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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about the Crafting skill. For a guide to leveling the skill, see Crafting/Training.

Crafting is a skill is used to create Ranged armour from Leather and Dragonhide, rings and necklaces using Gems and Silver, Gold, Iridium, or Palladium Bars, and Bags for use in other skills.


Crafting an item normally takes 3 seconds per action. This time can be reduced in several ways:

  • The Perpetual Haste upgrade (Available in the Shop after beating Air God Dungeon) reduces the amount of time per action by 15% of the base action time (0.45 seconds). With no other reductions, this reduces the time per action to 2.55 seconds
  • The Crafting Skillcape (Available in the shop upon reaching Crafting Level 99) reduces the time per action by 0.5 seconds
  • Caaarrrlll reduces the time per action by 0.2 seconds
  • The 50% Mastery Pool Checkpoint reduces the time per action by 0.2 seconds

If all four are owned, the total time per action is reduced to 1.65 seconds, just over half of the initial time.

With the upgrades from the Throne of the Herald Expansion, however, the total interval time can be reduced to as little as 0.55 seconds. This includes the Mountain Trail Agility obstacle (0.2 second reduction), the Elite Pillar of Expertise (3% interval reduction), Hyden (5% interval reduction), Superior Crafting Skillcape (0.8 second reduction), Harold (2% interval reduction), and Artisan Pouch II (0.3 second reduction).

Mastery Unlocks

Item Mastery Unlocks

Level Unlock
1 Each level provides +0.2% chance to preserve resources.
99 +5% chance to preserve resources.

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

Pool % Pool XP Bonus
10% 5,700,000 xp +5% Crafting Mastery XP
25% 14,250,000 xp +5% resource preservation chance for Crafting.
50% 28,500,000 xp Decreased Crafting Interval by 0.2s
95% 54,150,000 xp Always Craft a base quantity of 2 for Rings and Necklaces
Total Mastery Pool XP 57,000,000


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for 1,000,000GP after the player reaches Crafting Level 99.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Crafting Skillcape Crafting Skillcape Crafting Level 99 -0.5s Crafting Interval
Superior Crafting Skillcape Superior Crafting Skillcape Crafting Level 120 -0.8s Crafting Interval
+15% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Crafting (Cannot be doubled)


The pet can be unlocked by doing any Crafting action.

Pet Name Effect
Caaarrrlll Caaarrrlll -0.2s Crafting Interval


Leather Armour






Hardwood Armour

Special Items

Imbued Materials


The Crafting Potion increase the chance of receiving double items while crafting.

Crafting Potion
Potion Tier Charges Effect
Crafting Potion I I 10 +5% Chance to Double Items in Crafting
Crafting Potion II II 10 +10% Chance to Double Items in Crafting
Crafting Potion III III 10 +15% Chance to Double Items in Crafting
Crafting Potion IV IV 15 +25% Chance to Double Items in Crafting

Summoning Boosts

This table shows all the Summoning Familiars and Synergies that provide a bonus to Crafting.

Skill Boosts

This table lists most sources of Crafting-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from Mastery rewards.