From Melvor Idle

Public Beta v1.0 - (10th November 2021)


Welcome to the absolutely massive Public Beta 1.0 update for Melvor Idle!

This update introduces most of the promised Major Features from the roadmap, plus a lot of other goodies to go with it.

The Public Beta is a symbol of an almost complete game. This is an achievement I never thought I would ever reach when I started this journey in September 2019.

To be able to finally declare the game is finished is an unbelievable feeling. But we aren’t there just yet. Full Release is on November 18, and this Public Beta is here to give you the content early, and also spend time focusing on bug fixes from here on until the launch.

Important: This update is the full 1.0. When the game launches on November 18, you will not see any new inclusions other than localisation.

The next 8 days for me are dedicated to fixing as many reported bugs as possible, so I can ensure the full launch on November 18 is as smooth as possible.

This changelog is MASSIVE, so please take the time to read everything that changed, and everything that was added. There’s some amazing stuff in here and I don’t want you to miss it.

Endgame Content Pt. 3


The time has finally come to introduce the last piece of the Combat puzzle.

Endgame Content Pt.3 introduces the final boss for Melvor Idle, as well as a lot of new Monsters, Items and balance changes across Combat.

It has been a very long time coming, and the inclusion this brings is one of the largest additions to the game we have ever done. I’ll do my best to break down exactly what we added, and what has changed.

Impending Darkness Event

The Final Boss is hidden deep inside an “ Event”. Your task is to slay various Monsters who have succumbed to the final boss’ mysterious mist and eventually defeat him when the chance arises.

Event Mechanics

The event requires Level 99 in all Skills, and access to all Slayer areas.

Upon beginning the Event, all Combat content will be locked and will remain locked until the Event is either finished, ended, or you die.

Upon starting the Event, you will be greeted with a popup asking you to select a random modifier combination from a selection of 3. The modifiers you select will apply to every single Monster you face during the event.

After this, your task is to trawl through the hardest Slayer Areas in the game, defeating a random number of Monsters (5-8) within that area until it has been cleared. The final monster you face within the respective areas will be a “Boss” version of one of the Monsters.

Upon clearing all of the Slayer Areas, the Final Boss will appear to try and stop you in your tracks. You must defeat him to continue to the next part of the event.

Event Cycles

The Event occurs for a total of 5 cycles. One cycle is completed after defeating the Final Boss, in which you will then begin the next cycle, repeating the above Mechanics.

The completion of a cycle will provide you with a set reward for your efforts. This reward is always the same, depending on what cycle you just completed.

When beginning a new cycle, you will be asked to select another modifier combination. This Combination you select is then added to all previous Modifiers you selected. This means by cycle 5, you will have 5 different Modifier combinations active at the same time, so choose wisely.

The very last Monster you face at the end of Cycle 5 is the true Final Boss. Good luck, you will need it.

Important Information

There’s some very important information you need to know about the event, so please read this as it will clear a lot of confusion about how the Event works:

  • The Event takes roughly 2 hours to complete, assuming you don’t die and are well prepared.
  • You only need to complete the event once for all possible rewards.
  • All Combat content is locked during the event. You cannot do any Combat outside of what the Event provides.
  • Yes, you are able to train Non-Combat Skills during the event (Just not at the same time of course).
  • Your event progress will be saved, and the only way to reset the event is to either manually end it with the provided button, or by dying. Closing the game or training a Non-Combat Skill will not reset the event.
  • Running in Combat during the event will not reset the event. If something is too hard, you may Run from Combat and attempt it again.
  • This is a safe Event for Hardcore Characters. Dying in here will not result in the loss of your character.

New Combat and Slayer Areas

Endgame Content Pt.3 introduces new Monsters for you to tackle.

