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Alpha v0.07 (9th October 2019)

This update focuses on updates to current content within Melvor Idle.

The main focus is on balance (except Combat.svg Combat), as well as an array of changes, fixes, optimizations and other QoL inclusions.

I have also added a Patreon link to the sidebar in-game. For those who wish to directly support the development of this game, and receive some benefits along the way, I would be greatly appreciative of that. I won't really be advertising it after this update, but it will be there for those who wish to support. This game will still continue development as usual even with no Patreons.

Balance Changes

It was too hard to show all the balance changes here, so I created a Google Sheet showing all the changes.

See all the changes here: Balance Changes Sheet.

New Features

  • Mining (skill).svg Mining has been redesigned from the ground-up. Rocks now have a set maximum HP. Once this hits 0, the rock will need to regenerate. Each Mastery.svg Mastery level for the respective ore increases the maximum HP by 1. There is also a 0.5% chance that you will collect a random Gem from mining.
  • Four degradable Gloves have been added to the shop. Activating these will provide benefits for skills to aid with training.
  • Amulets have been added to the game, and can be equipped to provide various stats according to the amulet.
  • Amulet of Strength (item).svg Amulet of Strength, Amulet of Accuracy (item).svg Accuracy and Amulet of Defence (item).svg Defence have been added to the game and can be acquired through monster drops in Areas 3-5.
  • Amulet of Glory (item).svg Amulet of Glory has been added to the game. This can only be obtained as a drop from monsters in Area 6.
  • Amulet of Fishing (item).svg Amulet of Fishing has been added to the game. This can be acquired via Treasure Chest (item).svg Treasure Chests obtained while Fishing (skill).svg Fishing.
  • Added Normal Cooking Fire (upgrade).svg Cooking Fires to the game. These can be purchased as an upgrade in the shop to assist with Cooking (skill).svg Cooking. This replaces the Cooking Range. Everyone who purchased a Cooking Range has received a refund.
  • Updated the look of the Mastery.svg Mastery Tab. This now also displays your Current Total Mastery.svg Mastery Level.
  • Open xAll option has been added for Bird Nest (item).svg Bird Nests and Treasure Chest (item).svg Treasure Chests.
  • Buy 5x Compost (item).svg Compost is now an option in the Shop.
  • Allotments in Farming (skill).svg Farming now have a chance to provide seeds when harvested, once Level 10 Mastery.svg Mastery has been reached.
  • The Farming (skill).svg Farming tab now glows green when you have a crop to harvest.
  • You can now see your current Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints next to the Thieving (skill).svg Thieving skill tab (just like the Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints Tab).
  • A setting to disable item notifications was added.
  • You can now see what Farming (skill).svg Farming Level is required for Farming Areas to unlock under the Milestone tab.
  • Mastery.svg Mastery icons are now hidden until you earn at least 1 XP for that item.
  • You now receive Mastery.svg Mastery XP for the log you burn for Cooking (skill).svg Cooking.
  • You are now notified of a Milestone unlock when you level up a skill.
  • Added a small indicator to show how many more Cooking (skill).svg Cooking Actions are remaining.

Changed Features

  • Most skills have received XP/GP Balance changes. See above for these details.
  • It is no longer possible to pickpocket Dragonite Ore (item).svg Dragonite Ore from a Miner (thieving).svg Miner.
  • It is no longer possible to pickpocket Cave Fish (item).svg Cave Fish, Manta Ray (item).svg Manta Rays or Whale (item).svg Whales from Chef (thieving).svg Chefs.
  • It is no longer possible to pickpocket Raw Cave Fish (item).svg Raw Cave Fish, Raw Manta Ray (item).svg Raw Manta Rays or Raw Whale (item).svg Raw Whales from the Fisherman (thieving).svg Fisherman.
  • It is no longer possible to pickpocket Rune Dagger (item).svg Rune Daggers or Rune 2H Sword (item).svg Rune 2H Swords from the Knight (thieving).svg Knight.
  • The Treasure Chest (item).svg Treasure Chest now has an 8% chance to spawn in a random Fishing (skill).svg Fishing Area (Up from 1%).
  • Skill Levels are now visually capped at Level 99. Skill XP after Level 99 is still tracked, and can be seen on the respective Skill screen.
  • Crab (item).svg Food can no longer be consumed when at full HP.
  • Increased the icon sizes in the bank, as well as the button size. This will ensure all buttons in the bank are the same size.
  • Slightly updated the look of the shop to be somewhat uniform and clear.


  • You are no longer required to Force Refresh after an update to load it correctly. This is also true for Mobile.
  • Farming (skill).svg Farming Area 5 now requires Farming Level 80 instead of Farming Level 30 (This is what it was supposed to be initially).
  • Updated the Combat.svg Combat screen so it does not adjust in height every time it searches for an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading an (S) Iron Shield (item).svg (S) Iron Shield to (G) Iron Shield (item).svg (G) Iron Shield turned it into a Platebody.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue that would cause copious amounts of lag after a certain period of time, or when clicking various areas on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not receive your upgraded item if you spent the exact amount of bars you had in your bank at the time.
  • Fixed an issue where leveling up Farming (skill).svg Farming while planting a seed would make it visually disappear.
  • Bank quantities are now formatted correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Cooking (skill).svg Cooking would not stop correctly.
  • Level 99's are now formatted correctly in the sidebar for all skills.
  • Fixed a rare bug where your maximum Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints was able to exceed your Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints level.
  • Fixed an issue with Magic Tree Seeds (item).svg Magic Tree Seeds only providing 82xp.
  • Fixed a bug where the bank popover would remain on the screen until the game was refreshed if you sorted your bank with an item selected.
  • Fixed minor formatting issues with Thieving (skill).svg Thieving window in mobile view. Missing item images have been restored.
  • Missing Mastery.svg Mastery image for Runite Ore (item).svg Runite Ore has been restored.
  • Spelling errors for some items have been fixed.
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