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Alpha v0.05 (21st September 2019)

Welcome to Alpha v0.05 - The Combat Update!

This update introduces Combat - a brand new addition to Melvor Idle that will serve as one of the biggest areas of the game for player to indulge.

FIRSTLY - I'd like to put out a HUGE thank you to everyone who is playing this game, and also interacting with the subreddit & community to help find bugs and request additions to the game. It is so amazing to see a lot of you genuinely enjoying this game, and it makes me excited for what's to come.

Let's get into the updates :)


There are 4 combat skills to train that aid you in battle in various ways:

Attack - Responsible for your chance to hit, as well as what tier of weapons you can equip.
Strength - Higher level = bigger hits ;).
Defence - Responsible for your chance to dodge, as well as what tier of armour you can equip.
Hitpoints - Level up to increase maximum HP.
These skills can be trained by selecting their respective attack type in the combat screen. Some attack types are better than others for certain weapons. Hitpoint XP is earned no matter what style of combat you choose.

There are various areas for you to enter and face enemies. Each area provides a recommended level before entering, so you don't get surprised if you are face-rolled.

Combat is automated for the most part. When you begin battle, you and the enemy's attacks are based on the combat statistics shown in the combat screen. Attacks are performed when the progress bar is at full, based on your attack speed.

Attack Speed is determined by the weapon you equip.

Armour and Weapons

These can be equipped from the option in the Bank when selecting the item. Upon equipping, the item will be removed from your bank and will be placed into your equipment slot (viewed in the Combat Area). If you wish the unequip anything, you can click it in the combat screen to remove it.


Food is setup based on an Equip system, just like armour and weapons. There are 3 Food slots to use in combat. Each slot can fit an unlimited amount of food. Food can be equipped from the options in the Bank.


If you die, there is a chance you will lose an item you have equipped. The more items you have equipped, the more chance there is of losing one.


Upon killing an enemy, they will drop loot which can be collected by clicking on it. There are only 8 loot slots. Once the limit is reached, the oldest loot will start to disappear if not collected. If you die, the loot also disappears.

Now on to the actual changelog!

New Features

  • Combat has been introduced into the game.
  • Six combat areas have been introduced to fight in.
  • 36 Monsters have been added. As of this update, the only loot they drop is GP.
  • Some statistics have also been introduced for Combat.
  • You can now equip the Weapons & Armour you smith.
  • Shields have been added to the game - These can be smithed on the Anvil.
  • You can now open the Treasure Chests you get from Fishing. There are some valuable items to obtain!
  • There is a chance for a Gem Rock to spawn in a Mining Area at any given time. These can be mined to give you a valuable Gem, as well as 500 Mining XP.
  • Every 10 levels in Mining Mastery now grans an additional +1% to obtain double ore. This stacks alongside the Pickaxe bonus
  • A progress bar has been added to the Cooking fire to show how long the fire has left.
  • Added a screen to export your save before commencing an update, just in case an update breaks a save for some reason.

Changed Features

  • Burning a log for Cooking now provides XP for using that log.
  • The look of the MILESTONE Tab has changed to make it look better.
  • Milestones are now hidden until you reach that level. Some Milestones are always shown for clarity.
  • Smithing combat gear from the Anvil is now automated.
  • The Anvil now displays items in order of Level Requirement.
  • The Mastery level up notification now shows the item that leveled up, alongside its new level.
  • The visual for Iron Ore has been slightly updated.
  • All shop items now disappear when max level is reached for that item.
  • Treasure Chests now require Fishing Level 30 to appear.
  • Mastery progress for bars is now shown in the Mastery tab.
  • Woodcutting cutting times for all trees have been increased.
Tree Old Time New Time
Normal 2s 3s
Oak 2s 4s
Willow 3s 5s
Teak 4s 6s
Maple 5s 8s
Mahogany 6s 10s
Yew 7s 13s
Magic 10s 16s
Redwood 15s 20s
  • With the addition of Mastery bonuses for Mining, as well as internal testing - The Mining pickaxe extra ore bonus % has been reduced.
Pickaxe Tier Old Bonus New Bonus
Tier 1 0% 0%
Tier 2 5% 1%
Tier 3 8% 2%
Tier 4 12% 3%
Tier 5 16% 4%
Tier 6 21% 5%
Tier 7 26% 6%
Tier 8 30% 7%
Tier 9 40% 8%


  • Cook x10 / xAll should now work as intended.
  • The progress bar for smelting Runite Bars has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the game not saving Mastery progress for smelting bars.
  • Fixed an issue with the game not saving after smelting a bar or smithing an item.
  • Cooking now stops correctly when it finds out that your bank is full.
  • Cooking now stops correctly when the fire runs out while using x10 or xAll cooking.
  • Lobster icon now shows correctly in the Mastery tab.
  • The file responsible for handling the Mining skill has been renamed in hopes of bypassing pesky anti-mining extensions on some web browsers.
  • Adjustments made to Mobile views of some skills.
  • Minor visual layout changes.
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