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Alpha v0.11 - Slayer of Hop (17th January 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle!

This update introduces two new skills in the game, as well as an assortment of additions, balance changes and bug fixes.


Prayer provides players with the benefit of using buffs in Combat to gain an advantage over the enemy. Using what's called Prayer Points, obtained by burying Bones, you can activate these buffs within the Combat screen at any time. There are currently 25 different prayers for you to explore, each unlocked as you level Prayer, as well as having different and sometimes unique benefits. Please make sure to read the tooltip provided so you know exactly how many Prayer Points you will be using so you do not lose track! Gaining of Prayer Points is as easy as burying the Bones you obtain within the bank screen. Regarding Prayer XP - You gain a base of 1 XP per (damage / 10) in combat. To gain further Prayer XP, some prayers provide bonus XP when active. Be sure to read which ones! There is no limit to the amount of Prayer Points you can have.



Slayer revolves around defeating specific Monsters within Melvor to gain XP. As you level your Slayer, you will gain access to unique areas, which sometimes contain unique, Slayer only items that will provide massive advantages in Combat. With the introduction of Slayer comes a new currency - Slayer Coins. These coins can be obtained by completing Slayer Tasks (Obtained in Combat Screen) which can then be spend accordingly in the new Slayer section of the Shop! As well as the new currency, I have introduced 5 new Slayer Areas. These areas contain new, unique monsters for you to fight against. Some Slayer Areas are gated behind a Slayer Level requirement, as well as an item requirement (where you are required to have a specific item equipped to gain access). There is also unique drops to find within these areas. And trust me, you will want them.

There are two ways gain Slayer XP:

  1. Completing Slayer Tasks (Don't worry, the game won't give you a monster that you cannot kill. However, it is possible to get a monster you cannot access. You will need to request a new task in this case).
  2. Monsters located in Slayer Areas always provide some Slayer XP, but not as much as Slayer Tasks.

Combat Number Adjustment

This update also includes a change to the numbers game for Combat. To put it simply; all Hitpoint values, damage values, eating values, and maximum hit values have been multiplied by 10. The reasoning behind this is simply due to a progression standpoint. Playing with larger numbers allows smaller increments of progression, that way you can really see how you are progressing through the game. For example, prior to this change, it would take quite some time to go from a maximum hit of 2 to 3. Now, you can increment through all values of 20 to 30. A simple change, but one I feel was completely necessary.

Statistics Revamp

This update also includes the introduction of Monster Statistics, as well as a revamp to Item Statistics. Under the Completion Log Menu, you will now see a Monster tab. Selecting this will show you all the Monsters you have defeated, as well as handy stats relating to that monster (hover over the monster). The Item Log has also been adjusted to show many many different stats per item (Hover over the item). Most stats for items will only show if you have more than 0 of that stat.

The stats that are tracked for Monsters:

  • Times killed by player
  • Times player killed enemy
  • Times enemy killed player
  • Total damage taken by player
  • Total damage dealt to player
  • Total successful hits to player
  • Total successful hits from player
  • Total attacks to player that missed
  • Total player attacks dodged
  • Total times seen monster
  • Total times player ran away from monster

The stats that are tracked for Items:

  • Times received
  • Times sold
  • Total GP gained from selling
  • Total damage dealt with weapon & quiver (if Ranged)
  • Total attacks performed with weapon & quiver (if Ranged)
  • Total missed attacks with weapon & quiver (if Ranged)
  • Total damage taken with item equipped (does not count for weapons or arrows)
  • Enemies killed with weapon
  • Times item lost due to death
  • Total amount of arrows / runes used in combat (if you preserve an arrow or rune, it does not add to the count)
  • Times food has been eaten
  • Total health gained by eating the food
  • Total time waiting for seed to grow
  • Total times seed has died during growth
  • Total successful grows
  • Total amount of item harvested
  • Times opened (chests and bird nests)

