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Alpha v0.11.2 (17th January 2020)

This update pushes some requested QoL features, bug fixes & and new additions to the game.

New Features

  • Slayer Amour variants for Ranged & Magic have been added (I will redo the layout of the shop in the next update).
  • Big Bones have been added. These provide +3 Prayer Points when buried. Can be claimed from Hill Giants, Moss Giants, Frozen Mammoths, Griffins, Pegasus, and all Horned Elites.
  • You can now view the item contents of chest rewards from the Dungeon Selection screen by clicking on the name of the item.
  • Loot All button added to the combat screen.
  • Loot screen now shows how many loot slots are remaining.
  • There is now some text shown in the looting screen that makes players aware of the Amulet of Looting, and where it can be found.
  • There is now a minimum combat level implemented for Slayer Task monsters. If your combat level is greater than 50, then you will only receive tasks where the enemy's combat level is greater than your combat level divided by 4.

Changed Features

  • All Magic Wand attack speeds are now 2.6s, down from 3s.
  • Elite Magic Wand's Magic Damage bonus increased to 12%, up from 5%.
  • Book of Eli's Magic Damage bonus increased to 10%, up from 5%
  • Scattered Goo Monster now has a 2% chance to drop an item, down form 5%.
  • New Slayer task cost is now capped at 2,000 SC.
  • Lowered the Slayer Task Combat Level cap to 100, down from 115. This cap assists in determining what monsters can be selected for Slayer Tasks. If your combat level is lower than the cap, you will not receive a task for a monster that has a greater combat level than you. If your combat level is over this cap, you could receive much harder monsters to fight.
  • All types of bones now have a 100% chance to drop, regardless of the base enemy loot chance.
  • Image for Bones adjusted for the inclusion of Big Bones.
  • Firemaking is now idle from the start. This in turn removes the Mastery benefits from Firemaking. This will be re-evaluated in a future update.
  • Starting bank space is now 8, up from 4. This change also means everyone gets an extra 4 bank slots.
  • Items classed as Bones ( Bones, Big Bones, Holy Dust, Magic Bones) now stack in the loot container. They will always stack at the first position. There is no stack limit.
  • Melvor Cloud now allows for passwords up to 64 characters.


  • Combat level now updates correctly upon leveling up, rather than staying the same number until you refresh.
  • Reduced the lag when equipping and unequipping items by roughly 80%.
  • Bug where you would be able to receive a Fire Cape without actually completing the Volcanic Dungeon.
  • Equipping and unequipping items no longer counts towards the "Item found" statistic.
  • Issue where Hitpoint regen would fire every attack if you had enough XP for "Level 100" HP has been fixed.
  • Some issues with tooltips getting stuck in the top left of the screen have been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where Mining Pickaxe Tooltip was displaying Woodcutting Axe values, rather than the pickaxe values.
  • Some spelling mistakes have been sorted
  • Missing Slayer milestones restored.
  • Fixed setting tooltips.
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