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Game Update - v1.2.1 (2nd October 2023)

Atlas of Discovery


  • Almost all Points of Interest in Cartography now provide some kind of reward. Rewards include Coins.svg  GP, Slayer Coins.svg  Slayer Coins, Items, and temporary bonuses for the next 10 travels.
    • If you have already discovered these Points of Interest, all new rewards except the temporary bonuses will be provided to you retroactively when loading a character.
  • The Monolith Point of Interest is now classed as an Active POI providing -5% Cartography Dig Site Map upgrade interval, +5% chance to preserve resources in Cartography, and +5% chance to preserve a Dig Site Map charge in Archaeology.


  • Reduced Ship Combat Overhaul shop upgrade item costs to 2,000 each, down from 10,000 each.
  • Decreased Master Crafting Relic in Ancient Relics mode chance to enchant urns to 90%, down from 100%. This is to stop the possibility of not being able to achieve 100% completion in the mode due to urns automatically enchanting.
  • Aranite Brush Shop Purchases now only requires 5 Aranite Brushes from a Dig Site to purchase, down from 25.
  • Crystal now sells for Coins.svg 100, down from Coins.svg 500.
  • Refined Pure Crystal now sells for Coins.svg 1,000, up from Coins.svg 500.
  • You now produce a base quantity of 2 Barrier Dust per craft in Crafting, up from 1.
  • You now produce a base quantity of 6 Barrier Dust per cast of the Barrier Dust Alt. Magic spell, up from 3.


  • Cartography will now automatically throttle the frame rate when you are on any page other than Cartography.
  • This is a general reminder to check the Settings page as there are some extra Cartography settings to assist with performance.


  • Fixed incorrectly calculated modifier for increased Slayer Coins.svg  Slayer Coins per poison damage in Ancient Relics mode.
  • Fixed issue where more than 1 divider was being consumed per Dig Site Map Refinement.
  • Fixed visual error with Prayer Relic 2 displaying the incorrect percent modifier.
  • 0 / 0 completions will now display as 100% progressed in the Completion log, instead of 0%. (You can see this with Thieving Mastery completion for AoD)
  • Fixed issue where Crystallization and Crystal Sanction could be applied to Monsters who are meant to have player debuff immunity.
  • Fixed missing Ranged Level requirement for Enchanted and Arcane Bolts.
  • Fixed incorrect Ranged Level requirement for Enchanted & Arcane Diamond Bolts.
  • Fixed incorrect Ranged Level requirement for Enchanted & Arcane Jadestone Bolts.
  • Fixed incorrect survey interval reduction on the Cape of Completion (Atlas of Discovery).

Base Game



  • Fixed setting to disable Birthday Event present drops.
  • Fixed issue where the increased GP Flat modifier was not working as intended in Thieving.
  • Fixed incorrect text listed on Stop Fishing Contest button.
  • Updated wording for Toggle Ignore Bank Full Setting.
  • Fixed bug where Artisan Skills would display you have no costs to continue, even though you do. This only occurred when the Skill stopped on a full Bank.
  • Fixed issue where increased flat GP modifiers were applying during certain Combat scenarios where you earned Coins.svg 0 (It should only apply if you earned at least Coins.svg 1 for the action).
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to lose Coins.svg  GP per Combat action if you managed to have negative GP modifiers active.
  • Fixed issue where equipment event assignments would continuously grow without being cleared after successful event revocation.

What's being worked on

  • Steam Client updates for Windows, MacOS & Linux (Including Steam Deck)
  • iOS App update (Delayed due to issues with iOS 17 release)
  • Performance improvements

Minor Updates and Bugfixes

?7958 (6th October 2023)

Atlas of Discovery
  • Fixed issue where Blessed Bone Offering shop upgrade was not applying its modifier correctly to buried bones.
  • Fixed issue where Mask of Weakening was not applying Weakening I correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Mask of Confusion was applying a more powerful version of Confusion than intended.
  • Fixed issue where Mask of Weakening & Confusion were applying the curse for the entire fight, instead of the intended 3 turns like the original curses.
  • Fixed issue where Ring of Deception's chance to receive no Combat drops was not applying to drops outside of Dungeons.
  • Also fixed an issue where the same modifier was not applying to Signet Ring drops.
  • Fixed issue where DOTs applied to the player would deal 0 damage while the enemy's Barrier was active.
Base Game
  • Skill XP notifications will now display a decimal amount if the XP earned is under 1 and over 0 (Usually occurs with low level Combat XP).
  • The completion log will now only display skills that are part of the respective expansion's completion. This means when AoD is set to visible, only Archaeology/ Cartography will display. If it is set to Base/ TotH, they will be hidden.
  • Fixed issue where Summoning tablet preservation was not working at all (my bad).
  • All Township repair costs are now floored to avoid fractions of Coins.svg  GP to be deducted.
  • Fixed issue where Skill XP notifications would display as red text if the XP gained was under 1 XP.
  • Added new Steam API functionality in preparation for Steam client updates.

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