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Minor Update - Township Update #1 - v1.1.1 (?4891) (17th Nov 2022)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your patience with us while we waited for translations to be completed for this update. This is the first of what I assume to be many updates to Township.

This update focuses on UI & Balance. We want to get Township to a point where we are okay with the power it provides, as well as what it looks like before we begin exploring concerns around other mechanics.

If you had concerns around the general mechanics of Township, then this update won't resolve that unfortunately. We are already hard at work on Township Update #2 which focuses on the general mechanics. It might take a bit of time until release as we will be doing a lot of play testing to see how it all feels.

Now, let's get into the patch notes.

Township UI Overhaul

We have updated the Township UI as a start of our process to provide you with more clarity and information when navigating the Skill.

New UI Features:

  • Biome selection for Town & Build menus are now vertically aligned on the left, and are populated with Biome icons.
  • Town menu has 3 Tabs - Biomes, Town Information & Show All. These menus provide extra information regarding your Town.
  • Build menu now has a Town resource selector to easily locate specific buildings you may be looking for. Selecting a resource will highlight what Biomes it can be located in, as well as the buildings themselves for easy navigation.
  • Hovering over a building in the Build menu will display an icon next to Biomes where that building can also be constructed.
  • Hovering over a Building in the Town menu will highlight Biomes where it is constructed, as well as display how many are contained inside.
  • Town information panel displays basic information about your Town.
  • Dead Storage now has its own UI element a the top will all other resources and information.
  • The tooltip within Population now displays how much Skill XP you gain per tick.

New Township Features

Resource Capping

  • You can now cap resources to a specified percent value of your maximum storage. This can be done in the Manage Storage menu (Used to be called Yeet Resources).
  • When a resource reaches its cap, it will adjust the colour of the resource amount.
  • Setting a cap on a resource that is already above the existing cap will automatically Yeet the excess on the next Tick.

Change Worship

It is now possible to change your Worship without restarting your Town.

Changing your Worship will cause major distress and riots within your Town. Due to this:

  • All of your existing Worship buildings will be destroyed.
  • 50% of your population will die.

Trader Changes

The Trader in its current state was beyond broken. The amount of GPGP that could be earned by Trading various resources was excessive, and it devalued GP entirely.

These changes are designed to allow the Trader to continue providing extra resources for the main game, while also being limited in how much they can actually provide.

Trader GP Value Limit

The Trader is no longer the richest person in the game, carrying billions of GP worth of items as they stop at your Town.

  • There is now a maximum GP Value Limit that can be traded during any visit. This limit is defined by the amount of Trading Posts you have constructed in your Town.
  • Each Trading Post will increase this limit by 500K per building, up to a maximum of 100M per visit.
  • Every time the Trader arrives in your Town, it will increase the GP Limit. There is no maximum threshold for the limit.
  • The GP Limit only affects trading resources from Township to your Bank. It does not affect trading items into your Town for resources.

New Item Trading Requirement

If you wish to Trade a resource out of Township, there is now an added requirement of locating 10,000 of the item first before you can trade for it.

The Trader is not meant to be a bypass for the main game by locating one of any item and then Trading it thereafter.

The UI of the Trader will display items that can and cannot be traded, as well as the remaining quantity required to begin trading it.

Tax Rate Changes

The existing implementation of Tax Rate provided GP to the Player without really needing to "earn" it (Other than increasing population).

These changes will bring Tax Rate in line with how they would actually be implemented into a Town, but also provides you with control over what the Tax Rate should be:

  • The Base Tax rate when starting a Town is now 0%
  • The Town Hall has been reworked:
  • Each Town Hall now provides +0.5% Tax Rate and -0.5% Happiness.
  • No longer provides Building Cost reduction.
  • Tax Rate is capped at 80%.

Adjusted Building Worker Counts

We have adjusted the amount of workers provided for upgraded buildings to help minimise the amount of available workers in the late stages of the Skill.

