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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about the Cartography skill. For a guide to leveling the skill, see Cartography/Training.

Cartography is a skill in which the player can explore the map of Melvor, uncovering hidden areas and secrets throughout their journey.

Skill Overview

The World Map of Melvor consists of a grid of 944 hexagonal map tiles (called Hexes). The map layout is the same for all players and all players start on (15, 16). The primary action for Cartography is Surveying map tiles in order to discover them.

Once a Hex has been fully discovered, the player may travel there. Some Hexes contain Points of Interest which will be revealed upon traveling to the tile. Visiting a Point of Interest will always provide a blurb of text explaining a bit about the location, and some Points of Interest will reward the player with resources upon the first visit.

The base interval for a Survey action is 5.00 seconds. It can be reduced through various boosts.

Map Mastery

When first uncovering the map, each hex will have a level between 1 and 5 that will determine how many times it must be surveyed in order to be fully discovered. Initially only point-of-interest tiles will let you survey to level 5. Once the map has been fully discovered, the maximum level for all hexes will increase to 5. Levelling a hex to 5 is referred to as "Mastering" it, and Mastering all 944 hexes is referred to as "Map Mastery".

Hex Level Total Surveys Difference
1 24 24
2 108 84
3 264 156
4 504 240
5 864 360

Mastery Unlocks

Once enough tiles have been mastered, the following bonuses will be unlocked:

Hexes MasteredPassive BonusesRewards
100+5% Global Skill XP5 Bank Slot Token
200+5% Global Mastery XP10 Bank Slot Token
300None25 Bank Slot Token
500+10% Global GP (except Item Sales)15 Bank Slot Token
750None45 Bank Slot Token
944-3% Attack Interval
-3% Interval for all non-Combat Skills

Prior to fully revealing the map, there are just over 100 hexes that can be mastered. The higher mastery levels can only happen once the map is fully revealed, which is sufficient to get to at least Cartography Level 100 in most game modes. The map takes a total of 944*864=815,616 actions to fully master, for a total of 47 days, 4 hours, 48 minutes at the base time interval of 5.00 seconds, and will get you to over Cartography Level 120 once this is complete.

Undiscovered Hexes

These icons will appear on undiscovered Hexes if there is something to discover underneath.

Icon Description
! icon
Denotes the location of an undiscovered Archaeology Dig Site. Locations for these dig sites can be learned with unique items in Archaeology.
? icon
Denotes an undiscovered Point of Interest (POI). Discovering a POI will reveal more of the lore, and may earn you a reward.
A cat
If "Toggle Cat" is enabled in Settings, then this icon will denote a hidden Archaeology Dig Site. It will display only when you locate a required Dig Site item in Archaeology (One example being the Torn Chart).

Points of Interest

These are the types of Points of Interest (POIs) that can be discovered underneath a Hex.

Icon Description
Dig Site
An Archaeology Dig Site. Use Cartography to create, upgrade or refine maps for dig sites. Use Archaeology to excavate dig sites you have discovered.
Standard Point of Interest
A standard Point of Interest (POI). If you select the tile you can read the lore associated with the POI to learn more.
Active point of interest
Provides powerful modifiers, but these will only be a when you are standing on the Hex to become active.
Provides free travel between ports. The ports are automatically used when two or more ports are discovered, and can help reduce travel expense Coins.svg  when traveling long distances.


When you embark on a journey to explore a hex in Melvor Idle, your visibility extends to the tiles closest to you, with the tiles near the edge marking the limit of your sight. Over time, both your visible range and survey range will expand. Initially, you can only survey a hex that is adjacent to your starting tile.

There are two methods to survey tiles:

  • Survey: This option allows you to queue one or more tiles for surveying. There's no limit to the number of tiles you can queue, but initially, you can only queue up to the six tiles surrounding your starting hex. Some tiles cannot be surveyed until certain conditions are met.
  • Auto Survey: In idle mode, this feature enables automatic surveying of the entire map. Auto Survey is primarily designed for later in the game because early on many of the tiles have requirements that must be met before they can be surveyed.


Map of Melvor showing the travel costs for every hex. Credits: @draedon123 on Discord

Travelling around the map costs Coins.svg  and the total for every path taken is shown before you move to a new Hex. As the game progresses, you will find ways to reduce travel costs, but early in the game these costs can seem quite high. Each Hex has a different base cost, and you can see the cost of each tile on this map.