Combat Area: Elerine Battlegrounds
Slayer Area: Toxic Swamps
  • Toxic Swamps is unlocked at Slayer Level 65.
  • Area has an effect that allows the monsters within to poison you.
  • Contains 3 new very hard to elite monsters.
  • Monsters drop unique poison themed weapons and materials that can be used to upgrade equipment.
Slayer Area: Unhallowed Wasteland
  • Unhallowed Wasteland is unlocked at Slayer Level 95.
  • Area has an effect that heals Monsters every 2 turns
  • Requires a new Slayer Shop purchase to access, costing 3,000,000 Slayer Coins.
  • Contains 4 new very challenging Monsters.
  • Monsters drop materials that can be used to upgrade equipment from the God Dungeons.
  • New equipment has unique Set Bonuses, which provide an extra bonus as long as the mentioned items are equipped at the same time.

New Combat Potions

We have added 3 brand new Combat Potions that you can create in Herblore.

Buffs to Combat Potions

  • Melee Evasion Potion: Now provides +10% chance to ignore Stuns and Freezes, on top of its original bonuses.
  • Ranged Assistance Potion: Now provides +10% chance to ignore poison, on top of its original bonuses.
  • Magic Assistance Potion: Now provides +10% chance to ignore burn and +10% chance to ignore Frostburn, on top of its original bonuses.

New Rings from Crafting

We have also added 3 new Combat Rings that can be created within Crafting. They all require Crafting Level 90, and are crafted using the Sigils obtained via Thieving.

Each Ring provides a Special Attack that replaces your Normal Attacks.

There is a Ring for each of the Combat types: Melee, Ranged, and Magic.

New Prayers

Remember that Prayer Skill? Yeah, we decided to beef it up and add 5 new Prayers for you to explore!

  • Safeguard: +1% Damage Reduction. Costs 1 Prayer Point per Enemy attack. Prayer Level 28
  • Rejuvenation: +20 Flat Hitpoints Regeneration. Costs 5 Prayer Points per Regeneration. Prayer Level 62
  • Sharp Vision: +25% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +25% Ranged Evasion and +15% Ranged Max Hit. Costs 5 Prayer Points per Player attack. Prayer Level 71
  • Mystic Mastery: +20% Magic Accuracy Rating, +20% Magic Evasion and +10% Magic Max Hit. Costs 5 Prayer Points per Player attack. Prayer Level 76
  • Battleheart: +35% Global Evasion, +15% of Max Hit added to Min Hit and enemies have -5% Damage Reduction. Costs 8 Prayer Points per Player attack. Prayer Level 95

Adjustments to Prayers

  • Reduced the rate at which Prayer XP is earned by 2/3rds.
  • Mystic Might: Now provides +5% Magic Max Hit on top of its original effect.
  • Thick Skin: Increased to +10% Melee Evasion (up from 5%).
  • Clarity of Thought: Increased to +10% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 5%).
  • Sharp Eye: Increased to +10% Ranged Accuracy Rating and +10% Ranged Evasion (up from just +5% Ranged Accuracy Rating).
  • Rock Skin: Increased to +20% Melee Evasion (up from 10%).
  • Improved Reflexes: Increased to +20% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 10%).
  • Rapid Heal: Changed to +10 Flat Hitpoints Regeneration (previously +100% Hitpoint Regeneration).
  • Hawk Eye: Increased to +15% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +15% Ranged Evasion and +5% Ranged Max Hit (up from just +10% Ranged Accuracy Rating).
  • Steel Skin: Increased to +25% Melee Evasion (up from 15%).
  • Incredible Reflexes Increased to +25% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 15%).
  • "Protect" Prayers: Reduced to 80% evasion (down from 85%).
  • Eagle Eye: Increased to +20% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +20% Ranged Evasion and +10% Ranged Max Hit (up from just +15% Ranged Accuracy Rating).
  • Redemption: Changed to +20% Auto Eat Hitpoints Limit (previously Heal +20% HP when your hitpoints fall below 10%).
  • Chivalry: Increased to +30% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 15%), +30% Melee Evasion (up from 15%), +15% Melee Max Hit (no change).
  • Piety: Changed to +15% Melee Accuracy Rating and +25% Melee Max Hit (previously +18% Melee Accuracy Rating, +12% Melee Max Hit and +18% Melee Evasion).
  • Rigour: Changed to +15% Ranged Accuracy Rating and +20% Ranged Max Hit (previously +20% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +23% Ranged Max Hit and +25% Ranged Evasion).
  • Augury: +15% Magic Accuracy Rating and +15% Magic Max Hit (previously +25% Magic Accuracy Rating, +10% Magic Max Hit and +25% Magic Evasion).
Changes to Prayer Level Requirements

The level requirement of Prayers have never really made sense, and the scaling and progression falls off around the Prayer Level 70 mark. These changes are made to even out the Prayer progression and make it feel like you are always unlocking something new.

