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Alpha v0.14.2 (10th April, 2020)


In the sidebar, you will now find a link to an Easter Event Page and will be greeted by a minigame. The goal of the game, if you are unfamiliar, is to get through as many tree logs as possible without touching the ground, or hitting the tree trunk. This will reward you with Easter Eggs that you can spend in the Easter Shop!

Simply left click the mouse, or touch the screen, to move upwards. There are three different modes for you to play as well - Easy, Normal and Hard. The harder difficulties provide extra Easter Eggs per successful clear.

High scores are tracked for each difficulty, as well as the total amount of Easter Eggs you have collected.

You can play this Minigame while training other skills freely. You are not required to participate if you do not wish. There are no exclusive items that cannot be received outside the minigame.


This event will be live until Tuesday 14 April (Australian time).

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