In the map, the colors represent the base Coins.svg  costs associated with each tile.

Heat map colors for travel costs
Map Color Travel Costs (per Hex)
Blue Up to Coins.svg 5,000
Green Coins.svg 5,000 to Coins.svg 25,000
Red Coins.svg 25,000 to Coins.svg 1,500,000
Yellow Coins.svg 1,500,000 upwards

Travel Events

Every time you travel, there is a random chance that a unique event will occur. The odds of these events occurring can be increased with certain shop-purchases. The travel events will often result in temporary boosts that last until you next travel, and eventually you might obtain a very rare item (hint!).

There is no way to disable travel events, and there is also a chance that travel events will repeat as time progresses given the limited number of events that can be discovered.

Creating Maps

In addition to surveying, Cartography can help create the Dig Site Maps used in Archaeology. Creating a map has three stages:

  1. Create paper: Convert any type of Logs into Paper. Higher tier logs will produce more paper. Turning logs into paper has a base interval of 5.00 seconds, which can be reduced by bonuses that affect non-combat skill intervals and can also be affected by chance to double items or chance to preserve resources. You can also earn paper by completing tasks and discovering certain sites in Cartography.
  2. Update maps: Select a dig site and create a map in one of the map slots for that dig site. If they already have a map for the selected slot, map creation actions will instead make progress on upgrading the map towards the next tier. All new maps, except the first map you receive, will be created at the Poor tier. Creating and upgrading maps costs paper and has a base interval of 5.00 seconds. The upgrade interval can be reduced through bonuses, and in addition you can increase the chance of preserving resources. Regardless of tier, every map for a dig site will always discover the same items, but with differing chances of success. Upgrading maps is optional, but recommended as it will greatly reduce time taken excavating sites for rare items. You will only gain the benefit of upgrading once the map has changed to the next tier, and once you have reached the final tier other maps in this site will also be upgraded unless you stop the action manually.
  3. Refine maps: Select a map and select one or more refinements. At each refinement, you are given a choice of refinement will permanently upgrade that map. Each refinement happens instantly, but the Coins.svg  costs increase exponentially with each refinement. Refinements will be lost once the map has been exhausted through Archaeology actions. Refining maps is optional, but recommended as it will help reduce time taken excavating sites for rare items.

Upgrade Dig Site Map

Tier Upgrades Needed Total Cost Time1
Poor 0 N/A N/A
Fine 1920 1,920 Paper 2h, 40m
Excellent 3840 5,760 Paper 5h, 20m
Perfect 5760 11,520 Paper 8h

1Based on default action time of 5.00 seconds.

Dig Site Map Refinement

Each Dig Site Map tier unlocks new refinements which can be purchased. Refinements exclusively affect the Dig Site Map on which it is applied.

Tier Cost Refinements (Choose One)
Poor Refinement 1
Coins.svg 1,000
-5 Tiny Artefact Value
-5 Small Artefact Value
-5 Medium Artefact Value
-5 Large Artefact Value
Fine Refinement 2
Coins.svg 50,000
+3% Chance to Double Items in Archaeology
+3% chance to preserve dig site map excavation actions
+3% Archaeology Skill XP
+3% Archaeology Mastery XP
Excellent Refinement 3
Coins.svg 500,000
-5 Tiny Artefact Value
-5 Small Artefact Value
-5 Medium Artefact Value
-5 Large Artefact Value
Perfect Refinement 4
Coins.svg 5,000,000
+2,500 Dig Site Map excavation actions
-10% Archaeology Interval
Refinement 5
Coins.svg 5,000,000
+5% Chance to Double Items in Archaeology
+5% chance to preserve dig site map excavation actions
+4% Archaeology Skill XP
+4% Archaeology Mastery XP
Refinement 6
Coins.svg 5,000,000
+1 minimum Items found in Archaeology
x2 Consumable Items received from Archaeology
+15% Archaeology Skill XP when location a Common Artefact


The Cartography Skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Cartography Level 99.

The Superior Cartography Skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 10,000,000 after the player reaches Cartography Level 120.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Cartography Skillcape Cartography Skillcape Cartography Level 99 +10% Chance to Preserve Resources in Cartography
-20% Cartography Dig Site Map upgrade interval
-10% dig site map refinement cost
Superior Cartography Skillcape Superior Cartography Skillcape Cartography Level 120 +20% Chance to Preserve Resources in Cartography
-50% Cartography Dig Site Map upgrade interval
-30% Cartography survey interval
-20% dig site map refinement cost


Skye is unlocked at random by performing any Cartography action.
Hex is unlocked by surveying the entire map to the initial maximum Hex level.
Carthulu is unlocked after reaching Level 5 on every Hex. The option to do this for Level 2 Hexes is unlocked after you survey the entire map for the first time.

