at obtaining rare, unique dungeon rings and amulets. The rings provide increased combat stats, and each amulet contains a powerful, unique passive effect while equipped.

Note from Prat: These dungeons were made to be challenging and shouldn't be idle-able (maybe possible with god armour and pots). These dungeons should only be attempted by late-game players who have: Dungeon Equipment Swapping (upgrade).svg Dungeon Equipment Swapping, best-in-slot gear for all 3 combats, lots of food, prayer points and potions.
Difficulty: I consider the Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave challenging, but not overly difficult. Using rough estimates, I believe the easiest God Dungeon is ~6x more difficult than Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic, they are pretty tough.

Ranged Content Update

Alongside the inclusion of the God Dungeons, it was a perfect time to address an area of Combat.svg Combat that was lacking quite a bit - Ranged (skill).svg Ranged. Ranged (skill).svg Ranged has been turned upside down and re-evaluated from the ground up. I am talking new weapons, new armour types, lots of damage, lots of choice.

Here is what has been included in this update:

  • Bronze Crossbow (item).svg Crossbows for each tier of metal, plus Ancient Crossbow (item).svg Ancient, which use new Topaz Bolts (item).svg Gem-Tipped Bolts as ammo.
  • Bronze Throwing Knife (item).svg Throwing Knives for each tier of metal, plus Ancient Throwing Knife (item).svg Ancient.
  • Bronze Javelin (item).svg Javelins for each tier of metal, plus Ancient Javelin (item).svg Ancient.
  • Green D-hide Shield (item).svg Dragonhide Shields.
  • Ancient D-hide Body (item).svg Ancient Dragonhide Armour.
  • Ranged (skill).svg Ranged Armour can now be upgraded just like regular Attack (skill).svg Melee Armour.
  • Adjusted values for Normal Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow & Normal Longbow (item).svg Longbow stats.
  • New pieces of equipment that will assist with Ranged (skill).svg Ranged.

There's a lot of choice here, and it will seem pretty overwhelming at first. But I can tell you now that Ranged (skill).svg Ranged packs a pretty decent punch. However, to be able to reach those high DPS numbers, you will need the skill levels and resources to be able to do so. Be sure to check out everything you can make within Smithing (skill).svg Smithing, Crafting (skill).svg Crafting and Fletching (skill).svg Fletching!

Player Special Attacks Rework

This update also includes a redesigned special attack system for Players! I have removed the silly 2 minute special attack timer, and that ridiculous box in the combat screen. This system in general simply did not suit the style of the game. Special attacks are now 100% idle. You do not need to adjust any settings at all! Weapons that possess a special attack will display so within the bank screen. The new description of the special attacks will now show a % chance. This is the chance a weapon has to activate its special attack during combat. You will notice your attack speed bar turn yellow, and the text display the name of the special attack when it is going to be used. Simply as that! There is also a little sword icon next to your attack speed that displays if there is a weapon with a special attack equipped. If you hover over this, or click it, it will display the special attack information.

Max Skillcape

Short and sweet, but the Maximum Skillcape (item).svg Max Skillcape has been introduced! This Skillcape is unlocked when you reach Level 99 in every single skill in the game. It inherits ALL skillcape perks. This thing is a beast.

That is it for the Major Content! Here's the full changelog:

