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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

Attack is a Combat skill, and is used alongside Strength for Melee combat. Raising the Attack level increases the player's accuracy when using any of the three Melee attack styles: Stab, Slash, or Block. The Stab style also provides +6 hidden Attack levels, which further increases the player's accuracy while using that style. Most Melee weapons also require a certain Attack level in order to be wielded.

As a Melee attack style, Stab (which is powered by Attack) receives Combat Triangle bonuses when used against Ranged and penalties when used against Magic.

Attack experience can be earned by using the Stab attack style in combat. 0.4 XP is awarded per point of damage done to enemies.

Skill Level Unlocks

Increasing the Attack skill allows the player to equip more powerful Melee weapons. The player's accuracy rating when using the Stab attack style also scales with Attack level.

Attack Level Unlocks
1 Wield Basic 2H Sword
Wield Bronze 2H SwordBronze BattleaxeBronze DaggerBronze ScimitarBronze Sword Bronze Weapons
Wield Iron 2H SwordIron BattleaxeIron DaggerIron ScimitarIron Sword Iron Weapons
5 Wield Steel 2H SwordSteel BattleaxeSteel DaggerSteel ScimitarSteel Sword Steel Weapons
10 Sacrificial Dagger
Wield Black 2H SwordBlack BattleaxeBlack DaggerBlack ScimitarBlack Sword Black Weapons
15 Stone Hammer
20 Wield Aranite 2H Blade
Wield Crystal 2H Hammer
Wield Crystal Twin Blades
Wield Mithril 2H SwordMithril BattleaxeMithril DaggerMithril ScimitarMithril Sword Mithril Weapons
Build Mud Dive in Obstacle 4 (requires Strength 20)
Build Cliff Balance in Obstacle 5 (requires Ranged 20, Magic 20)
30 Magical Broomstick (requires Magic 30)
Wield Adamant 2H SwordAdamant BattleaxeAdamant DaggerAdamant ScimitarAdamant Sword Adamant Weapons
35 Wield Granite Mace
40 Wield Elerine Spear
Wield Familiar 2H Sword
Wield Ice 2H SwordIce BattleaxeIce DaggerIce Sword Ice Weapons
Wield Rune 2H SwordRune BattleaxeRune DaggerRune ScimitarRune Sword Rune Weapons
Wield Rune Claw
Wield Rune Mallet
Wield Unholy 2H Sword (m) (requires Prayer 40)
Trade for Melee Hinder Scroll (requires Township 10)
45 Wear Unholy Melee Gloves (m) (requires Prayer 45)
50 Wear Sandstorm Ring
Wield Desert Sabre
Wield Miolite Sceptre
Purchase Hunters Hat (requires Township 80, Ranged 50, Magic 50, 8 Prats Hats)
60 Wield Dragon 2H SwordDragon BattleaxeDragon DaggerDragon ScimitarDragon Sword Dragon Weapons
Wield Dragon Claw
Wield Poisoned Dagger
Wield Pure Crystal 2H Axe
Wield Pure Crystal 2H Spear
65 Wield Cursed 2H Sword (m) (requires Prayer 65)
Wield War Axe
70 Pirate Captains Sword
Wield Ancient 2H SwordAncient ClawAncient Sword Ancient Weapons
Wield Sunset Rapier
Wield Twin Exiles
Wield Warberd
75 Water Sceptre
Wield Infernal Claw
80 Wield Big ol Ron
Wield Darksteel Dagger
Wield Ghost Scimitar
Wield Sanguine Blade
85 Dark Steel 2H Sword
Wield Aeris GodswordGlacia GodswordRagnar GodswordTerran Godsword Godswords
90 Hasty Trident
Wield Tidal Edge
Wield Ultima Godsword (requires Strength 90)
95 Build Dragon Fight in Obstacle 10 (requires Strength 95, Defence 95, Prayer 95)
99 Wear Attack Skillcape
Wear Maximum Skillcape (requires level 99 in all skills)
100 Wield Corundum 2H SwordCorundum BattleaxeCorundum DaggerCorundum ScimitarCorundum Sword Corundum Weapons (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wield Dark Blade Defender (requires Defence 100, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wield Heated Fury 2H Hammer (requires Defence 100, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Build Pipe Maze in Obstacle 11 (requires Defence 100, Prayer 100)
105 Wield Augite 2H SwordAugite BattleaxeAugite DaggerAugite ScimitarAugite Sword Augite Weapons (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Build Boulder Balance in Obstacle 12 (requires Ranged 105, Magic 105)
108 Wield Meteorite 2H Sword (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)
110 Wield Divine 2H SwordDivine BattleaxeDivine DaggerDivine ScimitarDivine Sword Divine Weapons (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wield FrostSpark 1H Sword (requires Magic 110, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wield Lightning Strike 1H Sword (requires Magic 110, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wield Royal Toxins Spear (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wield Spectral Ice Sword (requires Magic 110, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
112 Wear Voodoo Trinket (requires Ranged 112, Magic 112, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
115 Wield Ethereal Greataxe (requires Defence 115, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
120 Wear Superior Attack Skillcape
Wear Superior Max Skillcape (requires level 120 in all skills)
Wear Vorloran Protector BootsVorloran Protector GauntletsVorloran Protector HelmetVorloran Protector PlatebodyVorloran Protector Platelegs Vorloran Protector Armour (requires Strength 120, Defence 120, Impending Darkness Event cleared)
Wield Agile Wings Rapier (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)


The standard and superior skillcapes for this skill can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 and Coins.svg 10,000,000 after the player reaches Attack Level 99 and Attack Level 120, respectively. Reaching Attack Level 120 requires the Throne of the Herald Expansion.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Attack Skillcape Attack Skillcape Attack Level 99 +40 Melee Attack Bonus
Superior Attack Skillcape Superior Attack Skillcape Attack Level 120 +5% of Maximum Hit added to Minimum Hit


This skill's pet can be unlocked by performing any action that provides Attack XP.

Pet Name Effect
Bruce Bruce +3 Hidden Attack Level