Combat Balance Changes

With the inclusion of a lot of new Content, we took the time to go through Combat and make necessary balance changes.

Adjustments to Monsters

Higher level monsters have been given Damage Reduction depending on their Combat Level. Boss Monsters at the end of Dungeons have been given a minimum of 20% Damage Deduction.

  • Combat Level between 100-200: 5% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level between 201-300: 10% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level between 301-400: 15% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level between 401-500: 20% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level above 501: 25% Damage Reduction
New Monster Special Attacks & Passives
  • Dark Horned Elite now has a special attack: Ram (30%) - The enemy rams into you for 100% of the enemy's normal damage. On a hit inflicts a bleed that deals 100% of the damage dealt as damage over 10 second.
  • Furious Horned Elite now has a special attack: Horn Shots (30%) - Fires 3 small horns in rapid succession dealing 60% of the enemy's normal damage each (avoidable).
  • Pegasus now has a Passive: Fleeting Defence: Evasion Ratings are multiplied by 1.3 times current Hitpoints percent.
New Monster Item Drops
Misc Monster Changes
Buffs to Combat Styles
  • Using the Stab Melee Style now provides +6 Attack Levels (Hidden)
  • Using the Defensive Magic Style now provides +6 Defence Levels (Hidden)
  • The Accurate Ranged Style now provides +6 Ranged Levels (Hidden), up from 3.
Adjustments to Existing Equipment
  • Green Wizard Robes now provide +1% Damage Reduction and +2% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Blue Wizard Robes now provide +2% Damage Reduction and +3% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Red Wizard Robes now provide +3% Damage Reduction and +4% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Black Wizard Robes now provide +4% Damage Reduction and +5% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Ancient Wizard Robes now provide +6% Magic Max Hit and +6% Magic Accuracy Rating when using Surge spells on top of their original stats.
  • Basic Elemental Staves now provide +5% Magic Damage Bonus.
  • Elemental Battlestaves now provide +10% Magic Damage Bonus.
  • Priest Hat now provides +10% chance to preserve Prayer Points on top of its existing bonuses.
  • Silver Emerald Ring now provides +8 Ranged Attack Bonus on top of its original stats.

