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Alpha v0.10.2 (12th December 2019)

New Features

  • Three new combat areas have been added - Sandy Shores, Giant Dungeon & Icy Hills.
  • Each new combat area contains some new monsters to fight.
  • Melee combat gloves have been added to the game for Bronze to Dragon (Except Black). These gloves provide Attack benefits as well as Defence benefits. These can be smithed.
  • A setting to hide GP notifications has been added.
  • The game now checks for an update every minute. If an update is detected, a large ugly looking notification is displayed that cannot be removed until you refresh.

Changed Features


  • Smithing Items are now displayed in the correct order in the Smithing Skill screen.
  • Smithing Items are now displayed neatly in the Mastery screen.
  • The HTTPS check has been rectified and reinstated.
  • Fletching XP is now displayed in the correct spot.
  • Dark Mode background has been reinstated.
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