Pet Name Effect
Skye Skye -5% Cartography travel costs
Hex Hex +3% Global Mastery XP
Carthulu Carthulu Doubles the effects of all positive Active Modifiers from Point of Interests in Cartography

Shop Upgrades

The shop contains several upgrades that can be purchased to provide permanent boosts to Cartography. These fall into two categories:

Ship Upgrades

Ship upgrades require a specific Cartography level in addition to various items in order to purchase.


Enhancements require the player to discover specific points of interest first, at which point they can be purchased by spending the required amount of GP.

All Points of Interest

Name Type X Y Requirements Discovery Rewards Discovery Modifiers Active Effect
The Corner of Disappointment The Corner of Disappointment Other 0 0
Crevice of Riches Crevice of Riches Other 0 11 Cartography Level 35
Discover The Pirate's Treasure Trails
GP 5,000,000
SC 100,000
4,000 Emerald
Ancient Market Ancient Market Dig Site 0 14 Cartography Level 5
Find Torn Chart
The Ominous Port The Ominous Port Port 1 3 Cartography Level 80 GP 2,000,000
Ruined Silver City Ruined Silver City Other 1 15 Cartography Level 5
Find Melantis Clue 3
Discover Mysterious Island
1 Melantis Clue 4
The Western Lighthouse The Western Lighthouse Other 1 18 Cartography Level 5 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
Ritual Site Ritual Site Dig Site 2 2 Cartography Level 80
The Beacon Port The Beacon Port Port 2 19 GP 100,000
The Swirling Abyss The Swirling Abyss Other 2 27 Cartography Level 90 SC 300,000
Melantis Melantis Dig Site 2 28 Cartography Level 90
Find Melantis Clue 4
Discover Ruined Silver City
The Abandoned Temple The Abandoned Temple Other 3 2 Cartography Level 80 25,000 Bones
The Calm before the Storm The Calm before the Storm Other 3 9 GP 1,000,000
The Wanderer's Gift The Wanderer's Gift Other 3 17 Cartography Level 10 1 Gold Topaz Ring
The Hunt for the Gilded Golbins The Hunt for the Gilded Golbins Other 3 20 2,000 Gold Bar
Terran Dungeon Ruins Terran Dungeon Ruins Active 4 2 Cartography Level 80 -0.1s Mining Interval
-0.1s Woodcutting Interval
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Mining (Cannot be doubled)
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Woodcutting (Cannot be doubled)
The Treacherous North The Treacherous North Other 4 9 5,000 Redwood Logs
The Whispering Port The Whispering Port Port 4 10 GP 1,000,000
The Pink Kraken The Pink Kraken Other 4 16 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
Shrouded Horizon Shrouded Horizon Other 4 26 SC 50,000
The Jagged Labyrinth The Jagged Labyrinth Other 5 7
The Monolith The Monolith Active 5 10 Cartography Level 35 +5% Chance to Preserve Resources in Cartography
-5% Cartography Dig Site Map upgrade interval
+5% chance to preserve dig site map excavation actions
The Ill-Fated Vessel The Ill-Fated Vessel Other 5 23 Cartography Level 20 1,000 Mahogany Logs
1,000 Steel Bar
Cathedral Cathedral Dig Site 6 3 Cartography Level 90
The Cursed Island The Cursed Island Other 6 5 10,000 Big Bones
Monuments Monuments Dig Site 6 11 Cartography Level 35
Sandy Shores Sandy Shores Other 6 19 Cartography Level 10 100 Crab
The Vibrant Coral Gardens The Vibrant Coral Gardens Other 6 22 500 Coral
The Friendly Fisherman The Friendly Fisherman Other 6 27 50 Manta Ray
The Ancient Wreckage The Ancient Wreckage Other 7 7 GP 3,000,000
1,000 Cursed Logs
The Mystic Ruins The Mystic Ruins Other 7 10 Cartography Level 35 10,000 Rune Essence
Miolite Caves Miolite Caves Other 7 12 Cartography Level 35 2,000 Steam Rune
2,000 Dust Rune
2,000 Mist Rune
The Runed Battlefield The Runed Battlefield Other 7 15 Cartography Level 10 1,000 Mind Rune
1,000 Chaos Rune
1,000 Death Rune
