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Alpha v0.14 - Fishy Business (31st March 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! This update sees one of the existing skills in the game receive a complete rework, as well as some new addition to shake up Combat. Here is what has been added.

Skill Rework - Fishing

Fishing has been completely stripped back and rebuilt from the ground up. With a fresh new look, new mechanics and some awesome items for you to obtain that will assist with future endeavours. You will be greeted with Fishing Areas (that are actually named), which allow you to select which Fish you would like to catch. Each area has a base chance to catch the Fish you chose, catch a Special Item, or catch some Junk (because bank space is really important). These values can be altered with the use of the Fishing Potion or Mastery. There are 10 new types of Fish to catch and 10 different special items to catch. See the changelog in game for details. Barbarian Fishing is an area you unlock when you collect the Barbarian Gloves and equip them. This area contains fish which provide Fishing & Strength XP. The Fishermans Potion has a new effect - (x)% less chance to catch Junk, where (x) changes based on Potion Level.


This table outlines the balance changes made to all Fish.

New Buffed Nerfed

Dungeon Rework - Volcanic Cave

This update includes a new and improved look for the Volcano Dungeon. It is now harder, and tougher than ever before (not really) and some of the Monsters have a new look and feel. There are an extra two new monsters to face, and Prat is now known as Prat, the Protector of Secrets, and both Prat & Malcs have a brand new look. Alongside this, you will now discover that some monsters have the ability to have Special Attacks. This is a new mechanic introduced to add a little more of a challenge to the Dungeon. These Specials are displayed below the monster image in combat, and the Attack Speed bar will turn yellow when they are about to use it. It is possible for monsters to only use special attacks (never uses a regular hit). In this case, Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor, will only use Special Attacks, so be careful! To compensate for the tougher, longer battles - The chance to receive Ancient Gear from the Elite Chest has been slightly increased.

New Save Compression

The compression used for saves has changed this update. The change reduces save file sizes by around 92%. If you have an old save file using the old method of compression, do not worry. You can still import it just fine.

New Features

  • Fishing has been reworked.
  • 10 new Fish have been introduced to the game.
  • 4 of the new Fish are able to be Cooked.
  • Added 4 new special items to the game that can be acquired while Fishing.
  • You can bury Skeleton Fish for to receive 3 Prayer Points each.
  • Raw Magic Fish do not need to be Cooked to be eaten.
  • Volcanic Cave Dungeon has been reworked. Two extra monsters have also been added.
  • Monsters now have the ability to have Special Attacks. Currently the only Monsters with these specials are Prat & Malcs in the Volcanic Dungeon.
  • Your Magic Damage now increases alongside your Magic Level at a rate of x (1 + (Magic Level + 1) / 200).
  • Your chance to hit now shows under your max hit Combat stat.
  • The enemy's chance to hit you now shows under their Offensive Stats.
  • The game will now automatically load the most recent save file if you are logged into the Cloud.
  • New Patreon Item - Weird Gloop (RS Wikis) - A new type of Compost, only purchased in the Shop at a cost of 2 Compost and 10 Rune Essence. This item fills your Compost bar up to 100% with 1 use and also provides +10% Increased Harvest amount.
  • New Patreon Item - Clue Chasers Insignia (Clue Chasers) - A new secret Amulet. +5% chance to receive an off-item (an item from a skill that is not the main resource you are gathering). Clue to obtain: "The Numbers, Mason, What do they mean?!"
  • New Shop Item - Dungeon Equipment Swapping - Enable Equipment Swapping during dungeons.
  • Your Hitpoints bar now shows a small 0.5s animation when healing from Food or Auto-Eat.
  • You can now select the Bank as your Default Page on Load.
  • There is now a few tutorial / tip notifications that pops up when certain actions are performed. These will be constantly added to the game to assist new players. These will only show once, and will never pop up again.
  • A button has been added to the Combat screen to show the drops for the current Monster.
  • You can now see the exact Mastery XP progress on the skill screen for each item (except Farming).
  • A notification has been added to tell you when a Mastery Token was used on an already existing Level 99 item.
  • Added a "Apply Weird Gloop to all plots" button in Farming. This applies Weird Gloop to all plots. Costs the same as Compost All.
  • Added Total Mastery Level to the General Statistics.
  • There is now a notification to tell you what Slayer Item is required to be equipped to fight the monster you are trying to jump to.