New Features

  • 4 New God Dungeons have been added to the game - Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Air, Water God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Water, Earth God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Earth & Fire God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Fire God Dungeons
  • Including the God Dungeon Monsters, a total of 26 new Monsters have been added to the game
  • Armour for each respective God has been added to the game - These sets include Helmet, Body, Legs, Gloves and Boots
  • 4 New Godswords have been introduced - Aeris Godsword (item).svg Aeris Godsword, Glacia Godsword (item).svg Glacia Godsword, Terran Godsword (item).svg Terran Godsword, Ragnar Godsword (item).svg Ragnar Godsword. These are heavy hitting two-handed weapons with powerful special attacks.
  • New Item - Bank Slot Token (item).svg Bank Slot Token - Claim this for a free bank slot. Does not increase price of bank slots in shop
  • 4 Scrolls have been added to the game, which are acquired through defeating the Gods to receive the above items.
  • 4 New elemental chests have been added to the game, which can be created by upgrading 100 elemental shards received within the God Dungeons.
  • 4 New God Rings introduced - Deadeye Ring (item).svg Deadeye, Warlock Ring (item).svg Warlock, Guardian Ring (item).svg Guardian & Fighter Ring (item).svg Fighter. These provide increased stats to various combat styles.
  • New Item - Deadeye Amulet (item).svg Deadeye Amulet - 25% chance for Ranged (skill).svg Ranged attacks to deal 150% of damage dealt.
  • New Item - Warlock Amulet (item).svg Warlock Amulet - Magic (skill).svg Magic spells heal you for 20% damage dealt
  • New Item - Guardian Amulet (item).svg Guardian Amulet - Gain +2% damage reduction when hit by an enemy. Capped at 12%
  • New Item - Fighter Amulet (item).svg Fighter Amulet - Enemy is stunned for 1 turn when you hit for at least 75% of your max hit
  • New Shop Item - Perpetual Haste (upgrade).svg Perpetual Haste (Coins.svg 50,000,000) - 20% Decreased base Crafting (skill).svg Crafting & Fletching (skill).svg Fletching Interval. Unlocked by defeating Aeris (monster).svg Aeris.
  • New Shop Item - Expanded Knowledge (upgrade).svg Expanded Knowledge (Coins.svg 50,000,000) - 20% Decreased base Herblore (skill).svg Herblore & Runecrafting (skill).svg Runecrafting interval. Unlocked by defeating Glacia (monster).svg Glacia.
  • New Shop Item - Master of Nature (upgrade).svg Master of Nature (Coins.svg 50,000,000) - 20% Decreased base Mining (skill).svg Mining & Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting Interval. Unlocked by defeating Terran (monster).svg Terran.
  • New Shop Item - Art of Control (upgrade).svg Art of Control (Coins.svg 50,000,000) - 20% Decreased base Cooking (skill).svg Cooking, Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking & Smithing (skill).svg Smithing Interval. Unlocked by defeating Ragnar (monster).svg Ragnar.
  • New Dungeon - Dragons Den (dungeon).svg Dragons Den - Fight your way to the Elder Dragon (monster).svg Elder Dragon.
  • Ancient D-hide Body (item).svg Ancient Dragonhide Armour has been introduced. These can be found in the Dragons Den (dungeon).svg Dragons Den dungeon.
  • Bronze Crossbow (item).svg Crossbows have been introduced for all Smithing (skill).svg Smithed metals, plus Ancient Crossbow (item).svg Ancient. You can Fletching (skill).svg Fletch these (requires a few different components)
  • Bronze Throwing Knife (item).svg Throwing Knives have been introduced for all Smithing (skill).svg Smithed metals, plus Ancient Throwing Knife (item).svg Ancient. You can Smithing (skill).svg Smith these.
  • Bronze Javelin (item).svg Javelins have been introduced for all Smithing (skill).svg Smithed metals, plus Ancient Javelin (item).svg Ancient. You can Smithing (skill).svg Smith these.
  • Topaz Bolts (item).svg Gem Tipped Bolts have been introduced. You can Crafting (skill).svg Craft these.
  • You can now craft Green D-hide Shield (item).svg Dragonhide Shields for the respective Hide
  • You can now upgrade Green D-hide Body (item).svg Dragonhide Ranged Armour. These provide increased stats as well as Damage Reduction
  • Elder Dragonhide (item).svg Elder Dragonhide has been introduced. Can only be acquired by defeating the Elder Dragon (monster).svg Elder Dragon
  • New Item - Amulet of Ranged (item).svg Amulet of Ranged + Elite Amulet of Ranged (item).svg Elite Amulet of Ranged
  • Increased the starting bank slots by 4. This means everyone gets 4 free bank slots.
  • New Prayer - Stone Skin (prayer).svg Stone Skin (Prayer Level 88) - +5% Damage Reduction. Costs 2 Prayer Points per enemy attack.
  • New Patreon Item - Stormsnap (item).svg Stormsnap (Eusmusia) - A Ranged (skill).svg Ranged Bow where its Strength (skill).svg Strength Bonus and Accuracy rating scales based on the Enemy Magic (skill).svg Magic Level. Special attack deals a guaranteed hit based on the Enemy Magic (skill).svg Magic Level.
