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Prayer is a Combat.svg Combat skill that provides passive bonuses at the expense of prayer points. Prayer points can be gained by burying bones from the Bank. Killing monsters while wearing the Bone Necklace (item).svg Bone Necklace will automatically bury bones and award twice the normal amount of prayer points. During Combat, a maximum of two prayers can be active at once. There is no limit to the amount of prayer points that the player can have. Raising Prayer to Prayer Level 99 will unlock the Prayer Skillcape (item).svg Prayer Skillcape for purchase from the Shop.

Prayer experience is earned when dealing damage to monsters while any prayers costing per player attack are active. The amount of Prayer experience earned is 0.1 per point of damage dealt multiplied by the prayer point cost per player attack. Note that the 'prayer point cost' is the base cost before any cost modifiers are applied, meaning that methods used by the player to either reduce or increase prayer costs do not affect the experience earned. This experience can be increased by 7% by equipping the Gold Emerald Ring (item).svg Gold Emerald Ring, which along with the 1% increase from Pyro (pet).png Pyro and 5% from Firemaking Skillcape (item).svg Firemaking Skillcape provides a skill XP increase of 13%.


Bones can primarily be acquired by killing Monsters that are not in Dungeons. Alternative sources are Raw Skeleton Fish (item).svg Raw Skeleton Fish from Fishing (skill).svg Fishing, Bone Offering (spell).svg Bone Offering or Blessed Offering (spell).svg Blessed Offering spells from Magic (skill).svg Alt Magic, and Lobster (item).svg Basic Resupply, Crab (item).svg Standard Resupply, or Shark (item).svg Generous Resupply packs from the Shop.


All prayers that provide a percentage increase apply multiplicatively, except for Stone Skin (prayer).svg Stone Skin which provides a flat 3% increase to Damage Reduction. For example, Mystic Might (prayer).svg Mystic Might's +15% Magic Evasion bonus will multiply the player's Magic Evasion Rating by 1.15 rather than directly providing a 15% chance to evade any Magic attack. Likewise, the +15% Magic Accuracy bonus it provides will multiply the player's Magic Accuracy Rating by 1.15 rather than simply adding 15% to their hit chance. Players can view the Combat.svg Combat page for more detail on how hit chance is calculated.

The three Protection prayers are worded differently and behave differently from prayers that affect Evasion Rating. For example, Protect from Magic (prayer).svg Protect from Magic provides a flat 85% chance for the player to dodge any Magic attack.

Reducing Prayer Point Usage

To reduce the number of prayer points used by active prayers, players can:

  • Reduce the prayer cost (to a minimum of 1 point per prayer):
    • Prayer Skillcape (item).svg Prayer Skillcape halves the cost of prayers when equipped (rounded down to the nearest whole number of prayer points)
    • Priest Hat (item).svg Priest Hat decreases the cost of prayers by 1 point when equipped
    • The Cave Maze Agility obstacle decreases the cost of prayers by 1 point when active (similarly, Cliff Balance increases the cost of prayers by at least 2 points, so ideally should not be built if minimising prayer costs)
  • Increase the chance to preserve prayer points:
    • Divine Potions provide a 10-35% chance to preserve prayer points
    • Monk-ey (pet).png Monk-ey and Norman (pet).svg Norman provide a 5% and 3% chance respectively to preserve prayer points
    • The Cave Maze and Lava Waterfall Dodge Agility obstacles each provide a 10% chance to preserve prayer points

Note that the reductions from Priest Hat (item).svg Priest Hat and the Cave Maze obstacle are applied before the cost is halved by the Prayer Skillcape (item).svg Prayer Skillcape, meaning that for prayers costing an odd number of prayer points there is no benefit gained unless using both the Priest Hat (item).svg Priest Hat and Cave Maze obstacle while the Prayer Skillcape (item).svg Prayer Skillcape is equipped.


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Prayer Level 99.

Skillcape Name Effect
Prayer Skillcape (item).svg Prayer Skillcape -50% Prayer Point Cost for Prayers


The pet can be unlocked by doing any action that provides Prayer XP.

Pet Name Effect
Monk-ey (pet).png Monk-ey +5% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points
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