  • The 3rd and 4th upgrades of any building now has increased worker counts.
  • These buildings now have the same resource per worker generation amount as the 2nd upgrade.

The new Worker counts will allow you to assign Citizens to these buildings to return to the original resource generation values. When all Worker slots are filled, it works out to be a tiny buff in resource generation (Roughly 3-5%).

This will not affect early game Township as the resource generation and worker counts have remained the same.

Other Township Changes

  • Added x25 Build option.
  • Default Trader option is now "Take resources from Township".
  • Dead Storage now decays 1% every 1 hour of Ticks (Used to be 20% every 24 hours).
  • Citizens who die at the age of 100 will decay instantly.
  • Citizens who are over the age of 70 provide 2x more GP than under 70's.
  • Worship now has a 5% Checkpoint. We have moved some of the positive modifiers that are unlocked at the very beginning to this checkpoint.
  • Ragnar Worship - Removed +25% Tax Rate bonus from the "Always Active". The one at the 100% checkpoint still exists.
  • The Trader now trades raw Dragonhide instead of the final product for Clothing.
  • Increased the Town Hall build costs by 4x
  • Increased the Trading Post build cost to 7,500 Stone, 5,000 Bars, 5,000 Planks.
  • Buffed Libraries to provide +1% Education per building, up from 0.25%.
  • Capped "Decreased Township Food Usage" modifier to -80%.
  • Town & Build Biome selections are no longer independent. Selecting a Biome in one menu will update the other one as well.

New Additions

We have a new method of communicating Announcements to players in game. The changelog in game has a new look, and allows me to provide easy updates to everyone across all platforms.

There is also a development roadmap you can view at the top. Stay in the loop with what we're currently working on!

General Game Changes (Base Game)

  • Sailor's Top "Decreased Fishing Special Chance" is now -8%, changed from -3%.

General Game Changes (Throne of the Herald)

  • Increased chance to locate Stardust from Variel constellation has been buffed to +0.25% per upgrade, up from 0.05%.
  • Increased chance to locate Golden Stardust from Variel constellation has been buffed to +0.5% per upgrade, up from 0.05%.
  • Increased Bank Space from Rosaniya constellation has been buffed to +10 per upgrade, up from 1.
  • Superior Cape of Completion now sells for 100M, down from 250M.
  • Superior Skillcapes now sells for 10M, down from 250M
  • Allure Amulet now has a 5% chance to apply Sleep, down from 10%.
  • Minotaur + Siren Synergy now has a 5% chance to apply Sleep, down from 15%.
  • Centaur + Siren Synergy now has a 5% chance to apply Sleep, down from 10%.

Bug Fixes (Base Game)

  • Build X in Township now builds the maximum available buildings if your quantity is higher than the available space.
  • Fixed Maps in Township that did not have a total of 2,048 slots to build on (Maps 2, 4 & 8)
  • Fixed incorrect Citizens chance to die calculation that made Citizens immune until 100 years of age.
  • Fixed Township Starter Guide displaying multiple steps due to general Task completion.
  • Fixed Bane Worship negative happiness modifier providing an increase when it reaches -100%.
  • Fixed Potions generating a positive amount in Township due to a double negative.
  • Task menu in Township now remembers your last selection, instead of always
  • Increased Resource Production modifier not longer affects GP gained from Township.
  • Fixed Ring of Spirit Power not consuming Spirit Runes when the special attack activates.
  • Ace can now be Pet again.
  • The Mining Gloves now only works on Ore nodes as per its description.
  • Mastery Tokens now correctly drop from Farming.
  • Fixed various translations.