Giant Dungeon Giant Dungeon Other 7 17 Cartography Level 10 3 Giant Club
1 Mithril 2H Sword
Seashade Village Seashade Village Other 7 20 Cartography Level 10 -5% Cartography travel costs (for 10 travels)
Coral Wreckage Coral Wreckage Dig Site 7 22 Cartography Level 50
The Tranquil Open Waters The Tranquil Open Waters Other 7 25 500 Raw Swordfish
Shrouded Badlands Shrouded Badlands Other 8 10 Cartography Level 65 SC 150,000
The Shadow Lurkers The Shadow Lurkers Other 8 14 Cartography Level 10 500 Gold Bar
500 Silver Bar
The Academia Arcanum The Academia Arcanum Active 8 15 Cartography Level 10 +5% Magic Maximum Hit
+10% Magic Evasion
+6% Rune Preservation
+10% Magic Accuracy Rating
The River Crossroads The River Crossroads Other 8 19 GP 20,000
The Coral Bounty The Coral Bounty Other 8 22 GP 10,000
100 Topaz
100 Sapphire
100 Ruby
50 Treasure Chest
Unhallowed Wasteland Unhallowed Wasteland Active 9 1 Cartography Level 90 SC 1,500,000 -100% Chance To Double Loot in Combat
-100% GP From Monsters
-0.25s Monster Respawn Timer
Shipwreck Cove Shipwreck Cove Dig Site 9 3 Find Ancient Wall Chart
Mysterious Island Mysterious Island Other 9 11 Cartography Level 50
Find Melantis Clue 2
Discover Pyramid
1 Melantis Clue 3
The Cavern of Riches The Cavern of Riches Other 9 13 Cartography Level 10
Discover The Pirate's Treasure Trails
GP 5,000,000
1 Elite Amulet of Strength
1 Elite Amulet of Ranged
1 Elite Amulet of Magic
Wet Forest Wet Forest Other 9 16 Cartography Level 10 60 Oxilyme Seeds
60 Mantalyme Seeds
60 Lemontyle Seeds
Forest of Goo Forest of Goo Other 9 17 500 Goo
The Snow Covered Pier The Snow Covered Pier Port 9 25 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
Watchtower Watchtower Dig Site 10 2 Cartography Level 90
Find Island Chart
The Pirate's Treasure Trails The Pirate's Treasure Trails Other 10 6 Cartography Level 35
The Eye-Conic Cave The Eye-Conic Cave Other 10 18 1 Barrier Gem
69 Eyeball
The Fisherman's Bounty The Fisherman's Bounty Active 10 27 500 Raw Swordfish +20% chance to gain GP equal to base fish sale price while Fishing
-3% Fishing Interval
+10% chance to gain 1 cooked version of a fish when Fishing
Northern Cove Northern Cove Other 11 1 Cartography Level 90 GP 3,000,000
30,000 Paper
The Bustling Port The Bustling Port Port 11 8 Cartography Level 65
High Lands High Lands Other 11 9 Cartography Level 65 SC 30,000
10 Dragon Claw Fragment
10 Ancient Claw Fragment
Spider Forest Spider Forest Active 11 13 Cartography Level 10 +0.2s Attack Interval
+50% chance to ignore Slow effects
A Harvest Haven Farm A Harvest Haven Farm Other 11 16 60 Potato Seeds
60 Onion Seeds
60 Cabbage Seeds
The Sunset Fishing Point The Sunset Fishing Point Other 11 22 50 Raw Salmon
The Penguin Bay The Penguin Bay Other 11 25 Cartography Level 35 3,000 Raw Shrimp
2,000 Raw Sardine
1,000 Raw Crab
The Molten Peak The Molten Peak Active 12 11 Cartography Level 65 +10% chance to ignore Frostburn
+10% chance to ignore burn
+5% Chance to apply burn when attacking
The Southern Lighthouse The Southern Lighthouse Other 12 18 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
The Beginning Port The Beginning Port Port 12 19 GP 10,000
100 Normal Logs
100 Bronze Bar
A Sadge Kraken A Sadge Kraken Other 12 21 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
The Engraved Riches The Engraved Riches Other 13 2 Cartography Level 80
Discover The Pirate's Treasure Trails
GP 5,000,000
50,000 Summoning Shard (Red)
50,000 Summoning Shard (Green)
50,000 Summoning Shard (Blue)
50,000 Summoning Shard (Silver)
50,000 Summoning Shard (Gold)
50,000 Summoning Shard (Black)
Sacrificial Site Sacrificial Site Dig Site 13 12 Cartography Level 10
Find Cult Flyer
The Restless Sanctum The Restless Sanctum Other 13 14 Cartography Level 10 1,000 Bones