Weapon Special Attack Changes

  • Big ol Ron special changed to: For every 2000 base Max Hitpoints the enemy has (Capped at 10000): +8% Melee Strength Bonus from Equipment, +3% of Maximum Hit added to Minimum Hit and +1% Damage Reduction. Bonus is doubled if fighting a boss (previously: Gain +50% Melee Strength Bonus when fighting a Boss).
  • Ragnar Godsword special changed to: Perform 3 unavoidable attacks that deal 75% of your normal damage on the 1st attack, 125% of your normal damage on the 2nd attack and 175% of your normal damage on the 3rd attack (previously: Perform 3 unavoidable attacks).
  • Aeris Godsword special changed to: Attack 5 times for 50% of your normal damage (avoidable). Gain +20% Max Hit each time you successfully hit, stacking up to 5 times. Stacks reset on a miss (previously: Attack 5 times for 50% of your normal damage. Attacks can miss).
  • Ancient 2H Sword special changed to: Perform 2 attacks that deal 50% of your normal damage on the 1st attack and 200% of your normal damage on the 2nd attack (previously: Perform an attack that does 200% of your normal damage).
  • Terran Godsword special changed to: Perform an unavoidable attack that does 200% of your max hit multiplied by your current Hitpoints percent damage (previously: Perform an unavoidable attack that does 100% of your max hit).
  • Twin Exiles special attack damage increased from 70% to 75%.
  • Tidal Edge special attack damage increased from 500 to 600.
  • Ocean Song special attack reduced to -50% Attack Interval for 2 turns (previously: -60% Attack Interval for 3 turns).
Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs
  • The stats of Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs have been increased:
    • Melee Strength Bonus: 20 -> 30
    • Melee Attack Bonuses: 20 -> 30
    • Ranged Attack Bonus: 30 -> 45
    • Ranged Strength Bonus: 10 -> 15
    • Magic Attack Bonus: 18 -> 27
    • Magic Damage Bonus: 3% -> 5%
    • Melee Defence Bonus: 15 -> 22
    • Damage Reduction: 2% -> 3%
    • Ranged Defence Bonus: 15 -> 22
    • Magic Defence Bonus: 18 -> 27
Silver Jewellery
  • Silver Topaz Ring now provides +12 Stab Attack Bonus (previously +5 Melee Attack Bonuses).
  • Silver Sapphire Ring now provides +6 Block Attack Bonus and +12 Melee Defence Bonus (previously +8 Melee Defence Bonus).
  • Silver Ruby Ring now provides +6 Slash Attack Bonus and +3 Melee Strength bonus (previously +5 Melee Strength Bonus).
  • Silver Topaz Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +12 Hidden Attack Levels (previously +6 Melee Attack Bonuses).
  • Silver Sapphire Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +10 Magic Attack Bonus, +3% Magic Damage Bonus and +3% Magic Lifesteal (previously +6 Melee Defence Bonus).
  • Silver Ruby Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +6 Hidden Strength Levels (previously +5 Melee Strength Bonus).
  • Silver Emerald Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +6 Hidden Ranged Levels and +5% increased Ammo Preservation (previously +8 Ranged Strength Bonus).
  • Silver Diamond Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +10% of Maximum Hit added to Minimum Hit when using a 2H Melee weapon (previously +2% Damage Reduction).
Gold Jewellery
  • Gold Ruby Ring now provides +3 Flat Hitpoints Regeneration (previously +10% Hitpoint Regeneration).
  • Gold Emerald Ring XP bonus reduced from 7% to 4%.
  • Gold Diamond Ring now makes the Protect Item Prayer cost nothing. Previously it automatically stopped combat when your Hitpoints were below 10%.
  • Gold Topaz Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +10% GP from Monsters and +50 GP from Monsters (previously +6 Ranged Attack Bonus).
  • Gold Sapphire Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +30 Ranged Defence Bonus and +1% Damage Reduction when fighting Ranged enemies with Melee (previously +8 Ranged Defence Bonus).
  • Gold Ruby Necklace is now a Passive item and provides -2s Hitpoint Regeneration Interval and +20% Hitpoint Regeneration (previously +4 Ranged Attack Bonus and +4 Ranged Strength Bonus).
  • Gold Emerald Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +30 Magic Defence Bonus and +1% Damage Reduction when fighting Magic enemies with Ranged (previously +2 Melee Attack Bonuses and +8 Melee Defence Bonus).
  • Gold Diamond Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +30 Melee Defence Bonus and +1% Damage Reduction when fighting Melee enemies with Magic (previously +5 Melee Attack Bonuses, +5 Melee Strength Bonus and +5 Melee Defence Bonus).

Miscellaneous Equipment Changes

  • Obsidian Cape now provides +1 Melee Defence Bonus for every Defence Level you have and +1 Ranged Defence Bonus for every Ranged level you have (previously +9 Melee Defence Bonus and +9 Ranged Defence Bonus).
  • Mystic Elemental Staves Magic Damage Bonus increased from +5% to +20%.
  • All Elemental Staff rune reduction quantity increased by 2.
  • All Battleaxe Slash and Block Attack Bonuses reduced by 50%.
  • All Battleaxe Melee Strength Bonuses increased by 75%.
  • Attack Skillcape Melee Attack Bonuses increased from 10 to 30.
  • Strength Skillcape Melee Strength Bonus increased from 10 to 15.
  • Defence Skillcape Defense Bonuses increased from 49 to 80.

Adjustments to Standard Magic Spells

  • Doubled the Air Rune cost of all Air spells.
  • Increased the base damage of all Water spells by 5.
  • Increased the base damage of all Earth spells by 10.
  • Increased the base damage of all Fire spells by 15.