New Features

  • Prayer has been introduced.
  • Slayer has been introduced.
  • 25 different Prayers have been introduced.
  • 5 new Slayer Areas have been introduced.
  • 23 new monsters have been introduced.
  • A small new area of Melvor has been explored to the West.
  • All hitpoint, damage, eating and max hit values have been multiplied by 10.
  • Monster Statistics have been introduced.
  • Item Statistics have been revamped.
  • Combat levels have been introduced for Players and Monsters. This is a good indication to show you how powerful you are compared to the monsters. Combat Levels will show by default instead of stats for monsters. There is a setting to change this if you wish.
  • Mastery Tokens have been added to the game for all non-combat skills. There is a small chance to gain a Mastery Token for the respective skill, which when claimed will provide +1 level to a random Mastery for that skill. Farming has a much higher chance to receive tokens. Or you may sell them for Coins.svg 1,500 each.
  • Live Bank Search feature. Allows you to search using Bank Item name, category, type & Item ID.
  • New setting to change the display of the Skills in the Sidebar. The setting will collapse the skills into a group which can be hidden.
  • Carrots (and Seeds) have been added to the game. This new Allotment can be farmed at Farming Level 69. Seeds can only be obtained from Bob the Farmer in Thieving
  • Damage Reduction now applies to Thieving
  • Dragon & Ancient Claws have been added to the game. These can only be obtained by combining 100 of their respective fragments to create. These high speed, high accuracy, high strength and high defence weapons are highly sought after. The fragments can only be found in the High Lands Slayer area.
  • Holy Dust has been added. These are classed as "Bones" and can be buried to receive 5 prayer points per use. All monsters found in the Holy Lands Slayer area drop Holy Dust 100% of the time.
  • Wands have been added. These are one-handed magic weapons that have higher stats than staffs. However, they do not provide rune benefits.
  • Ancient Arrows have been added. These can be found as a drop from the Desolate Plains Slayer area only.
  • Ancient 2H Sword has been introduced. This can only be obtained by slaying the Dark Horned Elite, located in the Desolate Plains Slayer area.
  • New Patreon Item (Hxlmer) - Bobby's Pocket. This has a 1% chance to drop per Thieving action. Provides a nice GP bump when sold.
  • New Patreon Item (Eliass) - Book of Eli. This is an offhand Magic Book that can be equipped to provide further Magic benefits. Only obtainable from the Hall of Wizards dungeon.
  • The bankend of the Melvor Cloud has been redone. It now uses token based authentication which is stored in the form of cookies to ensure persistent logins. This should keep you logged in for at least 1 month before it logs you out. If your browser blocks any form of cookies from being stored, this will of course not work.
  • There is now a confirmation popup that warns you before closing the game / browser / tab.
  • Added a line of text to food items in the bank, so you can see how much HP it heals before equipping it.

Changed Features

  • Adjusted the layout of the enemy combat screen.
  • Updated the look of the Mining Skill to be pretty much the same as Woodcutting. Mining now displays Mastery level and XP rates as well.
  • Reduced the max hit of Air based Magic spells.
  • Minimum cost of Gem Gloves is now Coins.svg 500,000 and provides 2,000 charges per purchase. Up from Coins.svg 125,000 and 500 charges (still same price per charge).
  • Upgrading of Armour now has a GP cost attached to it.
  • Adjusted the necklace item descriptions to be more "generic".
  • Dungeon boss images are now larger than the standard monster image sizes.
  • Moss Giant Attack / Strength / Defence levels are now 50, up from 30.
  • Moss Giant chance to drop an item is now 75%, down from 100%.
  • Moss Giant can now drop Strawberry Seeds.
  • Slightly lowered all stats of the Master Farmer.
  • Master Farmer no longer drops Cabbage Seeds.
  • Snape Grass Seeds now provide 92 XP per harvest, down from 106.
  • Gold Bars now sell for Coins.svg 132, up from Coins.svg 88.
  • Base cutting interval for Magic Trees reduced to 20s. Down from 25s.
  • Dragonite Bars now sell for Coins.svg 605, up from Coins.svg 511.
  • Increased the sale price for all Dragon Armour and Weapons by quite a bit.
  • Increased the minimum and maximum gold rewards for completing all dungeons by 40%.
  • Blue Dragons now drop up to Coins.svg 175 per kill, up from Coins.svg 100.
  • Red Dragons now drop up to Coins.svg 325 per kill, up from Coins.svg 200.
  • Black Dragons now drop up to Coins.svg 600 per kill, up from Coins.svg 500.
  • The Seagull in Sandy Shores can now drop up to 55 Feathers, up from 20.
  • Bandits, Bandit Trainees and the Bandit Leader now have an attack speed of 2 seconds, down from 2.6 seconds.
  • Increased HP of Bandit Leader to 1500, up from 900.
  • Dark Wizards now drop Magic Bones.
  • Dark Wizards HP is now 1,100. Honestly forgot what the original HP was, but it was less.
  • Updated the drop rates for gems as follows:
Old Rate New Rate
Topaz 40% 50%
Sapphire 20% 17.5%
Ruby 20% 17.5%
Emerald 12.5% 10%
Diamond 7.5% 5%
  • Mithril Knight now has a 25% chance to drop an item, up from 10%.
  • Adamant Knight now has a 15% chance to drop an item, up from 5%.
  • All items that drop from Rune Knight now have the same chance to drop.
  • Frozen Archer now looks Frozen.
  • Removed the slight transparency with Tooltips.
  • Updated the way in which loot drop quantities are defined. This in-turn fixes issues with monsters dropping odd values of specific items.


  • Non-boss dungeon monsters now update kill counts correctly
  • Cooking Gloves and Cooking Skillcape now correctly apply 100% success rate.
  • Skill levels now correctly capped at 99, as opposed to 100. This stops constant notifications from popping up during Combat training.
  • Category is now spelt correctly in the items file.
  • Some map image errors which made the map look "cut off" have been fixed.
  • Page Header is now fixed for all screen resolutions.
  • Issue where popovers get stuck on screen until refresh in the bank has been resolved.
  • Cleaned up item notification code. This fixes some missed item notification bugs.
  • Errors when attempting to load the game without a local save, while logged into the Cloud.
  • Upgrading of Runes / Staff now use the correct amount of resources, instead of using 1 extra.
  • Fixed an issue where a specific set of actions were perform which caused an old monster selection screen to appear from previous game versions.

Removed Features

  • Removed the tooltips from the sidebar for now. Will revisit this later to make it less clunky and intrusive.
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