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Alpha v0.12 - A Potion's Aid (12th February 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! Firstly, I just want to give an huge shout out to every single person playing this game. It is beyond belief to see the kind of responses I have seen throughout the community. It makes me so happy to be doing this, and makes me want to push harder to produce content that everyone will hopefully enjoy. Another huge thank you to all the Patreon Supporters! You are all amazing, and I hope to get all of you involved in future of the game as best I can. Now, on to the update! Let's see what has been added.


Herblore is also known as Potion Making. A skill dedicated to the creating of various potions that provides unique advantages throughout the game. Every single potion requires a specific Herb to create. These herbs can be grown via Farming, where the seeds can be collected through means such as Combat or Thieving the Farmer (who drops an Herb Sack quite often). These herbs all have an varied grow times, and can be planted in their dedicated patches in Farming. Each potion has 4 Tiers, with each Tier increasing the benefits provided by the potion itself. These tiers are locked behind Mastery Levels, which can be leveled up by simply making the potions. To use the potions you have in your bank, you will notice a little potion icon at the top right of the screen. This will provide you access to use potions for the skill you currently have selected. This little menu automatically lists the potions in your bank that can be used for that selected skill. Only one potion can be active per skill. Combat is classed as one skill. You can only have one Combat Potion active at a time. Be sure to check the Settings page for the option to Auto Re-use potions when they deplete!

Special Attacks

Here is something for those who enjoy Combat! This update introduced Special Attacks for specific weapons. These special attacks can be used in combat to gain a slight advantage over the monster you're fighting. You are able to use a special attack every 2 minutes. Currently, these are the weapons that have special attacks: All Ancient Weapons, Dragon Claw, All Ice Weapons, Sunset Rapier (new), and Elite Magic Wand. More special attacks will be added down the track!

Equipment Sets

This update introduces what I like to call Equipment Sets. These are basically presets you are able to customise to utilise in Combat. You can purchase two extra Equipment Sets from the shop. In doing so, this will let you equip items into your desired set from the bank. These equipment sets act as extra bank slots for your weapons and armour. Within Combat, you can switch between the sets seamlessly as you wish.

Farming UI Update

Farming has received a slight make-over. With the introduction of Herblore, the existing Farming setup did not work. This UI update brings a few nifty features that I'm sure everyone will love. The Farming areas have been removed and have been replaced with 3 categories of plots - Allotments (14 max plots), Herbs (9 max plots) & Trees (4 max plots). Starting off Farming, you are provided with minimal plots, with the option to purchase more as long as you have the GP & Level requirement to do so. With the UI update also comes three new options - Harvest All, Compost All and Plant All. No explanation required as to what these do. They also cost a bit of GP per use. Due to an unexplained anomaly that passed over the lands of Melvor, existing Farming areas have been perished. Locals are baffled by this event. Nobody can explain how this occurred.