Due to changes to Standard Spells some Magic Monsters have had minor changes to their Max Hits:

Monster Old Max Hit New Max Hit
The Eye 139 140
Wizard 119 118
Dark Wizard 209 210
Master Wizard 168 169
Water Guard 367 366
Water Golem 565 564
Glacia 778 777
Fire Golem 577 576
Pyra 743 746
Ragnar 793 796
Miolite Monarch 184 183
Elementalist 239 240
Cursed Maiden 449 450
Wicked Greater Dragon 476 477
Ku-tul 765 763
Priest 212 213
Fearful Eye 235 236
Phoenix 370 371

Adjustments to the Combat Triangle

  • Lowered the Melee vs. Magic Damage Reduction penalty from 0.5x to 0.75x in Standard Mode.
  • Lowered the Melee vs. Magic Damage Reduction penalty from 0.25 to 0.5x in Hardcore and Adventure Mode

Adjustments to Slayer Area Effects

  • Penumbra now has the effect: -10% Accuracy Rating.
  • Strange Cave now has the effect: -15% Global Evasion.
  • High Lands now has the effect: Enemies heal 20% of their current Hitpoints every 5 turns.
  • Holy Isles now has the effect: +20% Prayer Point Cost.
  • Forest of Goo now has the effect: +10% Attack Interval.
  • Desolate Plains now has the effect: -100% Hitpoint Regeneration.
  • Runic Ruins effect has been increased to -50% Magic Evasion if your Attack Style is not Magic (up from -40%).
  • Arid Plains effect has been decreased to -30% Food Efficiency (down from -40%).
  • Perilous Peaks effect has been increased to -60% Evasion Ratings (up from -40%).
  • Changed the phrasing of the Dark Waters effect to be more consistent with other game terminology.

New Skill: Astrology


Astrology is the final Skill to be added to Melvor Idle for v1.0.

Now, ignore all the modern day Horoscope nonsense and let me take you back to medieval times where Melvor Idle is set.

Astrology is all about discovery of the Stars, or “constellations” as they are referred to in Melvor Idle. Utilising your knowledge of these constellations to empower your character with bonuses in almost every Skill in the game.

The idea behind Astrology was to go back to the complete basics of Melvor Idle and implement a Skill that provides nothing but bonuses to you. There are no external GP Costs, Item Costs, Level requirements or anything within this Skill. It is something that can be solely trained alone without the help of another external Skill.

Everything you need to level up and unlock new bonuses comes from Astrology itself.

At heart Astrology is a “gathering” Skill. A Skill that can be trained all the way until Level 99 without requiring anything else. It’s a breath of fresh air from the complexity the game has to offer with the recent Skills added to the game.


There are 11 unique constellations for you to study, each assigned two different Skills that can be boosted.

You are able to study these constellations to earn Skill XP, unlocking their benefits as you continue to progress. Studying any constellation will provide a chance for two new resources to be acquired automatically - Stardust and Golden Stardust.

Within each constellation you will find 6 different Stars that each grants a random modifier. The modifier that is applied to these stars can be rolled by you at a cost of Stardust or Golden Stardust, and are chosen from a predetermined list of modifiers that are visible within the constellations themselves.

The Modifiers you roll are active at all times, and will remain active until you decide to reroll it for a new one.

Standard and Unique Modifiers

The modifiers you are able to roll are separated into two distinct categories - Standard Modifiers and Unique Modifiers.

Standard Modifiers are largely the same within all constellations, depending on whether the Skill they benefit is Combat related or not. Each constellation houses 3 stars that can contain one Standard Modifier each. These are rerolled at the cost of Stardust.

Unique Modifiers provide bonuses unique to that constellation only, and are generally great modifiers to have active throughout the game. Each constellation houses 3 stars that can contain one Unique Modifier each. These are enrolled at the cost of Golden Stardust. But be careful, Golden Stardust is quite rare to come by.


Although Astrology is simple in terms of its mechanics and purpose in the game, it has been designed with future expansion in mind. This skill opens up a lot of different avenues for the game, and will eventually provide a lot of unique mechanics to the game which will be quite noticeable in the Level 120 Content Expansion.

