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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about the Thieving skill. For training the skill, see Thieving/Training.

Thieving is used to pickpocket GP and items. Some items obtainable from Thieving are unique to the skill and cannot be found elsewhere. Many of these unique items are Equipment which provide bonuses to Thieving and other non-combat skills.

Thieving can be done with Offline Progression, although the player must do so with caution as it is possible to die if the player's success rate against the NPC is below 100%.


Action Time

Each Thieving attempt takes a base time of 3 seconds. Having at least Mastery level 50 with the NPC being stolen from, the 25% Mastery Pool Checkpoint, and Rooftop Run each reduce this by 0.2 seconds. A further 0.5 seconds reduction is achieved while the Thieving Skillcape is equipped, 0.1 while the Gloves of Silence are equipped, and up to 5% with Ko ( Level 20). All of these reductions combined result in an action time of 1.65 seconds, the lowest possible in the base game.

With the Throne of the Herald Expansion, the Superior Thieving Skillcape can be used for a 0.8 second reduction (0.3 seconds more than the Thieving Skillcape), 0.1 seconds while the Grappling Hook is equipped, 3% with the Elite Pillar of Expertise, and 2% once Harold is unlocked. The lowest possible action time in the expansion is therefore 1.1 seconds.

Note that these reductions do not reduce the duration of stuns which occur when a pickpocket attempt fails.

Stealth and Perception

Simply put, stealth is a measure of how good the player is at stealing, while perception is a measure of how difficult an NPC is to steal from - The player's stealth competes against an NPC's perception. It is usually preferable to maximize stealth as this increases the success rate, chance to double items, and the chance to receive an NPC's unique item. An NPC's perception is fixed and cannot be reduced.

The player's stealth, the NPC's perception, and the resulting success rate, doubling chance and unique item chance can be viewed in game by first selecting an NPC and then hovering over the icon.

Stealth can be maximized as below. Note that two sets of gloves can only be equipped simultaneously once the Passive Slot has been unlocked.

Success Rate

The chance of success is [math]\displaystyle{ min\left(1, \tfrac{100 + \text{Stealth}}{100 + \text{Perception}}\right) }[/math], resulting in a guaranteed success once the player's stealth is the same or greater than the NPC's perception.

For example, a player who has stealth of 200 while pickpocketing the Bandit Thug will have a chance of success equal to [math]\displaystyle{ min\left(1, \tfrac{100 + 200}{100 + 220}\right) = 0.9375 = 93.75\% }[/math].

Some NPCs have a perception that is greater than the maximum possible stealth, therefore it is not always possible to guarantee each pickpocket attempt will succeed.

Item Doubling

The additional chance to double items due to stealth is [math]\displaystyle{ min\left(1, \tfrac{\text{Stealth}}{4 \times \text{Perception}}\right) }[/math], double items can therefore be guaranteed from stealth alone if the player's stealth is at least four times the NPC's perception.

For example, a player who has stealth of 330 while pickpocketing the Bandit Thug will have a chance to double equal to [math]\displaystyle{ min\left(1, \tfrac{330}{4 \times 220}\right) = 0.3750 = 37.50\% }[/math].

This is additive with the chance to double items provided by other Thieving specific and global sources (up to a maximum of 100%), and multiplicative with the 35% chance of quadruple items from the Leprechaun and Devil synergy, for a potential 8x multiplier to items received from Thieving.

The item multiplier applies to all possible item drops, being: NPC common drops, general rare drops, NPC unique drops, and area unique drops.

NPC Unique Item Chance

The chance to receive an NPC's unique item upon a successful pickpocket attempt is [math]\displaystyle{ \tfrac{100 + \text{Stealth}}{10\,000 \times \text{Perception}} }[/math].

For example, a player who has stealth of 800 while pickpocketing the Merchant will have a unique item drop chance equal to [math]\displaystyle{ \tfrac{100 + 800}{10\,000 \times 300} = 0.0003 = 0.03\% }[/math].


- See also Combat#Loot and Rewards

Successfully pickpocketing an NPC will always award the player with GP between the minimum and maximum of that NPC. There is also a 75% chance to receive an item at random from the NPC's common drops, provided the NPC has any possible common drops at all.

In addition, each successful pickpocket attempt will also have a chance to reward the player with the NPC's unique drop (should they have one), the area's unique drop, and all of the following general rare items:

Item Qty Price Chance
Bobby's Pocket 1 GP 4,000 1/120 0.8333%
Chapeau Noir 1 GP 32,000 1/20,000 0.0050%
Sneak-Ers 1 GP 15,000 1/15,000 0.0067%
Thieving Shorts 1 GP 15,000 1/15,000 0.0067%

All general rares will drop from any NPC, with the exception of the Thieving Shorts, which may only be obtained from NPCs requiring Thieving Level 100 or higher

The chance of acquiring area unique drops is [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{1}{500} }[/math] or 0.20% per item, while the chance of acquiring an NPC's unique drop is dependent on the player's stealth and the NPC's perception (see: NPC Unique Item Chance).

