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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about the Synergy mechanic of the Summoning skill. For the skill itself, see Summoning.

Some familiars produce an additional effect when both are used at the same time. These combination effects are called Synergies and can be unlocked by reaching a high enough Mark level with both summons. Even if both familiars are equipped, the Synergy effect will not happen unless it is unlocked.

The Mark level required for a synergy is equal to one plus the tier level of the other summon in the synergy. For example, to unlock the synergy between Golbin Thief (Tier 1) and Minotaur (Tier 2) the player needs to reach Mark Level 3 for Golbin Thief and Mark Level 2 for Minotaur.

While using an unlocked Synergy, a charge will be used from each tablet. These charges are used in addition to any charges that would normally be used for the action. For example, when using the Ent + Mole Synergy (+2% chance per action in Woodcutting to gain a random gem), two Ent tablets and one Mole tablet will be used for each action.

For combat tablets, 2 of each tablet will be used. Nearly all combat summons are consumed when the summon attacks. One exception is the Fox + Unicorn synergy (+150 Flat Hitpoints Regeneration) which is consumed when the player regenerates health.

XP is gained for each tablet used, which means Synergies earn XP faster due to consuming more tablets. As the XP earned scales with action time, the amount of XP earned per tablet can be maximised by choosing the longest action.

List of Synergies