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Alpha v0.06 (28th September 2019)

Welcome to the next major update for Melvor Idle! This update brings along a couple of new skills for you to train, as well as some other additions and changes throughout the game.

The next update, Alpha v0.07, will focus more on balance and content for the current skills in the game.

Let's take a look at what has been added into the game.


Thieving is a simple, yet helpful skill to train in terms of resource production.

Your task is to pickpocket various NPCs to acquire gold and other related items to that NPC. But be careful! If you are caught, you will be stunned and also injured slightly, so keep an eye on your Hitpoints. This skill is idle, as long as you don't die. If you are stunned, you will resume training after a few seconds.

Your Thieving level and Mastery level play into the success rate.


Farming is the first 'Offline' skill added to Melvor Idle. Currently in its early stages, you have the ability to acquire seeds from various skills, which can then be planted to grow into something great! Your seeds are able to grow while offline. This means you can come back to the game after some time to see what has grown!

Compost is also added alongside this skill. The base success rate of plants growing is 50%, which each Compost bucket adding an extra 7.5% to the success rate. Compost can be purchased from the shop.

New Features

  • Thieving and Farming have been added to the game.
  • Silver and Gold Trimmed Armour can now be created by Upgrading their respective base Armour using Silver/ Gold bars. The trimmed version of Armour comes with increased stats to assist in Combat. The 'Upgrade' option is located in the bank for that item. You must upgrade an item to Silver, before upgrading it to Gold.
  • Black Shields have been added to the game... because I forgot to do this last patch.
  • A simple 'Bank Sort' button has been added. This is just a temporary solution which works for the most part. It sorts all items in the bank by itemID.
  • Bird nests can now be opened to obtain seeds!
  • You can now see the Mastery level of a specific item while training skills now. This is only implemented for Woodcutting, Firemaking, Cooking, Smithing and Thieving at the moment.
  • Added Mastery benefits to Smithing bars - Check the Mastery Progress tab for info on these benefits.
  • Equip x100 Food is now an option.
  • A small icon now shows when GP or an Item has been acquired.
  • Your Mastery level now ties into the success rate of the fish you cook. Level 50 Mastery guarantees 100% cook success.
  • Damage Reduction as a defensive stat has been added to the game. Currently only acquired by certain Gold Trimmed Armours.
  • Compost has been added to the Shop.

Changed Features

  • Attempting to train a different skill to the one you are already training will automatically stop the previous skill from training. Before this update, you had to manually stop it prior to training something else.
  • Increased the spawn probability of fish in all Fishing areas.
  • Updated the look of Notifications.
  • Mining Area 3 now solely contains coal.
  • Mining Area 4 now contains silver & gold.
  • Mining ore respawn times are now randomised within a set range.
  • Increased the Smithing XP received for smelting Mithril, Adamantite, Runite and Dragonite bars to [50,80,100,120], up from [30,35,50,80].
  • Gold Bars now sell for Coins.svg 82 each, up from Coins.svg 25.
  • Condensed the food container a bit.
  • Default setting for level up notification is now 'small'.


  • Red text for level requirement in shop now changes accordingly to your skill level.
  • Double ore chance from pickaxe now applies to gem rocks.
  • An issue where Dragonite Ore cannot be mined. This fix in general cleaned up the back-end of Mining.

Removed Features

  • Equip x1 Food option.
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