Bug Fixes (Throne of the Herald)

  • Traps Potions now have the correct modifiers and charges, instead of all 4 tiers having the Tier 4 modifiers. These are:
    • T1: +20% GP from Agility, +2% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 5 charges
    • T2: +30% GP from Agility, +3% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 10 charges
    • T3: +40% GP from Agility, +4% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 15 charges
    • T4: +50% GP from Agility, +5% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 20 charges
  • Fox + Dragon Synergy now correctly applies its bonus to the total damage dealt by the burn, instead of applying it for each proc.
  • Fixed incorrect cost for final Allotment Farming Plot.
  • Fixed Elderwood Poison Special Attack not increasing the Enemy's Attack Interval.
  • Lava Lake and Forsaken Tundra now correctly have the requirement of beating Ancient Sanctuary dungeon to access.
  • Goliath Werewolf now correctly applies Rage to itself, rather than the Player.
  • Lightning Robes now correctly affect Slicing Maelstrom Archaic Spell.
  • Siren Tablet can now use Raw Magma Fish as a recipe.
  • Feather Storm Special Attack on Arctair is now correctly 30%, instead of 100%.
  • Portable Rations now consume a charge in Thieving.

Mod Manager

  • Added lifecycle hook "onInterfaceAvailable" which is executed after the in-game HTML is loaded from the server but before it's initialized for interactivity
  • Added ability to patch class getters + setters
  • Added ability to specify which sidebar category a skill is displayed under (previously hardcoded to Combat/Non-Combat)

Minor Updates & Hotfixes

?4902 (17th Nov 2022)

A hotfix has been released to address the following bugs:

  • Shop items that require Task completions cannot be purchased.
  • Destroying a Trading Post now correctly updates the Trader limit per visit.
  • Fixed issue where trading Rune Essence with 0 Trader GP would produce NaN values.
  • Fixed issue that caused screens to shake due to the new changelog.

We have also updated the size of the Changelog for Desktop viewers (It is now larger).

?4908 (17th Nov 2022)

Based on initial community feedback, we have pushed the following balance changes:

  • Trading Posts now provide +500K Trading Limit per building, up from +250K.
  • Town Halls now provide +0.5% Tax Rate, up from 0.25%.
    • The Happiness debuff for Town Halls has also moved to -0.5% (This will always equal the negative value of the GP Tax modifier).

We have updated the original changelogs to reflect this change as well.

?4928 (25th Nov 2022)

  • Added a descriptive hint to the Township Task that requires Tier I Potions, directing the player to use the Herblore Potion if they cannot create Tier I's naturally (Not really a fix though lol).

The Action interface (used by skills that implement a passiveTick or activeTick method, or just registering your own custom action), may now provide 3 optional methods that are called when changing pages:

  • onPageChange Called when changing to the actions page, but before the page is visible
  • onPageVisible Called when changing to the actions page, just after the page is visible
  • onPageLeave Called when changing from the actions page to another one, just after the page is no longer visible

The page for your action must have the action property set.


  • Fixed an issue with patching getter/setter properties on inheriting classes multiple times.
  • Improved class getter/setter property patching API.
  • Cleaned up the gigantic switch statement in changePage in accordance with the new methods listed above.
  • Fixed some missing image links for Mod Manager.

?4999 (21st Dec 2022)

Bug Fixes (Base Game)
  • Fixed item stat comparison in the Bank comparing to the currently active equipment set instead of the set selected to equip to. Issue #2653
  • Fixed Combat Runes being used not being highlighted on save load. Issue #2668
  • Fixed Firemaking menu showing the incorrect mastery XP and mastery pool XP. Issue #2746
  • Fixed Firemaking menu missing tooltips for XP, mastery XP and interval
  • Fixed Alchemist's Bags not being consumed when potion charges would be used. Issue #2778
  • Fixed being unable to read Lore Books from the bank. Issue #2783
  • Fixed Shop Purchases that do not allow buying more than one at a time showing their costs scaled by buy quantity. Issue #2903
  • Fixed Adventure mode saves exiting the tutorial when saving and loading a character. Issue #2952
Bug Fixes (Throne of the Herald)
  • Fixed Gem Gloves unintentionally working with Pure Essence #2720
  • Fixed Monkey + Ent synergy giving Iridium and Palladium necklaces. Issue #3026
  • Fixed Meteorite Bolts giving the Meteor Shot special attack when not using a ranged weapon. Issue #3087
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