It is possible to receive common drops along with any (or even all) rare or unique drops from the same action. The chance to double items is only rolled once per action, therefore if the quantity of items received is multiplied the number of rare items received will also be increased. Even if the NPC has no common drops, any rare or unique drops can still be multiplied.

The various ways in which loot can be multiplied are detailed within the Item Doubling section.

GP gained can be increased by the following bonuses. In addition, the 50% Mastery pool checkpoint increases GP gained by 100% and each NPC mastery level increases GP gained by 1% for that NPC only.

Note that any flat bonuses (such as that provided by Gloves of Silence) are increased by any percentage bonuses that are active.

Further, the loot and GP gained can be modified in various ways by Leprechaun Summoning synergies, see Leprechaun for a list of each synergy.


Failed pickpocket attempts will stun the player for 3 seconds and deal damage to them up to the target's Max Hit; damage dealt this way can be reduced by any sources of damage reduction (DR). Damage taken while Thieving is potentially lethal, although this damage can be offset by consuming food manually, or automatically with the Auto Eat upgrade. For Chef specifically, the Pig and Leprechaun synergy can be used to completely negate damage from failed attempts. As with Combat, Protect Item can be used to prevent the loss of any equipment upon death.

Damage dealt by failed thieving attempts does not currently count as an Enemy Attack for the purposes of expending prayer points or potion charges, yet they still provide their respective damage reduction or item protection effects. This is not the case for Yak tablets however, which are expended each time the player takes damage. While Yak does provide damage reduction while thieving and consumes a tablet during each stun, synergies involving Centaur, Witch, and Minotaur do not apply or expend tablets, as no ranged, melee, or magic enemy is being fought.

The time spent stunned may be reduced by 25% while either Rooftop Climb is active and/or Masquerade Masks are equipped. Additionally, there is a chance to avoid stuns entirely while any of the Thieving Shorts, Grappling Hook, or Superior Thieving Skillcape are equipped.


The chance of obtaining each area unique drop following a successful pickpocket is [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{1}{500} }[/math] or 0.20%. Each area unique drop is rolled separately, so it is possible to receive multiple area unique drops from a single action. The chance of obtaining area unique drops is tripled when the 95% Thieving Mastery Pool checkpoint is active.

Thieving Targets

Mastery Unlocks

Item Mastery Unlocks

Level Unlock
1 Each level provides +1 Thieving Stealth and +1% GP acquired for this NPC only.
50 -0.2s Thieving Interval for this NPC only.
99 +75 Thieving Stealth for this NPC only.

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

Pool % Pool XP Bonus
10% 1,700,000 xp +30 Thieving Stealth, +3% Thieving XP
25% 4,250,000 xp Decreases Thieving Interval by 0.2s, +3% Thieving Mastery XP
50% 8,500,000 xp +100% gold from Thieving
95% 16,150,000 xp +100 Thieving Stealth, chance to gain unique area items from Thieving is tripled
Total Mastery Pool XP 17,000,000


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Thieving Level 99.

The superior skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 10,000,000 after the player reaches Thieving Level 120.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Thieving Skillcape Thieving Skillcape Thieving Level 99 +100% GP From Thieving
-0.5s Thieving Interval
+150 Stealth while Thieving
Superior Thieving Skillcape Superior Thieving Skillcape Thieving Level 120 +20% chance to avoid the stun interval and stun damage in Thieving when pickpocket attempt fails
+150% GP From Thieving
-0.8s Thieving Interval
+270 Stealth while Thieving


The pet can be unlocked by doing any Thieving action. The chance of obtaining Snek can be maximized by pickpocketing the NPC with the highest success rate, as this minimizes the amount of time spent stunned.

Pet Name Effect
Snek Snek +50% GP From Thieving


The Gentle Hands Potion increases stealth. It can be made with Herblore Level 45 using 1 Lemontyle Herb and 2 Strawberry Seeds.

Gentle Hands Potion
Potion Tier Charges Effect
Gentle Hands Potion I I 20 +15 Stealth while Thieving
Gentle Hands Potion II II 30 +30 Stealth while Thieving
Gentle Hands Potion III III 40 +50 Stealth while Thieving
Gentle Hands Potion IV IV 50 +75 Stealth while Thieving

Summoning Boosts

This table shows all the Summoning Familiars and Synergies that provide a bonus to Thieving.

Skill Boosts

This table lists most sources of Thieving-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from Mastery rewards.