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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about prayers. For the prayer guide, see Prayer/Guide.

Prayer is a Combat skill. It provides passive combat bonuses at the expense of prayer points. Prayer is one of three skills (along with Defence and Hitpoints) that is used when determining a player or monster's Combat Level.


Using Prayers

Up to two prayers can be activated from the Prayer panel on the Combat UI. Active prayers will be highlighted, and can be deactivated by interacting with them again. Active prayers provide a variety of passive benefits in combat. New prayers are unlocked as the Prayer skill levels up.

Each equipment set tracks active prayers separately, but a given prayer can be used in any number of equipment sets. Upon death, all prayers are deactivated for the current equipment set and must be manually reapplied.

Prayer Points

Each active prayer costs prayer points (PP) to maintain. This cost is usually incurred when the player or enemy attacks; the specific trigger is detailed in each prayer's description. If the player doesn't have enough PP to trigger an active prayer, it will be deactivated.

Prayer points can be gained by burying bones, enchanted urns, and similar items from the Bank. Current PP is shown in the Stats panel in the Combat UI and next to the Prayer skill in the sidebar. There is no maximum PP limit.

Damage dealt by failed Thieving attempts is not currently considered an "enemy attack", allowing Protect Item and all prayers that provide Damage Reduction to be used indefinitely at no cost while Thieving.

Earning Prayer XP

Prayer experience is earned when dealing damage to an enemy while at least one prayer is active. Certain prayers provide no XP, usually because they don't trigger on a player attack; each prayer's description explains whether or not it rewards XP.

The amount of Prayer experience earned is [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{1}{30} }[/math] or [math]\displaystyle{ 3.33 \% }[/math] per point of damage dealt by a player attack, multiplied by the total base PP cost of all active prayers. Base PP cost refers to the cost of a prayer before any cost modifiers are applied, meaning that increasing or decreasing prayer costs will not affect how much XP is earned. Using prayers with the highest base costs will result in the most Prayer XP gained per attack.

Prayer can be used to great effect with any combat style. With a healthy supply of PP, Prayer is one of the first Combat skills to reach max level for many players.

Unholy Prayers

- Main article: Unholy Prayers

Gaining Prayer Points

The most common way to gain prayer points (PP) is to use the "Bury Item" action on certain items from the Bank. Most non-Dungeon monsters drop some kind of Bones when killed. Burying these bones is one of the only sources of PP in the early game, but provide very small amounts and are required en masse for certain Township tasks.

Enchanted Urns are by far the most efficient source of PP, despite requiring moderate investments in Woodcutting, Crafting, and Magic. It may be useful to delay leveling Prayer until the player can create and bury these urns. Raw Skeleton Fish are a feasible, though less efficient, alternative for players without the prerequisite skills.

The Amulet of Prayers and Holy Bulwark Potion provide PP upon taking damage from a monster.

Prayer Point (PP) Sources

The table below lists all items that can be buried to gain prayer points.

If any of these items are received as monster loot while wearing the Bone Necklace, they will automatically be buried for twice the normal amount of PP.


All prayers that provide percentage bonuses to Accuracy, Evasion, or Max Hit apply multiplicatively. For example, Mystic Might's +15% Magic Evasion bonus will multiply the player's Magic Evasion Rating by 1.15 rather than directly providing a 15% chance to evade any Magic attack. Likewise, the +15% Magic Accuracy bonus it provides will multiply the player's Magic Accuracy Rating by 1.15 rather than simply adding 15% to their hit chance. Players can view the Combat page for more detail on how hit chance is calculated.

The three Protection prayers are worded differently and behave differently from prayers that affect Evasion Rating. For example, Protect from Magic provides a flat 80% chance for the player to dodge any Magic attack, completely ignoring the player's Evasion Rating. (Using these prayers when a monster's chance to hit is 20% or lower is not advised, as that increases the chance of being hit.) Likewise, prayers that provide Damage Reduction award a flat percentage bonus, and do not multiply any DR that is already in effect.

Skill Level Unlocks

Increasing the Prayer skill provides access to new prayers.

