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Ranged affects how good the player is with ranged Combat.svg Combat. It determines what ranged armour and weapons the player can use. The Ranged skill also increases the maximum hit and accuracy rating of ranged weapons.

Players using Ranged will gain Combat Triangle bonuses against monsters that use Magic (skill).svg Magic and penalties against monsters that use Combat.svg Melee.

Combat Styles

There are three Ranged combat styles: Accurate, Rapid, and Longranged.

When using the Rapid or Accurate styles, 0.4 Ranged experience is earned per point of damage dealt. When using the Longranged style, 0.2 Ranged experience and 0.2 Defence experience is earned per point of damage instead.

In addition to affecting what experience is earned, each Ranged combat style has a special bonus:

  • When using the Accurate style, the player's Ranged Accuracy Rating is slightly increased. Details can be found on the Combat page.
  • When using the Rapid style, the player attacks 0.4s faster.
  • The Longranged style does not provide any bonus, although in earlier versions it provided a slight increase to the player's Melee Evasion Rating.

Experience Boosts

Ranged experience earned can be increased by 7% by equipping the Gold Emerald Ring (item).svg Gold Emerald Ring, which is additive with the 1% increase from Pyro (pet).png Pyro and 5% from Firemaking Skillcape (item).svg Firemaking Skillcape for a maximum increase of 13%. Raising Ranged to level 99 will unlock the Ranged Skillcape (item).svg Ranged Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Ranged Skillcape (item).svg Ranged Skillcape gives a 50% chance to preserve ammunition.

Material Unlocks

Each bow, crossbow, javelin, throwing knife, arrow, bolt and armour material requires a certain Ranged level to be equipped. Below are some tables detailing which Ranged level is required for which material.


Ranged (skill).svg Level Material Weapon Type
1 Normal Normal Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Normal Longbow (item).svg Longbow
5 Oak Oak Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Oak Longbow (item).svg Longbow
20 Willow Willow Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Willow Longbow (item).svg Longbow
30 Maple Maple Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Maple Longbow (item).svg Longbow
40 Yew Yew Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Yew Longbow (item).svg Longbow
Ice Ice Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Ice Longbow (item).svg Longbow
50 Magic Magic Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Magic Longbow (item).svg Longbow
Desert Desert Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow
60 Redwood Redwood Shortbow (item).svg Shortbow, Redwood Longbow (item).svg Longbow
70 Ancient Ancient Longbow (item).svg Longbow
80 Stormsnap (item).svg Stormsnap


Ranged (skill).svg Level Material
1 Bronze Arrows (item).svg Bronze
Iron Arrows (item).svg Iron
Ice Arrows (item).svg Ice
5 Steel Arrows (item).svg Steel
20 Mithril Arrows (item).svg Mithril
30 Adamant Arrows (item).svg Adamant
40 Rune Arrows (item).svg Rune
60 Dragon Arrows (item).svg Dragon
70 Ancient Arrows (item).svg Ancient


Ranged (skill).svg Level Material
1 Bronze Crossbow (item).svg Bronze
Iron Crossbow (item).svg Iron
5 Steel Crossbow (item).svg Steel
20 Mithril Crossbow (item).svg Mithril
30 Adamant Crossbow (item).svg Adamant
40 Rune Crossbow (item).svg Rune
60 Dragon Crossbow (item).svg Dragon
Confetti Crossbow (item).svg Confetti Crossbow
Slayer's Crossbow (item).svg Slayer's Crossbow
70 Ancient Crossbow (item).svg Ancient
90 Shockwave (item).svg Shockwave

Crossbow Bolts

Ranged (skill).svg Level Material
1 Topaz Bolts (item).svg Topaz
20 Sapphire Bolts (item).svg Sapphire
40 Ruby Bolts (item).svg Ruby
60 Emerald Bolts (item).svg Emerald
80 Diamond Bolts (item).svg Diamond
90 Jadestone Bolts (item).svg Jadestone

Javelins/Throwing Knives

Ranged (skill).svg Level Material
1 Bronze Javelin (item).svg Bronze Throwing Knife (item).svg Bronze
Iron Javelin (item).svg Iron Throwing Knife (item).svg Iron
5 Steel Javelin (item).svg Steel Throwing Knife (item).svg Steel
20 Mithril Javelin (item).svg Mithril Throwing Knife (item).svg Mithril
30 Adamant Javelin (item).svg Adamant Throwing Knife (item).svg Adamant
40 Rune Javelin (item).svg Rune Throwing Knife (item).svg Rune
60 Dragon Javelin (item).svg Dragon Throwing Knife (item).svg Dragon
70 Ancient Javelin (item).svg Ancient Throwing Knife (item).svg Ancient


Ranged (skill).svg Level Material
1 Leather
Slayer (Basic)
10 Hard Leather
30 Slayer (Strong)
40 Green D-Hide
50 Blue D-Hide
60 Red D-Hide
Slayer (Elite)
70 Black D-Hide
80 Ancient
Slayer (Master)
85 Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Aeris


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Ranged Level 99.

Skillcape Name Effect
Ranged Skillcape (item).svg Ranged Skillcape +50% Ammo Preservation


The pet can be unlocked by doing any action that grants Ranged experience.

Pet Name Effect
Marahute (pet).png Marahute +5% Ammo Preservation

Ranged Weapon Stats




Crossbow Bolts


Throwing Knives

Ranged Armour Stats








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