New Features

  • Herblore has been introduced.
  • Approximately 80 Potions have been introduced.
  • 8 new Herbs have been introduced, along with their respective seeds.
  • Special Attacks have been introduced.
  • A new Equipment Icon has been added next to your username in the top right. This menu gives quick access to your Equipment.
  • Farming UI has been updated - Farming Areas have been replaced with three different plot types - Allotments, Herbs and Trees.
  • You can now purchase new Farming plots, as long as you meet the specified requirements.
  • Plant All, Harvest All and Compost All buttons added to Farming. These cost minimal GP to use.
  • Auto-eating has been introduced. You can purchase this from the Shop. There are 3 tiers of auto eating, with increased benefits per tier.
  • Various monsters around Melvor now drop Herb seeds.
  • Herb Sacks have been added to the game. These can be thieved from the Farmer, which can then be opened to receive up to 10 of a certain Herb Seed.
  • You can now sort your bank yourself by dragging and dropping the bank items in the order of your choice. On mobile, you need to click and hold for 400ms before you can move an item.
  • Sell ALL option added to the bank. Use with caution. No refunds.
  • Goblin Village has been added as a low level combat area.
  • Graveyard has been added as a low-to-medium level combat area.
  • Added a Leech to the Wet Forest.
  • Added the Chest of Witwix, as a small thank you to the Twitch Streamer Witwix for showing support for the game. This chest has a 1/100 chance to drop from the Leech.
  • Added the first ever " Easter Egg" item to the game. Lets see who can find it.
  • Introduced Hard Leather Ranged armour. This requires Ranged Level 10 to equip, and is slightly better than standard Leather Armour. This armour can be crafted, and also bridges the large level gap between Crafting Levels.
  • New Patreon Item - Sunset Rapier (NewSon) - A high accuracy weapon. Has a special attack which makes the enemy bleed for 100% of the damage dealt over 10 seconds. Can be found by slaying the Kraken in the Deep Sea Ship Dungeon.
  • New Patreon Item - Chapeau Noir (ChapeauNoir) - New head slot item. While equipped, you have a chance to receive double the loot from slaying enemies, or from Thieving. Low chance to receive while performing any Thieving action.
  • You can now hide the Combat & Skills menu in the sidebar by using the eye icon to toggle its view.
  • You can now click through all notifications.
  • The Helmet icon on the combat screen now updates dynamically with your currently equipped helmet
  • You will now be greeted with an error screen if the game fails to load. This error screen will also show you the error that caused this to happen.
  • You can now get Carrot Seeds from Bird Nests.
  • Hitpoint notifications have been added. This can be disabled in the settings if you wish.
  • The game will now remember your default setting for List / Map view.
  • Tooltips have been added to the dropped loot section of Combat.

Changed Features

  • Bank slots price has been reduced.
  • Base Hitpoint regeneration formula is now 1 + (HP Level / 10).
  • Hitpoint Regeneration interval is now performed every 10s, down from every 60s.
  • HP Skillcape benefit changed from +50 HP Regen per minute to +10 HP regen per 10s.
  • Updated the chest opening notification, which includes an animation for each item you received.
  • The default setting for confirmation on close is now set to disabled.
  • The High Lands Slayer area now requires Slayer Level 60 to enter, up from Slayer Level 50.
  • The Desolate Plains Slayer area now requires Slayer Level 70 to enter, up from Slayer Level 60.
  • Slightly updated the UI for Combat & Slayer areas in list view.
  • Piety Prayer now provides 12% Melee Strength Bonus, down from 20%.
  • Bowstring now costs Coins.svg 24 to buy, up from Coins.svg 7.
  • Ancient Melee Armour pieces now provide Melee Strength Bonuses.
  • Ancient Melee Armour pieces have slightly increased Melee Defence Stats.
  • Melee Slayer Armour Strength bonuses reduced by 2.
  • The helmet icon for Equipment in the combat screen now updates dynamically with your equipped Helmet.
  • Created a new section in the settings specifically for notification.
  • Gold Ruby Ring now provides +10% HP Regeneration. Changed from providing 10 - 30 HP / minute.
  • Icons for Mastery Tokens have been changed. They now display the skill it is used for on the icon. Big thank you to Medivh for making these!


  • Extreme lag caused by notifications when opening a large amount of chests in one go has been fixed (I disabled the notifications form showing).
  • Optimised item opening functions.
  • Runecrafting screen for your currently selected Runecraft now updates correctly upon level up (Specifically for the Mastery benefits).
  • Issues with Cloud Save not auto saving has been looked into, and hopefully fixed. Further confirmation required by players.
  • Prayer bonuses no longer provide 1% passive increase in stats.
  • Background colour for lost Hitpoints on Dark Mode is now red, instead of gray.
  • Fixed issue where Rune Essence Mastery started at Level 0.
  • Fixed tooltip errors with the Fishing Rod where it was displaying incorrect values on the Skill screen.
  • Fixed incorrect values on upgraded gear.
  • Fixed the tooltip positioning errors for bank items.

Removed Features

  • Removed the setting to turn the skills menu into a collapsible menu.
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