Prayer Level Unlocks
1 Use Thick Skin
4 Use Burst of Strength
7 Use Clarity of Thought
10 Use Sharp Eye
12 Use Mystic Will
16 Use Rock Skin
18 Use Superhuman Strength
20 Use Improved Reflexes
24 Use Rapid Heal
26 Use Protect Item
28 Use Safeguard
30 Use Hawk Eye
33 Use Mystic Lore
37 Use Steel Skin
40 Use Maim
Use Ultimate Strength
Wear Unholy Amulet (m)
Wear Unholy Ring (m)
Wear Unholy Platebody (m) (requires Defence 40)
Wear Unholy Wizard Robes (m) (requires Magic 40)
Wield Unholy Staff (m) (requires Magic 40)
Wear Unholy Body (m) (requires Ranged 40)
Wield Unholy Longbow (m) (requires Ranged 40)
Wield Unholy 2H Sword (m) (requires Attack 40)
Purchase Blessed Bone Offering
42 Use Grudge
Wear Grudge Amulet (m)
43 Use Incredible Reflexes
44 Use Profane
45 Wear Unholy Battle Boots (m)
Wear Unholy Magic Gloves (m) (requires Magic 45)
Wear Unholy Melee Gloves (m) (requires Attack 45)
Wear Unholy Ranged Gloves (m) (requires Ranged 45)
46 Use Protect from Magic
48 Use Consumption
Use Protect from Ranged
Consuming Shield (m) (requires Defence 60)
50 Use Protect from Melee
Build Lake Swim in Obstacle 6 (requires Strength 50)
53 Use Eagle Eye
54 Use Malice
Wear Ring of Malice (m)
56 Use Mystic Might
57 Use Martyr
Shield of Martyr (m)
60 Use Redemption
62 Use Rejuvenation
Use Shatter
65 Use Spite
Wear Cursed Amulet (m)
Wear Cursed Platebody (m) (requires Defence 65)
Helmet of Spite (m)
Wear Cursed Wizard Robes (m) (requires Magic 65)
Wield Cursed Staff (m) (requires Magic 65)
Wear Cursed Body (m) (requires Ranged 65)
Wield Cursed Longbow (m) (requires Ranged 65)
Wear Cursed Ring (m)
Wield Cursed 2H Sword (m) (requires Attack 65)
66 Use Chivalry
70 Use Destruction
Build Spike Jump in Obstacle 8 (requires Defence 70)
Build Cave Maze in Obstacle 9 (requires Ranged 70, Magic 70)
71 Use Sharp Vision
73 Use Punishment
76 Use Corruption
Use Mystic Mastery
80 Use Defile
Use Stone Skin
Build Lava Waterfall Dodge in Obstacle 10 (requires Firemaking 95, Ranged 95, Magic 95, Slayer 90)
Build Lava Jump in Obstacle 9
83 Use Piety
85 Use Retribution
87 Use Rigour
88 Use Malevolence
91 Use Augury
Use Reckoning
93 Use Sacrilege
95 Use Battleheart
Use Eradicate
Build Dragon Fight in Obstacle 10 (requires Attack 95, Strength 95, Defence 95)
99 Wear Maximum Skillcape (requires level 99 in all skills)
Wear Prayer Skillcape
100 Use Valor
Build Frozen Maze in Obstacle 11
Build Pipe Maze in Obstacle 11 (requires Attack 100, Defence 100)
102 Use Avidity
105 Use Divination
108 Use Grace
110 Use Holy Aegis
112 Use Divine Precision
115 Use Elusivity
118 Use Battleborn
120 Wear Superior Max Skillcape (requires level 120 in all skills)
Wear Superior Prayer Skillcape


The standard and superior skillcapes for this skill can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 and Coins.svg 10,000,000 after the player reaches Prayer Level 99 and Prayer Level 120, respectively. Reaching Prayer Level 120 requires the Throne of the Herald Expansion.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Prayer Skillcape Prayer Skillcape Prayer Level 99 -50% Prayer Point Cost for Prayers (Prayer Point cost cannot go below 1)
Superior Prayer Skillcape Superior Prayer Skillcape Prayer Level 120 -75% Prayer Point Cost for Prayers (Prayer Point cost cannot go below 1)
+5% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points


This skill's pet can be unlocked by performing any action that provides Prayer XP.

Pet Name Effect
Monk-ey Monk-ey +5% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points

Skill Bonuses

Prayer Cost Reduction

These bonuses reduce the cost of each active prayer by either a percentage of its base cost or a flat number of PP, down to a minimum of 1 PP per prayer. Flat reductions are applied before percentage reductions, and the resulting cost is rounded. This rounding can cause some combinations of cost reduction to be ineffective, especially on prayers with lower costs.

The Protect Item prayer costs no PP when the Gold Diamond Ring is equipped.

Chance to Preserve Prayer Points

With this bonus, any usage of a prayer has a chance to cost no PP, bypassing other cost reduction modifiers. The chance is rolled each time the prayer is triggered.