From Melvor Idle

Hotfixes Released (?1415)


  • Fixed present drop rate calculations.
  • Fixed issues relating to new bank tabs.
  • Fixed issues relating to the cost of new Bank Slots
  • Fixed Cooking freezing on offline load.
  • Fixed incorrect Setting check for qty display in item notifications.

Please be sure to be on v1.0.1 (?1415)

Updates and Fixes - v1.0 (?1355)


  • Updated the Astrology Modifiers UI by separating Standard and Unique Modifiers into their own sections for easier monitoring of rerolls.
  • View All Astrology Modifiers button now displays the total value of each modifier, instead of individually listing them.


  • Adjusted the update UI functions for Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Runecrafting, Herblore and Summoning. It should now use less device resources per action than previously.

Misc Fixes

  • Reinstated missing Statistic - GP Stolen from NPCs
  • Signet Ring now applies its bonus to the 25 Mastery Checkpoint in Firemaking.
  • Summoning Familiars should now respect the Sleep/Stun status of Enemies so they no longer miss.
  • Superheat Coal requirements now display accurately.
  • Fixed visual issues with the equip section in the Bank.
  • Adjusted scaling on Slayer Task Enemy images.
  • Translation and wording fixes.


I released a client update to hopefully address the issue with the game not closing correctly. Please verify your game files via Steam to receive the update if you have not already.

Summary of fixes applied to game - v1.0 (?1350)

  • Issues revolving around Mining and progress randomly stopping has been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect item doubling calculation for Astrology.
  • Fixed new Astrology bonuses not applying automatically when leveling up the Mastery of a constellation, either naturally or via the Mastery Pool.
  • Fixed aspect ratio for Slayer Task images being incorrect.
  • Fixed incorrect colouring of Monster and Pet log completion % at 100%.
  • Barbarian Fishing now provides Strength XP when catching a Special Item.
  • Fixed Grammar issue for name of Mastery Token (Astrology)
  • Fixed Monkey + Salamander Crafting Synergy not working for new Crafting Rings
  • Fixed Mastery Pool visual rounding errors.
  • Fixed incorrect grammar on locked Ancient Magicks clear count tooltip.
  • Fixed layout issue for Astrology Skill XP
  • Fixed many minor layout and text colouring issues.
  • Fixed many issues with missing translations

I will have more fixes to summarize by the end of this week!