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Alpha v0.10 - Welcome to Melvor (5th December 2019)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! And the first update with a title - Welcome to Melvor

Alpha v0.10 is the largest update I have released to date for this game. Many additions have been included which will set the path this game will take from here on. Thank you to everyone who has been here on this journey with me. I hope I can continue to provide updates to this game that everyone will enjoy.

Now, let's see what the big inclusions are.


Welcome to Melvor.

The Map of Melvor.

A vast, mystical landscape that is just waiting to be explored. Traverse the harsh lands and encountered various enemies and dungeons which await your arrival.

This map will represent Melvor as a whole. Finally adding world-building elements to the game is a big step in creating something interesting. It allows for so many possibilities in the future, which I am excited to share with you all.

Combat Area selection has been changed to physical locations that you can select from the map. The black sections of the map represent unexplored territory. Who knows what we will find out there?


Magic has been added to the game!!

In its current state, Magic is solely a Combat skill, designed to output high damage, whilst trading your defence in return.

There are currently 20 damage-dealing skills to use in Combat. You are required to wield a magical staff to use Magic (will touch on this below).

My plans for Magic are to also add buff/debuff spells alongside non-combat Magic skills like Alching and Enchantment. Watch this skill closely as it develops!

You are required to equip a magical staff to use Magic in combat.


What good is Magic without the Runes?? Here we have Runecrafting - a very basic, yet important skill for those who wish to train Magic.

Craft Runes using the Rune Essence you collect from Mining, which can be then used in Combat to gain an advantage over enemies.

Air, Water, Earth and Fire Runes can be upgraded in the Bank to produce a Magical Staff. These staffs can be upgraded further to provide more benefits.

Combat Triangle

Now that we have all three Combat skills/types in the game, the implementation of the Combat Triangle as also been included.

When you face an enemy in Combat, you will now see that they have an 'Attack Type'. This can either be Melee, Ranged, or Magic. This determines the evasion statistic that will be used in combat.

For example - if you are facing an enemy with the Ranged attack type, your Ranged Evasion Rating will be used as your 'Defence'. This is the same for enemies, based on your Attack Type.

The general rule of thumb is Melee > Ranged / Ranged > Magic / Magic > Melee. But this also depends on the gear you have equipped.


They're here, they're finally here! For those of you who love to brag, these are just the thing for you.

Skillcapes are somewhat of a 'Trophy' that you can acquire upon reaching Level 99 in its respective skill. Once you reach that glorious max level, the Shop will allow you to purchase the Skillcape for 1,000,000GP.

Each Skillcape comes with its own unique benefit for the skill it is acquired for. Skillcapes also provide base Melee, Ranged, and Magic Defence stats of +9. If you manage to lose your Skillcape in battle, you may purchase another one from the shop.

Who can collect them all?

