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Alpha v0.16 - "The Art of Magic" - (22nd July 2020)

Magic Content Update

This update introduces brand new mechanics for Magic which includes new Spellbooks, new Magic Gear, and an updated Runecrafting.


Curses are Debuffs that a Player can apply to an Enemy, on top of using a standard Magic spell. These cost additional Runes per Player attack turn, even if you miss.

All Curses have a set % chance to apply to an Enemy and last 3 Enemy attack turns if applied.

These cannot stack, and only one Curse can be applied at a given time.


Auroras are buffs that a Player can activate to provide a unique benefit in Combat.

All Aurora buffs last as long as you are wielding a Magic Weapon and you have the required Runes to keep them active. An Aurora uses Runes every time you attack.

You can only have one Aurora active at a time.

Tier III Auroras require the Book of Eli to be equipped to use.

Ancient Magicks

Ancient Magicks are a brand new, heavy hitting Spellbook with some satisfying effects.

Each Spell within this book requires a specific task to be completed in order to unlock them for use. Hovering or Clicking on the "?" in the Ancient Magicks spellbook will show the requirements.

Due to their unique abilities, you are not able to use Curses or Damage Modifying Auroras alongside them.

Alt. Magic (Non-Combat Magic)

Alt. Magic is an alternative way to level Magic using Spells outside of Combat.

These non-Combat Magic Spells provide a unique approach to certain mechanics in the game, at a cost of Runes. This is a system that will continue to be built on as development progresses to provide many optional pathways for a Player to take.

You can find a new skills tab called Alt. Magic to train this Skill.

Things to note:


These cute little critters have invaded Melvor and are waiting to be found!

Pets are a new addition which provide a small, permanent, passive benefit when they are eventually found. There is a very small chance you will find one when performing a specific action in game.

Right now, there are 20 Pets in game, and most of them are found by simply training Skills. They count towards your completion percentage.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode is the second official gamemode for Melvor Idle that can be selected upon creating a Character.

This mode plays the same as Standard, but with a few nasty adjustments to provide an extra challenge.

More features, changes, and adjustments will be made throughout development of the game.

Rules of Hardcore

  • This gamemode is Permadeath. If you die, your Character is deleted permanently.
  • No Passive Health Regeneration.
  • Your Bank is limited to 80 maximum slots when buying from the Shop. This can only be increased further by claiming Bank Tokens.
  • Harsher Combat Triangle penalties.

Character Selection

Character Selection is a brand new feature that allows you to create up to 3 different Characters that you can seamlessly switch between using a single account.

These Characters can be linked to one Cloud account that you can take with you anywhere you go, on any device.

Upon loading the game, you will notice the new selection screen as well as an option to toggle the Local or Cloud saves to select. You can also create new Characters from the same screen.


  • You can seamlessly switch Characters from the top-right dropdown menu.
  • A Cloud account is not required to utilise this feature.
  • Character completion is tracked per character, not account-wide.
  • Yes, it is possible to play all three Characters at the same time in separate windows on Desktop.
  • The Character Selection distinguishes between Local Save and Cloud Save.

Combat Triangle and Mechanic Adjustments

Alongside the new Magic Content, we are introducing adjustments to how the Combat Triangle is defined within Melvor Idle.

Previously, there was a lack of definition for each Combat Style which allowed Players to simply choose either Melee, Ranged, or Magic without much consequence. These changes are aimed at providing a reason to use different styles against different enemies.

Although the changes seem highly consequential, this actually makes it possible to completely idle all current content within the game, which is one of the main issues this addresses.

The below diagram shows new buffs and debuffs a player will receive when using specific Combat Styles against certain enemies. The second diagram shows Hardcore Mode's more brutal adjustments.

New Manual Eat Mechanic

Another issue this update addressed was the unfortunate mechanic of manually Eating to "cheese" late-game content. With the addition of the above Combat Triangle adjustments, it seemed fitting to address this mechanic at the same time.

As it stood, you were able to spam the Eat button to continuously Heal during Combat with no consequence. This in turn allowed Players to complete late-game content prior to the intended requirements.

Now, when you eat food manually, your Attack will be reset. This also means if a Special Attack was about to activate, it will no longer proc.

Increased Maximum Hitpoints

There are now items and passives in the game that grant Increased Maximum Hitpoints.

As the name suggests, your Maximum HP increases when the items are equipped. This also means that your Hitpoints can be higher than the prior Maximum, which was 990 Hitpoints at Hitpoints Level 99.