Right now, the Skill is all about giving you nothing but bonuses. In the future, it will be the doorway to new mechanics and pathways when leveling up a character.

Astrology will also help you with the challenges to come in Endgame Content Pt.3 and beyond.

4th Equipment Set

With the introduction of Astrology being the final Skill added to the game, it’s time to finally give you one of the most requested additions.

You are now able to purchase a 4th Extra Equipment Set from the Shop. It requires Astrology Level 99 and 100,000,000 GP to unlock. This will be fantastic for a Skilling setup.

New Potion

We have added a Secret Stardust Potion to Herblore which will greatly assist in your Astrology training, even well beyond Level 99.

Statistics 2.0

It’s been a long time coming, but I can finally introduce you to the new Statistics 2.0 that has been included in this update.

The aim for this rework wasn’t necessarily to provide you with every single stat imaginable, but it was more to rework the whole system behind the scenes that will allow for very easy implementation of new stats in the future.

With this rework, many stats have either been reset or are sitting at 0. This is due to it not being possible to track statistics that were never tracked in the first place.

Of course, we have added more stats for more Skills alongside this.

We have added statistics for the following:

All non-Combat skills now have these additional stats:

  • Total actions performed
  • Time spent in Skill
  • Total items created
  • Total resources used
  • Total resources preserved

Some new notable Stat additions:

  • Account Age (Not retroactive)
  • Signet Ring Halves Missed

You will continue to see many new Statistics over coming updates and Expansions.

Updated Completion Log

The Completion Log has finally received its well overdue facelift!

This update brings in new UI enhancements, and some lovely celebration animations so you can party with yourself for achieving a massive Milestone in a single player game.

New Completion Log UI

The Completion Log has moved to its own page, where you can select the Completion Category you wish to view, as well as see a total completion progress bar at the top!

Updated Item Log

  • The Item Log now as some minor UI changes to make it look nicer.
  • You can now search for items within the Item Log.
  • Hovering/tapping on a hidden item will now tell you the name of the Item that is yet to be discovered.
  • There’s a few new Item Log filtering options - Show All, Show Discovered Items, Show Undiscovered Items.

Updated Monster & Pet Log

  • Minor UI facelift of the Monster & Pet Log, increasing the size of the images.
  • Monster Log is now separated into Normal Monsters and Dungeon Bosses at the bottom.

New Milestone Celebration Animations

Upon reaching a Milestone, you will now be greeted with a lovely fireworks display to congratulate you on your achievement.

Milestones that activate the animation
  • Reaching Level 99 in any Skill
  • Achieving 100% Completion
  • Achieving 100% Mastery
  • Achieving 100% Items
  • Achieving 100% Monsters
  • Achieving 100% Pets

Updated Popup UI for Milestones

Some Milestones have received a new UI to better communicate the achievement you reached:

  • Leveling up any Skill now has a nice popup at the top of the screen.
  • Achieving Level 99 Mastery for any item will provide a similar popup at the top of the screen.
  • Fireworks :D

Tutorial Island

This is well overdue, but we finally got there in the end!

Tutorial Island has been added to the game which will guide new players through the basic mechanics and Skills that Melvor Idle has to offer.

Upon beginning a new Character, you will drop into Tutorial Island and be required to complete basic tasks. It’s quite similar to how Old School RuneScape does it, and it should provide the player with enough basic knowledge to get going on their adventure.

If you do not want to do the Tutorial, you can skip it with the required button.

I hope the addition of Tutorial Island will assist players with the initial overwhelming feeling you generally receive when first loading up the game. It takes roughly 10-20 minutes to complete.

Tick-Based Skills

We promised a little while ago that eventually all Skills will transition to a Tick-Based system, just like Combat and Thieving currently are.

The benefits of Tick-Based Skills means you can progress through a Skill at an identical rate online as you can offline. It also means development of skills is a lot easier for us because we do not need to manage two separate code bases for online and offline functionality.

Tick-Based Skills also provide the benefit of Mastery bonuses applying at the exact time you level up, meaning you do not need to log in to the game to activate Mastery bonuses.

