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Alpha v0.12.2 (17th February 2020)

I promise this update won't delete your save!

New Features

  • There is now an option to Download your save from the "Export Save" screen when refreshing into an update.

Changed Features

  • The game now auto-saves locally every 10 seconds, as opposed to after every action which would sometimes be several times per second. This should release some of the stress on your computer.
  • The update notification that is displayed prior to refreshing the game has a completely new look. You are now also able to Download / Export your save from this notification before refreshing.
  • The Cloud / User Settings dropdown will no longer disappear when you click "Force Save". This allows you to see the save state and ensure the game saves prior to exiting.
  • Lighting a Bonfire will no longer stop/interrupt other skills.


  • I believe the issue with the game telling you there is an update on loading has been fixed. Further confirmation required, but it worked on multiple saves within the dev environment.
  • Fixed issue where logging into a cloud account where the cloud save is blank would stop the game from loading completely. Now, the game will load the local save instead, and will automatically fix the cloud save upon auto saving / force saving.
  • Augury Prayer now provides the correct stats.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy would not die if bleeding causes them to go under 1 HP (and a final attack was required to finish the battle).
  • The +5 Compost button in Farming will now only use the required amount of Compost to fill the bar to 100%.
  • Slightly optimised some Combat functions.
  • The text in the Bank that tells you about the "Click and Drag" now shows up correctly on Dark Mode.
  • Some spelling errors have been rectified.
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