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Alpha v0.11.1 (14th January 2020)

This update details a lot of fixes that have been applied since the recent major update.

New Features

  • There is now an option to disable the confirmation that appears when attempting to close the game.

Changed Features

  • The game will no longer give you a Slayer Task for an enemy you do not have the ability to access.


  • Fixed errors with save loading, where undefined variables would basically stop the game from loading completely.
  • Fixed issued with dungeons becoming inaccessible.
  • Fixed Augury Prayer which provided NaN values for combat.
  • Fixed Redemption Prayer which unintentionally activated if your Hitpoints were greater than 0.
  • Healing values for food displayed in the bank screen now display correctly.
  • Fixed issues where some items were not able to be upgraded, even if you had the requires resources to do so.
  • Fixed error where all Slayer Platebodies would provide NaN Slayer XP when equipped.
  • Completion log now displays correct percentages.
  • Carrots now have Mastery correctly applied.
  • Thieving max hits are now correct.
  • Gold Sapphire & Gold Ruby Ring values now display correctly.
  • Gold Diamond Ring now correctly flees at 10% HP, instead of 1%.
  • You can now view item stats for wands.
  • Collapsible menu for skill now correctly displays skill levels and information.
  • Kills should now successfully track for all enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with Chicken Dungeon providing +NaN Egg Chests as a reward, causing it to break your bank upon load.
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