This update transitions two Skills to the new Tick-Based System:

The transition to Tick-Based also means the Controlled Heat & Perfect Swing Potions now work offline!

Mining also received a minor QoL update in the process:

  • Mining nodes now passively regenerate 1 HP every 10 seconds.
  • Depleting a node will still act the same as before and restore it to full HP after a set time period.

A lot of reported Mining bugs were also rectified in this transition. We will detail those below in the Bug Fix change list.

Offline Time Cap Increase

Now that the game is finally complete, and we have a total of 23 Skills for you to train, I was now able to look at the whole picture and see what changes would benefit the player the most.

The Offline Time Cap of 12 hours is reasonable, up until a certain point. I solely believe that as more content is added to the game, this time cap should gradually increase alongside it.

The Offline Time Cap has been increased to 18 hours for all players.

Now, this does not mean every content update will come with an increase. It simply means that it is an area I consider upon updating the game. Nothing is always set in stone, and I’m always listening to feedback around to game in areas like this.

New Farming Plant Option (QoL)

The addition of Passive Cooking and utilisation of multiple Farming ingredients made it clear that Farming needed a slight adjustment to help with your crop management.

This update comes equipped with a new “Plant All Selected” Farming option.

You can now assign any seed to a plot in the respective seed category, and the game will plant that seed in that plot when you press this button.

This means you are now able to grow many different crops at the same time with the click of a single button.

The new planting option is unlocked for everyone, there is no shop upgrade required to activate it.

Looting QoL

This is one of the most discussed and suggested changes Melvor Idle has ever seen. I don’t think there is a day that goes by where a suggestion to do something about the Looting mechanic, especially for late game players.

As the development of the game progressed, and the content you faced became harder, it became clear that the absolute requirement to have the Amulet of Looting equipped for your grinds was not a good mechanic to have.

In general, it is okay to use it for part of the game, but not for everything you face after acquiring it.

These changes aim to make Looting a bit better for all players, and also open up an Amulet slot for late game players taking on harder content.

  • Running from Combat will now automatically loot everything in the Loot container. No more accidental lost loot.
  • Loot Container Stacking Shop Upgrade - Unlocks the ability for all items to Stack within the Loot Container.
  • Increased the Loot Container to 100 slots, up from 16. This should allow for a majority of items to stay inside the loot container with the stacking shop upgrade unlocked.

These 3 changes when combined should provide a much better looting experience for all.

New Melvor Idle Logo & Branding

As you have already noticed, Melvor Idle has a brand new logo!

This is something I have always wanted to explore, and now with 1.0 just around the corner, it was the perfect time to get it done.

I am absolutely in love with how the logo turned out, and I believe it really shows the personality Melvor Idle has to offer.

Alongside the new logo, I have many new assets and artwork to use on various platforms to keep everything consistent and in line with the game’s design principles.


Important Note: Localisation will not be activated until 1.0 is officially released on November 18.

Melvor Idle will now be localised in the following 13 different languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

This will hopefully open up the game to many new players around the world, and will allow for more people to enjoy the game in their native language.

Every update, including changelogs and store pages, will be localised in the same 13 languages.

Other Changes

Here is a list of other new things and changes that did not fit in the above categories.


  • Equipment that provides bonuses based on other items being equipped now have colour matching borders around them to indicate that the bonus is active
  • The effects of a monster being Afflicted during the Into the Mist dungeon is now viewable as an Enemy Passive.
  • If you missed it above, the Controlled Heat & Perfect Swing Potions now work Offline.


  • A large amount of code related to the game's interface has been changed in preparation of localizing the game. You hopefully won't notice any changes (if you do please let us know), but this may break Scripts/Extensions.
  • Increased the quantity of Bones from Bone Offering from 2 to 3.
  • Increased the quantity of Holy Dust from Blessed Offering from 2 to 3.
  • Slayer Area effects now visually update based on your current amount of Slayer Area Effect Negation
  • You can now receive the Leech, Ice Monster, Skeleton, Zombie Hand, Zombie and Ghost as Slayer tasks.

