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Alpha v0.15.2 - "Case of Fortune." (4th June 2020)

Welcome to our next Event Update for Melvor Idle! With v0.16 in heavy development, I thought now was a great time to provide an update to keep you occupied.

Staying true to the theme of dumb, ridiculous and sometimes obnoxious mechanics, we bring you Case of Fortune!

Case of Fortune Event

The Case of Fortune Event has arrived!.

This totally-original-not-copyrighted-or-seen-anywhere-else-before event has landed to suck your soul away and make you rage at the RNG gods because shiny pixels on a screen mean everything to you.

Upon loading the event, you will be greeted with a screen where you can select a case to open. Click the spin button and wait. This intense, interactive gameplay mechanic is one of the most unique and groundbreaking we have introduced to date.

If you run out of M-Bucks to spend - go cry to your parents and hope they give you some. If not, steal their credit card and purchase some in our totally fair, not Pay2Win shop that provides a significant advantage to those with money.

Enjoy! You might see some random changes here and there to mix it up.

New Features

Changed Features

  • Reduced sale price for all Fletchable Javelins by roughly 50%.
  • Increased sale price for Ancient Javelins by roughly 25%.
  • Base Attack Speed for Stormsnap increased from 2.6s -> 3s.
  • Increased Melee Strength Bonus for the Big ol Ron to 275, up from 201.
  • The Cloudburst Staff no longer provides a flat +400 damage every successful hit when using Water Spells. Instead, the staff now provides +500 to your maximum hit when using Water Spells.
  • Slightly updated some wording on the Cloud / Local save selection screen.


  • The game will now load first, and then calculate your offline progression to minimise browser hangs during load.
  • Fixed incorrect interval calculations for Woodcutting.
  • Fixed visual error where the Offline XP you earned was displayed incorrectly. The intended XP was still given to you. This was purely visual.
  • Fixed issue where Mastery XP for Fishing was not applying based on the quantity of fish you caught.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed Milestones.
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