Farmer's Market Farmer's Market Other 13 16 500 Potatoes
Old Village Old Village Dig Site 13 17
The Glacial Expanse The Glacial Expanse Other 13 25 Cartography Level 35 5,000 Ice Arrows
Golbin Village Golbin Village Other 14 15 1,000 Bronze Bar
A New Start A New Start Other 14 17 GP 250
50 Shrimp
1 Bronze Dagger
The Watchful Ship The Watchful Ship Other 14 20 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
The Fake Port The Fake Port Other 15 3
Bazaar Bazaar Dig Site 15 11 Cartography Level 65
Find City Chart
The Frosty Haven The Frosty Haven Other 15 25 Cartography Level 80 SC 100,000
Toxic Swamps Toxic Swamps Other 16 8 Cartography Level 50 500 Lethal Toxins Potion IV
Pyramid Pyramid Other 16 13 Cartography Level 35
Find Melantis Clue 1
1 Melantis Clue 2
Aeris Dungeon Ruins Aeris Dungeon Ruins Active 17 2 Cartography Level 80 -0.1s Crafting Interval
-0.1s Fletching Interval
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Crafting (Cannot be doubled)
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Fletching (Cannot be doubled)
The Misty Port The Misty Port Port 17 6 GP 1,500,000
The Shimmering Oasis The Shimmering Oasis Active 17 14 Cartography Level 35 GP 100,000
20 Amulet of Glory
20 Amulet of Accuracy
-50% Auto Eat Efficiency
+2% Auto Eat Threshold
Holy Isles Holy Isles Other 17 17 Cartography Level 10 2,000 Holy Dust
100 Medium Urn (Enchanted)
The New Horizon The New Horizon Other 17 20 GP 500,000
5,000 Paper
Glacia City Ruins Glacia City Ruins Dig Site 17 25 Cartography Level 80
The Secret Glacial Hoard The Secret Glacial Hoard Active 17 28 Cartography Level 80 GP 2,000,000
2,500 Diamond
2,500 Sapphire
2,500 Topaz
2,500 Ruby
2,500 Emerald
-0.1s Herblore Interval
-0.1s Runecrafting Interval
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Herblore (Cannot be doubled)
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Runecrafting (Cannot be doubled)
The Flowery Fields The Flowery Fields Other 18 14 Cartography Level 35 2,000 Wildflower
The Shimmering Sands Outpost The Shimmering Sands Outpost Other 18 15 Cartography Level 35 -10% Cartography travel costs (for 10 travels)
A Secluded Hut A Secluded Hut Other 18 17 Cartography Level 10 1,000 Normal Logs
1,000 Oak Logs
The Moonlit Pier The Moonlit Pier Other 19 8 Cartography Level 35 5,000 Stardust
1,000 Golden Stardust
1,000 Secret Stardust Potion IV
Perilous Peaks Perilous Peaks Active 19 9 Cartography Level 80 2,000 Dragon Bones +20% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
-40% Slayer Coins
The Perilous Ascent The Perilous Ascent Other 19 10 Cartography Level 80 SC 350,000
The River Rest The River Rest Other 19 14 Cartography Level 35 GP 200,000
The Frostbite Bluff The Frostbite Bluff Other 19 25 Cartography Level 80 SC 100,000
Castle Ruins Castle Ruins Dig Site 20 3 Cartography Level 80
Find Navigation Chart
Ancient Forge Ancient Forge Dig Site 20 12 Cartography Level 80
Find Shipment Chart
Quarry Quarry Dig Site 20 13 Cartography Level 35
The Eastern Deceitful Woods The Eastern Deceitful Woods Other 20 18 Cartography Level 20 5,000 Steel Arrows
The Frost Drift Port The Frost Drift Port Port 20 26 Cartography Level 80 GP 2,000,000
The Golbin's Stash The Golbin's Stash Other 21 8 Cartography Level 35 GP 2,000
20 Diamond
10 Topaz
Secret Mines Secret Mines Dig Site 21 15 Cartography Level 35
Discover The Abandoned Vein Mine
Castle of Kings Castle of Kings Other 21 16 Cartography Level 20 1 Knight's Cape
1 (G) Mithril Platebody
The Shadowed Port The Shadowed Port Port 21 20 Cartography Level 20 GP 100,000
The Lone Huntress The Lone Huntress Other 22 5
Dragon Valley Dragon Valley Other 22 13 Cartography Level 35 SC 50,000