Bug Fixes

What good is a Major Update without a lot of bug fixes? Here is the list so far:

  • Fixed Mining Rock respawn/HP/Damage not calculating correctly.
  • Fixed issues with Mining calculations while offline, usually resulting in less progress when training Offline.
  • Fixed issue where Mining Nodes would not respawn on rare occasions.
  • Fixed issue where Mining would switch the ore you are training on when exiting the game.
  • Fixed broken current pickaxe banner.
  • Fixed Offline Mining not providing Mastery pool XP.
  • Fixed issue where you were not able to start another skill after depleting a rock in Mining until it respawns.
  • It is no longer possible to apply debuffs from attacks to enemies that are immune to an attack type.
  • Ancient Magick tooltips no longer show negative numbers of dungeon clears left
  • Fixed "Magic Weapon required" text showing up when a magic weapon was equipped (and vice versa).
  • Fixed Corrupted Golbin Raid history causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed Offline Progress after Golbin Raid not working for Combat or Thieving.
  • Fixed issue where player attack bar was rendering incorrectly after manually eating during a special attack.
  • Fixed issue where Combat Triangle tooltips would not update on player attack type change.
  • Fixed Decay/Confusion applying more than once per attack turn.
  • Fixed issue where Damage Over Time effects (e.g. Burn, Bleed) could get stuck.
  • Fixed the View Monster Drops button showing drops when not in combat.
  • Fixed the View Monster Drops button showing that bones/items dropped from monsters in dungeons when they don't.
  • Added padding to the bottom of the UI for Mobile layouts, fixing issues with overlaying UI elements like the Combat Minibar..
  • Fixed being able to start casting Alt. Magic spells with no item selected.
  • Fixed Alt. Magic interface not updating properly after offline Alt. Magic progress.
  • Mastery completion should now update without requiring a game refresh.
  • Fixed Github issue #1535: Alt. Magic Displays Incorrect Sale Price.
  • Fixed Github issue #595: Christmas Cracker button 'Find a Friend' activates last read item.
  • Fixed Github issue #1089: Crow + Bear synergy doesn't function as written.
  • Fixed Github issue #660: Opening chests resets number. Also fixed other item quantity sliders in the bank resetting their positions.
  • Fixed Github issue #1188: Broken current pickaxe banner.
  • Fixed Github issue #1144: Seed counts in Farming 0 while doing Golbin Raid.
  • Fixed Github issue #1257: Purchasing Compost or Weird Gloop through Farming icons doesn't update counter.
  • Fixed Github issue #1159: Offline Mysterious Stone calculation is wrong.
  • Fixed Github issue #1314: Mole + Octopus Synergy is consumed every Fishing action.
  • Fixed Github issue #1369: Ent + Monkey synergy not using Monkey tablets while Woodcutting online.
  • Fixed Github issue #1438: No Steel Bar recipe option for Salamander Familiar.
  • Fixed Github issue #1466: Witch tablet used when doing Alt. Magic.
  • Fixed Github issue #1483: Number input can go below 0 when selling
  • Fixed issues with purchase requirements not updating when receiving items, GP, or Slayer Coins while on the shop page or in a quick buy menu.
  • Fixed Github issue #1490: Plants with 2 seeds aren't shown with seed pouch.
  • Fixed Github issue #1487: Cooking Gloves increase success chance by 20 and not 10.
  • Fixed Github issue #1445: Mole + Pig Cooking Synergy consuming 4-5 familiar charges per Cooking action.
  • Fixed Github issue #1168: Leprechaun + Salamander synergy does not yield Steel Bars.
  • Fixed Github issue #493: Navigation panel on left disappears and won't reappear.
  • Fixed Adventure Mode XP notices not being removed on combat level increase.
  • Fixed Adventure Mode XP notices not rendering on game load.
  • Fixed Adventure Mode XP notices not showing up for tick based skills.
  • Fixed Github issue #372: Signet Ring Half (a) cannot be obtained from Farming.
  • Fixed Github issue #524: View Item Stats in the bank compares to current equipment set and not the set selected to equip to.
  • Fixed Github issue #1393: Passive Cooking doesn't need available ingredients.
  • Fixed issues with Skill Glove purchasing failing to give gloves/charges in some cases.
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