Changed Features

  • The Combat Area selection is now always visible. This means you can browse other areas while in combat and switch seamlessly.
  • Amulet of Fishing now provides +5% chance to receive a Special Item from Fishing.
  • Slightly adjusted the look of the Cooking skill to display XP & HP rates clearly.
  • Prat, the Serpent of Fire is now known as Prat, the Protector of Secrets.
  • The artwork for Prat, the Protector of Secrets has been updated.
  • The artwork for Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor has been updated.
  • The Eye & The Resurrected Eye are now Magic type monsters.
  • Changed the compression technique for saves to zlib compression. This means your saves are now roughly 92% smaller than before. This will make it easier for you to copy/paste, and will reduce stress on the server when Cloud Saving.
  • Adjusted the look of Masteries on some skill screens.
  • Controlled Heat Potion will now only relight the bonfire if you are currently burning logs.
  • The Fisherman's Potion has a new effect - (x)% less chance to catch junk, where (x) changes based on Potion Level.
  • Gentle Hands Potion now requires 1 Lemontyle Herb & 2 Strawberry Seeds to create (no longer requires Holy Dust).
  • Base Prayer XP received through Combat (without using Prayers) reduced by 50%.
  • Piety Prayer now provides 12% Melee Strength, down from 20%.
  • Increased the chance to receive an Amulet of Looting from the Spider Chest.
  • All Ancient Melee Armour pieces now provide 7% Damage Reduction each, up from 6%.
  • The Griffin now has an 8% chance to drop a Dragon Claw Fragment, up from 5%.
  • Protect from Melee, Ranged & Magic prayers now provide 85% protection, down from 95%.
  • Added a description to Bird Nests for clarity.
  • You can no longer receive two of the same Slayer Task in a row.
  • All two-handed Melee weapons have had their Strength bonus increased by 80%.
  • All Longbows have had their Ranged Attack Bonus increased by 20%
  • Removed the Attack Level Requirement for all Magic Staffs and Wands.
  • All Cooked variations of Fish are now worth on average 25% more than their raw counterparts.
  • Adjusted XP rates, GP sale prices and HP rates for most Raw / Cooked Fish. See above table.
  • Patreon Item text has been changed to be more clear as to what a Patreon Item is.
  • Auto Eat - Tier II price is now 5,000,000GP, up from 2,500,000GP.
  • Auto Eat - Tier III price is now 20,000,000GP, up from 10,000,000GP.
  • Fishing Rod upgrade costs have been increased.
Rod Old Cost New Cost
Iron Fishing Rod 50GP 100GP
Steel Fishing Rod 750GP 1,000GP
Black Fishing Rod 2,500GP 5,000GP
Mithril Fishing Rod 10,000GP 20,000GP
Adamant Fishing Rod 50,000GP 75,000GP
Rune Fishing Rod 200,000GP 300,000GP
Dragon Fishing Rod 750,000GP 2,000,000GP
  • Pickaxe upgrade costs have been increased.
Pickaxe Old Cost New Cost
Iron Pickaxe 50GP 250GP
Steel Pickaxe 750GP 2,000GP
Black Pickaxe 2,500GP 10,000GP
Mithril Pickaxe 10,000GP 50,000GP
Adamant Pickaxe 50,000GP 200,000GP
Rune Pickaxe 200,000GP 1,000,000GP
Dragon Pickaxe 1,000,000GP 5,000,000GP


  • Aorpheat's Signet Ring now works offline.
  • Skill progress for Defence now updates correctly when using Longrange or Defensive attack styles.
  • Slayer Skillcape now works as intended again.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not be able to access Slayer Areas when equipping the required item.
  • If you have not equipped the required Slayer Item for the respective Slayer Area, you will deal no damage to the monster. The Slayer Item must be in your active equipment slot.
  • Adjusted flavour text for Patreon Items to be more clear.
  • If you do not have a Slayer Task, the "New Task" button will not cost any Slayer Coins if clicked.
  • Its no longer possible for offline progression to proc if, for some reason, you were away for a negative period of time.
  • The Ancient Longbow image is now the same rotation as other longbows. Everyone may now sleep knowing everything is going to be OK.

Removed Features

  • Removed the username change limit.
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