Updated God Armour Images

Since the release of Alpha v0.15, it has been noted quite a few times that the existing artwork of the God Armour did not suit the style and "simplicity" of the game. I agree, and it is time to change that.

This update introduces updated artwork to suit the style of the game.

All edited artwork was kindly provided by Breindahl, one of our Discord Server Moderators and long-standing Member of the Community. Please be sure to pass all thanks to him for the hard work he put into editing the images!

New Features

  • 14 Magic Curses have been added. These act as Debuffs and can be used on top of standard Magic Spells.
  • 12 Magic Auroras have been added. These act as Buffs to the Player and can be activated alongside Magic Spells.
  • 7 Ancient Magicks have been added. These are very powerful Magic Spells that can be used in Combat.
  • 12 Alt. Magic (non-Combat) Spells have been added. These provide an alternate route to train Magic with some unique benefits.
  • Acolyte, Adept, and Expert Magic gear has been added to Runecrafting for Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. They provide +5 / 10 / 20 Minimum damage to the respective Magic Spell Type.
  • Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Imbued Wands have been added. These are created in Runecrafting and provide increased damage.
  • 10 new Runes have been added, including Combination Runes which act as both Runes used to create it. These are created in Runecrafting.
  • Pets have been added! There are 20 cute little critters to find out there. They provide small passive bonuses and count towards Completion.
  • Hardcore Mode has been added. This is a gamemode selected upon Character Creation that provides an extra challenge to how the game plays.
  • Character Selection has been added and supports up to 3 Characters currently.
  • Damage Multipliers and Damage Reduction adjustments have been added to Combat. These are determined by your Combat Type and the Enemy's Combat Type.
  • Manually Eating now resets your Attack.
  • It is now possible to increase your Maximum Hitpoints via Equipment.
  • A Skilling Minibar has been added. This menu provides a shortcut to information about the Skills. You can also equip your Skillcape directly from this menu. This can be disabled in Settings or hidden away by clicking the Melvor Idle Logo.
  • You are now able to Upgrade Potions to the next tier via the Bank. Upgrades cost 3 x Potions and require the correct Mastery Level to upgrade. If you cannot make them in Herblore yet, you cannot Upgrade the Potion.
  • New Shop Item - Red Party Hat - Provides exclusive bragging rights because you're so cool that you have a Party Hat. Brag about it so other Players can aspire to be as cool as you.
  • New Patreon Item - Dragonfire Shield (Michael7050) - An Upgrade for the (G) Ancient Shield that provides +10 Maximum HP.
  • New Patreon Item - Crown of Rhaelyx (Rhaelyx) - +10% chance to preserve resources in non-combat skills (Does not work with Alt. Magic). This bonus is increased to 25% if there is at least 1 Charge of Rhaelyx in your bank. There is a 0.1% chance a Charge will be destroyed per action.
  • New Patreon Pet - Asura, the Slayer Pet ( [ ] ) - Gain +20% Extra Slayer Coins from Slayer Tasks
  • New Patreon Pet - Pudding Duckie, the Fishing Pet (Moose) - 5% Chance to double the amount of Fish per catch
  • You can now see the quantity of the grown Allotment/Herb/Tree you have in the bank from the Farming Seed selection screen
  • New Ancient Crossbow Special Attack - Impairing Shot (15%) - Normal hit that slows Enemy Attack Speed by 20% for 3 turns. Reduce Enemy Ranged Evasion Rating by 30% for the rest of the fight.
  • The Enemy's Max Hit value will now display inclusive of your Damage Reduction. If you have Damage Reduction, it will display as (Max Hit).
  • The Book of Eli has a new Passive - Reduces the Light Rune cost of Auroras only by 1. Grants access to Tier III Auroras when Equipped.
  • New Item - Enchanted Cape - A basic Magic Cape providing Magic Stats. Dropped by Master Wizards.
  • New Item - Enchanted Shield - A basic Magic Shield providing Magic Stats. Dropped by Dark Wizards.