  • New Patreon Item - Slayer's Crossbow (item).svg Slayer's Crossbow (Elliott) - Gain 33% Ranged (skill).svg Ranged Strength (skill).svg Strength bonus against Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Area or Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Task monsters. Upgraded from a Dragon Crossbow (item).svg Dragon Crossbow
  • New Patreon Item - Confetti Crossbow (item).svg Confetti Crossbow (deathbyconfetti) - Gain 10%-200% of damage dealt in GP based on your current GP amount. Capped at Coins.svg 50,000,000 for 200%. Purchased from the Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Shop.
  • New Patreon Item - Big ol Ron (item).svg Big ol Ron (theRealDog) - A 2H Axe, Gain 50% Melee Strength (skill).svg Strength Bonus when fighting a Dungeon Boss.
  • New Patreon Item - Twin Exiles (item).svg Twin Exiles (Jarose) - A 2H weapon that always performs two consecutive attacks.
  • New Patreon Item - Bob's Rake (item).svg Bob's Rake (Berlyn) - When equipped, you have a 20% chance to retain all Compost (item).svg Compost/Weird Gloop (item).svg Gloop on a Farming (skill).svg Farming patch when harvesting. This means you will not have to apply any further Compost (item).svg Compost to that plot.
  • New Patreon Item - Skull Cape (item).svg Skull Cape (Skull) - When equipped, you have a 20% chance to cast a Magic (skill).svg Magic spell for free. This cape also gives great Magic (skill).svg Magic Bonuses and Damage Reduction. Purchased from the Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Shop.
  • New Patreon Item - Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (item).svg Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (fez) - This Amulet is acquired by upgrading all standard Elite Amulets, alongside the Amulet of Fury (item).svg Amulet of Fury and Amulet of Torture (item).svg Amulet of Torture.
  • Maximum Skillcape (item).svg Max Skillcape has been introduced into the game. This skillcape inherits ALL skillcape perks. Costs 20M
  • New Monster - Furious Horned Elite (monster).svg Furious Horned Elite - Added to the Desolate Plains (combatArea).svg Desolate Plains Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Area. A ranged horned elite that drops Ancient Javelin (item).svg Ancient Javelins and Ancient Throwing Knife (item).svg Ancient Throwing Knives
  • All Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Weapons now have the same special attack.
  • You can now apply Weird Gloop (item).svg Weird Gloop to a Farming (skill).svg Farming patch that already has Max Compost (item).svg Compost
  • View Item Contents now displays how many of each item it is possible to obtain
  • There is now a small damage marker for enemies and players showing the damage dealt, as well as missed attacks.
  • It is now possible for Players and Enemies to be stunned during Combat.svg Combat. When stunned, you cannot evade an attack.
  • It is now possible for Players and Enemies to have their attack speed slowed.
  • It is now possible for Players to be burned over time from an attack
  • New item graphics for all Normal Logs (item).svg Logs have been added. Please pass on thanks to Breindahl who provided the new graphics.
  • New Item - Bone Necklace (item).svg Bone Necklace - Automatically buries bones when dropped from Monsters. Acquired from the Standard Chest (item).svg Standard Chest.
  • New Item - Amulet of Magic (item).svg Amulet of Magic + Elite Amulet of Magic (item).svg Elite Amulet of Magic
  • Ancient Wizard Robes (item).svg Ancient Wizard Gear now provides +5% Damage Reduction per piece
  • The game now saves locally when the tab/app is closed.
  • Golbin (monster).svg Golbins and Ranged Golbin (monster).svg Ranged Golbins now drop Raw Shrimp (item).svg Raw Shrimp
  • Some items have had their special attacks altered to suit the new special attack system
  • You can now lock items in the Bank. Locking an item will remove the option to sell it.
  • There is now a confirmation dialogue when you attempt to sell an item, or buy something from the Shop
  • The Bank has some nice borders now
  • Updated the Welcome screen upon first playing. It now asks you if you want Light Mode or Dark Mode, as well as what character type you would like to play (For future updates)
  • Melvor Cloud has been updated with a new Login/Register screen.
  • There is now an option to change your Cloud password from the user dropdown menu (Where you force save)
  • The experimental setting for Mobiles is now included in the Desktop version. Check settings to see what it does
  • New statistic added to track the amount of Weird Gloop (item).svg Weird Gloop used in Farming (skill).svg Farming. This stat is auto-filled retroactively based on a combination of the item stats.