The Abandoned Vein Mine The Abandoned Vein Mine Other 22 15 Cartography Level 35
Discover Old Mine
5,000 Mithril Ore
5,000 Adamantite Ore
5,000 Runite Ore
5,000 Dragonite Ore
Mucky Cave Mucky Cave Other 22 18 Cartography Level 35
The Flickering Fire Camp The Flickering Fire Camp Other 22 20 Cartography Level 35 4,000 Basic Soup
Fisherman's Enclave Fisherman's Enclave Other 22 22 Cartography Level 20
Lost Temple Lost Temple Dig Site 23 8 Cartography Level 35
Find Old Temple Chart
The Capital City Crossroads The Capital City Crossroads Other 23 10 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
Old Mine Old Mine Other 23 14 Cartography Level 35 3,000 Coal Ore
Shallow Shores Shallow Shores Other 23 23 Discover Fisherman's Enclave 2,000 Raw Shrimp
1,000 Raw Crab
500 Raw Lobster
The Sea Noodle The Sea Noodle Other 23 25 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
The Capital City's Square The Capital City's Square Other 24 10 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
The Capital City's Knights The Capital City's Knights Other 24 11 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
The Cityscape Bridge The Cityscape Bridge Other 24 12 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
Stoneworkers Stoneworkers Dig Site 24 14 Cartography Level 35
Willowshire Willowshire Other 25 7 Cartography Level 35 -5% Cartography travel costs (for 10 travels)
The Capital City's Alleyways The Capital City's Alleyways Other 25 10 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
Prat's Bridge Prat's Bridge Other 25 13 Cartography Level 35 1 Lemonade
1 Old Hat
3 Rubber Ducky
Bandit Hideout Bandit Hideout Active 25 17 Cartography Level 35 +10% Ranged Accuracy Rating
+10% Ranged Evasion
+10% Ranged Strength Bonus from Equipment
-0.1s Thieving Interval
+25 Stealth while Thieving
Dark Waters Dark Waters Active 25 26 Cartography Level 90 SC 1,000,000 +10% Accuracy Rating
+10% Global Evasion
-20% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
+5% Maximum Hit
+25% Slayer Coins
The Friendly Port The Friendly Port Port 26 8 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
Roots of Riches Roots of Riches Other 27 6 Cartography Level 35
Discover The Pirate's Treasure Trails
GP 5,000,000
4,000 Diamond
5,000 Ruby
1,000 Gold Diamond Necklace
Capital City Lighthouse Capital City Lighthouse Other 27 13 Cartography Level 35 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
The Port of Nations The Port of Nations Port 27 14 Cartography Level 35 GP 1,000,000
Rosedale Rosedale Other 27 18 Cartography Level 20 -5% Cartography travel costs (for 10 travels)
The Bustling Passage The Bustling Passage Other 28 17 GP 300,000
The Vibrant Port The Vibrant Port Port 28 21 GP 100,000
The Pushy Sailor The Pushy Sailor Other 29 9 -2% Cartography survey interval (for 10 travels)
Ragnar Dungeon Ruins Ragnar Dungeon Ruins Active 29 12 Cartography Level 80 -0.1s Cooking Interval
-0.1s Firemaking Interval
-0.1s Smithing Interval
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Cooking (Cannot be doubled)
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Firemaking (Cannot be doubled)
+10% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Smithing (Cannot be doubled)
The Outer Regions The Outer Regions Other 30 17 Cartography Level 90 GP 20,102,022
The Edge of Darkness The Edge of Darkness Other 31 0 Cartography Level 100 SC 2,000,000
The Sand-Covered Treasure The Sand-Covered Treasure Other 31 17 Cartography Level 90 GP 1,000,000
500 Diamond
1,000 Damage Reduction Potion IV
The Multicultural Port The Multicultural Port Port 31 18 Cartography Level 90 GP 5,000,000

Skill Boosts

This table lists most sources of Cartography-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from Mastery rewards.