Changed Features

  • The God Dungeons are no longer accessible until the Dungeon prior has been completed. For the Air God Dungeon, this means the Volcanic Cave must be completed prior to entering.
  • Reduced the Magic Level Requirements for most of the Standard Magic Spells.
  • Updated the description on some items to be more clear as to what they do.
  • Lowered offline Thieving Success Rate requirement to 90%, down from 95%.
  • Bank Space price is now capped at Coins.svg 5,000,000, up from Coins.svg 4,000,000.
  • Standard Elemental Staves now reduce the rune cost of spells of the respective Elemental Rune by 1.
  • Elemental Battlestaves now reduce the rune cost of spells of the respective Elemental Rune by 3.
  • Mystic Elemental Staves now reduce the rune cost of spells of the respective Elemental Rune by 5.
  • Magic Skillcape now reduces the rune cost of spells of each Elemental Rune by 7.
  • All Glacia God Armour pieces now provide +10 Minimum Damage to all Standard Elemental Magic Spells.
  • All Ancient Wizard Gear pieces now provide +5 Minimum Damage to all Standard Elemental Magic Spells.
  • All Glacia God Armour pieces now have 8% Damage Reduction, up from 5%
  • All Aeris God Armour pieces now have 8% Damage Reduction, up from 7% (including Gloves)
  • All Ragnar God Armour pieces Melee Strength Bonus increased by +5
  • Ranger Hat now has a Ranged Strength Bonus of +6, up from 0.
  • All Horned Elite monsters now drop up to 4 Large Horns, up from 1 .
  • Increased sale price of Large Horns to Coins.svg 3,600, up from Coins.svg 150.
  • Increased sale price of Black Dragonhide to Coins.svg 850, up from Coins.svg 500.
  • Increased sale price of Whales to Coins.svg 1,024, up from Coins.svg 987.
  • Increased sale price of Magic Fish to Coins.svg 960, up from Coins.svg 600.
  • Reduced sale price of Dragon Javelins to Coins.svg 650, down from Coins.svg 679.
  • Smithing Mastery Benefit for resource preservation chance changed to [5%, 10%, 15%, 20%], down from [10%, 20%, 30%, 40%].
  • Fletching, Crafting & Herblore Mastery Benefit for resource preservation chance changed to 0.2%, down from 0.25% per Mastery level.
  • Runecrafting Skillcape now works on all Runecrafting items.
  • Runecrafting Skillcape resource preservation chance changed to 35%, down from 50%.
  • Water God Dungeon - Water Monster Special Attack "Ice Break" damage reduced to 325, down from 450.
  • Earth God Dungeon - Terran Special Attack "Seismic Slam" damage per proc reduced to 950, down from 1000
  • Your Attack now resets when switching Equipment Sets
  • Smithing Coal Ore Required Quantity now displays the actual required amount of Coal with the Smithing Skillcape Equipped, instead of the original required amount.
  • Replaced 91% of tooltips in the game with the new Tooltip Library.
  • Increased the Max Hit of all Standard Air Spells.
  • There's a new background image for the game! This also includes a new Dark Mode version.


  • Fixed issue where Crafting interval was calculated incorrectly offline.
  • Gold Emerald Ring benefit now works when Fishing in the Barbarian Fishing Area for Strength XP only.
  • Fixed issue with Mobile versions of the game where it was not possible to scroll down, including on the Character Creation screen.
  • Adjusted some Offline Progression functions to hopefully ease the loading times. This is still being worked on.
  • Fixed an issue where a Normal Log would display upon coming back to the game instead of the actual Potion icon.
  • Fixed an issue where Player Special Attacks would continue to proc after the Enemy has died.
  • Fixed an issue where Player Special Attacks would stack, causing more than one attack timer to run at a time.
  • Upgradeable items that have no stats will now hide the stats in the Upgrade Item screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Ragnar's "Cataclysm" Special Attack was avoidable, when it was not meant to be.
  • Fixed an issue where Smithing would not work with the Skillcape if you had less than the original required Coal amount.
  • Fixed an issue where registering for a Cloud account would cause the Cloud save to display as broken.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the HP Bar on the Combat Minibar would open the Sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Damage Reduction comparison would show the incorrect value in the Upgrade Item screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Clue Chasers Insignia bonus was calculating incorrectly for Woodcutting Bird Nest Chance and Mining Gem Chance.
  • Fixed an issue where Equipping the Clue Chasers Insignia while Mining would not allow you to receive a Gem at all.
  • The description for the Cooking Fire in the Shop now correctly displays the Bonus XP it provides to Cooking.
  • Reduced the width of the Combat Minibar HP Bar on mobile devices to accommodate for smaller screen sizes that caused issue with the Minibar layout.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a Smithing recipe would force the page to jump back to the top.
  • Fixed issue where Smithing Masteries would not increase in level, even though you had the required Mastery XP.

Removed Features

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