Changed Features

  • All Smithing (skill).svg Smithing level requirements have been adjusted. This enables mid-early late game content to be available earlier in the game.
Level Equal Level Reduced Level Increased
  • Adjusted stat values for existing Normal Longbow (item).svg Longbows and Normal Shortbow (item).svg Shortbows.
  • Player Special Attack system has been changed. All special attacks now have a % chance to activate in combat.
  • There is no more limit on the amount of Skillcapes you can buy from the Shop.
  • The Shop has a new look! You can also use the navigation at the top of the shop to quickly display a category.
  • Sell item button is now red.
  • The game no longer saves during Combat.svg Combat. It will only save when you defeat the monster.
  • The Cape of Arrow Preservation is now known as the Cape of Ranged Preservation (item).svg Cape of Ranged Preservation. It now works on all ammo types
  • The Ranged Skillcape (item).svg Ranged Skillcape works on all ammo types.
  • Changed the library which looks after progress bar animations. Hopefully you will see an improvement to resources used when playing the game.
  • Firemaking Skillcape (item).svg Firemaking Skillcape now provides +5% Global XP and 100% chance at gaining Coal Ore (item).svg Coal.
  • Farming Skillcape (item).svg Farming Skillcape now provides +20% Harvest Qty on top of the existing perk.
  • Raging Horned Elite (monster).svg Raging Horned Elite drop table weightings adjusted slightly. It now drops items 100% of the time. Can now drop up to 30 Ancient Arrows (item).svg Ancient Arrows. Large Horn (item).svg Large Horn is a bit less common now.
  • Adjusted the wording of the "Remember Me" option within the Cloud login. It is now known as "Keep me logged in" for clarity.
  • The game will now give you a Lemon (item).jpg Lemon if you happen to roll an Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Signet Ring Half without wearing a Gold Topaz Ring (item).svg Topaz Ring.
  • Slightly adjusted the bank cost formula to be consistent with the added bank slots (So that it costs exactly Coins.svg 18,000,000 to get 100 bank slots).
  • Mobile Only - Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Tasks in Combat.svg Combat now have their own menu.


  • Fixed an issue where users keep getting logged out of the Cloud when switching devices, if they were using the "Remember Me" option.
  • Cooking (skill).svg Cooking no longer provides 2x XP offline.
  • Thieving Skillcape (item).svg Thieving Skillcape now works offline
  • Melee Evasion Potion I (item).svg Melee Evasion, Damage Reduction Potion I (item).svg Damage Reduction and Divine Potion I (item).svg Divine Potions no longer use charges on player attack
  • Melee Evasion Potion I (item).svg Melee Evasion & Damage Reduction Potion I (item).svg Damage Reduction Potions now only use charges on enemy attack
  • Divine Potion I (item).svg Divine Potions now only use charges upon Prayer (skill).svg Prayers being used
  • Enemy Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints visually update correctly when reflect damage is dealt
  • Item sale statistics correctly update when selling a quantity higher than what you have in the bank
  • Signet Ring Half (a) (item).svg Signet Ring Half (a) can now drop from online Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting again (lol sorry)
  • Completion log percentages now use exact values, rather than flooring all numbers prior to total completion calculation. Percentages are now only floored visually.
  • Skill completion percentage is now correctly calculated.
  • Fixed rare issue where Open All for a chest would use the quantity of a different bank item
  • Back-to-back Slayer (skill).svg Slayer tasks should now not be possible. Let me know if it still occurs
  • Adjusted wording on some item and shop upgrades regarding speed/interval changes. Only the wording changed, the effect is still the same.
  • You will now only receive one notification when crops are ready to harvest
  • Bank Upgrade cost now only displays exact GP cost
  • The game now correctly displays item names that contain an apostrophe.
  • Tutorial tips are fixed
  • Fixed an issue where you could not select your Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Task monster using the link after completing a Dungeon.
  • Mastery Token (Firemaking) (item).svg Firemaking Mastery Tokens and the Signet Ring Half (a) (item).svg Signet Ring Half (a) should now correctly drop from offline Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking.
  • Corrected Steel Platebody (item).svg Steel Platebody Ranged (skill).svg Ranged Defence (skill).svg Defence value.
  • You will no longer receive a notification for degraded gloves from offline progression if you were not actually using those gloves.
  • You will no longer be redirected when clicking the Melvor Cloud Status text.
  • The game now saves locally when you click the Force Save button (My bad, sorry about this. Huge oversight by me).
  • Reflect damage inflicted by the Gold Sapphire Ring (item).svg Gold Sapphire Ring now works as intended during special attacks that hit multiple times (It only procs once)
  • Combat.svg Combat area selection will no longer collapse when you select the Drops button, or the dungeon reward links.
  • Combat.svg Combat areas now correctly deselects when a monster is chosen.
  • Seeing Gold Potion I (item).svg Seeing Gold Potion now works as intended.
  • Fixed an offline progression issue where Mastery XP for Runecrafting (skill).svg Runecrafting was increasing based on the quantity of Rune Essence (item).svg Runes crafted, rather than per action.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranged (skill).svg Ranged Attack Bonuses would always display as zero in the upgrade item screen.
  • Fixed the Skill Level Array where levels above 99 were stored, causing issues with completion log.

Removed Features

  • Auto special attack setting
  • Auto Eat - Tier III (upgrade).svg Auto Eat activated notification
  • HP notifications have been disabled (These cause too much lag)
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