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Alpha v0.15.1 (20th May 2020)

Hello everyone! Thank you all for the amazing response to the latest Major Update. I hope everyone is enjoying the new content and are finding the new challenges worth the risk.

Here is the first minor update to the game to address some important requests and issues.

New Features

  • Melvor Idle has been migrated to a brand new server to accommodate for the large increase in traffic. I will continue to monitor performance and make adjustments where required.
  • Added an option to Upgrade xAll. This can be used for various upgrade methods including Elemental Shards, Rope and other things.

Changed Features

  • Increased Ranged Strength bonus for all Javelins by roughly 50%.
  • Increased Ranged Strength bonus for all Throwing Knives. Lower tier Throwing Knives received roughly 200%-400% increase. High tiers received roughly 40-100% increase.
  • Ancient Claw Special Attack now procs 5% of the time, down from 10%.
  • Increased Melee Strength Bonus for Twin Exiles to 24, up from 4.
  • Increased Melee Accuracy Bonus for Twin Exiles to [71, 71, 71], up from [60, 55, 60]
  • Increased Frozen Archer Max Hit.
  • Frozen Archer now drops up to 20 Ice Arrows 20% of the time, down from 40 Ice Arrows 100% of the time.
  • You now produce 4 Throwing Knives per bar, up from 2 .
  • Halved the sale price of Throwing Knives to accommodate for the above change.
  • All Javelins now require 3 Logs to create, down from 5 Logs.


  • Fixed an issue where saves would not load if it was last saved prior to Weird Gloop being implemented.
  • Adjusted the way bank popovers are handled. Hopefully this fixes the bank popovers that get stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the username change modal would not display at all.
  • Gem-Tipped bolts now have correct Ranged level requirements. Level requirements are 1, 20, 40, 60, and 80.
  • The ability to choose which equipment set Throwing Knives and Javelins can be equipped into has been removed as it caused issues. A permanent solution for all ammo types is on the way so you can select which equipment slot to equip it to.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed Smithing Milestone for Dragon Crossbow Head.
  • Fixed an issue where a bleeding enemy that reaches 0 HP would not die until you attack it again.
  • Max Skillcape now correctly inherits the new Firemaking Skillcape benefits.
  • Fixed an issue where changing to an Equipment Set that contains a Stormsnap while the next enemy was loading would cause the game to error out.
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