Offline Progression

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This page is out of date (v1.1.2).
Offline Progression - Welcome Back

Offline Progression allows the game to progress while closed as if the player had remained online for the time since the game was closed (up to a maximum of 24 hours).

When the game is closed, a record is taken of which skill was being trained and which action within that skill was being performed. Upon returning, the game will determine how long the player was gone for (up to a maximum of 24 hours) and will simulate the progression as if the game had been left open for that time period, granting the player with any Skill XP, Mastery XP, Items, and various other things that would have been received during that time. The player will be presented with a summary of what has occurred while offline, and the action that was being performed will then continue progressing as normal.

Important Information

  • Offline Progression time is currently capped at 24 hours.
  • While Thieving can be done offline, the skill is considered to be dangerous much like Combat as there is a risk of death. Therefore, the player should ensure they have enough Food equipped and the success rate against the current NPC is sufficiently high to survive the offline session.
  • All gloves and skillcapes work offline if they have been equipped in the active equipment set.
  • All Herblore potions work offline if Auto Re-use Potion is active.
  • Mastery XP and the associated benefits from increased item mastery levels and Mastery pool checkpoints work identically regardless of whether a skill is trained online or offline.
  • Mastery Tokens can be earned offline.
  • Offline progression may also trigger if the the game is left open in a separate tab and it becomes slowed by browser throttling (See Settings).
  • Farming has no auto-replant feature and will not have seeds replanted while offline.
  • Crown of Rhaelyx can save materials while offline. If Charge Stones are owned, they can be consumed.


Offline Progression was first introduced in V0.13. Initially the calculations performed for online and offline progression differed, resulting in a number of discrepancies between online and offline progression. Most notably:

  • Combat was not possible offline. If the player went offline during combat, their character would not be performing any action upon their return. Offline combat was introduced with the arrival of tick-based combat in V0.21.
  • Thieving was possible offline, but was limited in that the player could only pickpocket from NPCs which the player had at least 90% success rate with, and the player could not die while offline. Offline Thieving was made identical to online as part of the Thieving rework in V0.22.
  • For Mastery, the entire offline session was simulated as if the action being performed had remained at its initial Mastery level for the entire offline period. Therefore, the player did not receive the benefits of any gained Mastery levels until after the game was re-opened and online progress resumed. Whatever action was performed during the offline progression did not have any new Mastery bonuses applied. This was gradually resolved over a number of updates as skills were converted to a tick-based format, with the last conversion happening during V1.0.3.