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Alpha v0.18.2 - (6th January 2021)

New Features

  • The Welcome Screen has had a slight update. Character slots will now display what you were training offline, and also tell you which save is the most recent (if logged into the Cloud).
  • Selecting a Local Save while connected to the Cloud will now prompt you to confirm, due to the nature of it overwriting your Cloud Save once you load the game.

Changed Features

  • Removed the Damage Reduction from the Friendship Bracelet. I hope you enjoyed using it while it lasted. Just remember Event Items this OP won't always last forever.
  • The Candy Cane now has a much, much higher chance to kill you instead of the enemy. I don't recommend using it.


  • Fixed issue that caused Woodcutting Mastery to not apply correctly to the 2nd tree you were cutting.
  • Fixed issue that caused item quantities to go negative within your bank.
  • Fixed issue where Area Effect was not applying at all for Dark Waters Slayer Area.
  • Clicking the Melvor Logo in the sidebar will no longer refresh the page.
  • Fixed spelling error for Otto Pet location in Pet Log.
  • Fixed Fishing Mastery providing incorrect chance to double fish.
  • Hardcore Characters now correctly delete when dying to Thieving while logged into the Cloud.
  • Fixed issue that caused Pets to be rarer than usual while training offline (lol sorry about this one).
  • Fixed issue that caused the Christmas Pet to count towards Completion.
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