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Alpha v0.15.4 (26th June 2020)

Greetings! Back again with another quick update.

This update is dedicated to sorting out many performance issues within the game, and hopefully sorting out memory leaks that have been occurring for some players.

I don't feel comfortable with releasing more content updates until I can sort out some underlying issues that are detrimental to the player experience, so hopefully this update handles most of those issues!

After this update, it's time to get this v0.16 Major Update finished.

New Features

  • A brand new Tooltip and Popover system has been implemented for the Bank, Item Log and Monster Log (also in testing within Smithing for the recipe tooltip). They look very similar, but handle much differently. The bank is now extremely responsive and it should minimize 90% of the lag you tend to witness. It should also remove tooltips and menus from getting stuck on the screen (if they do, a simple click away will remove it from your screen).
  • All game notifications now run through a completely new library. Performance issues around this should now be minimized.
  • New Setting added to disabled the Combat Minibar when on the Combat Page.
  • Hovering over an item in the bank with a short-hand quantity value (e.g. 355K) will now display the exact quantity (e.g. 355,676).
  • There is now a Total XP statistic.

Changed Features

  • Skill Experience gained is no longer rounded down. You now receive the exact amount of XP, instead of a whole number. This means small XP bonuses now actually apply to smaller XP-based items. You will still see a rounded down whole number when viewing your XP.


  • Disabling the Combat Minibar setting while in combat will now hide the Combat Minibar without requiring a refresh or leaving combat.
  • Local and Cloud saves will now correctly compare. If they are found to be identical, you will not see the Select Save screen.
  • Fixed an issue where starting a skill while in combat did not stop combat correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Combat Minibar would stay on the screen if starting a different skill while you were in combat.
  • Fixed incorrectly calculated Magic Evasion Rating.
  • Fixed offline progression for devices with the experimental setting enabled.
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