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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
One of the Pets in the game, Cool Rock

Pets are unlockables which give permanent bonuses.

Pets are not items and will not appear in the bank. Instead, all acquired pets can be seen within the Pets section of the Completion Log, and will also appear in the skilling minibar if acquired from a specific non-combat skill.

Once a pet is acquired, its effect is permanently active and cannot be turned off. All unlocked pets are active at the same time.

Acquiring Pets

Skill Pets

There is a pet for each of the skills in the game. The Chance to acquire a Pet on any given action of a Skill is:

[math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{\text{Time required for action (seconds)} \times \left ( \text{Virtual level of Skill} + 1 \right )}{25\;000\;000} }[/math]

For example, a player with level 99 Crafting who has unlocked Perpetual Haste and is wearing the Crafting Skillcape will take 1.9 seconds to complete an action, which means each action will give a [math]\displaystyle{ \tfrac{1.9 \times (99 + 1)}{25,000,000} = 0.0000076= 0.00076\text{%} }[/math] chance to earn Caaarrrlll.

For combat an action is an attack. For Slayer, an action is an attack against the player's current Slayer task. For special attacks or spells which perform consecutive hits, the action time for any hits after the first is the duration between the current hit and the previous hit, not the attack speed displayed within the Combat UI.

There are a few exceptions to this:

  • Larry, the Lonely Lizard is rolled when crops are harvested. The chance formula used is unique to Larry, as explained here.
  • B is rolled for each tick spent, with a chance of [math]\displaystyle{ \tfrac{1}{1,440} }[/math] per tick.

Township Pets

A number of pets can be purchased from the Township section of the Shop after meeting various Township level & building requirements.

Boss Pets

Each time the player completes a dungeon, they have a chance to receive the Boss Pet for that dungeon. The chance to receive the pet depends on the dungeon:

Other Pets

There are a few pets that don't fall into the other categories:

  • The Golden Golbin is a guaranteed drop after reaching a total Golbin Kill Count of 42,069. Both melee Golbins in the Golbin Village and all golbins in the Golbin Raid count.
  • Ty is rolled whenever any action is taken that rewards Mastery xp, the chance to acquire is the same as for skill pets.
  • Mark is unlocked when the player reaches the mark level of 4 in each of the base game Summoning marks.
  • Peri is rolled with a 1-in-7,500 chance for each monster killed in Perilous Peaks.
  • Otto is rolled with a 1-in-7,500 chance for each monster killed in Dark Waters.
  • A Warm Snowflake is rolled with a 1-in-500 chance for each monster killed in Lava Lake.
  • Patchy is rolled with a 1-in-3,000 chance for each monster killed in Millennium Gate.
  • Jerry the Giraffe and Preston the Platypus can be purchased from the Golbin Raid shop. Neither is required to reach 100% Pet Completion.
  • Ripper the Reindeer was available as part of the 2020 Christmas Event and is not currently available. Ripper is not required to reach 100% Pet Completion.
  • Festive Cool Rock and Festive Chio were available during the 2021 Holiday Event by completing 2/5 and 5/5 of Chio's Tasks respectively, and are no longer available. They are not required for 100% Pet Completion.
  • Hex is unlocked by surveying the entire Cartography map to the initial maximum Hex level.
  • Carthulu is unlocked after 944 Hexes have been Mastered in Cartography. Surveying a Hex up to Level 5 will Master it. Level 2 Hexes can be surveyed up to Level 5 after completely surveying the map for the first time.

List of all Pets