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Special Attacks can be used in combat to gain a slight advantage over the monster being fought. Equipping a weapon with a special attack will give your attacks a chance to perform a special attack. Manually eating food or switching gear will cancel the players special attack. Only a select few high level weapons have special attacks. Several monsters can use special attacks against the player, including Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor and Prat, the Protector of Secrets from the Volcanic Cave, and all of the monsters from the four god dungeons. The attack bar will change to yellow when a special attack is being used.

If the player has multiple items equipped whose cumulative base special chance is greater than 100%, the chances of each special attack are scaled down such that the cumulative chance equals 100%. For example, a player who has both the Ring of Blade Echoes (100% special chance) and Infernal Claw (15% special chance) equipped will have a [math]\displaystyle{ 100 \times \frac{100}{100+15} = 86.96\% }[/math] chance of Blade Echoes and a [math]\displaystyle{ 15 \times \frac{100}{100+15} = 13.04\% }[/math] chance of Quad Swipe occurring.

Player Special Attacks

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