New Features

  • The Map of Melvor has been introduced, replacing the Combat Area selection screen with physical locations to chose from.
  • Magic has been introduced.
  • Runecrafting has been introduced.
  • The Combat Triangle has been introduced, explained above.
  • Skillcapes for every skill in the game has been added to the game.
  • Dark Mode has been officially added to the game, which can be enabled in the settings. Thank you to RedSparr0w for allowing me to implement this from his Melvor-Idle Helper Browser Extension.
  • The Magic Spellbook has been added, which contains 20 different damage-dealing spells to choose from.
  • 10 Different Runes have been added, which can be crafted in Runecrafting.
  • Rune Essence can now be mined at Mining Level 1. This provides very low Mining XP, but produces a base of 2 Rune Essence per action and is quite fast. It also only has a 1 second respawn timer.
  • Scimitars have been added to the game. There is one available from Bronze all the way through to Dragon. These are Strength based weapons, and currently provide the highest Strength bonus for a 1-handed weapon. You can smith these in the Smithing skill. Special thanks to script for providing the graphics.
  • Magic Attack, Magic Defence, and +% Magic Damage properties have been added and enabled for all combat related Gear.
  • Staff of Air, Staff of Water, Staff of Earth and Staff of Fire have been added as an upgradable item from Runes. These provide unlimited quantities of the respective Rune to use when equipped.
  • Battlestaff and Mystic Staff varieties have been added to the Elemental Staffs, as an upgradable option.
  • Green, Blue, Red, and Black Wizard Robes have been added to the game, which can only be acquired through Combat.
  • Ancient Wizard Armour has been added, which can only be found in the Wizard Dungeon.
  • There are new Combat Areas and Dungeons to explore!
  • Ancient Longbow has been added to the game as a rare drop from the Bandit Base Dungeon. This is currently the best Bow in the game.
  • A "Completion Log" has been added to the game. This is a basic feature to track some % stats to 100%. This can be found in the Sidebar.
  • An Item Log has been added. This track all items you find in the game. For all current players, you need to find the item again to log it in the Item Log.
  • You can now see the Item Stats of your equipped gear when hovering over it in the combat screen.
  • Sell # option in the bank screen has been updated. This includes to addition of Sell X.
  • You can now see how much GP Total your sale will provide you.
  • Tooltips have been added to Fishing to display basic information of the fish that are available in the area.
  • Tooltips have been added to each skill in the sidebar to display basic information. If you are Level 99, it will display your "Virtual Level".
  • Upgrade x10, x100 and x1000 options added.
  • There is now an option to view the Item Stats for what you are Smithing, Crafting or Fletching on the respective skill screen.
  • Crafting-related skills now show how much of the item you already have in the bank, as well as the XP you will gain from the craft.
  • Woodcutting now displays XP & Woodcutting speed for each tree.
  • Monster kills are now tracked behind the scenes. This will be used for future purposes.
  • Dungeon completion count is also tracked behind the scenes. Again, this will be used for future purposes.
  • Each log you burn has a 60% chance to automatically provide you with Coal Ore (too lazy to add Charcoal).
  • Buy X has been added to the shop.
  • You can now see a simple comparison between the Cloud Save and Local save within the confirmation window. This comparison will show the Total Skill Level and Current GP of both saves.
  • When either in Combat or Thieving, the title of the game will now display your current Hitpoints.
  • There is now a link in the sidebar for the Melvor Idle Wiki. This is a community-run Wiki dedicated to the game that is currently in development. Thank you to mrDLSable for heading the team to get this up and running.

Changed Features

  • Achieving Level 99 in a Skill will now force the large notification, even if you have them disabled.
  • Sell options in the bank look a bit different now to accommodate for the Sell X implementation.
  • Milestones are no longer hidden. You can now see every milestone for the skill.
  • Updated the images of ores to suit graphics style of the game (thanks again script for providing these)
  • Updated the Upgrade Item screen to accommodate for new combat stats.
  • Maximum loot to collect has been raised to 16 slots, up from 8.
  • Updated the look of the Changelog.
  • Amulet of Glory now sells for 2,500GP, up from 1,000GP.
  • Elite Amulet of Accuracy, Defence and Strength now sell for 100,000GP, up from 1,000GP.
  • Elite Amulet of Glory now sells for 250,000GP, up from 1,000GP.
  • Ancient Sword now sells for 150,000GP, up from 42,500GP.
  • All Melee Ancient Armour pieces now sell for 250,000GP.
  • All Ancient Melee Armour has been slightly buffed.
  • Farming Mastery now directly effects the amount of seeds you may receive when harvesting an allotment. Every 10 Mastery levels provides a chance at getting an extra seed.
  • Cook x10 is now the starting cook option.
  • Cook x50 now unlocks at Mastery Level 15.
  • The buttons in Cooking now show what Mastery Level is required to unlock.
  • Change username option is now set to Change Character Name, as to not confuse the username associated with Melvor Cloud.


  • The Gold Ruby Necklace now correctly provides the displayed stats.
  • The duplicate Rune Platebody that drops from the Elite Chest is now corrected to an Adamant Platebody.
  • Disabled popover animations in the bank menus, which solves various issues including accidental sales and item duplication.
  • Available food to Cook is now correctly updated when Thieving fish from the Fisherman.
  • Some incorrect item stats have been corrected.
  • There is now a check on load to source invalid bank items, if found, which will then correct them in the process. If your game happens to break due to a faulty item, refresh the game to fix it.

Removed Features

  • It is with great sadness that I announce the retirement of Pablo, Bruno, Allen, Jeff, John, and Thicc Boi. They served their purpose well, and they will be remembered.
  • Placeholder Combat Areas have been removed.
  • You can no longer purchase Black Dragonhide from the shop. Go and fight a Dragon for it.
  • Cook x1 has been removed.
  • The Level ??? Tree has been removed.
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