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Alpha v0.04.2 (15th September 2019)

This update is provided based on the feedback I received around some features. Hopefully this update addresses a few concerns about the 'Idle' nature of the game.

Thank you all again for the lovely comments! Please visit my subreddit to make suggestions and to provide feeback on the game.

New Features

  • Bird nests have been introduced! Woodcutting provides a chance to drop a bird nest which can be sold for gold. (Extra functionality will be implemented in future updates)
  • A notification now appears when the game is updated (Only shows once per update).

Changed Features

  • Woodcutting is now automated from the very beginning (Sorry to those who grinded to the required Mastery Level!).
  • Smelting bars in the furnace is now Idle.
  • For every 10 Woodcutting Mastery Levels, a +5% chance of receiving double logs is added to the tree.


  • Updated Iron Ore visual so it does not clash with the colours of Coal Ore.
  • Fixed a bug where Cook (10) and Cook (All) options did not automatically update upon Mastery Level-Up.
  • A bug that caused Cooking Mastery not to show correctly has been fixed (Was implemented as a hot fix prior to this patch).
  • Fixed a minor visual bug where Level requirements in the shop did not update the colour when you reached the required level.
  • Minor text and visual fixes.
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