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This page is up to date (v1.1.1).

Ranged affects how good the player is with ranged Combat. It determines what ranged armour and weapons the player can use. The Ranged skill also increases the maximum hit and accuracy rating of ranged weapons.

Players using Ranged will gain Combat Triangle bonuses against monsters that use Magic and penalties against monsters that use Melee.

Combat Styles

There are three Ranged combat styles: Accurate, Rapid, and Longranged.

When using the Rapid or Accurate styles, 0.4 Ranged experience is earned per point of damage dealt. When using the Longranged style, 0.2 Ranged experience and 0.2 Defence experience is earned per point of damage instead.

In addition to affecting what experience is earned, each Ranged combat style has a special bonus:

  • When using the Accurate style, the player's Ranged Accuracy Rating is slightly increased. Details can be found on the Combat page.
  • When using the Rapid style, the player attacks 0.4s faster. This is the recommended style for increasing experience per hour.
  • When using the Longrange style, the player's Defense rating is increased by an invisible +3.

Experience Boosts

Ranged experience earned can be increased by 4% by equipping the Gold Emerald Ring, which is additive with the 1% increase from Pyro and 5% from Firemaking Skillcape for an increase of 10%.



Level Material/Weapon
1 Bronze
Normal Bows
5 Steel
Oak Bows
20 Mithril
Willow Bows
30 Adamant
Maple Bows
40 Rune
Yew Bows
Ice Bows
50 Magic Bows
Desert Shortbow
Elerine Longbow
60 Dragon
Redwood Bows
Confetti Crossbow
Poisoned Shortbow
Slayer's Crossbow
70 Ancient
80 Stormsnap
90 Shockwave
100 Corundum
Elderwood Bows
105 Augite
Revenant Bows
110 Divine
Carrion Bows
Thorned Power Bow
Torrential Blast Crossbow
115 Meteorite
Ethereal Longbow
120 Feather Storm Crossbow


Level Ammo
1 Bronze Arrows
Ice Arrows
Iron Arrows
Topaz Bolts
5 Steel Arrows
20 Mithril Arrows
Sapphire Bolts
30 Adamant Arrows
40 Rune Arrows
Ruby Bolts
60 Dragon Arrows
Emerald Bolts
70 Ancient Arrows
80 Diamond Bolts
90 Jadestone Bolts
100 Corundum Arrows
105 Augite Arrows
108 Onyx Bolts
110 Divine Arrows
112 Decay Bolts
115 Meteorite Bolts
Ethereal Arrows
118 Zephyte Bolts


Level Material
1 Leather
Slayer (Basic)
10 Hard Leather
30 Slayer (Strong)
40 Green D-Hide
Ranger Hat
Ranger Boots
Throwing Power Gloves
50 Blue D-Hide
60 Red D-Hide
Slayer (Elite)
70 Black D-Hide
80 Ancient D-Hide
Slayer (Master)
Scaled Shield
85 Aeris
Poison Virulence Gloves
99 Shield of Ranged Power
100 Elderwood
Slayer (Legendary)
105 Revenant
110 Carrion
Slayer (Mythical)
Bundled Protection Body
Perfect Sight Legs
112 Mask of Torment
Voodoo Trinket
120 Vorloran Watcher


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Ranged Level 99.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Ranged Skillcape Ranged Skillcape Ranged Level 99 +50% Ammo Preservation
Superior Ranged Skillcape Superior Ranged Skillcape Ranged Level 120 +75% Ammo Preservation
+5% Ranged Strength Bonus from Equipment


The pet can be unlocked by doing any action that grants Ranged experience.

Pet Name Effect
Marahute Marahute +5% Ammo Preservation

Ammo Preservation

Ammo Preservation reduces the likelihood of ammunition being consumed while using ranged attacks. The chance to preserve ammo is capped at 80%.

Ranged Weapon Stats




Crossbow Bolts


Throwing Knives

Ranged Armour Stats