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This article is about the Herblore skill. For training the skill, see Herblore/Training.

Herblore is used to make potions that grant bonuses to various skills and combat actions. A single potion has many charges and will not be consumed until all the charges are depleted. Potions must first be equipped for use, with each skill having its own potion slot, accessible by selecting the potion icon at the top right of the game screen. The automatic re-use of potions can be enabled through the Settings or potion menu. Raising Herblore to Herblore Level 99 will unlock the Herblore Skillcape (item).svg Herblore Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Herblore Skillcape doubles potion production.

Making a potion normally takes 2 seconds. Purchasing the Expanded Knowledge (upgrade).svg Expanded Knowledge god upgrade reduces this time by 15% to 1.7 seconds.

Mastery Unlocks

Item Mastery Unlocks

Level Unlock
1 Each Mastery Level +0.2% chance to preserve resources for this Potion only.
1 Unlock Tier I Potion
20 Unlock Tier II Potion
50 Unlock Tier III Potion
90 Unlock Tier IV Potion
99 +5% chance to preserve resources for this Potion only.

Potion Tiers

New tiers of potions are unlocked at certain Mastery levels. Once a tier has been unlocked, new potions brewed will automatically be made at that tier, however for item completion any tier of potion can be obtained through the use of Herblore Potion IV (item).svg Herblore Potions. All tiers of a potion cost the same materials and reward the same experience, providing additional charges and/or more potent effects as the tier increases.

Potions in the bank can be upgraded to the next tier once the player has the appropriate mastery level at a 3:1 ratio. (For example, a player with Level 20 Melee Accuracy Potion I Mastery can convert three Melee Accuracy Potion I (item).svg Melee Accuracy Potion Is into one Melee Accuracy Potion II (item).svg Melee Accuracy Potion II.

Tier Mastery.svg XP to Tier
I 1 0
II 20 4470
III 50 101,333
IV 90 5,346,332

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

Pool % Pool XP Bonus
10% 1,500,000 xp +5% increased Herblore Mastery XP
25% 3,750,000 xp +3% increased Herblore Skill XP
50% 7,500,000 xp +5% resource preservation chance for Herblore
95% 14,250,000 xp +10% chance to double Potions per action in Herblore
Total Mastery Pool XP 15,000,000


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Herblore Level 99.

Skillcape Name Effect
Herblore Skillcape (item).svg Herblore Skillcape x2 Items received from Herblore


The pet can be unlocked by doing any Herblore action.

Pet Name Effect
Gronk (pet).png Gronk +2% Chance to Double Items in Herblore

Acquiring Herbs

Each potion requires both an herb and a secondary ingredient. While secondary ingredients can be acquired in a variety of ways, herbs are acquired exclusively through the Farming (skill).svg Farming skill until the player can make the Lucky Herb Potion I (item).svg Lucky Herb Potion at Herblore Level 50. As such, players looking to train Herblore will need to start by training Farming.

Combat Potions

Skill Potions

When using potions that have a chance to activate, a charge is consumed whenever a relevant action is performed, whether or not the potion's effect actually activates for that action.

For example, if using a Bird Nest Potion I (item).svg Bird Nest Potion I, a charge will be consumed every time a log is cut regardless of whether a Bird Nest (item).svg Bird Nest is received.

Summoning Boosts

This table shows all the Summoning (skill).svg Summoning Familiars and Synergies that provide a bonus to Herblore.

Skill Boosts

This table lists most sources of Herblore-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from Mastery.svg Mastery rewards.

Herblore (skill).svg Potions
Combat Potions Melee Accuracy Potion I (item).svg Melee AccuracyMelee Evasion Potion I (item).svg Melee EvasionRanged Assistance Potion I (item).svg Ranged AssistanceHinder Potion I (item).png HinderMagic Assistance Potion I (item).svg Magic AssistanceRegeneration Potion I (item).svg RegenerationFamished Potion I (item).png FamishedRanged Strength Potion I (item).svg Ranged StrengthLucky Herb Potion I (item).svg Lucky HerbDivine Potion I (item).svg DivineMelee Strength Potion I (item).svg Melee StrengthMagic Damage Potion I (item).svg Magic DamageLethal Toxins Potion I (item).png Lethal ToxinsDiamond Luck Potion I (item).svg Diamond LuckDamage Reduction Potion I (item).svg Damage Reduction
Skill Potions Bird Nest Potion I (item).svg Bird NestControlled Heat Potion I (item).svg Controlled HeatGenerous Cook Potion I (item).svg Generous CookSeeing Gold Potion I (item).svg Seeing GoldFishermans Potion I (item).svg FishermansSkilled Fletching Potion I (item).svg Skilled FletchingGentle Hands Potion I (item).svg Gentle HandsSecret Stardust Potion I (item).png Secret StardustCrafting Potion I (item).svg CraftingPerfect Swing Potion I (item).svg Perfect SwingNecromancer Potion I (item).svg NecromancerPerformance Enhancing Potion I (item).svg Performance EnhancingElemental Potion I (item).svg ElementalHerblore Potion I (item).svg HerbloreGenerous Harvest Potion I (item).svg Generous Harvest
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